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It's weird.

I spent most of my life chasing, looking for, and trying to get - pussy.

Now, here I am, a divorced 57-year-old, semi-retired architect who suddenly has more twat than I could ever imagine.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was in the local shopping mall. Since I work from home and my time is my own, I often drive down there in the morning to have a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun at Starbucks. I usually take my purchases out to the tables provided by the mall and eat while watching the passing parade of titties and asses as they undulate by. This is a college town so there is usually plenty of it.

On this particular Saturday morning, I was wearing a new t-shirt that my brother sent me from St. Louis emblazoned in big red letters across the front with one of Missouri's most famous slogans, "SHOW ME!"

An attractive young woman, wearing a local college sweatshirt and a mini-skirt surveyed me for a couple of minutes, made up her mind, walked over to me and asked, "What do you want to see?"

At first I was taken aback but then I realized she was talking about the shirt, so I said, "What have you got?"

She smiled, "I'll show you my pussy for ten dollars."

Okay, you look like you are worth ten dollars, where can we go?"

"Nowhere, you just stay right there."

She walked about ten feet away, sat on a bench facing me, hiked up her mini skirt ever so slightly and spread her legs. She was not wearing panties so I could see her clean-shaven pussy, bright and shiny, almost winking at me. From the position she took, it was obvious that the show was strictly for my benefit. She wiggled back and forth for a couple of minutes, giving me an excellent show (and an erection).

Finally, she stood up, smoothed the skirt back into place, walked back to me and said, "That will be ten bucks please."

I gave her the ten but couldn't help trying to make more of the encounter, "It would be worth a lot more than ten for a feel or a taste."

She laughed a little and said, "No thanks, I just needed ten dollars more for something on sale at Sears. Maybe next time."

I called after her as she walked away, "I'm Ed and I'm here almost every morning, especially Saturdays."

True to my word, I was there the following Saturday morning, trusty t-shirt shouting out my message, "SHOW ME!" I watched for her in vain, but she never showed up. Just before 11 o'clock, I was about to abandon my post when two other very attractive girls, walked up to me.

The shorter one, a brunette, said, "Hi, are you Ed?"

"I sure am. What can I do for you?"

"Amy said to watch for you and that you would give us ten bucks for doing something."

"Did Amy say what you had to do?"

"She said you would give us the ten if we showed you our pussies and that you would give us another ten if we let you touch them."

"Amy was right!"

"OK, we both want ten and Carol might let you touch her for another ten. By the way, I'm Beth."

"Alright, where can we go?

"There's a janitor's room for the mall down by the restrooms. I have a key, lets go there."

Beth led the way with Carol, a tall, big-tittied blond trailing her. I quickly cleaned off my table and followed them around the corner and down a hallway toward the toilets. When we got to a door marked 'PRIVATE, EMPLOYEES ONLY', Beth looked both ways, opened the door, and ducked inside. Carol and I followed and closed the door behind us. Beth switched on the light, turned the lock, and jammed a chair under the doorknob. "The caretakers that report here don't come on 'till 3 P.M. so we should be okay."

The janitor's room was a crude office about 10 feet wide and 15 feet deep. There was a desk against one wall, facing the door and behind the door there was a mop sink and a collection of mops and brooms. The other wall was lined with steel shelving full of toilet paper, hand towels, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies.

Beth looked at me and said, "Okay, you got the thirty dollars?"

"Yeah, but I want to see first."

Beth was obviously in charge here. She undid the front button on her jeans and stepped out of them. Next she dropped her panties to reveal a small patch of hair trimmed into a 'bikini cut' guarding an almost hidden slit. She still had her blouse on when she sat on the edge of the desk, leaned back on her elbows and opened her legs.

It was a beautiful pussy! Pink with well defined lips and just enough moisture to make it glisten. She stroked it a couple of times and opened the lips but when I reached out my hand as if to caress it, she said, "Not so fast Buster. You ain't touching me. Carol's next and you can feel her, but we want our money first."

I gave her the thirty dollars and Carol moved toward the desk. Slowly, like a dancer in a porn show, she shed her jeans first and then her top. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. Her tits were large, full, creamy, and round with well-defined, big nipples. She was a true blond and the paleness of her pubic hair made her pussy look wan and washed out compared to Beth. She stroked her pussy a couple of times but shivered ever so slightly when I touched it and ran my finger up the slit. She sat on the edge of the desk, leaned back, and spread her legs. I caressed it and in just a moment there was a noticeable amount of liquid and a pronounced swelling of her clitoris.

When I touched that, she let out a long, contented sigh and pushed upward against my hand. Without thinking, I dipped my head and took the offering between my lips, probing at it with my tongue.

Suddenly, Beth was behind me, pulling me away. "Hold on there, that's not part of the deal."

For the first time Carol spoke up, "Let him alone, he knows what he's doing."

Her hand was on the back of my head, holding my mouth in contact with her pussy. "Oh God, don't stop, keep doing that!"

Beth backed off and I kept doing that. In just two or three minutes Carol was writhing in ecstasy, jerking spasmodically as she experienced the orgasms brought on by my tongue probing into her. I kept it up until she finally wilted and the sensation of the climax faded into a feeling of euphoria for her.

Carol was almost comatose as Beth helped her get dressed. Beth removed the chair from the doorknob and they left me alone in the storage room. After they left, I washed my face and jacked off into the mop sink, went home and thought about the day's happenings. I jacked off again that night and twice the following day.


The next Saturday I was at my post in the mall, bright and early when a very attractive blond woman walked over to me. I guessed her to be 32 or so but was bothered that there was something vaguely familiar about her.

"Are you Ed?"

"Yes, do I know you?"

"No, I'm Pam but you know my daughter, Carol."

Oh shit! I stood up and backed away. "It wasn't my fault. She came to me and we only did what she wanted. I paid her for it."

She smiled at my denial. "That's quite alright, I just wanted to thank you for what you did. She had never had that before and, from what she told me, it was the most wonderful experience of her life. You could have taken advantage of her and done a lot more."

Obviously she didn't know about Beth. "Oh, uh, thank you, I think."

"I came to see if you do that sort of thing for others, like me?"

I looked at her with renewed interest. She was a very attractive blond with the same big tits as her daughter. "I guess so, if that's what you want."

"That's what I want. I am divorced and not seeing anyone right now and I am very horny. I don't want some smelly jerk trying to stick a cock into me, just a soft, talented, tongue with no other involvement. Would you do that?"

You bet your ass I would! But I said, "I guess so. Will I have to give you twenty dollars?"

She laughed. "No, if I wanted to be paid it would be a hell of a lot more than that."

"Okay, when and where do you want to do it?"

She gave me a real-estate business card that announced she was Pam Holland with both her business and home address and said, "Come by my house about 10 AM on Tuesday. Will that be okay? We can be alone then."

I agreed and watched her ripe ass wiggle from side to side as she walked away. Tuesday was three days away and I was horny as hell. I had just made up my mind to pack it in and go home and jack off when another girl walked up to me.

She was very plain and just a little heavy but still could have been attractive with some hair care and proper makeup. She was short, perhaps 5' 3", with wispy, nondescript, dishwater blond hair and wore a housedress with tennis shoes. I estimated her to be in her late 20's to early 30's.

"Hi, if you're Ed, I'm Sue and my roommate Amy sent me."

"What did Amy send you here to do?"

"To get twenty dollars and do what ever you want to do."

"Want to come home and have sex with me?"

"Amy said you might want to do that but it's okay if that's what you want. I may not be very good at it, I've only done it once before and that was with my brother."

I didn't even bother to buss my table. I linked my arm into hers and we left the mall. In my car, she told me that Amy had suggested she look me up to "broaden her horizons". She also told me she was not very popular with the boys at school and she was only twenty years old.

At my apartment, I tried to put her at ease. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I am. My friends, Amy, Beth, and Carol said that I needed someone like you to help me get over my aversion to sex."

"You don't like sex?"

She was a little shy but opened up, "Not really, but I only did it once with my brother, it hurt and I didn't find there was anything to it."

"Did you have an orgasm?"

"I don't think so. I've read about that but don't know what it feels like."

I couldn't help but suppress a smile. "If you had, you would know about it. Lets go into the bedroom."

On the way to the bedroom she said, "Carol didn't tell me you were so old but she said you were very good and made her feel wonderful. I think she is going to come back to see you again. Amy and Beth may come too. Okay, what do I do now?"

"Just take off your clothes and lay down on the bed."

She did as I told her, carefully folding her dress over the arm of the boudoir chair. Her bra and panties followed. She moved to the bed, lay down on her back and said, "I don't want to watch," and put one of the pillows over the upper part of her face, hiding her eyes.

I quickly disrobed and threw my clothes in a heap at the base of the bed. Carefully and gently I put my hand on her pussy only to find it cold and dry. A shiver ran through her.

"Relax, believe me, I think you will like this."

Her body was very white as if she never went out into the sun. As I had observed earlier, she was pleasantly plump but not fat. Her waist was a little thick and her breasts were ripe and full. I slowly caressed the folds of her cunt trying to get a little reaction from her but she just lay there, the pillow pressed hard over her eyes.

With my hands I made her open her legs and repositioned myself between them with my face only inches from her slit. Using my tongue, I pried apart the lips of her vagina and plunged as deep into her as I could. I saw the pillow come off her eyes and her head raise up to see what I was doing. I felt her legs open wider.

She watched me wide-eyed as I licked her pussy. "Mmm, that's not as bad as I thought it would be. I kind of like that, it feels good."

After just a few minutes, I think I must have rung her bell because she let out an audible moan and clamped my head against her pussy with her hands. She was twisting and writhing in ecstasy, my head was held prisoner by her hands and legs while my lips and tongue continued the assault on her clitoris.

She finally released her grip on me and just lay there, legs spread, pussy glistening with juice and gasping for breath. "Oh my God, nobody ever told me it felt like that. I want to do it again. Are you going to fuck me now?"

"If that's what you want."

"If it makes me feel as good as that, Yes! Will you use a condom?"

"I don't need one, I had a vasectomy many years ago."

Without saying another word, I climbed onto the bed and got between her legs. I carefully positioned the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy. She was just laying there, head back and cocked off a little to one side, eyes closed and waiting for the next step in her 'lesson'.

Slowly I inched my way inside of her, the lubricant from our oral exercise smoothing the way. She was a little tight but not uncomfortably so. With careful precision I began my rhythmic withdrawal and insertion. I could see she was getting into it. She drew her legs up a little, bending them at the knees and grunted a little with each thrust of my hard cock into her. I marveled at her softness and purity. Her skin was white and creamy without a blemish to be seen and as soft and silky as a powder puff. It felt as if my hands were caressing clouds of fleece as I stroked her breasts, causing the nipples to turn into hard little knots.

I was in paradise as I stroked slowly away inside her supple box. She was puffing a little with each stroke, inhaling with the thrust and exhaling on the withdrawal. After just a few minutes she began to gasp harder and moan. First it was just a low sigh, then a whimper and finally a loud wail. She was thrashing around in the bed, pushing her ass up to meet my downward strokes. Finally, she pushed hard against me, her ass off the bed, let out a loud scream, and collapsed into a quivering mass, twitching each time I moved.

I knew what had happened and I was right behind her. With a final shove I emptied a huge wad of my sterile cum into her box and collapsed on top of her. Slowly I rolled off to end up on my back alongside of her with my spent, flaccid dick, still covered with her pussy juice and my semen, lolling off to one side. She threw her arm over my chest, put her head on my shoulder and snuggled up close to me, her ripe breast mashed against my side.

We both must have fallen asleep because the late afternoon sun streaming in through the window woke me. She was gone but there was a note on my dresser.

I smiled as I read:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. At the risk of being redundant, thank you again.

I'm sorry I had to leave but I had an afternoon class and although I desperately wanted to do it again, you were sleeping too peaceful to wake.

I will never forget what we did and the exhilaration I felt. I hope we have an opportunity to do it again. I will certainly tell Amy, Beth, and Carol how good you made me feel.



P.S. I took cab fare and a couple of your business cards out of you wallet.


For two days I basked in the euphoria that the recollection of the sexual encounter with Sue brought. Every time I thought of her, I got hard and had to tale care of myself. I wondered just what she would do with the business cards and if I would ever hear from her again.

Finally it was Tuesday and time for my 'meeting' with Pam.

It was just a minute or two after ten when I rang the bell at her house. I was neatly dressed, and freshly bathed with just a touch of aftershave. She answered the door wearing a very nice housecoat that, unfortunately, hid her womanly charms. Her makeup had been impeccably applied and she was a very beautiful woman. She still didn't look old enough to have a daughter in college.

She was holding the robe closed, tight around her throat when she stepped aside and said, "Come in, I hoped that you hadn't forgotten about me. Would you like a glass of tea or something and a few minutes to talk before we -- ah -- start?"

I followed her into a tastefully decorated living room and said I would welcome a glass of iced tea and a chance to get to know her. She motioned to a seat on the couch and went to get the drink. While I was looking forward to this 'encounter', I was a little uneasy. It's not often that a woman invites you to her house to eat her pussy. Oh well, I was here and looking forward to the adventure.

She returned, handed me the tea and said, "I'm a little embarrassed. I don't usually go around soliciting sex from strange men. It's just that after Carol told me what happened I wanted to experience it for myself. I'm very busy with my business and don't have time to go through the formalities of dating that lead up to -- ah -- bedroom adventures."

She was blushing! I was afraid that my morning's activity was about to be canceled but we chatted awhile. Finally she said, "Well if you're still up to it, let's go into the bedroom."

We both stood up and she put out her hand. I took it and followed her down a short hallway and into what I assumed was her bedroom.

"You make yourself at home while I go into the bathroom and get ready."

I took off all of my clothes except my boxers and was sitting propped up on the bed with my back against the headboard when she came back. She was wearing a pair of see through baby doll pajamas that left very little to the imagination.

She was standing alongside the bed when she looked down at me and said, "Well, what's first?"

"Why don't I start by giving you a nice, sensual massage to break the ice? Take off your pajamas and lay face down on the bed. Do you have some lotion?"

She indicated a bottle on her dressing table and when I got up to get it, she quickly disrobed and lay face down on the bed. Since she wasn't looking, I slipped out of my boxers.

With one knee propped on the edge of the bed, I began. With my hands coated with the soothing lotion, I stroked her back, kneading the tense muscles of her neck and working my way to her upper arms. Down her arms to her hands, first the left and then the right, all the while her face was turned away from me with her eyes closed. I used more lotion then started on the middle of her back and worked down to the lower part, just above the buttocks.

Now for the wondrous mounds of her ass. I caressed, kneaded, squeezed and manipulated. There was a sharp intake of breath but no recriminations when I spread them apart and ran my finger gently over the anus. The second time I did it, she opened her legs a little and I got a pleasant sigh of contentment. I worked my way down the left leg and then the right, each time making sure that my fingers brushed gently against both her ass hole and her pussy.

When I asked her to roll over, I was surprised to see she was smiling in a surreal kind of way. She kept her eyes closed as I repeated the same actions on the front of her torso. Starting at her neck I gently massaged her chest with careful attention to her beautiful, full breasts. The nipples hardened and became very prominent as I stroked them with the ball of my thumb.

I moved around to the foot of the bed and got between her legs, on my knees, while I worked on her tummy. Her creamy skin reacted to the gentle pressure of my lubricated hands as I worked on her hips and down to the point where her legs joined her body. I purposely avoided touching her cunt, trying to build the maximum anticipation for what was to come.

When I touched the inside of her legs, she submissively opened them a little wider and I was pleased to see that the lips of her pussy were wet with her welcoming juice. I watched her face contort in pleasure when I softly ran my finger between the moist lips. I wish I could have seen her reaction when I licked the slit with my tongue but the sound of her gasp was reward enough.

She raised her legs just enough so that I could snake my arms under them and fondle her tits while I slid my tongue in and out of her wet cunt. Her clit was swollen with desire. I sucked it into my mouth and rolled it between my lips while I slid a finger under my chin and into her pussy. Massaging her 'G' spot and mouthing her clitoris at the same time had her writhing with pleasure in just a couple of minutes.

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