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Shower for One


Jill walked into her co-ed bathroom at two in the morning, ready to call it a night after a long day of classes and work. She undid her messy bun and her long, brown hair cascaded down her back. As she turned the water pressure on high and the temperature on hot, she slipped her fuzzy robe down, rubbing the soft material against her erect nipples. What better way to relax, she thought, than to capitalize on the privacy of a deserted bathroom?

She stepped into the shower, enjoying the heat and wetness against her smooth skin. Jill quickly washed her hair, wanting to focus her attention on her body. She lathered herself with foamy, lavender soap and savored the delicious feeling of the water gently rinsing it off her body.

Jill massaged her full breasts, and an involuntary moan escaped her lips. She tugged at her erect nipples, directing them under the spray. As she twisted, kneaded, and tickled, her mind began to race as she thought of the sexy phone conversations that filled the days and nights of her boyfriend Alex's absence. Jill remembered his last visit to the school last spring, when he surprised her with a pair of handcuffs. She eyed them suspiciously and laughed nervously, but Alex only responded with a wink.

"Lie down on the bed," he whispered, and began to strip her naked. As she lay still, exposed, and dripping, he handcuffed her to her bedposts and rummaged around in his backpack for more toys. Alex pulled out a smooth glass butt plug. He lubed it up and eased it into her ass, grinning as she moaned, begging for more...

One of Jill's hands dropped from her breast to her shaven mound as she remembered how Alex kissed his way down her taut body, sending chills up her spine. He paused above her clit, blowing hot bursts of air before descending upon it. She squirmed, but the cuffs prevented her from pushing his head onto her hot button. She was completely helpless, a slave to the pleasure Alex could give or deny. He slowly licked her dripping pussy and intermittently jiggled the butt plug to torture her with pain and pleasure. That day, Jill came with a scream and a torrent of fluid...

Now Jill rubbed slow, small circles around her clit, savoring each jolt of electricity that shot through her body. The pleasure in her pussy grew by the second, and she relished the relentless stream of water on her sensitive nipples. She began to rub faster and spread her lips wider, shuddering with pleasure.

Her mind wandered once more to last semester's Halloween blowout at the Beta fraternity house. The theme was Heaven and Hell, and Jill looked stunning in a tiny red plaid mini skirt, thigh-high black leather boots, a black polo unbuttoned to reveal her ample cleavage, and a devil headband. As the house became more crowded, Jill locked eyes with a buxom blonde dressed like an angel. Though Jill had never thought of herself as bisexual, she felt a strong attraction to the scantily clad angel with the fuzzy white halo and tiny wings. The two began to dance and flirt. "I'm Chelsea," the blonde whispered breathily into her ear. Between the frat boys' encouragement and several cups of free beer, it wasn't long before they passionately kissed on the dance floor. The kiss became two, then four, then a make-out session. Soon, the catcalls from the drunk males became too much to bear, so Chelsea brought Jill to her dorm room for some more private fun.

Jill stuck her middle finger into her pussy as she recalled passionately kissing and fondling the angel, ripping off her costume to reveal her porcelain-white skin. Jill shoved one, then two, fingers into the girl's tight pussy, pumping in and out as the angel moaned aloud. Jill straddled the angel and perched her dripping hole above her mouth. Jill lowered her mouth onto Chelsea's clit, licking and sucking while pumping in and out of her tight hole. Chelsea reciprocated, latching on to Jill's clit and rolling it in her mouth. She then slipped one perfectly French manicured finger into Jill's ass, causing her to buck against her face. The two rolled around for hours, exploring each other's pleasure zones...

Jill was hornier than ever as her mind became lost in her memories. Her finger could not move fast enough across her clit, and despite the constant stream of water washing away her impurities, she still heard the fwack-fwack-fwack of a drenched pussy taking a beating from her lightning-fast fingers. She had two fingers stuffed as deep inside her cunt, but her pleasure was beginning to plateau.

Jill leaned over, spreading her butt cheeks as she rubbed some body lotion on her middle finger. She rubbed small circles around the entrance to her ass, lubing up before inching her middle finger in the hole. She managed to fit most of her middle finger in the hole, and as she swirled it around, she let out a loud moan, thanking her good fortune for the empty shower room during late-night hours. She then found the vibrator she kept wrapped in a washcloth, hidden for these lonely nights. She eased the slender, curved shaft into her now-gaping pussy, sighing as the curve found her g-spot. Jill turned the vibrations on low and pumped the vibrator and the finger in and out of her holes.

She began to moan, low at first, but louder as the pleasure grew inside her. The current from the shower's spray muffled her sex noises and beat her breasts and nipples with relentless pressure. She turned the vibrator's dial to a faster speed. The pleasure began to mount and she bucked her hips against the vibrator, almost screaming with desire. Jill shoved another finger into her butt and reached the point of no return, groaning as the contractions from her pussy and ass intensified. She pounded her fingers in and out of her ass and wiggled the vibrator until she screamed at her climax. As the waves of pleasure washed over her and began to subside, Jill turned the vibrator to low and gently wiggled her fingers out of her ass, sighing with pleasure. She slumped down to the floor of the shower, overwhelmed by the power of her orgasm. That, she giggled to herself, was amazing...

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