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Shower Discipline


I am in the shower... the water feels so good. It has been a long day. I think you are downstairs watching TV. I don't hear you come in. I am using body wash all over my body... under my neck, across my tits, down my belly. I put a leg up and begin to soap it and slide my hands up to my pussy.... cleaning all the folds. i am really getting into it. It feels good to slide my fingers back and forth over my clit...down my slit to pussy hole... i have a sensual smile on my face as i keep stroking my pussy and my other hand slides up to pinch my nipple and play with my tits... the pleasure is starting to build when the hair on the back of my neck stands up.... i turn around and gasp as i see you just standing there... arms crossed with that look on your face...

i know i am in deep trouble.... the rule is no cumming without your permission... and while i could have said i was just washing my pussy...the lie would have been evident in my eyes. and i know better than that....

i see that look and can't meet your eyes....i just drop them to the ground wishing i could come up with a solution but knowing im fucked.

"Look at me," you bark...my eyes meet yours. I see the anger and I'm scared.

"What are you doing," you ask.

The moment of truth...."ahhhhhh ummmmm i ahhh was enjoying the shower," I answer you.

"I see that," was your only response. A long pause follows. I can hear my heart beating in my ears.

"Turn around," you say. I waste no time in presenting my back to you. Maybe if I am very accomadating, you'll go easy.

"Bend over."

I present my bare, wet ass to you and wait. I don't wait long before I feel the first smack on my butt. I bet it's a hairbrush, I think, as I feel it sting again. I count another and another and another. I am trying to be silent but it is really smarting after about the 10rh stroke. My ass and thighs are on fire. I make a sound like a muffled "oooo" when it cracks my ass cheeks again. You stop. I am afraid to breathe....is it over?

"Spread your legs and grab your ankles slut. Your cunt wants attention, I will give it attention," you whisper in my ear as your hand pulls my head back by hair. I can't breathe now. Only shallow, rapid breaths.

I grab my ankles, giving you what you want... my pussy open and unprotected. I feel the hairbrush smack against my slit and my breath hisses sharply. Again. another hit.. dead on target... my cunt is beginning to throb as you use the brush to make it pinker than it already is. All that pressure on my pussy is making my clit throb..... I swear you know it because, I can no longer count the smacks I have had.... just when the pressure on my clit is going to make me cum... you stop. I am just standing there, holding my ankles while you appreciate the pinkness you have caused my bum

"Stand and turn around." I quickly comply.

You grab a hair band and put it over my head to cover my eyes.

"Put your hands in front of you." Again, I waste no time responding.

I feel you take my hands and tie me, blindfolded to the towel rack.

"I think my sluts pussy needs some grooming." Oh noooo I know what you are about to do. And you know that I find it incredibly humiliating for you to shave my pussy. I try to get it done before you can get to it. Today you want to teach me a lesson and you don't care when I was last shaved.

Put your put on the stool. So I stand there,wet with my leg high on the stool. You are at my feet, putting shaving creme on my exposed pussy lips. I feel the razor and just cringe. You shave all of my pussy. Pulling my lips apart to make sure it is a perfect job. I feel so degraded and exposed as you do this. My pussy is tender from the spanking so I don't move a muscle. I know you are loving the control. I know you are loving the domination of my mind as well as my body with this intimate act. It seems like it goes on forever...... finally I feel you move and know you are satisfied with your work. My lips are sooo tender and my clit was swollen before from the spanking but now is throbbing from all the blood flow.....

Ohh thank you... I thought... its over...but I am mistaken. I know you are standing in front of me as I feel your fingers sliding all over my exposed and freshly shaven cunt. My breathing is ragged from my excitement. I wish I could not respond but when you started that...my body betrayed me to your touch.

"You missed some spots slut... since you can't do it correctly, I will wash your cunt...or should I say my cunt."

You take your clothes off, untie me from the towel rack and lead me blindfolded to the shower. You retie me to the rack in the shower.

"Bend over."

I can feel your naked flesh against the back of my thighs as you soap your hands. You lean over me, letting your cock rest against my ass as you wash my tits... jiggling them as they hang....your hand slides back to my pussy and despite my best efforts, a low moan escapes.

"Ah my slut is enjoying this.... isn't she?"

I don't answer and you pinch my nipple. I jump and answer, "yes. I am."

You continue to play with my pussy from the front as your cock presses against my ass. I can feel you getting hard and despite the spanking and humiliation of shaving, i am completely aroused.

"I must make sure you are clean," you whisper, almost tenderly, as you slide your fingers in out of my swollen pussy. Now I am moving with your hands... held hostage by the sensations building in my belly. I want your hot cock where your fingers are.... I slide my ass back against your hard dick... a subtle invitation of sorts.

You laugh softly because you know you have won...but you are not finished yet.

You slide your fingers out of my totally aroused pussy and move up to my puckered arse. I stop dead. You begin on my clit again. I am again moving to the rhythm you are creating when i feel you cock against my ass. Now you have me in such a frenzy that I can't stop. I know not to cum without your permission but it is taking all I have not to cum. It is at that moment you slide your hard cock into my ass. You meet a lot of resistance from my ass, but you just keep stroking my clit knowing that if you can take my mind off where you dick is, i will relax. You know my body so well. soon I am panting... and you push into that dark hole... filling me... forcing me to take all of your cock in my ass.

I can't move much because I am afraid to. You must just smile as you begin to play with my clit again. This one you are taking. You keep my powerless to stop your thrusts into my ass by showing no mercy arousing my clit. i can barely stand the tension...my cunt needs to cum and your hard cock needs to cum in my ass... you know it... but you want me to beg...

I am moaning loudly now..

"What do you want....slut?"

"Oh Please."

"Tell me or i'll stop playing with your cunt."

"Oh Please, I need to cum."

"What are you?"

"I am your cum slut."

"And what else?"

"My mouth, my pussy and my ass belong to you...ooooo...for you to use."

"Good girl...."

"Please may I cum. Please..."


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