tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShoplifting is a Crime

Shoplifting is a Crime


This is a complete story. All chapters are included.


Shoplifting has always been a considerable expense for most businesses, and the resulting costs from loss and the attempts to prevent theft always get passed on to the consumers in the end.

For some shoplifters, stealing is a way to stay alive, and while it is still a crime, an homeless old man swiping a can of tuna is more sad than criminal.

The kleptomaniacs, those people for whom stealing is a persistent neurotic habit, are something else altogether, and businesses have learned that prosecution is the best deterrent.

But then there's the Real Value Pharmacy in Clinton, New York...


Chapter One: Always at closing time.

"Girl, you got to be kidding!"

Rufus stared at the screen while the brazen blonde yanked the security tab off of the package of lipstick before dropping it in her purse and sauntering down the aisle.

"Always got to be at closing time too," the security guard said in disgust while flying out the door to intercept the thief, who was waltzing out to the mall just as he caught up with her.

"Excuse me miss," Rufus said as he planted his burly six-foot frame in front of the skinny little blonde, who couldn't have been more than 5'2" and 100 pounds soaking wet. "I'm going to have to ask you to step back in the store."

"I don't have time for this," the girl pouted.

"Neither do I girlie," Rufus said, herding her back toward the store while making sure he didn't touch her in the process."

"But I don't know what this is about."

"It's about the Cover Girl lipstick you've got in your purse, and it's about the security tab you tore off of it, and it's about the camera that caught it all," Rufus said as they inched back into the store entrance. "You want to do this easy or hard?"

"Hate to embarrass you in public," Rufus said, while the stragglers began to exit the mall. "Your choice."

"I'll go in with you, but you're making a big mistake."

The little blonde marched back in the store with a bounce in her step and attitude galore, while Rufus calmly followed.

"Cover Girl here has a bit of a shopping problem," Rufus explained to the manager, who was up front helping the cashiers close down for the night. "We'll use the service entrance, so you can lock up."

The manager nodded while the blonde stood there waiting with her arms crossed in front of her chest, acting like she was offended by having to wait for him.

"Straight back girlie," Rufus said, walking with her to the back of the store, pausing to grab the little tab that the girl had flipped behind the display and holding it up for her to see. "Remember this?"

The girl made a face as she kept walking with Rufus, all the way back to the plain door in the back of the store, which led to the room with the security cameras. Opening the door for the blonde, she looked around at the various screens while losing none of her snotty attitude.

"They prosecute here, just so you know," Rufus said. "You need to take the lipstick out of your purse, along with anything else you got during your shopping spree."

The blonde kept her chin up and her attitude defiant as she stared back at the security guard, but after a minute of this she made a little huffing noise and reached into her purse, pulling out the lipstick and tossing it on the table.

"Happy?" she snorted.

"No, I would have been a hell of a lot happier if you stole somewhere else tonight instead of coming in here," Rufus replied. "Now, if you've got anything else in there, why don't you give it up now. If the police find it, that will make it worse for you."

"Police?" the blonde snapped. "Why are you making a big deal out of this. It's a fucking eight dollar lipstick."

"That is the big deal! It's the fucking eight dollar lipstick you stole," Rufus said. "That's the big deal. You know how much extra all the honest people pay for stuff just because you're a thief? Now I'll ask you again. Do you have anything else that you didn't pay for?"

The blonde shook her head and rolled her eyes while looking up to the ceiling, and then went back into the purse and pulled out a tube of Teen Spirit deodorant, throwing it down on the counter.

"Pick it up, please," Rufus said after it skidded to the ground, and that pissed the blonde off even more.

Rufus looked at the girl's butt as she bent over; a tiny ass that was packed tightly into a pair of denim shorts that looked painted on. Her legs were shapely but skinny, and the tiny calf muscles swelled as she bent over to pick the deodorant up.

"Happy?" the blonde snorted.

"That all?" Rufus asked, raising an eyebrow while kicking himself for missing her stealing the Teen Spirit. "Anything stuck up under your blouse, between your legs or wedged up under your arms?"

"What do you think I am?" the blonde snorted.

"We both know what you are," Rufus chuckled. "You know, I know and the camera knows."

"Well, you've had your fun. Embarrassing the white girl. Let's just cut to the chase here."

"What's the color of your skin got to do with it?" Rufus asked. "And we are cutting to the chase. Give your snotty attitude to the cops when they haul your ass down to the station. Matrons will find anything else you've got on you. They dig deep too."

"Do you know who I am?" the blonde said with her nose in the air.

"Besides a thief?" Rufus snapped.

"Ever hear of Truman Wilson?"

Rufus picked up the phone receiver as he looked at the blonde who had lost none of her impudence and was apparently expecting him to start genuflecting at the mention of the name of the county's district attorney.

"You don't look anything like the picture on your campaign stuff," Rufus laughed.

"He's my father," the blonde snorted. "Get it?"

Rufus got the picture alright, and he knew what was probably going to happen. He would call the police, they would take her to the station, and her old man would get her off after playing footsie with the corporation that owned the drug store.

All neat and clean, and this little thief would waltz off without a criminal record, like she had done in the past most likely. Set free to steal from somebody else. Rufus realized, but this girl's attitude needed some bringing down.

"Does he know he has a thief for a daughter, or doesn't he care?" Rufus asked. "Think he's going to be pissed off about this, or has he hauled your ass out of the fire too many times to remember already? How old are you girlie? 14?"

"Fourteen?" she snapped, sticking her chest out and trying to act adult. "I'll have you know I'm eighteen."

"You don't look it," Rufus commented, surveying the skinny girl's frame, noting the lack of much of anything of substance under the girl's sweater. "Well, the cops can treat you like an adult since you're old enough."

"Wait!" the blonde said, putting her delicately manicured hand over the big black mitt that had started to punch the police station's phone numbers on the keypad of the phone. "Why don't I just pay you for it?"

"Why didn't you do that in the beginning?" Rufus said, looking with disdain at the thick wad of bills in the girl's designer wallet.

"Too late for that now," Rufus said, returning to the phone.

"Please," the girl said, her voice cracking. "I have ... kind of a problem. Taking stuff. You know?"

"Of course I know. That's what this is all about."

"Well, I could make it worth your while to - like pretend this never happened," the blonde said as she fished through her bills before pulling out a bunch of 20's and presenting them to Rufus. "You probably don't make a lot of money here."

"What's your name girlie?" Rufus said while looking at the hand that held the bills, probably a couple hundred dollars held in the pale hand that had a bit of a tremble to it.

"Muffin," the girl croaked. "Muffin Bryant-Wilson."

"Well, Ms. Muffin Bryant hyphen Wilson," Rufus said contemptuously. "You don't need to worry about how much I make. What I make, I earn. I'm not a thief. You can put your daddy's money away. He'll probably need it to bribe a cop or somebody else to get you out of this, and what the hell kind of a name is Muffin anyway? I thought my cousin Aquanette had a goofy name!"

"Please," she said with more urgency as Rufus went back to the phone. "My friends - they call me Muffy."

"That's nice, Muffin."

"If it's not money you want, then maybe I could do something else for you," Muffy said. "Maybe my father could get you a job."

"I've got a job."

"A better job then," Muffy said.

"No thanks," Rufus said.

"Then how about - uh - something else?"

"What you got in mind?" Rufus asked.

Muffy looked at the man for a minute, and then raised her hand and made a stroking motion with it.

"You have got to be shitting me!" Rufus roared, his laugh so loud that Muffy cringed in response.


Chapter Two: Negotiations.

"What?" Muffy asked while Rufus laughed at her, shaking his head in disbelief.

"You're probably all stressed out," Muffy said, her shaking hands coming up to the chest of Rufus and nervously rubbing her hands over the blue uniform shirt. "I could make you feel real good."

"Is that right?" Rufus asked while he enjoyed the awkward teenager's attempt at seduction, which was something she obviously wasn't used to doing.

Just pout them lips and all those country club boys come running, Rufus thought. Seducing a man was another thing, and obviously not something she was used to trying to do.

"Well this ain't high school, Muffin," Rufus said, still unable to get past the name. "And I ain't had a hand job since back then."

"Then what do you want?" Muffy asked. "You mean, you want me to..."

Muffin tentatively brought her thumb up near her mouth and opened it, causing Rufus to chuckle and shake his head.

"Do I want you to suck your thumb?" Rufus grinned.

"No, I meant - you know - your dick," Muffy said. "If you let me go I'll do it. I'll suck it."

"That sounds pathetic. I mean, don't sound so excited about it," Rufus snapped. "What are you afraid of? Scared my color might come off? Think my black dick will rub off on that lily-white skin of yours?"

"No, of course not," Muffy huffed, putting her hands on the bare triceps of Rufus as if they were radioactive. "I have many black friends."

"Oh, I'll bet the Bryant hyphen Wilson mansion is crawling with us black folk," Rufus snapped. "All the brothers and sisters sitting around the pool singing Kumbaya and sipping Margaritas while talking about their stock options with the D.A. and his family."

"Why do you hate me so? Is it because I'm white? Or it is all people with money you loathe? Jealous?" Muffy retorted, a little of her arrogance returning along with some color in her cheeks.

"Maybe," Rufus said, taking her hand off of his arm while holding her wrist firmly. "What I really hate is people that think they can skate through life because of who their Daddy is, and think because they bat their eyelashes at somebody they can get away with anything, while poor people end up in jail for a whole lot less than what I'll bet you've pulled so far in your life!"

"Please don't be mad. Uh - what's your name?" Muffy asked, her attitude changing with the anger building in the security guard's voice, and bringing her hand up to the name plate on his shirt, whispered, "R.L. King. What does the R.L. stand for?"

"Why do you want to know?" Rufus asked. "Think we're gonna get married someday?"

"If we're going to be friends, we should know each other's names. You know mine."

"Rufus Lee King," he answered. "My parents had a sense of humor."

"I meant it, Rufus" Muffy said, her lower lip quivering. "I would do what I said to you."

"Suck my dick?" Rufus said. "No. It's a start, but not enough."

"Then what - what do you want?" Muffy said, tears welling in her eyes.

"Just a few things."


Chapter Three: The few things.

"Make the check payable to Real Value Pharmacy," Rufus said, and watched as the girl wrote in a penmanship that was likely a lot neater under different circumstances, and after she paid for the things she had stolen, Rufus weeded through the contents of the purse that Muffin had emptied out onto the table.

"Hmmm - looks like Muffin Bryant-Wilson isn't as pure and innocent as I thought," Rufus mused, first picking up the two foil-wrapped squares before setting them back down amidst the other crap from her purse.

"Here," Muffy said, handing him the check.

"Now come over here," Rufus said, leading Muffy over to a mark on the floor before going over to the camera. "When I tell you to smile, I want you to give me the biggest shit-eating grin you've got."

After hitting a button on the camera, Rufus hurried over to stand next to Muffy and quickly put his arm around her shoulder.

"Smile," Rufus said, opening his mouth wide and showing his pearly whites just before the click of the camera.

"No good," Rufus said, showing the photo to Muffy after it developed. "You look like you're going to an execution. We got all night, unless you want the police to handle this. Now smile like you mean it!"

The second photo came out much better. It was almost as if the 45 year old black guy with the graying hair and the 18 year old blonde waif were long lost lovers, judging by the looks of joy on their faces.

"Much nicer," Rufus said approvingly, showing the picture to Muffy, whose face had lost that glow and had gone back to being pensive. "Now the note."

Muffy wrote on the pad of paper while Rufus dictated, and after he finished, asked for a little addition to the bottom.

"That's nice," Rufus said, reviewing the brief love note Muffy had written to him, professing how much she was looking forward to tonight, and the little heart on the bottom made it even nicer.

It wasn't foolproof, but having the girl's smile and love note would make it a lot easier if she tried to accuse him of something afterward. After folding the paper and putting it in his pocket, Rufus nodded to Muffy.

"Get your clothes off, Muffin."

Muffy pulled the blouse over her head, mussing her flawless blonde mane momentarily until she shrugged it back over her shoulders and began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Got a lot of layers there don't you?" Rufus asked. "Did you pay for all them clothes, or do you shop at The Gap like you do here?"

Muffy got the blouse unbuttoned, and while she took it off and folded it, Rufus shook her head. She was wearing a satin pink bra that hid very little, but there didn't seem to be all that much to hide, and she was very skinny - almost frighteningly so.

"Girlie, you should eat a burger or something," Rufus said, while the blonde fumbled with the button on her denim shorts. "Ain't nothing to you at all."

The shorts came down, exposing her pale legs, which were quite shapely but so skinny that he thought he could put his hand all the way around her calf.

"More woman than you've ever had," Muffy said, but her defiant attitude was falling apart as she folded her shorts and put them with her blouse.

"We'll see about that," Rufus said, undoing his tie before unbuttoning his shirt.

Given the sorry state of his love life since his wife had run off four years ago with the crack dealer she had been seeing behind his back for who knows how long, the pickings had been slim, so it had been a long time since he had anything to compare Muffy with.

Not his type, that was for sure. Way too skinny, and not much on top or bottom, although there was no denying she was attractive. With her sparkling blonde hair and a flawless complexion, she probably did have the guys lined up, and if she had a better attitude, she would be a lot better looking in his eyes.

Then again, if she wasn't a thief, there was no way this little debutante would be taking her clothes off for an old black guy with love handles in the back room of a drug store.

"Let's go girlie," Rufus said. "The bra and panties."

For second, Rufus thought she was going to start crying, but she swallowed and reached up and undid the little clasp in the front of the brassiere, reluctantly opening it up and pulling it off her bony shoulders.

Her hands came up, covering her breasts with her hands, but not before Rufus had seen the tiny buds. They weren't even big enough to call them breasts, as they were more like modest swells on her chest, with rose pink nipples that looked smaller than his own.

Her hands came down to the elastic on the top of the matching pink panties, which were cut so severely that he was shocked when no hair was visible. After the panties came down, it became obvious why, because she was completely hairless between her legs. Her raised mound was as smooth as could be, with nary a trace of hair to be found.

As Muffy raised her arms to pull her hair back over her shoulders, she revealed her underarms, with were glistening with perspiration, and Rufus was not surprised to see that her armpits were as smooth as the rest of her.

"Just making sure you're really eighteen, girlie" Rufus said as he checked her driver's license, which proved that not only was Muffin Bryant-Wilson actually 18, she would be 19 next month. "You don't look it, that's for sure. Guess I'm used to women who are a whole lot more... let's just say more well developed."

Tears started to flow down her reddened cheeks as her hands came back up to cover her breasts, and as her lower lip started shaking again Rufus felt a little guilty about the way he was treating her. He wanted to knock the snotty attitude out of her, not destroy her.

"Relax there girlie," Rufus said.

"Please don't call me girlie."

"Okay, Muffin," Rufus replied, still unable to get around the name, and as he let his pants fall to the floor and stepped out of his boxers, he watched her eyes go to his crotch.


Chapter Four: Muffin's thoughts.

"I thought you guys all had - you know - big ones," Muffy said as she looked at Rufus pulling on his flaccid member.

"You guys?"

"You know what I mean," Muffy responded. "Black men. You're all supposed to have gigantic penises. I had a boyfriend who had a really big one. Way bigger than yours is."

"Sorry to disappoint to, Muffin," Rufus said. "Guess you spend too much time on the Internet. Only got about 6 or 7 inches here - little more maybe - although it gets real thick when it gets excited. Anyway, you should have no problem getting it as big as it can get, seeing how you're used to handling much bigger ones."

With his free hand, Rufus motioned her closer while pulling and stretching his uncircumcised cock with the other, and when she got close enough to him, he put his hand on her bony shoulder and eased her down to her knees.

Muffy reached over and put her hands his hips, staring at the dark black stub while Rufus slid the foreskin back over the black-cherry hued crown, and when he got tired of waiting for her he brought the head of his manhood to Muffy's mouth.

"You're boring it to tears just staring at it," Rufus growled, and grabbed the back of her head to pull her closer. "If you're the woman you claim to be, try and prove it!"

Muffy looked up at Rufus, and then back at his cock, before finally bringing her mouth to it. Her lips slid down the length of the limp organ until her nose hit the coarse curls of his pubes.

Her hair was so soft and silky smooth, Rufus thought while he ran his hand through her golden locks, and the sight of that pale white face going down on his dark black tool was such a stark contrast that he felt his cock surge almost immediately. In seconds, Muffy had stopped deep- throating him and was now struggling to open her mouth wide enough to accommodate him.

Her tiny hand wrapped halfway around the base of his cock while her face was contorting, her lips opened as far as they could while her teeth scraped the tender skin of his member, as she started to gag and gasp for breath.

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