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Steve and I were both in our early twenties when we met whilst working for an insurance company. I'd stayed on working there but he had left to take a teaching degree and we lost touch for six years or so.

In that time I'd got married and my wife and I had our first child.

Out of the blue one day I got a call from Steve saying that he'd moved back into the area and was teaching physical education at a secondary school not too far from where my wife and I now lived.

We arranged to meet up again and it wasn't long before we'd got into the old routine of meeting up for a drink once or twice a week.

During one of our sessions we got onto the subject of exercise or to be more precise my lack of it. I put it down to being busy with the family and the rising cost of gym memberships these days. Steve pointed out that he often had the keys to the school gym because of after school activities and he didn't think that it would be a problem if we used the facilities after hours. He said he'd clear things with whoever he needed to at the school and we'd arrange a game of something or other.

The following week Steve called me and told me that things had been cleared and if I fancied it, rather than go for a drink we could meet up at the school and have a game of badminton.

This sounded good to me, particularly as it was completely free and there would be no one else around to see what an arse I'd make of myself on the badminton court.

On the night I arrived at the school and we got changed and had a couple of easy games before returning back to the changing rooms.

I don't know what it was but just going back into the changing rooms gave me an instant hard on and I sat near my locker with my towel on my lap pretending to be exhausted just so that Steve wouldn't see the bulge in my shorts..

Steve explained that he had to pop in to the office to collect some things and told me to use the communal showers and he'd be back shortly.

I thought this was the ideal time for me to get in the shower and hopefully my hard on would have subsided before he got back or at least I might have finished my shower and could be getting dressed whilst he had his shower.

Any thoughts I had of my hard on subsiding were useless as I soaped myself down. I just got more and more turned on and before I knew it, what had started as a cleaning of my cock and balls had turned in to a wank. It felt so good as I soaped my cock and I started to lose myself in the moment but was promptly brought out of it by Steve's voice.

"These changing rooms have the same effect on me mate" he said after coughing to indicate his presence.

I froze and tried to hide both my embarrassment and raging erection.

"Hey don't worry" he said "I was thinking of having one myself and seeing you like that has made my mind up"

With that he stepped out of his shorts and into the shower and immediately started soaping his own erection. I'd never wanked in the presence of another guy before but I had to admit it was horny as hell and it didn't take me long to start stroking mine again.

I'd turned my back a little to Steve as I still wasn't overly comfortable with him seeing me wank, partly because of the fact that my erection had got harder when I saw him wanking and I thought he'd be offended at the thought of me being aroused by the sight of him stroking his cock.

I was again becoming lost in the moment when suddenly I was aware of Steve's presence behind me.

"Don't be shy" he said. I could feel that his voice was coming from right beside my ear but before I had time to turn round, he'd reached round me and had placed his hand round my own which was gripping my now pulsating erection.

I surprised myself by letting out a low moan as he pressed his hard cock into the groove between my ass cheeks and using his hand on my cock, pulled me back into him.

"Fuck this feels good" I heard myself say as he used his hand to move mine up and down my own cock. As my hand moved to the base of my cock his lifted off and found its way onto the tip of my cock which by now was twitching in readiness to cum.

His thumb positioned on the top of my shiny purple helmet and two fingers rubbing the underside of my glans. This felt like heaven.

I was almost ready to cum when he stopped. I hadn't realised that all the while he'd been playing with my cock he'd been rubbing his own against my arse cheeks and he'd shot his load up my back.

"You bastard. You can't leave me like this" I blurted out to him.

"I'm not going to mate" he said as he turned me round.

The next thing that happened, I still find hard to believe. He placed both hands on either side of my head and began to pull my face towards his in the way that I'd pulled my wife's face to mine so many times when I wanted to kiss her.

I began to pull back. I didn't want to kiss another man. Steve wasn't having any of my protests and pulled even harder until our lips were touching and I felt his tongue pushing between my lips. My initial disgust soon changed to longing as I realised that it wasn't any different to kissing a woman and I soon found myself wrapping my arms round his waist and I pulled him into me.

As soon as I felt his semi limp cock touch my rock hard erection I couldn't stop myself from coming. I pulled his crotch closer to mine and used it to rub against as my orgasm reached its climax.

All of a sudden the realisation of what we'd just done dawned on me and I felt very embarrassed.

I made excuses about needing to get going and quickly washed myself off got ready and began to leave. I apologised over and over again but Steve just told me to forget about it.

I set off home in my car mulling over the whole series of events and thinking that I would never be able to look him in the eye again let alone join him at the gym again. I got home and my wife was already opening a bottle of wine.

"Steve's been on the phone" she said "Was asking if you'd enjoyed it because he can get the court for the same time next week.

As soon as she said it my cock started to twitch.

"Too right" I replied, "I'll ring him straight away..."

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