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Shopping For Fun


The day that I went to the local food store, my intentions were to pick up a few items that are essential for the survival of a single guy living alone, nothing more. I hate grocery shopping. I'm twenty-three and my latest girl friend had moved out about three months ago, so there were no home cooked meals waiting for me when I got home from work.

We had a pretty good relationship, but our sex life sucked. She had her "restrictions" on when sex was appropriate for her. This left me relying on my right hand most of the time. I have to admit that I was getting very good at jerking off, but this was not how I had imagined my hot nights would be.

As I said before, my intentions were to get what I needed at the store and head back home for a frozen dinner followed by a few beers. Walking up and down the aisles as quickly as I could, grabbing what I needed and putting it in my carrier, my eye caught a quick glimpse of a long set of legs at the far end of one aisle, pushing a pretty full cart. Being inquisitive and always appreciative of a good set of legs, I increased my shopping speed, telling myself that I could live without canned hash this week. I rounded the corner, spying my quarry half way down the next aisle. T

he legs, which I had seen for just a second before, looked much longer now. In fact, I'd say that this girl was close to 6 feet tall in her heels. She was wearing a pair of bright orange shorts that came just a couple of inches down her legs. I'm was sure that if she bent over I'd see a good portion of the cheek of her ass. The white top that she wore was snug and short.

When she reached up to grab an item on the top shelf, it climbed up high enough so I could see the bottom of her bra. Her hair was a dirty-blond color, tied back in a ponytail. I loved watching it pitch back and forth as she moved her head, looking for what she wanted. I could feel my dick start to harden as the body of this girl and my imagination began to get me horny. One of my favorite fantasies has always been one in which I meet a sexy girl at the store, preferably not a grocery store, bring her home, and have sex with her.

"Man, I'd love to have that tonight instead of using my hand," I thought to myself. "Hey baby, want to come home with me for some fun?"

I was very content to follow this beauty down the next aisle too, slowing my shopping speed to match hers. She moved with a deliberate speed. I could tell that she was in no hurry to rush home to cook for kids and a hubby. Her posture too, seemed to show a sense of pride in herself. Her back was straight, her shoulders back, not slouched. Even her ass seemed as if she were holding it tight so that it wouldn't bounce the wrong way as she walked. I needed to see the face of my newly found, work of art. All the time I had followed her, not once had she turned so that I could get a frontal view. As she turned the corner and headed down the next aisle, I decided to head her off at the pass. I didn't follow her down that aisle, but went to the next, hoping to meet her face to face somewhere down this one. I wasted time pretending to look for an item, keeping my eyes towards where I knew she would be coming. I waited and waited but she didn't show.

"Damn," I said quietly. "Fuck."

Maybe she doubled back on me, I thought. I turned quickly, hoping to find her if I went back the way I came. As I took my first step without looking, I slammed hard into a basket filled with food. Pain rocketed up my arm as I hit the edge of the basket. I grabbed my arm and began rubbing it as I looked to see who it was that had blind-sided me. I was ready to give whomever it was a piece of my mind, when I saw a ponytail behind the face of the driver, swinging back and forth. It was she, but it couldn't be. The face I was staring at didn't match the body. The body I was following belonged to a girl, twenty, maybe twenty-five years old. The face I was staring at belonged to a woman that was between forty and fifty years old. I stared into her deep blue eyes. The skin of her face was smooth, a few age lines coming from the corners of her eyes and some at her mouth. Her lips were large, perfect teeth flashing behind them as she talked to me, but I didn't hear anything. My brain was totally involved with straightening out my preconceived ideas about what I thought I would see, and what I was seeing. This woman was my mother's age and had my sister's body. My eyes left hers and moved down her body. Her neck was long, just as I would have expected for such a tall woman. I'm sure she was five feet ten inches without those heels she wore. I stand about five feet eight, so she looked down at me as she continued to try to break through my silence. The tight white top that she wore covered her breasts as if it had been painted on. I could make out the edge of the top of her bra through the shirt. Her tits weren't big, maybe the size of the large orange I had in my carrier, but very firm looking. I looked back to her blue eyes and finally heard the words that were coming from those big lips.

"Are you alright?" she asked. "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't realize that I was so close to you. Hello. Can you hear me? Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah," I said, feeling like an idiot for being silent for so long. "No problem," I continued, as I stopped rubbing my arm, even though it still hurt like hell. "It was my fault. I should have watched where I was going."

My eyes were still locked onto hers. It was as if the entire building had disappeared and we were standing alone in a vacuum. She smiled at me and my heart immediately began to race. My mouth got dry and I could feel my face starting to flush.

"Nonsense," she said. "It was all my fault. Are you sure you're all right? That's a nasty looking bump you've got growing on your arm."

She reached out and touched my arm with her hand. Her fingers were warm and soft as she gently rubbed the spot where a red lump was growing. My breathing began to quicken as an electrical current went, from where her hand rested on my arm, directly to my dick. I felt the skin of my cock tighten as it grew inside of my shorts.

"Honest, I'll be fine," I said, as I slowly pulled my arm away from her. Even though she was no longer touching me, I felt her warmth and what it had done to my body. "Was there some reason why you were staring at me?" she asked, as we stood, in the all of a sudden, empty aisle.

Again I stood staring and not saying a word, thinking she had known that I was following her.

"After I hit you," she continued, "all you did was stare at me."

"Oh," I said with relief, trying to think quickly. "I'm sorry I stared. I guess I was kind of shocked by the whole incident. Plus, you do look very familiar to me, but I don't know why. Maybe I've seen you before in here, or somewhere else. You do remind me of a girl I dated back in high school."

I threw out that last bit of a lie, just to see where it would take me.

She laughed quite loudly at my last line and I thought that I had just shot myself in the foot. I did, however, have the pleasure of watching her tits bounce up and down as she laughed.

"Well," she said. "It has been quite a while since high school for me, but if I had been your girl friend, we would still be together. Thank you very much for the unexpected compliment young man."

As she spoke, I noticed her nipples begin to harden. Slowly, small round buttons began to appear under her tight shirt. As each word left her lips, her nipples pushed against her bra, aching to gain freedom. By the time she had finished saying "young man", you could see those two hard rocks if you were standing on the other side of the store.

"Yeah, well, if you were that girl, I wouldn't have let you get away," I said, trying to give my most sincere smile.

Now she was the one staring and not speaking. I could see that she was both excited and uncomfortable with our conversation. She looked down into her basket of food and then at me. She shifted her weight on her feet and took a very visible deep breath. Her tits rose up and out, her hard nipples pointing at me like two fingers. Even with her very deep tan, I could see her blush.

"Well," I said, breaking the silence between us, "I better finish with my shopping. A single guy doesn't need much. The problem is finding it. It looks as if you're pretty much done shopping for your family."

"Oh, this is all for me," she said, thankful for the chance to take whatever she was thinking about, out of her mind. "I shop once a month. I get all that I think I'll need on this trip, and then just buy meats when I need to."

"Sounds like a good system," I said.

"It works for me," she replied.

I thought I sensed some disappointment in the tone of her voice. It was as if she didn't really want our conversation to end.

"Well, maybe I'll see you in a month," I said, as I began to walk from her.

"That would be very nice," she said smiling. "I am very sorry about hitting you, but it was a very nice pleasure meeting you. I never did get your name."

"It's Mike," I said, walking back towards her and holding out my hand.

"I'm Catherine, … Katie," she said, as she reached out and held mine tightly.

She let go of my hand, with some reluctance, as we both went in different directions. As I neared the end of the aisle, I turned to get one last look at this older woman that had gotten my blood boiling. I watched her ass rock from side to side as she neared the end of the aisle. She turned to look back and our eyes met once more. She smiled and waved, her nipples still as hard as when we had talked. I gave a smile and wave back, enjoying our encounter and thinking about how good jerking off tonight would be, thanks to Katie.

I finished my shopping at about the same time my dick had finally deflated. I had too many items to get into the speed line without causing a riot, so I waited, for what seemed forever, to check out. As I grabbed my bags and left the cashier, whom do I see waiting for me but Katie. I never noticed her again in the store until now. Her basket was filled with bags as she stood there smiling at me. I smiled back, delighted with the opportunity to see her one more time before I went home to jerk off as I thought about her. We walked together as we left the store.

"We meet again Mike," she said with a very wide smile across her face. "This time I promise not to run you down."

"Oh, forget about that. Look, I'm doing great," I said, as I shook my arm in front of her. "The doctor says that they won't have to amputate."

She laughed at my little joke as she reached out and put her arm around my shoulder to stop our walk.

"I still feel very bad about what happened in there," she said to me, as we stood outside of the doors. "I wish there was something I could do. Let me at least treat you to a cup of coffee at the Dunkin Donuts over there."

She pointed to where the coffee shop was in the shopping center. There was a line clear outside of the doors. My whirling mind and activated hormones wanted to have that coffee with her, but the line seemed endless. As we both looked at the coffee shop, we knew that it was out of the question at this time.

"Looks like I'll have to take a rain-check," I said.

"It does look like quite a wait over there," she said disappointedly. "I feel so let down. When we meet again, no matter how long the line is, I'm taking you out for that coffee."

"It's a deal," I said, hiding my own disappointment, hoping that I would see her again. "Do you need some help with those bags?" I asked, wanting her to say yes, strangely not wanting this older woman to leave me.

"That would be so nice of you Mike," she said. I could hear the happiness in her voice as she accepted my offer. "I'm parked just over there."

She pointed to where a Benz sat by itself. Not only did this woman look good, she rode well too. I put my two bags on top of hers and pushed her basket towards her car. Katie pulled her keys from her purse, disengaged the alarm, and popped the trunk. I loaded her bags into the trunk with her help. Every time she leaned in to put a bag down, her tits would pitch forward. I imagined one of them falling out and helping her put it back inside of her shirt. My dick grew hard once more, as it had inside the store. I wondered if she could notice the bulge in my shorts. I stood back and watched as she took the last bag and placed it as far back as she could, into the trunk. She had to lift her right foot high off of the ground to get it back there. Her shorts rode up on her ass, revealing her untanned cheek to me. I took all of my strength, not to reach out and grasp it firmly in my hand. When she had the bag positioned just right, she slowly lowered her leg and turned to face me. We stared at each other, saying nothing. Finally, it was Katie who spoke.

"Thank you very much Mike," she said, holding out her hand. "I do appreciate your help and I'm still very sorry about hitting you in the store."

"It was a pleasure to help you Katie," I said, shaking her hand and holding it tighter than I usually would have. "And don't lose any sleep over our little fender-bender. Just remember, you owe me a coffee."

I turned to leave her and go to my car. I didn't look back this time, thinking that if I did, I wouldn't meet her again. I heard her car door open and close and the engine turn over quietly. I snaked my way through the parked cars until I reached mine. I put my bags inside and walked the basket over to a holding pen that the store had for them. Just as I got back to my car, another pulled up next to me. I turned just in time to see the tinted passenger window lower and Katie's smiling face appear.

"Hello Mike," she said cheerfully. "We meet again."

"Three times a charm they say, right?" I said, not being able to hide my joy at seeing her. "So what brings you to this magical shopping center?" I asked smiling, as I leaned into the open window.

I couldn't help but notice how high Katie's shorts had gone up on her legs. The edges were now tucked deep inside of her crotch. The mound created by her pussy stood out as if it were on display for me to see. The sides of her shorts were up so high that I could see the side of her ass being pressed out by her weight as she sat. Her nipples were as hard as rocks once again. I wondered if she had prepared herself to look like this for me.

"I was thinking," she said carefully. "Who knows if we'll ever bump into each other again? I feel badly about hitting you and then I couldn't even buy you a cup of coffee. I was wondering, as I sat in my car, if you wouldn't mind coming to my house so I could at least make you that cup of coffee. I live just a few blocks away, and I'm sure that I make a better cup of coffee than Dunkin Donuts. Please, would you do this for me? Please."

Her last words came out of her as if she was begging for her life. I could even see it in her eyes. I thought that if I said no, she would start to cry then and there. I also thought that if I said no, that I would be a complete idiot. Here I had an attractive woman, so what if she was older, inviting me to her house, no questions asked. Even if nothing happened, and I really didn't expect anything to happen, it would be better than spending the next hour alone. And besides, I would be getting a good cup of coffee, not the instant crap I made for myself. I tried to give the impression that I really had to think about the answer I was about to give her. I looked at my watch and gave her the most thoughtful expression my face could exhibit. I then let a smile grow on my face.

"Sure, why not Katie," I said. "That sounds like a great idea. Hey, like you said, we may never meet again and then I would never forgive myself for missing out on the opportunity of having coffee with a very attractive woman."

"Fantastic," she said, as she clapped her hands together. "Just follow me. We'll be at my place in just a couple of minutes."

She raised the window of her car and pulled forward, waiting for me to get into my car to follow her. As I turned the key to start the engine, I wondered what I was really getting myself into. Would she just want someone to talk to, telling me boring stories of her sad life? Did she only want me to do some minor chore at her house that she couldn't do? Maybe she was taking me to some place where someone else was going to be there to rob me? I wondered if this was just a big mistake that I had let myself get into. I followed her car, letting my mind run wild, not really paying any attention to where she was taking me. When we had driven for maybe ten minutes, I finally took notice of where we were. Katie had stopped at the gates of the most expensive, and very exclusive, communities in our area. It was set up like a condo, but the units were separate homes. Everything was taken care of for the residents. They even provided a weekly maid service. Only the very wealthy lived here. A high wall surrounded the property, keeping the non-desirables, like me, out. The guard was there 24 hours a day, letting only the residents and their guests in. Even deliveries had to be approved before they were let inside. There went my theories about being robbed or doing some menial chore, and now I really doubted that she had sad stories to tell. I decided that whatever was about to happen to me would definitely be a first.

I watched as Katie talked to the guard for a few moments and then saw him tip his hat to her. The brake lights of the Benz went off as Katie slowly drove inside. I slowly drove up towards the guardhouse, thinking that I needed to stop. The guard just waved at me to continue on, tipping his hat to me with a smile as I drove on to follow Katie to her home. I watched in my rearview mirror as the gate slammed shut, feeling very out of place.

I followed Katie's car through the complex until she finally reached her house. I saw the double-door of the garage open as she pulled up the driveway. Katie quickly pulled inside as I turned into her driveway, preparing to park there. I saw her get out of her car and motion me to pull inside of her garage also. As I slowly pulled inside, I watched as Katie bent down slightly and reached between her legs to pull her pants down from where they had been wedged. She then reached behind herself and tugged at her underwear that had sunk deep into the cheeks of her ass. Before I knew it, I was at the back wall of the garage and I had to hit the breaks hard so that I wouldn't go through it. Somewhat embarrassed, I got out of my car as the garage doors silently closed.

"I take it," she said with a smile, "you don't park in a garage at home."

"You're right," I said. "I let the neighborhood birds use my car for bombing runs."

She stood, leaning against her car, with her arms crossed over her chest and her long legs crossed at her feet. It seemed as if she were admiring the catch that she had brought home from fishing. She tilted her head slightly, causing her ponytail to swing freely behind her. I stopped at the end of my car, not knowing what to do next, when the trunk of her car popped open. I jumped, startled by the noise and action, making Katie laugh slightly.

"I'm sorry," she said through her contained giggle. "I didn't mean to do that to you. Do I make you nervous?"

"Well," I said smiling, "this isn't how I expected my shopping trip to turn out. First I meet you, and now I'm in a place where the guards would never let me get close. In fact, I was very surprised that he let me through the gate at all. What did you tell him?"

"Oh," she said, trying to put a thoughtful look on her face. "That was easy. I told him that you were my new boyfriend and that you should be let in whenever he saw you."

My jaw dropped and I stood frozen as I heard what she had said. Katie then burst out laughing as she saw my reaction.

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