tagNovels and NovellasShona's Summer Holiday Ch. 05

Shona's Summer Holiday Ch. 05


Chapter 5 – Fond Farewells

It was late when Geoff arrived home from the meeting, finding Jane and Shona in bed together. They were both naked, entwined in each others' arms. Shona had been visiting Jane and her her husband for a few weeks and was about to go home to Ireland. Jane and Shona had had one last night for each other, not sharing the other with anyone else.

Shona was asleep when Geoff came home, but Jane was still awake. She saw how aroused Geoff became, seeing the two young women lying in his bed.

"Damn, I shouldn't have stayed for that last drink," Geoff whispered, trying not to wake Shona.

Jane smiled. "You wouldn't have been invited," she said, sitting up in the bed, letting the covers drop from her hands. Jane seductively let her fingers glide over her breasts, cupping the firm globes in her hands. She knew how much Geoff loved seeing her fondle her tits. Just to add to his excitement, Jane turned to the woman sleeping next to her. She kissed Shona tenderly on the lips, her hands lightly caressing Shona's large breasts. Shona moaned softly, smiled, then turned onto her side, her back to Jane and Geoff.

By this time, Geoff had taken his clothes off and was getting into the bed next to his sexy wife. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing together in Jane's mouth. Jane breathed deeply, her breasts crushed against Geoff's chest. Jane could feel his hard cock trapped against their bellies.

"I am very tired, honey," Jane said, seeing the disappointment in Geoff's eyes. "And my muffin took an incredible pounding tonight from Shona. I must have cum at least five different times, and most of those were multiples," Jane teased Geoff. Geoff moaned in false pain, playing along with Jane's teasing. "Does Daddy want Mummy?" she asked seductively.

Geoff smiled, holding her tight to his body. "You know I do, hon."

"Well, maybe there is something I can do to help," Jane smiled. She slid down his chest, letting her breasts drag across his body. Geoff moaned with pleasure when he felt Jane's lips take his hard cock into her mouth. She slowly slid her mouth up and down his thick shaft, her lips tight around the hard rod. She flicked her tongue over the head while it was inside her mouth, adding to Geoff's sensations. Jane pulled her hair back so that Geoff could watch her taking him. Geoff loved watching Jane suck his cock, watching it disappear into her mouth. He felt a rush of electricity race through his loins as Jane bobbed her head up and down his cock.

Jane loved to suck her husband's cock every bit as much as Geoff loved having her suck it. She had learned from a young age how to give great head. She gripped the hard rod in her fingers, rubbing the tip of the head on her palate and in her cheeks. Then she pulled his cock out of her mouth, stroking it slowly as she sucked on Geoff's balls, teasing his scrotum with her teeth. Geoff had to use all of his willpower to keep from moaning too loudly, not wanting to wake Shona. Jane looked up at him, his balls still in her mouth, smiling at his pleasure. She loved feeling his hard cock in her mouth, both the sensation and the taste. Most of all, she also loved the amount of pleasure she gave her husband.

They were unselfish lovers, wanting to give as much as they received. This allowed them to willingly to give to the other and sometimes not expect or want anything in return. Tonight was just such a night. Jane wanted to make her man happy and she knew exactly how to do it.

She slid up slightly, wrapping her large tits around his throbbing cock. Jane tossed her hair back, looking at Geoff very sensually. She slid her tits up and down on his cock, reaching for the head with her mouth whenever it came near. Geoff felt the soft flesh of her breasts around the sides of his sensitive rod, adding friction as she slid up and down. The feel of her mouth gently nibbling at the head was incredible. Geoff strained to keep from cumming right then, wanting the feeling to last longer. Jane licked the ooze that was streaming out of the tip, savouring the salty taste. She knew that Geoff was about to cum.

Jane continued fucking Geoff's cock with her tits, increasing the pace, sometimes taking his cock deep into her hot mouth, then wrapping it between her tits again. Geoff was struggling to keep control, but couldn't. Jane could sense that Geoff was about to cum. She sank her mouth over his thick cock, feeling the head rub deep in her throat. She bobbed her head, sucking, keeping her tits pursed around his prick.

Jane felt Geoff's cock throb, jerking in her mouth. Geoff grabbed her head, his hips lifting slightly off the bed as he came hard, filling her mouth with his thick cum. Jane let his cum fill her mouth, enjoying the taste, before swallowing his seed. Jane's throat closed around the head, making his cock throb more. Geoff came again and again, filling her mouth until some began to slip out the side. Jane loved the feel of a cock jerking in her mouth, out of control as it shot its load of hot, salty cum over her tongue and down her throat. She sucked on his cock, trying to keep it hard as long as possible. After a while, she felt his cock begin to soften. Jane licked him clean the began kissing her way up his chest.

"Did Mummy please Daddy tonight?" Jane asked playfully.

Geoff kissed his sexy, young wife. "Mommy knows just what to do to make me happy," Geoff replied. Jane smiled at her husband, happy with how she pleased and took care of her man. They feel asleep in each others' arms, sharing the warmth of their bodies.

As she awoke the next morning, Jane snuggled up to Geoff, letting her arm drape over his chest. She kissed him gently on the back of his neck. Geoff could feel her large, firm breasts pressed against his back, sending a rush of blood to his loins. He moaned softly as Jane caressed his chest, grinding her mound against his arse. She slid her fingers down his belly, palming the head of his engorging cock. She made an "O" with her fingers, encircling his cock in her hand.

Jane began to slowly slide her gripping fingers up and down his shaft, feeling it become thicker. Geoff moaned softly as Jane rubbed her muffin against his arse.

Jane loved stroking her husband's cock. It was different from the younger men she had been with in her earlier days. Geoff's seemed to be thicker, fuller than the others.

Geoff turned around, facing his beautiful, young wife, her fingers still gripping his thick cock. They looked deep into each others' eyes, feeling their love, their passions building. Geoff wrapped his arms around her, pulling Jane to him. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing together in Jane's warm mouth. They tried not to wake Shona who was sleeping next to Jane.

Jane moaned softly, feeling the heat of her husband's body encompassing her. They held each other tightly, savouring the feel of the others' body against their own. The urgency of their kiss increased, their passions and desires built up deep within. Geoff caressed Jane's soft flesh, his hands sliding over her back. Jane's firm breasts were crushed against Geoff's chest, his hairs adding to the friction on her already hard nipples. His cock began throbbing in Jane's fingers as she gripped him tightly, stroking his rod.

Shona, still half asleep, spooned against Jane, pressing her mound against Jane's firm arse. Jane loved the feel of being sandwiched, especially between her two favourite people. Shona slid her hand up Jane's side, coming to a stop at that certain, sensitive spot where Jane's breasts met her chest. Shona let her fingers slide over the indention, caressing the sensitive undersides of Jane's fleshy globes. Geoff reached over Jane, pulling Shona harder against Jane's back. Shona, now awake, smiled at Geoff, kissing Jane on the back of her neck and shoulders.

"I owe you from last night, darling," Geoff said to Jane, softly. Jane smiled, knowing that she was going to be taken care of. Geoff looked over at Shona, "Will you help me, Shona?" he asked.

Shona smiled, "You know I will, Geoff," she replied, "You just lie back, Jane and enjoy yourself." Jane giggled with glee with anticipation.

Geoff pushed the sheets away, exposing Jane's incredible body to all. He slid his hands slowly and tenderly up and down her body, sending shivers throughout her already trembling body. Geoff's fingers slid under her breasts, up to her hard nipples. Jane moaned when Geoff rolled them between his fingers. After several years of being together, Geoff knew exactly what Jane loved, and he loved pleasing her.

Despite being large, Jane's breasts were extremely sensitive and Geoff knew just where to touch them. While his hands toyed with her breasts and nipples, Shona slid between her legs, kissing her way up the inside s of Jane's thighs. Jane's breathing deepened as Shona got closer to her muffin. Geoff watched Shona, her tongue flicking over Jane's inner thighs. Just as Shona reached the apex, Geoff's mouth attacked Jane's breasts, his mouth sucking on her protruding nipples.

"Oooohhhhh gggddddddd," Jane screamed. The sensations of two mouths attacking her at once was overwhelming. She began bucking against Shona's mouth, wanting to feel her magical tongue deep inside her. Geoff sucked and bit on her nipples and flesh, sending wave after wave of electricity through her shaking body.

With one hand, Jane held Shona's face hard against her pussy, holding Geoff's face to her tits with the other. Jane's body was writhing with pleasure, her hips thrusting against Shona's hungry mouth. Shona could taste Jane's juices flowing from her muffin. She began to finger herself as she continued to eat her friend's delicious pussy. Jane could feel a massive orgasm building inside her.

"Oooohhh gggdddddd, I need your cock, Geoff... I need to feel you inside me!" Jane moaned loudly. "Fuck me Geoff, please... fuck me hard!!" Jane was still excited from last night. Her sucking of Geoff's wonderful cock had started her desires again and they had grown all night. Before they could get into position, Jane came hard on Shona's mouth. Shona licked and sucked Jane's cum, savouring the taste of her best friend's essence. But that didn't satisfy Jane... she still wanted more. She wanted Geoff's thick cock buried deep in her cunt.

Jane rolled onto her stomach, wriggling her firm arse at her two lovers. She felt four hands caressing and squeezing her cheeks, toying with her lips and button. Jane was shaking all over, the suddenness of this morning's love making had taken her by surprise.

Shona slid under Jane into a 69 position, offering her tasty cunt to Jane. Their large tits rubbed against each other, mashing them flat. Geoff kneeled behind Jane, rubbing the thick head of his cock up and down her slit. He looked over at the mirror, taking in the full effect of the moment. He saw these two beautiful, sexy women eating each other, their mouths and tongues working each other hard. The he saw his cock about to sink deep into Jane's muffin from behind. The image was incredible.

Shona began rubbing Jane's lips and clit as Geoff pressed the head into Jane's tight cunt. In her highly aroused state Geoff's cock felt even thicker than usual filler her even more completely.

Geoff worked his cock into Jane's cunt, sliding it in and out as she continued gnawing and eating Shona's wet pussy. He grabbed her by her waist and she knew what was about to come next.

Geoff pulled her hard to him, sinking his cock all the way into her. "Ooooohhhhh ffuuuccckkkk," Jane screamed as Geoff pounded hard into her.

Geoff slammed his hips against her arse again and again, driving her face harder into Shona's mound. Jane tried to keep eating Shona's delicious pussy but kept losing her concentration as Geoff's cock plunged deeper and deeper into her. All Jane could do was to rock her face back and forth against Shona's mound as her husband slammed into her. She felt his balls slapping against her, adding to her pleasure.

"Yessss, Geoff... YEEESSSSSS... Fuck my muffin, Daddy, fuck it hard!!!!" Jane screamed, driving herself back against his thrusting cock. Her cunt was contracting, squeezing his thick cock as it slid deep into her. Geoff slapped Jane's arse, popping it hard twice. The burning sensation drove Jane over the edge.

"Oooohhhhhhhh ggggddddddd!!" she screamed as her body went rigid. Every nerve in her body was on fire, shooting their impulses all through her. Shona sucked on Jane's clit as Geoff continued pounding her quivering, wet cunt.

Jane hadn't felt so filled in a long time. She came again and again, her juices flooding out of her tunnel. Her cum covered Geoff's thighs and Shona's face. Jane felt Geoff's cock growing thicker inside her, throbbing against her walls. She knew that he was about to cum.

Jane slid off his cock and rolled over, lying on her back, sitting up on her elbows. "Cum on my face and tits, Geoff!" she demanded. "I want to feel your heat on my body," she urged as Geoff stroked his cock a few more times.

Oooohhhhh fuck, here it comes, Jane," Geoff moaned. Shona watched from below as stream after stream of thick, white cum shot from Geoff's cock, over her face and onto Jane's face and tits. It was an incredibly hot view. Jane opened her mouth, taking whatever cum she could catch. She batted her eyes as the warm juice hit her face, running down her chin, down her neck and into her cleavage. More cum smashed directly onto her heaving breasts. Jane took some in her fingers, smearing it into her flesh like a lotion. She rolled some cum over her nipples, the heat of the juice penetrating her shuddering body.

Jane fell back on the bed, exhausted and spent. Shona slid up to her, kissing her, licking Geoff's cum from her face and breasts, sending even more bolts of electricity through Jane's body. Jane lay on the bed, her fingers running through Shona's hair, holding her head to her breasts. Her body shook and shuddered for several minutes. Geoff slid onto the other side of her, kissing her face tenderly, his hands caressing her.

"I love you both so much," Jane said softly, kissing Geoff, caressing Shona's face. Jane felt warm, protected, and loved. They lay there for several minutes until Jane kissed Geoff and then Shona. "I have some errands to do. I will be gone for a couple of hours," she said. "The two of you can just be lazy and stay in bed until I get back. I called Nina and she should be here shortly to take care of Leah."

Geoff and Shona watched Jane as she slipped out of the bed, her body glowing and glistening as the light reflected off the cum that covered her body.

Shona turned to Geoff, "Is she always this sexy?"

Geoff smiled, sighing deeply, "Yes, she is," he replied. They laughed as Jane took a quick shower. About twenty minutes later, she was gone. Shona and Geoff stayed in bed, enjoying the afterglow of what had just passed.

Shona lay on Geoff's chest, his arm around her neck. She draped one leg over Geoff's, enjoying the pressure against her aching pussy. Shona had not really cum earlier, both she and Geoff had concentrated on giving Jane pleasure. They talked for a long time about the past few weeks that Shona had been staying with Geoff and Jane and about her life back in Ireland.

"Jane will really miss you, Shona," Geoff confided. "She missed you before you visited, but now, since being with you again, I know she will be upset when you leave."

Shona rubbed her head into Geoff's strong chest. "I will miss her too," she admitted. "I had forgotten how close we really are. Even after all these years, we still can finish each others' sentences and know what each other is thinking." Geoff pulled Shona's hair away from her face, his fingers gently caressing her. Shona looked up, "Will anyone else miss me?" she asked. Geoff looked down at Shona, smiling.

"Yes, I will miss you very much too, Shona," he replied, "I am so glad you came and spent this much time here. It was so easy having you here... just like I had known you forever." Geoff kissed Shona softly on her head. Shona let her fingers slide over Geoff's chest, playing with his hair. Her hands slid up and down his belly. She could feel her breasts pressed against his chest. Jane had told her how much he loved the feel of her tits against him and she was trying to make him happy. Shona had originally liked Geoff because of how he had taken care of her best friend. But now, after this holiday, she felt much more for him, maybe even love. He not only loved and took care of her best friend, but he also took care of her while she stayed with them. He opened his home to her and shared his love for Jane with her. Jane certainly was very lucky to have such a good man, she thought.

Shona nuzzled her head onto his chest, her fingers absent-mindedly sliding over his chest and belly. Unconsciously, her fingers slid further down, brushing against the tip of his cock. Geoff ignored it, assuming it was an accident. He and Shona had been together several times, but almost always with Jane. He and she had been together without her only once before. Shona let her fingers brush against his cock again. She looked up at him, "I will miss you too, Geoff," she said.

Shona pressed her mound harder against his leg, rubbing back and forth. Her fingers slid down again, this time encasing his semi-rigid cock. Shona stroked him slowly, playing with the sensitive part of the head. She felt Geoff's breathing deepen, adding to the pressure of her breasts on his chest. She looked up at Geoff, smiling. "I want to make love to you, Geoff," she said softly, "I want to thank you for being so good to my friend and for taking such good care of me while I was here." Geoff smiled at Shona, pulling her onto him. Shona straddled his hips, supporting herself with her hands on his chest. Her breasts hung down, swaying back and forth, lightly brushing against him.

"You don't have to do that, Shona," Geoff said, "I take care of Jane because I love her and I took care of you because you're Jane's friend and because I like you a lot. I am really glad that I have gotten to know you so well." Shona smiled. She felt herself falling for Geoff, wishing that he wasn't married to her best friend.

Geoff let his hands caress her back, sliding down to her arse. When his fingers slipped between her cheeks, Shona tightened herself, pressing her hips harder against his cock as it strained, trapped between their bellies.

"Well, I want to thank you anyway... in my own way," Shona said, smiling slyly. She rocked her hips back and forth against Geoff, feeling his cock becoming harder under her pressure. Geoff moaned softly, feeling the rush of blood into his cock. Shona raised herself slightly, letting her large, firm breasts drag across his chest. Geoff loved that, biting his lip. Shona leaned towards him, kissing him full on the lips. Geoff wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to his body. Geoff had come to love Shona too, her smile, her vivaciousness, and her love for Jane. They kissed deeply, their tongues whirling together in Shona's warm mouth.

Shona rocked harder, wanting to engulf his cock in her pussy. Geoff's hands slid over her body, cupping her cheeks then running his nails over the tender sides of her breasts. They both felt their passions growing, over taking their senses.

Geoff grabbed Shona by her waist, sliding her up his belly. Her pussy dragged across his belly and chest until she was literally sitting on his face. Shona leaned forward, bracing herself on the headboard while Geoff flicked his tongue back and forth over her lips. She moaned loudly as her hips rocked back and forth, trying to drive his tongue deeper into her. Grabbing her arse, Geoff pulled her hard against his mouth, plunging his expert tongue deep into her wet pussy.

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