The mall is deserted, for it is closing time, yet I watch the glass case spin as its contents sparkle. I still have some "shopping" to do. The sales lady catches me staring and smiles a beckoning smile, exposing teeth so white they make me sick. She reminds me of the Barbie dolls my mom used to force me to play with as a kid. Fried, bleached hair; tangerine-colored skin; emaciated physique; botox-plumped lips – she was a cocktease and she knew it too. Her rosy nipples stick out through her transparent, white, low cut shirt that threatens to expose them to the naked eye anyway. She is smoking hot. I wish she was mine, only mine. A clean cut, well-shaven businessman saunters by her store and ogles her as he passes. What a fucking pig. It's men like these that make me proud to be a lesbian.

Of course, I don't exactly need the jewelry that catches my eye. But then again, I don't need any of the contents that weigh down my heavy black bag right now either. I never really did. I have money, connections, a high-paying job. But that's not what does it for me. I like to shoplift. The bitches and bastards that own these joints don't deserve to be rich. I know my little game doesn't affect the workers' salaries because they already get paid minimum wage. But the assholes that control everyone else around them, they should be taught a lesson. Everything is handed to them. They don't have to work a day in their lives. My goal is simply to make their lives a little bit less cushy.

She is the owner. A younger girl with brown hair and slightly smaller tits but the same type of flimsy white top emerges from a back room. She whispers something to her blonde mistress and receives a slap across the face. I can't believe my eyes! Both the powerful blonde and quivering brunette are now red in the face, the blonde out of anger and the brunette out of embarrassment. The younger of the two couldn't be more than eighteen, nineteen tops. I decide that this woman deserves exactly what I'm about to do. I approach her station with an ever-so-obvious smirk on my face.

"Madam, I'm sorry, but we are about to close." She snootily remarks. I flash her the contents of my wallet and her blue eyes sparkle with glee.

"Well, I guess we can stay open a little bit longer, just for you." I knew she would say that. I look around swiftly, searching for the most expensive piece of jewelry that they carry. I find it. A morganite rose choker, $200,000.

I ask to try it on and the blonde woman screams, "Lisa, get out here and put this woman's necklace on for her!" The little brunette comes out and I notice that her skirt is hiked up high enough to reveal her ass cheeks to anyone who so desires to look (and I'm sure she has lots of takers!). I have never seen more beautiful legs in my life. They are porcelain, flawless and endless. I feel my face flush hot as those tiny fingers brush my collarbones and then the back of my neck as she fumbles with the clasp.

Lisa has me so hot by the time the necklace is secure that I almost forget why I've come in the first place. Almost. I abruptly turn around and start to bolt for the exit, but I am unsuccessful. A firm hand catches me by the wrist and long, stiff fingernails claw into my skin. I turn around and am surprised to find the blonde hanging over the table, her hand being the one that caught me. I can honestly say that I didn't think she had it in her.

"Now, now, now. What do we have here? A shoplifter!" She turns to face Lisa. "Lisa, what do you think we should do with the little thief?" Lisa smiles, her green eyes scanning every curve of my body.

"I think she should be made to work off her debt. After all, that's what I had to do." Lisa cups my chin in her hands. "Will you be willing to work for us? Don't speak, just nod 'yes' or 'no'." And with that, she shakes my head 'yes' and 'no'. I nod yes, seeing the direction in which this is heading and growing more turned on by the second.

"Very well, then." The blonde grins. "From now on, you will refer to me as Mistress Nikki and Lisa will be Lady Lisa from now on. Understand?" I nod my head yes.

"Good, good. Now, let's get you in the back room so we can train you." Mistress Nikki and Lady Lisa each take an arm and lead me through a door at the back of their store and down a set of stairs. When we reach the bottom I can't believe my eyes. It's a dungeon! And it's full of toys, some of which I've never even seen before.

"Before we even get started, you're going to pay for what you've done, bitch! Now strip!" I feel the hair rise on the back of my neck at the command, but nonetheless, I obey. Off comes my t-shirt and jeans. The women just stare at me, expecting me to know enough to take off the rest. Black bra, black panties, off. Their faces remain impassive. I don't have time to think about this because the moment I take off my panties, Mistress Nikki and Lady Lisa chain each of my arms above my head and kick my legs out to the chains that will soon hold my ankles, forcing me spread-eagled. My Mistress spits in my face.

She walks around me and suddenly I feel exposed. I hope I please them. My tits aren't nearly as big as theirs and I'm not quite as slim around the waist. I can't see what's going on from behind, but I hear the two girls whisper to each other. After a while, I start to zone out and forget about the situation at hand. Right when I least expect it, Mistress Nikki speaks up.

"You filthy little lowlife cunt!" A whip cracks across my back, hard. I whimper, but it doesn't seem to faze the women. When did she retrieve the whip? I can't remember hearing her go to get it.

"Shoplifting." This time it's Lady Lisa. "And when you had the money to buy the necklace too!" Another crack from Mistress Nikki. "When I shoplifted, it was because I didn't have any money. My husband wouldn't give me shit. Wouldn't let me work or do anything else for that matter without consulting him. Fuck, I had to get his permission if I wanted to eat or take a shit for Christsakes. How dare you who has everything fucking handed to her come into our store and attempt to shoplift?" Three more cracks. The pain is severe, but not entirely unbearable. In fact, I notice myself start to get wet between the legs.

Suddenly, Mistress throws the whip aside and it hits the ground with a loud crack. She shoves her hand between my legs and I am infinitely grateful that I just got a Brazilian two days ago.

"Look at this, Lisa. The little slut's getting turned on!" Then she turns to me. "This is supposed to be punishment you fucking whore! You're not supposed to enjoy this!" Then she turns to Lisa again. "Go get David and tell him to hurry." My Lady beams at Mistress and sprints up the stairs. My stomach sinks. They're bringing a man downstairs.

Mistress seems to notice my fear and it pleases her. "Now you're going to get yours!" She shrieks at me and then walks behind me again. The anticipation of not knowing what Mistress is going to do from behind is almost more than I can handle. Especially since she does nothing but get undressed. I wonder how I could go from despising her to yearning for her touch within an hour. Within seconds I hear footsteps approaching. That was fast! I think to myself. My stomach hasn't stopped lurching yet.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. A criminal, I see." The man is wearing a navy blue shirt with the word "security" printed across it in bold yellow letters.

"Now what would a sweet little thing like you be doing trying to steal jewelry?" He thrusts his face so close to mine that I could smell the peppermint he had in his mouth. "I'm sure lots of guys would be just too happy to buy it for you. But now, you're going to have to pay for the jewelry and you're not even going to get to keep it. What a waste of time on your part." He roughly gropes my breasts and slaps me across the face. I'm not sure what hurt more, the grope or the slap, but tears come to my eyes. I didn't think there would be a man involved in this.

Mistress comes from behind where I couldn't see her and I now see that she's wearing a strap-on cock. She grabs me by the jaw, her fire red nails shimmering in the dim light, and she forces my mouth open. Before I realize what she's doing, she kisses me long and hard. Her long, thin tongue fucks my throat, almost gagging me, almost taking me over the edge. Her red nails rake over my skin, trailing down my back and over my ass. Then, she slips one of them in my cunt, scratching my insides with her red nail. The burning pain rushes straight to my clit and I gasp. Mistress Nikki is unsure whether I gasp from pleasure or pain, so she sees it best to break away from the kiss and give the keys to my manacles to David.

She turns to me first. "Don't you worry, you little cunt, you'll get fucked by me in more ways than you could ever hope to imagine in time, but first, David is going to make you into a law-abiding citizen." She gives him a friendly slap on the back as he unlocks my arms and legs.

I don't know how I missed it before, but there has been a bed in the dungeon the whole time. A bed without covers or pillows. Really, it was more like a bench. As soon as David has freed me, he yanks me by the hair, leading me to this "bed."

"Now I want you to undress me, suck my cock until it's ready, and stick it into your cunt all by yourself. Show me what a dirty whore you are and I just might repay the favor." Do they not know that I'm a lesbian?

I cry and I gag and refuse to say a word until David yanks my head back by the hair. He takes up a pocketknife – perhaps the same one used by Mistress Nikki – and lightly runs it over my breasts. His voice is calm as he attempts to be soothing.

"I understand why you're crying, my precious little pet. You don't like the cock, do you?" His strokes with the knife pick up a bit more pressure. "But you didn't think about this when you tried to shoplift from this mall, now did you?" I shake my head no. "Did you think there weren't going to be any male security guards that would just be overjoyed to get a piece of your sweet little cunt? Well you were fucking wrong bitch and now you're going to have to deal with it!" He roughly pushes me on the ground this time and pulls his cock out of his pants. My eyes widen at its size. This cock is going to rip me apart!

I've never been fucked by a man before, but I've been fucked by some pretty big dildos. Yet I have never seen a cock this big.

"So you like what you see, huh?" David sneers at me. "Well you better get used to it because you're going to be seeing a lot of it over the next couple of months." My mouth gapes open in astonishment at this man's brazenness, and so David uses this moment as an opportunity to shove his cock down my throat. I have never sucked a dick before so I don't know what to do. That seems to be fine with him though because he makes sure I don't have to do much work. He places his hands behind my head and slams my forehead into his lower stomach over and over again, forcing himself further and further down my throat.

Just when I start to get the hang of things and begin to enjoy the clean taste of David's cock (David was adamant about keeping up on his hygiene, as I soon found out), he leans back and –pop– out of my mouth comes his dick.

"Nikki, you have quite the little cocksucker here. Let's see what else she's good at." A man has never before turned me on, but God did I love to suck David's cock.

Now David flips me onto my back and with a loud thud I hit the cold cement floor. Immediately, the searing pain from my earlier flogging flares up. The heat from the pain mixed with the cold from the floor feels amazing. I am eager to find out how else I will be used tonight.

David makes sure I'm on my hands and knees before he gives his next instructions. "Now I'm going to lie on my back and I want you to crawl over to me on your hands and knees like the filthy little mutt that you are and beg me to fuck your pussy." I do as I'm told.

"David, will you fuck my pussy?" I ask in the sexiest voice my trembling vocal chords can muster.

"Elaborate." He smirks at me. The arousal I had felt before evaporates now at this humiliation. I know my ass is in perfect view for the eyes of my Lady and my Mistress. I wonder if they can see my sopping pussy from the other side of the room. I figure they must be paying attention. Yet I do not care to turn around to see how near to me they actually are.

"David, will you please fuck my pussy. I need your hot, hard member to be inside of me. I want to impale myself on you. And I want you to come all over my cunt and face and hair and stomach and arms and legs and ass and wherever else you choose to come. Please, David, fuck my pussy." I try to make my eyes plead but I'm not exactly sure how they look.

"Why, of course I will, my little slut. I will fucking rip you in two." I can see David's cock harden at my humiliation. I make a mental note as to what turns him on.

I crawl over David's relaxed body, his cock being the only tense part of him, and he tells me that I must remain in my current position.

"You are to remain as the filthy little dog that you are, bitch. This fuck will not be for your pleasure. If you move an inch, you will be punished and you will not enjoy the punishment. You are simply my fuck toy and I will use you as I wish. I own you, you understand that? I am your master. Call me Master David." My new Master slaps my tits, yet for as much as I want to shrink away from his touch, I remember what he said about punishment, so I remain still.

Master David grabs my hips and slams me down on his cock. I did not expect the pain that now ripped through me. His cock feels much larger inside of me than it had felt in my mouth. Master David fucks me mercilessly, lifting my whole body weight up by my aching, screaming tits, dangling me above him like some sick, twisted superhero, only to let go of me and send me flying down to enclose his cock once more in my unbearably wet cunt. It doesn't take long before I'm close to orgasm, but David senses this and stops.

"My little slut, don't you remember how I said this fuck was for my pleasure and my pleasure alone? Well your pleasure will come soon enough if you're a good little girl, but now I can tell that you are too close to the edge for me to trust my cock in you. Open up." And with that, he shoves his dick into my mouth and fucks my face with even more intensity than he had the first time around. Yet he fails to realize that this only makes me even hotter. I thank God that I'm still forced to stay on my hands and knees because my hand would have otherwise been dangerously close to finding its way to my pussy.

Within moments I feel his cock tense and he shoots wave after wave of salty warm cum down my throat. Half way through this eruption, he removes the hose from my thirsty mouth, still squirting, and squirts all over my face and tits. He shakes his dick up and down as if it was having a conversation with me.

"Awh, gosh baby, you look so much prettier now. You'll look even better yet after we're done with you." And as he says this, he nods at Mistress Nikki who has been watching the entire time.

Lady Lisa speaks up. "Mistress Nikki, can I have a go with her too?" Mistress looks at Lady Lisa with devilish eyes and replies, "We'll see. Don't forget, I had to punish you only earlier today for masturbating without asking me." My Lady hangs her head in shame as Mistress speaks of her crimes.

"You are not aloud to masturbate or even move until we're done with this slut." And with that, Mistress spits in my hair. "You are to hold each ankle with one hand, spreading your cunt lips for all to see, and you are to stay in that position until we're done. If you obey my orders, I just may allow you to join in for round two. You know how I love to watch you take control." Lady Lisa smiles with pride at the compliment. She really has a much more natural smile than my Mistress. Grudgingly, my Lady abides and takes the position Mistress instructed her to. Her cunt is gorgeous. Even with her bare lips spread wide, I could tell that her cunt has one of the tightest little slits I've ever seen. My mouth waters for her and so does my pussy.

Suddenly, I receive a slap from my Mistress and my Master pulls my head back by the hair. "You are to pay attention to us when we are about to use you. Us and no one else." I don't dare to turn around again, but I can feel Lady Lisa's grin. She knows how hot she is.

Without warning, Master David lifts me up again and impales me on his cock. By now, my sensitivity from before has subsided, but the second I feel my Master's throbbing cock inside of me it returns with a new intensity. He fucks me slowly this time, the neatly trimmed hair around his cock tickling my pussy lips. I am so involved in this fuck that I forget about Mistress Nikki and so am startled by the feel of a cold jelly-like substance squirted around my sphincter, followed by the slightly warmer rigid plastic of my Mistress's cock.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass before by a woman?" she hisses in my ear. I am panting too hard to speak. "Didn't think so." I imagine her devilish grin as she jams the plastic even further inside of me. It is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. My panting stops to make way for screams of both agony and ecstasy. I can no longer tell the difference between the two.

"Get ready for my come, slut." Master David grunts moments before giving way to animalistic howls. Both he and Mistress Nikki increase the pace. From the sound of her moans, I can see that my Mistress is close to the edge as well. Both Master and Mistress connect together through the thin layer of skin that separates my ass from my cunt. They orgasm simultaneously and their orgasm carries me over the edge along with them after what seems like ages.

The three of us collapse together on the floor with short, quick little pants. It takes us a while to recover, but once we do we notice our Lady Lisa in the corner, fingering herself yet not quite over the edge. Mistress Nikki is the first one to her feet, followed by Master David. I am still recovering from the best orgasm I've ever had, so I remain where I am.

Mistress pulls Lady Lisa to her feet, mid-masturbation. I feel sorry for the poor girl. She's the only one that didn't get to come yet. My Mistress slaps her bitch even harder than I saw her do earlier tonight.

"What did I tell you, huh?" My Lady starts to cry.

"I was to stay in my position and not masturbate or even move until you called for me, Mistress Nikki." Lady's tits blush with the impending orgasm.

"That's right, darling," my Mistress crooned. "Don't you ever learn? Now you're not going to get to use our little come dumpster at all tonight. And who knows, maybe someday she'll even dominate you." I could see Lisa cringe at the thought of being dominated by her newest submissive, but the thought sends me over the edge again, except this time without any other help. Mistress Nikki and Master David turn their eyes toward me just in time to catch the orgasmic bliss on my face, but they don't say a word, deciding that I deserve another orgasm for how useful I had been to them, and also deciding that they would offer me a permanent job at the jewelry store the next day. Of course, I take it in a heartbeat.

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