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Shop Girl Redux


She still hadn’t called and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I decided to see her at the shop where we first met. Making my way there I went over in my mind what I would say.

I paced back and forth mustering the courage to enter. I opened the door, the small bell announced my arrival, stepping inside I saw her.

She was, reading a novel, her cute little glasses perched on her delicate nose. She looked over her novel noticing me standing there.

She put her book down saying, “Oh no here comes trouble.”

I said, “You didn’t call and …”

She replied, “I know, I’m still sore from the last time. Are you here to ravish me again?”

I said, “No, uh … I’m here to see you …”

She retorted, “You’ve already seen all there is to see of little ol’ me.”

She wasn’t going to make this easy, “No, I’m here to SEE you as in DATE you! I thought we could go out and do something.”

She took her glasses off, her soft lips formed an ‘O’ as she said, “Ooooh I see. Ok that sounds good.” I waited until her shift ended then we were off.

First we went to dinner, she told me she was a Vegan for ethical and health reasons. I opted for the veggie platter that evening out of respect for her and because I didn’t want to gross her out.

I listened to her talk passionately about her life. She was going to night school and had a generous amount of ambition and kindness to match. I found her totally enchanting and full of little surprises.

Then we went to the movies. I surprised her by asking her to pick the movie out. She said, “You’re really trying to score points aren’t you? Let me guess so you can score latter right?”

I said, “No I don’t really care what we do as long as we do it together. I like your company. I want you to pick the movie ‘cause I’ll be happy seeing anything as long as I’m seeing it with you.”

She thought for a brief moment, her bullshit detector didn’t register any deception, so she flashed me a brilliant smile and picked out a nice art house chick flick. It was alright, I learned a lot about mother daughter relationships that evening – which I guess was good.

The evening was drawing to a close and I found myself at the door to her place. I told her I had a great evening and wanted to see her again and soon.

She looked up at me with those green/blue eyes, “Would you like to come in?”

I nodded yes.

We embraced tightly her mouth delicately kissing my lips. I ran my hands through her hair feeling it’s silky smoothness and smelling it’s fragrance. I loved the way she smelled and felt.

Our embrace became more passionate our hands running across each others bodies exploring … searching. My erection was tenting the front of my pants – straining to burst free.

She smiled mischievously, “Oh my, that thing’s dangerous isn’t it?”

I matched her smile, “I think it likes you.”

Just then a cat rubbed against our legs and purred loudly. I bent down to pet it, she said, “And I think she likes you.”

I was eye level to her crotch, looking back and forth between her camel toe cleavage and the little cat, “Which pussy are you referring to my dear?”

She punched my arm playfully, “Ha, Ha, funny man.”

We moved to the living room where she pressed her body hard against me with a promise of things to come. She pushed me into a chair, narrowed her eyes, pursed her lips, and began to unzip my pants. My semi-erect cock sprang forth. Her tiny hands grasped it, “I still can’t believe how big your dick really is.”

My cock reached its full size and rigidity as she gently played with it. Looking directly into my eyes she licked her lips and lowered them to the tip of my cock. Her moist lips parted as she mouthed lightly on the very tip of my immense erection.

"Oh yeah," I urged, and she opened wider, but still unable to accommodate much. She was so very petite but her mouth was warm and wet with spit.

At first, she explored my cock with her mouth. Little licks, kisses and nibbles. She soon began to lick the head around and around, synchronized with her fist on my shaft moving up and down.

She gave me a vigorous blowjob, with her hand pumping my stiff shaft, her warm, wet mouth sliding all around the head.

I quickly escalated completely out of control. My hips lifted, and I felt the tingling rush. "I'm coming," I warned as the exquisite pressure rushed to my groin.

A huge spasm shot cum arching into the air. She grunted in surprise, but continued to stroke me milking every last drop. I emptied the last of my load as she released my throbbing member. It landing against my stomach with a splat. She pulled away blinking rapidly. My cum glistened on her face and lips.

“Shit you sure do cum a lot.” She wiped her eyes and face. She returned from the bathroom refreshed and with a towel to wipe me down.

My face was suddenly inches from hers, I leaned in, putting my hand on her cheek as I kissed her passionately.

“Aren’t you satisfied?” She implored.

“I am but you aren’t!” I replied.

I caressed her breasts gently, touching her slowly yet relentlessly, raising her arousal with devious fingers. She sighed at my touch and pressed herself forward. Her resistance was faltering and completely failed as we reached the bedroom.

We quickly disrobed as I maneuvering her to the bed. I murmured endearments, as I pressed her soft flesh to mine, listening to her sighing against my cheek.

I spread her legs wide, there was some nervous tension when I took the first tentative licks within her slick folds. My tongue danced across her lips, tasting the lingering warmth of her nectar. A shudder ran the length of her body.

She seemed to enjoy the attention I paid between her legs, and she showed no hesitation in letting me know how and what to do. I soon found myself an expert in pleasing her, she had relaxed against me and was gasping with pleasure.

She clutched handfuls of the bedspread as my ministrations had the desired effect of bring her to the height of unrestrained ecstasy.

Drawing in a sharp breath and closing her eyes, biting down hard on her lower lip. The rolling spasms and twitches faded into a whimper as my face came away wet, shiny slick with her juices.

Her plea fell from her trembling lips, “Take me, take me NOW.”

I rolled her over on her hands and knees and knelt behind her. She arched her back as I ran my palms down the soft sensuous and submissive curve of her body towards the delightful roundness of her ass.

Her body trembled and her back arched pushing out her ass in a lewd welcome.

I parted the petals of her sex and sought the center of her desire, so hot and wet for the taking. She moaned as I explored the folds of her softness.

Her legs almost gave way as I popped the enormous head of my cock inside her.

She was panting and squirming as I sank further and further into her wet crevasse.

Rhythmically I entered her and then eased out of her sopping center, only to plunge back again and again. I was relentless in my stamina.

She moaned appreciatively as my slapping became a spank, the spank a rhythmic beating tattoo, leaving the print of my palm on her helplessly exposed ass.

“Oh you nasty little slut! You love it don’t you?” I demanded.

"Oh yessss," she whined sensuously," yes, Yes, YES...."

I reached up to cup her breasts as she quivered underneath me, her entire frame trembling at my touch and the continued assault on her body. I wondered how many organisms she was capable of. I gently kissed the back of her neck as I leaned over her back.

Almost an eternity later I withdrew slowly and then penetrated her harder than before, pressing into her cervix, to the very neck of her womb, stretching her into a custom fit for my desire.

“Ahhhhhh, Oh yes,” she exclaimed in rapt pleasure.

I pulled her hips toward me as her palpitating sex tightened around my cock in a vise-like grip. I began to thrust into her forcefully. With an ever more arching back, she thrust her backside against me meeting every powerful thrust eager for more.

She began to buck more frantically than before, her hair flying around. I held still so that she could thrust back at her own tempo. She was impaling herself on my cock.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I pressed her head down and pistoned into her without mercy. My hips were thrusting and thrusting ravishing her very soul.

Soon, she sighed with release forcing a shiver to run, rippling up her spine - leaving her helplessly content, more satisfied than ever before in her life.

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