tagGroup SexShould Old Acquaintances?

Should Old Acquaintances?


Flurries flew through the air as Alice and Brian drove through the Michigan countryside. The young moon gave some light to the snow-covered landscape around them, but it was slowly sliding towards the horizon. Brian kept both hands on the wheel as Alice gently massaged his thigh with her left hand.

"Are you nervous, honey?" Alice asked.

"My stomach's doing back-flips," Brian replied. "I've never done anything like this in my life. I was a good Baptist growing up."

"I've always been glad I was raised a Unitarian," Alice said with a smile. "Well, like I said, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to. You don't even have to watch, though I get the feeling that's not going to be a problem, given your taste in movies."

Brian's face turned red. He thought it would be the end of their ten-year-old marriage when Alice found the porn stash on his laptop. After giving him a good talking to about doing things behind her back, Alice instructed him that if he was going to go surfing for porn, he should at least have the common decency to share his collection with her. Brian was momentarily stunned and flabbergasted, but that evening they spent about an hour watching his collection - mostly amateur videos of couples and groups - before engaging in one of the most passionate lovemaking sessions of their relationship.

That was two years ago. Since then, watching amateur porn on the net had been an important part of their sex life. Neither of them had a taste for "professional" pornos, you know, the ones shot in the San Fernando Valley where three-legged freaks screwed drugged-out bimbos with ridiculous fake tits. Those lacked some sort of key element. They were plastic. What Alice and Brian both liked were ordinary couples - or groups of three or four - getting it on in front of the camera for public viewing.

The pros were just in it for the cash. Amateurs did it for the sheer naughtiness. The idea that total strangers would share such an intimate part of their love for the enjoyment of others was a huge turn-on for them both. They were getting a peek at real people having real, genuine sex.

Sometimes Alice would suggest that they make a video of themselves. Brian assumed she was fantasizing, and never took it seriously. Nonetheless, some of their most intense lovemaking happened when they imagined they were screwing on camera for all the world to see. As the months passed, Alice kept bringing up the idea of "performing" more and more frequently.

One evening Brian came home from work to find their camera mounted on a tripod and Alice lying on the bed, dressed in sheer lingerie, her hand down her panties, very clearly pleasuring herself. Brian wasted no time getting out of his own clothes and joining Alice on the bed. He pulled down her panties to find that she had shaved everything except a small strip of hair on her mons. The smooth, hairless skin was slick and shiny with her juices. Brian dove in with his tongue, eliciting cries of pleasure from Alice.

That evening they made love for hours. Brian came three times - a first for him - while Alice had at least a dozen orgasms. They went through their entire sexual repertoire, fucking and sucking in as many positions as they could think of and the furniture would allow.

All of it was recorded in 640x480 digital video.

The following night, Alice and Brian up-linked the camera to their PC and watched The Video. It was several hours of the most genuine, passionate lust they had ever seen. Fifteen minutes in, they could no longer contain themselves. They ripped their clothes off and attacked each other on the living room floor, all while their own moans played through the speakers.

Alice shocked Brian by asking if she could upload The Video, or at least a few juicy segments, to the amateur site they liked to frequent. Brian rejected the idea out of hand. "What if someone out there recognizes us?"

"We both work for a liberal state university. I don't think we'll have to worry about our jobs. I have tenure, and anyway, my esteem would probably go up in my department, knowing how some of my fellow Lit professors are. Relax, sweetie."

"I'm not just talking about our jobs. What about our friends? What if they saw?" Brian asked.

"Well, Todd and Janette... let's just say I've had a few conversations with Janette and I can tell you for certain they would not be shocked." Brian's face turned red at the idea of Janette getting freaky. He had always secretly admired their plump, large-chested neighbor. "And anyone else we know would be too embarrassed having visited a porn site to admit they saw us there. We don't have kids, so nothing to worry about there, either."

In the end, Brian won out, being simply too nervous to post The Video online. Alice, however, would continue to introduce the fantasy of being watched, or producing amateur porn, into their sex play. And they never got tired of watching other people's homemade sex videos.

Then, last November, Alice got a card from some old college friends of hers, Carol and Dave. It was an invitation to a Christmas party at their home in northern Michigan. Alice and Carol had been corresponding off and on since they both left college, so she had a pretty good idea what sort of party this was going to be without even reading the details on the invite.

Brian got a huge lump in his throat when Alice told him about the invitation and more details about these friends he had only heard about in passing.

"You had a THREESOME with them?!" Brian asked, scandalized.

"Well... not just a threesome. We were... kind of a regular thing."

Brian was shocked and aroused at the same time. He knew Alice had had her wild side in the past, but he didn't know it was that wild. "So what are the details?" he asked, somewhat short of breath.

Alice scanned through the invite. "'Come enjoy a Christmas celebration with us... come as you are... bring a towel, a dish to share, and a playful spirit...'"

"A towel?" asked Brian.

"For the hot-tub, of course."

"I see. And swimsuits?"

"Nothing in here about swimsuits," Alice replied. She continued reading. "'All invitees are part of our group, or close friends we have specifically chosen because we know they are clean and trustworthy. No one who is not explicitly invited will be admitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.' It says that in italics and all caps. Makes you feel special to be included, doesn't it? 'As always, remember that NO MEANS NO and always be aware of and respect the boundaries of others. And of course, whatever happens at the party stays at the party.'"

"Is this what I think it is? Some kind of orgy?" Brian asked.

"Orgy isn't quite the right word. I mean, it's not going to be dozens of oiled, naked men and women writhing around on the floor together, sticking things in every conceivable... uh... location. Think of it as more of a 'play party,' where people can fool around and have a bit of fun. Maybe hook up with someone new. Or just watch. And whatever happens, happens."

"You seem to know a lot about these things," Brian commented.

"Well, it's been... jeez, it's been nearly fifteen years since I was at one of these, but I know Carol and Dave, and I have a pretty good idea what their parties are about."

It took Brian a couple of weeks of hemming and hawing before he finally agreed to go, but he wouldn't promise to do anything, and he assured Alice that anything he did do would be with her alone.

"And if you do decide to... do things with anyone else, please check how I feel about it first," Brian insisted.

"Well of course I would, dear," Alice said, surprised that her fooling around with someone else wasn't completely off the table.

As they approached Carol and Dave's home, Brian started gripping the wheel more tightly. Alice could see his knuckles turning white. She started to gently massage his upper back as he drove, trying to ease his tension and anxiety.

Once off the Interstate (Alice always got a chuckle out of "I-69"), they had spent several hours on state highways, then finally to back-country roads. Carol and Dave's property appeared to be completely secluded, surrounded on all sides by woods. Five or six cars were already parked along the side of the driveway. Their house was HUGE. It was a log house style facade, with a three-car garage and four dormers facing the front. Alice and Brian walked across the sprawling wrap-around porch and rang the doorbell.

Carol answered the door. She wore red and green stockings with little bells on them, and a Santa Claus hat over her shoulder-length blond hair. The first thing Brian noticed, however, was that she wasn't wearing anything else. He had to take his eyes away from her perfectly-formed breasts and tuft of neatly-trimmed pubic hair to meet her eyes.

"Alice! So good to see you again!" She gave her longtime friend a warm hug and the two held each other for a lingering moment. Alice gave her a warm kiss on the lips, which she quickly broke. "And you must be Brian. It's wonderful to finally meet you after all these years! I'm Carol."

Brian, still trying to shake himself out of his stupor at seeing a beautiful naked woman in front of him, reached out to shake her hand. Carol ignored his gesture and wrapped him in a tight embrace. He could smell the perfume on her neck, felt her bare breasts pressing into his winter coat, and jerked back slightly when the bulge in his pants contact with her waist. Carol only smiled coyly at him in response.

Alice, apparently not affected in the slightest by Carol's nudity or her embrace of her husband, stepped into the house and took in her surroundings. "Wow, what an amazing house, Carol! I had no idea you lived like this!"

Carol blushed. "Thanks. Dave has been really successful. We've been truly blessed."

"Now your husband's a writer, isn't he? He must be doing well," Brian commented.

"Yeah, what exactly does he write?" asked Alice. "You've never said a word about his work."

"Well..." said Carol, clearly thinking things out, "I can see if Dave wants to share that now. Hey Darling!" she called into the house. "Honey, Alice and Brian are here!"

Dave came out a moment later, fully dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, but with a curious grin on his face. He was six feet tall and sturdily built, with thick, dark brown hair. He whispered something in Carol's ear, and she giggled. "We'll have to do something about that!" She said to him in response. Then, more loudly, "Listen, I never told Alice what it is that you write, and I wondered if I could share it with them."

Dave thought for a moment, then said, "I was sort of saving it for a surprise for later, but no one else is in earshot. Just don't go spreading it around. A lot of the folks here don't know."

Alice and Brian both waited expectantly.

"Have you heard of the Dark Orb series?" he asked.

"Heard of?!" Brian exclaimed. "Alice and I read all five books! As have some ten million kids. Adults too!" Then realization set in. "You're F.J. Gordon?"

"Shhh, not so loud. As far as most people know, I write technical manuals for appliance companies. Which is what I did before... well, before I got lucky."

Alice and Brian both looked at each other, eyes wide in astonishment. "I can't believe it! We're in F.J. Gordon's own house!" Brian whispered. Dave blushed.

The foyer opened up to a vast living room with a 14-foot ceiling, a massive fireplace, and a full bar to one side. Expensive rugs covered a beautiful chestnut wood floor. Everything was decked in festive red and green tinsel, branches of holly, and wreathes. A nativity scene sat on the mantle, where five large stockings were hung. A few other guests (all fully clothed) were sitting on leather-upholstered furniture.

"I can't see how anyone could think you could maintain a home like this writing technical manuals," Alice said. "I don't suppose you can tell us whether Jack and Susie finally manage to get together, or if Martin and Dr. Lovelace find the third orb?"

"Sorry, you'll have to wait until book six comes out, just like everyone else," Dave said with a grin.

"Carol, what do you do?" asked Brian, trying to look her in the eyes, and not at her puffy, dark pink protruding nipples.

"I stay at home and take care of the kids. We home-school. The nearest grade school is a 30-minute bus ride, and the schools up here aren't that great anyway."

"I stay at home too," Dave added, "but I spend at least five or six hours every day writing."

"Sounds like a tough life," Alice said with a smile. "How old are the kids these days?"

"Ten, eight, and five," Carol answered. "Right now they're with a very trusted babysitter who knows what we're up to tonight. Oh!" she added suddenly, "I didn't offer you anything. Have some cookies and champagne if you'd like." She grabbed a plate off of an end table. It was full of cookies baked in the shape of extremely anatomically complete reindeer. Alice giggled. Brian blushed.

As Alice and Brian went to place the chips and dip they brought on the bar, Dave said, "You know, Carol is a writer, too."

"Mostly erotica," Carol clarified.

Brian nearly choked on his cookie.

"I haven't managed to get published yet, but I do share a lot of my work online," she added.

The four of them sat down together on a massive couch, with Alice and Carol in the middle, and Dave and Brian on each end. The soft leather felt wonderful to both Alice and Brian. There was another couple on the opposite couch and a young, single woman on one of the chairs.

"Everyone, these are our longtime friends, Alice and Brian," Carol said. Brian was touched to be considered a "longtime friend."

"We've known Alice since freshman year of college," Dave added.

"Hi, I'm Frank, and this is my wife Gina," said the man sitting opposite them. He reached across the coffee table to shake Alice's and Brian's hands. Frank and Gina looked to be in their early forties. Frank was shaved completely bald, with a short-trimmed goatee. Gina had dark features, and appeared to be some sort of Mediterranean type - Italian, maybe. Her long, straight black hair had streaks of gray. She wore a long red dress, and Brian caught himself trying to determine if she wore a bra underneath. Two large nipples very obviously poked at the fabric.

"And this is Eve," Carol said, gesturing towards the young, shy woman sitting in the chair with her arms crossed on her lap. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, with chin-length auburn hair, very pale, flawless skin, and blue eyes. She was very conservatively dressed in a loose sweater and ankle-length skirt.

"This is my first time to anything... like this," Eve said. "I'm not sure if I'll really do anything, but when Carol invited me to come... I was curious."

"This is Brian's first time too," Alice told her. "And my first time since before we were even dating, so I think we're both a little nervous." If Alice was nervous, Brian certainly couldn't tell. "Just be comfortable, and do as much or as little as you'd like. Knowing Carol and Dave as well as I do, I can tell you this will be a relaxed, low-pressure vibe."

Eve laughed nervously, then stared down into her own lap.

Brian, meanwhile, was embarrassed to feel his hard-on stiffen. Three women he had just met, all of them extremely sexy. One was drop-dead gorgeous and stark naked, sitting just on the other side of his own wife. One was strikingly exotic and was possibly wearing nothing under her dress. The third was very young, innocent, and cute. The idea that he could actually end up having sex with any - or all! - of them passed through his mind. He tried to push the thought aside, but a mixture of nerves and sexual excitement surged through his body. Brian had only been with two other women before he met Alice.

"We saw several cars in the driveway. Where's everyone else?" asked Alice.

"Oh, here and there," Carol said. "A lot of guests like to 'get reacquainted' when they arrive. We have private - and not so private - rooms for that."

Alice, whose hand was resting on Brian's thigh, noticed he was at full length and hardness. She grabbed his cock through the outside of his pants and deftly moved it to point down one leg, relieving the strain. Brian gasped, but Alice never took her attention away from the conversation. Eve appeared to notice Alice's maneuver and her face turned red.

"We've been telling Eve about the Lifestyle, and what it means for our relationship," Frank said.

Gina elaborated, "We are very exclusive to one another in love. My whole heart belongs to Frank, but we enjoy sharing the passions of the flesh with a few others." Her accent was melodic and lilting. Almost Italian sounding, but there was an Eastern European element to it as well.

"Where are you from, Gina, if you don't mind me asking? You have a lovely accent," Alice said as she casually rubbed up and down the length of Brian's cock through his pants.

"I don't mind at all," she said. "I am from Romania. I've lived in this country since 1989, though."

"When we met, Gina could barely speak English," Frank said. "Now she's an American citizen."

Meanwhile Dave had been running his hand up and down his wife's bare legs, inching closer and closer to her hips. Carol had been keeping her legs demurely closed, but now started to slowly part them, allowing her husband access to her inner thigh. Just like Alice, Carol and Dave stayed engaged in the conversation, even as Carol's legs spread further apart and Dave's hand moved closer and closer to her now-visible pussy.

Alice noticed what Dave and Carol were up to and her breath quickened. She couldn't believe that not only was she back with her old flame... well, flames... but Dave turned out to be a celebrity author. She started to wonder why Carol never mentioned his pseudonym to her at some point in the past decade. Of course, Dave was understandably guarded about his identity. If it came out that a best-selling author of young-adult lit was a swinger, his audience would desert him. Maybe they would have told her if she and Brian had actually visited them at some point. She put that concern out of her mind. The important thing was, she was here now, and there was what was certain to be an intense evening ahead of them.

As Dave, Carol, and Brian asked Gina about life under the Ceausescu regime, Alice unbuttoned and unzipped Brian's pants. Her hand paused above his waist, and she asked Brian with a single look. Brian, his breath short and with an intensity in his eyes the Alice had never seen before, gave her a tiny nod of the head.

Brian felt his wife's warm hand enter his pants and wrap around his shaft. Here was a line crossed: they were doing something overtly sexual, right there, in someone's living room, in front of other people. His heart pounded with the thrill of it all. This taboo breaking. The discussion around them faded into the background as Alice's fondling commanded all his attention.

Dave, Carol, Frank and Gina went right on discussing the fall of the Communist Bloc, as if nothing unusual was happening. Dave moved his hand directly over Carol's pussy, where his index and ring fingers gently stroked his wife's shaved labia, and his middle finger worked its way into her slick opening.

Eve, meanwhile, had also lost track of the discussion, and found herself openly staring, her innocent blue eyes taking in the sight of Dave's pleasuring Carol. Sometimes she would glance at Alice's hand down Brian's pants, where she could very clearly see her stroking his length. The sight of this made her immediately blush and catch her breath, so she'd return her gaze to between Carol's legs.

Brian wondered if Alice was going to pull his manhood out into the open, and became suddenly self-conscious - not of his penis himself, but of the "trim job" his wife insisted performing on him regularly. His balls, lower shaft, and inner thighs were shaved perfectly clean, while the pubic hair above his penis was closely cropped and formed into a neat V. He loved the sensation from his hairless areas, but he had stopped showering at the gym for fear of looking out of place. He'd never seen another guy there who so much as took a pair of scissors to his pubes.

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