tagLesbian SexShowering With My Sexy Sister

Showering With My Sexy Sister

byTawny T©

The shower door burst open and I felt a playful slap on my bare butt. I yelled out, but more for effect than anything else. I would never let on, but I was thrilled to death.

"Move over Shrimp." My Sister said slapping my ass again smartly. I turned and grabbed her. My body was wet and soapy and we wrestled playfully, gloriously naked, mock fighting, growling and moaning as we turned, pushing and pulling under the water. She became wet quickly and her body slid against mine, wonderfully slick. We wrestled and moved against each other. I loved the feel of her slick skin against mine. I pressed hard against her, my pussy pushing against her hard muscled thigh. I wanted to hump it!

I was very conscious of her two breasts pressing against my face. I'm two years younger than she is, and as I bent forward wrestling with her, her young firm breasts were almost even with my face.

"Get your huge tits out of my face. You Big Fat Cow!" I yelled out. This had the desired effect - for me! She rubbed her sexy breasts hard against my face, pushing them firmly against me. I turned and my lips were against her erect nipples. I pressed my face against them again and again as I turned my face in mock horror, but in truth I loved it.

I really wanted to suck on them. My breasts hadn't fully developed yet and I loved the look and feel of hers. I just wished I could suck them for even a short moment. Her soft slick flesh pressed against my face and her nipples mashed against my lips. I turned back and forth like I was fighting her, but I really loved every second of it. Her erect nipples raked my face, my lips. God, I was in heaven.

With her superior weight and strength, she turned me around, took my arm pulling it back and upward in a hammerlock, while she held me close against her. She had me! My arm hurt and I quickly yelled "Uncle! Uncle! You're hurting me!"

"Say you're sorry!" She growled.

"I'm sorry." I repeated, giggling.

"Say you're sorry you called me a Big Fat Cow!" She giggled too, easing up on my arm twisted up behind me. I could feel her stomach muscles jump against my back as she giggled.

"I'm sorry I called you a Big Fat Cow, you Big Fat Cow!" I laughed back. She released me, hugged me to her and slapped my butt several times, stinging slaps, but her delicious breasts against my face made it all worthwhile. We laughed and giggled, hugging each other under the shower. God I loved her!

She released me and I went back to soaping my body. She took the soap from my hand and began to lather her body. 'Fat cow' - there was not an ounce of fat on her, or on me for that matter. She was tall and muscular from the gymnastics she did. Her muscles rippled under her skin, her body was well formed from all the exercises she did. I looked at her body with the pride of a sister who loves her big Sister to distraction. My body is smaller, slender and has the long muscles of a competitive swimmer, my specialty.

My breasts were smaller than hers. I hoped when I filled out fully, they would be as large as hers, or even better, as large as Mom's beautiful full rounded breasts. I'd seen Mom's full low-slung breasts many times; we were never shy around each other when we were naked. I had stared at hers and loved the full globes of her breasts with the huge brown areolas that were almost as large as the palm of my hand. When she was cold, her nipples would stand out at least a half-inch or more. I would salivate thinking I had sucked on them.

Mom would catch me looking at her breasts, and didn't seem to mind. She would sometimes turn a little toward me and thrust them out as if she was very proud of them. I would be too if I had beautiful full breasts like hers. Her motto was "If you've got them, flaunt them!" I'd sneak peeks at her pussy too, covering by her lovely brown fine, neatly trimmed curly hair.

As we washed I stared at Sis's breasts. They were nice and pear shaped and she has, what she said her boyfriend Ronnie called "puffy nipples." The areolas – she taught me that term – were almost three fingers wide, and bulged like swollen bee stings. I wondered if they would stretch as large as Mom's when she had children. The nipples were long and prominent like Mom's too, and so hard! I felt a stirring as I remembered them against my face, my lips, all too fleetingly. I hoped mine would look as sexy when I grew up.

She reached down and soaped her pussy. I loved that term "pussy." Her pussy hair was a lovely brown, trimmed neatly in an inverted triangle, and the lather swirled around in it as she washed herself. She looked down and saw me watching her.

"Have you washed your pussy?" She asked looking into my eyes.

I had several times, but lied innocently, with a straight face. "No, not yet"

"Ok, wash it like I showed you." She nodded toward my sparser pussy hair.

My heart jumped. I was going to do it in front of her. "Show me again how you do yours and I'll do mine at the same time.

She shook her head like I was a dunce. I think she knew I just wanted to watch her wash her pussy too. "OK, Little Dummy. I'll show you again. You sure aren't the swiftest fish in the stream are you?"

I dropped my head in mock shame. I had to hide a grin. She took the soap and lathered her hands; she spread her legs wide and ran her fingers down and in between her pussy lips. I watched fascinated as she slid a finger up and down her slit over and over, then inward and I could tell she had slid it up inside her pussy. She did it again and again. She closed her eyes a little as she rubbed her finger up high on her pussy. I knew how that felt!

She seemed to catch herself, opened her eyes and caught me avidly watching. "Now you do it." Her voice was just a little hoarse, or was it my imagination?

I took the soap and lathered my hands and repeated her actions over and over. I loved the feel of my slippery fingers on my pussy, and especially with her eyes watching me.

"Wash at the top real good, where your clit is! Make sure it's very clean." She eyed me and her hand went back to her pussy and her lather-covered finger moved up and down her slit. We stood inches apart, fingers playing up and down our pussies, "washing" them.

I didn't need any encouragement to clean my small but firm clit. I could feel it grow harder and longer under my finger and, God, it felt wonderful! I watched her fingers moving up and down - "washing" her pussy. I think we both knew what we were doing – almost masturbating for each other.

"Now up inside. Careful, you don't want to scrape yourself with your fingernails." She said as she slid a finger way up inside herself again. I mimicked her every motion, my thighs spread wide, and I squatted a little. I slid a wonderfully feeling soapy finger up inside my tight wet pussy. My finger felt wonderful inside me. There was no barrier there now as my fingers had long ago pushed aside and broken the membrane there. I was no longer a "virgin," technically that is!

My finger inside myself felt so good. A tingling feeling deep inside me was growing, my pussy ached, and I was getting so close. I looked at my lovely Sister and saw she was feeling the sensations too.

"Now your backside, wash it good too." She said, coming back to the real world for a moment. She turned a little and slid a soapy finger up and down between her rounded butt. I did the same. Mine was smaller of course, but I slid my finger up and down between my small ass cheeks, over my little ass hole. It felt nice there, but not as good as it did when I ran it over my clit. I watched as her hand moved up and down, knowing her fingers were moving over her butt hole. I did the same.

"Now make sure it's good and soapy then slide your finger inside. Relax your muscle back there and slip it inside. You want to get your ass good and clean too." She said watching me. She turned me around a little and pushed gently on my shoulders, making me bend forward so she could watch. I loved that! I spread my legs wide bending from the waist. I knew she could see my exposed asshole the way she was standing behind me. I pushed and made my little hole pout. I found the small opening and slid my finger inside carefully. Mnn, it felt so nice. I slid it in and out slowly. I knew she could clearly see my finger moving in and out of my ass. It made me even hotter.

"Good, soap your hand once again and do it over. You want to make sure you are clean back there. One more time!" She said her voice a little hoarse now. She had turned slightly and I could see her hand moving in front, and her hand in back pushed a finger in and out of her ass. By the motion of her other hand and arm, I could tell she was rubbing her clit. My body got real tingly and ached as I watched her. I turned my head away a little but watched her out of the corner of my eye; she was rubbing her pussy faster and faster. Her finger was sliding in and out of her butt at the same time.

I could see the flesh of her anus; move in and out as she slid her finger in and out. Her flesh seemed to pout outward as if not wanting to let go of her finger as it slid outward. As she slid it in, it pushed the flesh inward slightly. I imagined my own finger was doing the same while she watched me. Her body gave a little shudder and I heard a soft sigh, almost covered by the running water. I knew that wonderful feeling. I guess it felt really good for her too.

She straightened up a little unsteadily. "OK that's probably clean enough. Be sure and do that real good, every time you shower." Her voice was a little throaty. She took the soap and washed her hands well, then took some shampoo and began to wash her hair. While she had her eyes closed I looked at her body. I leaned close, looking down at her pussy, and could see her pussy lips parted as she stood, legs spread. The water streamed down her body and her pussy was like two pouting lips. They were spread slightly and very red. That ratfink, she had rubbed them till she came. They gleamed with the water running off of them. It looked liked she was peeing. I would love to watch her do that up close. That thought sent a shiver up my spine. I was really getting excited. "Horny" as the fuck books said!

I turned my body a little and ran my soapy finger up and down my slit over and over, moving it over my clit. She had showed me her pussy very intimately one day, and named each part of her pussy as she opened herself up to me. I was fascinated and it really gave me a tingly feeling in my pussy watching her do it, my face inches away from her spread sex. I could smell her delightful odor. It almost drove me crazy. Her flesh had been gleaming wet from her pussy juices. Her odor had surrounded me and I remember salivating like mad.

I rubbed faster and faster, my body becoming more and more excited. I was close to it, almost there, close to that wonderful feeling I got when I really rubbed it till I almost fainted it felt so good, a climax, a cum!

"There, now wash my back, little Sis. Please. " She said straightening up, finished with her shampoo.

Crap, I was almost there! Reluctantly, I took the washrag, soaped it well and washed her back carefully with it. My hand was shaking a little from my excitement; I had been just on the edge of a climax. I ran the washrag up and down her back till it was clean. She took it out of my hand and washed her front. I watched as her breasts bobbed and swayed as she washed them. All too soon, she was finished. She turned me and washed my back all too quickly. I wished she had done it with her hands.

"Let's get out, you'll look like a prune!" She laughed as she slid around me, her slick body rubbing against mine. I loved the feel of it against my skin.

" I still have to wash my hair." I lied. I had already washed it once.

"Boy you sure are slow!" She gave me a quick hug and then a playful swat on my rear.

She got out and closed the shower door. I saw her take a towel and begin to dry off. Her back was to me. I took the soap and lathered my hand. I was facing the door watching her. I spread my legs a little giving my hand more room. I slid a finger up and down my slit while watching her dry off. If she turned I could turn quickly too. As long as she was facing the other way she couldn't see me rubbing my pussy. I thought of her fingers rubbing against her pussy, her other hand with a finger sliding in and out of her ass. I put a finger deep inside my ass, pushing it in and out. My other fingers played over my clit, faster and faster.

I watched her, seeing her sexy body through the glass, slightly veiled by mist and water, but still plainly visible. Her cute ass wiggled as she toweled off. My fingers flew faster and faster. She turned to the side a little and I saw her beautiful cone shaped breast bounce slightly as she moved. What lovely breasts, I wanted to kiss them, caress them, and suck her long nipples.

My clit seemed to grow under my fingers, feeling more wonderful each second, my breathing became faster and faster and then my whole universe seemed to explode. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as the fantastic feeling swept through my body. I saw stars and had to keep from yelling out it felt so wonderful.

It seemed to go on and on till finally I gasped and fell against the side of the shower. I managed to stand panting for a moment, my knees shaking. Then I straightened up and took some shampoo and made a pretense of washing my hair. I looked around when I was through, and she was gone. I wanted to see her beautiful naked body some more. Drats! I was disappointed.

I got out and was standing there drying off. I was facing the way she was when she had dried off. I looked in the mirror, and the angle was such that she could have seen the whole shower door from where she had been standing, with her body turned away from it. I could see rather clearly inside the shower stall.

Had she watched me? I blushed. She probably knew I was lying, and excited, and watched me climax, cum, explode! I had read those words in some of the dirty fuck books she kept hidden in her closet. Mom would have a fit if she knew they were there, and Sis would have a real hissy fit if she knew I had been looking through her things.

I dried off. She had watched me, I was sure of it! The thought kept running through my brain over and over. I was positive! I was spent now, totally relaxed. Feeling fantastic! Sis had watched me bring myself off! Wow, taking a shower with Sis was really wonderful.

Friday evening finally came; our parents had left after work and were going to be gone all weekend. Sis and I hadn't taken another shower together. I wanted to, but our schedules didn't match. Seems she was either up earlier or later than I was when we had to take a shower. Maybe we could take another one together, a long one. I really hoped so. My pussy tingled at the thought!

Our parents had left strict orders that Ronnie, her boyfriend, could not come over that weekend or she's be grounded for the rest of her life. Mom had asked Brandi our next-door neighbor, and her best friend, to watch over us while they were gone, so Sis knew that having Ronnie come over was out. She was really disappointed.

We were watching TV, in our nightclothes on Sis's bed. She had on a sexy frilly top with a bottom that was almost transparent. I had on a t-shirt and, plain cotton panties, not sexy at all, but then I didn't have very many sexy under things.

The movie on the pay TV channel was pretty hot, a man and woman kissing and making out. There was nudity in it, and the man was kissing her large sexy breasts. Hot! I looked over at Sis and could just make out her erect nipples poking up against the thin material. She would rub her hand over her breast from time to time when she didn't think I was looking. It was getting to her too. I hoped I could start some sexy talk with her. No harm in trying!

"Does Ronnie like to kiss you?" I grinned, looking over at her.

She giggled. "Kiss me, where?"

"On your lips." Suddenly it struck me, the man was kissing the woman's breasts. "Oh, on your breasts too? Does he do that?" I said wide-eyed.

"Yes Silly, he loves to kiss them. I told you he calls my areolas 'puffy'. How do you think he knew to call them that?" She laughed and cupped one breast.

Damn that was sexy looking! "Do you like for him to do that? Does it feel nice?" I asked my tummy doing flip-flops.

She was silent for a while looking at the TV screen. She finally turned to me. "Promise to never tall a soul if I tell you? If you ever breathe a word I'll fix you good! Promise?" She said very seriously.

"Cross my heart and hope to die!" I turned and scooted closer to her. My bare arm touched her warm arm and it felt so nice.

"Well, we got to kissing one night and he was French kissing me, had his tongue way in my mouth. We were in the back of his car out in the boonies. He really got me so hot; finally he pulled my top and my bra off, licked and sucked my nipples and breasts. God it got me so damn hot! Thought I would die. He'd suck and tongue them over and over while his hand cupped my breast and played with it.

"He put his hand in my panties but I made him take it out. He kissed my nipples and breasts for the longest time. He got a hard on, I could feel it against my leg. He was kind of humping my leg. No way was he going to fuck me. I don't want to get pregnant. I almost came I was so hot, so was he. My panties were damp I was so excited. Finally we had to quit as it got so late, and he brought me home. I came in and got myself off. I almost exploded I was so excited."

"Like you came in the shower the other day when we were there together?" I teased her.

"Yeah, like that, except hotter, more explosive. You little Fink you! I watched you get off in the shower too; you are a fine one to talk. I saw you with your finger in your ass and rubbing your clit." She got a huge grin on her face and laughed out loud. "Not that I blame you. I did get you hot didn't I? Making you wash your pussy and ass over, and over, and over. It was fun wasn't it? You have a cute little bod."

I blushed. "Thanks, yours is fantastic. I loved watching you rub yourself. And I loved seeing your pussy up close while you were shampooing." I grinned back at her.

" I saw you peeping, Shrimp!" She giggled. "We are bad! Mom said we could take showers together. She said she and Aunt Pat did it when they were young. She got this naughty smile on her face, like, you know, she knew what we were doing in there and didn't mind. She's something else!"

"Does Ronnie kiss your pussy too?" I asked seeing how far I could go.

"Why you little impertinent Imp! Where did you get that idea?" She asked shaking her head and pointing her finger at me. "You little Rat, you have been in my fuck books haven't you? I thought it looked like someone had been going through them. I wondered if Mom had found them. If she had, I think they would have disappeared, or I would have gotten a long boring lecture. They are pretty raunchy! I got them from Dottie, not Ronnie. Her folks don't mind if she reads them. I ought to tan your cute little ass for snooping in my stuff." She pointed her finger at me again, grinning down at me. "Did you get off reading them? Some of them really are hot and – oh God - really raunchy!"

We laughed together. She wasn't as mad as I thought she'd be. "Well, does he kiss your pussy?" I asked again giggling.

"You are a Scamp aren't you? Promise never to tell a soul? This is just between us, OK?" I nodded. "Yes he has, and it was fantastic. I flat won't let him fuck me even with a rubber on. He can finger me all he wants but I don't want to get pregnant or catch something. Oh, he wants to fuck me soooo bad!" She laughed, rolling her eyes.

"He kissed your pussy, really?" I gasped trying to think of his lips there.

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