Showering With My Sexy Sister

byTawny T©

Her body went rigid, she screamed out, and her hips thrust hard up against mine. I bit down on her nipple as I thrust hard against her pussy and clit. She screamed her joy over and over and I felt a hot wetness against my pussy, it was suddenly very slippery. Had she peed? I didn't know, but loved the slick wetness. My pussy slid delightfully along her slippery gash. She gave another long scream then she fell back spent. Her arms went around me holding me close to her. Her chest was rising up and down as she panted. I kissed her breasts softly and softly sucked her erect nipples.

"My God, that was fantastic. Your sweet pussy fucking mine was out of this world Tess. You have just graduated from the Bratty Little Younger Sister to a Full-fledged Lover. Right Kit?" Dottie said between gasps as she tried to catch her breath.

Lying on top of her I felt like I was on top of the world. I was finally accepted by the two beautiful older girls. I was IN! No longer 'The Brat' - the Brat to be gotten rid of!

"Your pussy got real slippery when you came, I felt something wet down there, it made your pussy so slick." I said, not knowing how to say it to her. If she had peed during her climax I didn't want to embarrass her. They started laughing and I was puzzled.

Dottie rolled me off of her and grinned over at me. "Little Lover, I didn't pee, if that's what you are thinking. Your sweet sister and I both spurt sometimes when we cum. It's not urine, we just get really hot and sometimes, not every time, but sometimes when we are really excited, we shoot out a nice tasting pussy juice. You just got me so damn excited. We have read about it on the net. Do me a favor, and lean down and lick my wet pussy. I think you will find it rather tasty. At least your sister thinks so!" She grinned at me and winked saucily.

I looked over at Sis, she grinned and nodded. I slipped down in the bed and brought my face close to Dottie's spread pussy. It was wet and gleaming, her inner and outer lips were swollen and red from the fucking and my pussy rubbing against hers. There was a small puddle of her juice at her vaginal opening. I sniffed in her wonderful odor. Then I leaned in and ran my flattened tongue along her wonderful wet pussy. The delicious flavor flowed over my tongue. So like Sis's, but slightly different. I licked again from bottom to top, lost in the odor and the flavor of Dottie's intimate flesh. I was making love to Dottie. I looked up at her and her face was a mixture of joy and pleasure.

"Ohh, yes, so nice. Keep licking. My pussy is still hot from your fucking. Lick me again sweet little Lover." She moaned.

I was only too happy to lick her delicious pussy. I would do anything for these two beautiful older girls. I licked over and over, sucked too, and tasted her sweet juices. I could get addicted to this, I thought with a grin. Would they let me?

"Damn that feels wonderful, Tess. You are a wonderful lover. I want to lick you too. I want to really make love to that sweet pussy of yours while you lick me. Want to do a 69 with me?" Dottie asked.

My throat was choked with lust. I couldn't have answered if my life depended on it. I had this feeling a little when Betsy and I kissed and Frenched each other. But this was absolutely overwhelming, my Sister lying close beside me, and now Dottie wanting to 69 with me. I knew what that was! I only managed to nod dumbfounded. I opened my mouth but nothing came out but a croak.

"I think that means a 'Yes!'" Sis laughed. She reached over, kissed me and helped me turn in the bed. Dottie rolled onto her back and reached up and spread my legs on each side of her head. Her face was under my pussy, my thighs spread wide. My mouth watered as I looked down at her spread pussy, just below me. The thought that she was under me, her face inches from my wet pussy made my clit tingle and burn.

I leaned down and kissed her thighs and licked them. Her hands went to my ass and pressed downward wanting me to lower my pussy to her face. I repositioned my legs and let my hips drop. I moaned as her tongue slid up and down my pussy. I couldn't believe Dottie was making love to me and her pussy was just below my eager lips.

I nuzzled her sparse heart shaped pubic hair and then moved my head downward. She felt me and spread her thighs wider for me, giving me complete access to her very wet pussy. I saw a movement and Sis's head was close to me.

"Easy, little Sister, take it slow and easy. There is all the time in the world. Go slow. Part her pussy lips with your fingers. Lie down on top of her. That way you can use both hands on her pussy." She coached me.

I let my weight settle on Dottie's superb body. Her breasts cushioned my stomach. She smelled wonderful. I wondered what perfume she used. It, and the delightful odor of her pussy surrounded me, as my face was inches from her spread pussy. I just looked at it. Beautiful! Her pussy lips were neat and lovely; I spread them wider with my fingers and looked at the soft pink star of her vagina. A drop of her juice slowly formed there and her whole pussy was still wet from her cum. I began to lick her softly and slowly.

Her juices were slightly salty and so delicious. I had never tasted anything so sensual, so sexual as licking another girl's pussy. I loved the taste and smell of Sis's pussy, and now Dottie's. I would definitely have to try this with Betsy. We had gotten hot together Frenching and but never went any further. Now, I wanted to go all the way with her, lick Betsy's sweet pussy and have her lick mine. A thrill went through my body at that thought, and as Dottie's tongue played along my slit slipping into my pussy, pushing up into me.

I licked up and down Dottie's pussy then wiggled down a little and let my tongue find her center. It was hot and so wet. I licked it then pointed my tongue and slid it down, down into her center. It felt heavenly to have her wet flesh against my tongue. I pushed down still more, extending my tongue as far as I could. I have a pretty long tongue and can touch the end of my nose to the delight of some, the disgust of others. I ran it down into her.

My lips came against her pussy and I opened them wide to cover her hot wet opening. She moaned and I knew she liked it. I moved my tongue from side to side inside her while I sucked gently. I was delighted when her pussy juices spilled into my mouth. She tasted delicious. I sucked harder and thrust my tongue deeper inside her velvet-wet flesh. Her sweet juices flowed into my mouth. Delicious!

Damn this was fantastic! I could hardly wait to try this with Betsy, and have her taste me too. We lay there sucking and kissing each other. This was heaven to me, to kiss and suck a pussy while having my own made love to. No wonder I heard so much whispering about 69s!

Sis's face was close to mine and she kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Remember her clit!" I had become so engrossed in tasting her and sliding my tongue deep inside her beautiful body, I had forgotten her clit. She sure hadn't forgotten mine and her lips found it and sucked on it gently at first, then harder. Thrills of lust ran through my body and it begged for release.

I put my fingers on her pussy and pulled upward at the top. Her erect clit slid out, reddish pink and extending out at least a quarter of an inch. It was larger and longer than Sis's or my own small one. I licked it and she shivered and thrust her hips upward toward my mouth. I put my lips around it and sucked on her hard nubbin. I ran my tongue over and around the tip, making her writhe with pleasure and her hips press against my lips.

I tried flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip and it set her wild. I tried to see how fast I could make my tongue vibrate over her hard clit, and whatever I did send her over the edge and she screamed out against my pussy. I held on to her bucking hips and tongued her clit till her body went rigid and she screamed over and over. Then suddenly I felt the juices pour from her pussy. I moved my lips just a little and was able to keep tonguing her clit while my mouth was opened wide against her spread pussy. I felt several pulses of her pussy juices spurt into my mouth. They were right, it was not urine. It had a wonderful salty-sweet flavor. She cried out one last scream and went limp under me. I lapped her pussy but when it came into contact with her clit she cried out.

"Don't lick her clit right now. It's always very sensitive just after a climax." Sis whispered in my ear and nibbled on my ear lobe. That felt wonderful, as I was so hot. It took a couple of minutes before Dottie was back to normal and then she started lapping at my pussy again in earnest. She slid a finger inside me and moved it in and out as she licked me. She went back to my clit and began to lick and suck it.

Wonderful waves of joy ran through my body as she made love to me. I felt a finger slip between my ass cheeks and move downward till she had found my nether hole. Her finger was wet and she gently pushed it inside me. Her mouth was on my pussy and her finger sliding deep inside my ass. She took my clit between her lips and began to suck on it rhythmically, in and out, over and over. Then she would flick my clit with her talented tongue from moment to moment.

She slid a finger into my pussy and curled it up inside and hit a place in my pussy that had never been touched. Only much later would I learn about the G-spot. That was the key that pushed me over the edge and I screamed out my ecstasy as my body went into spasms of pure pleasure. I saw stars and a million colored lights as I climaxed. Her lips sucked, her tongue flicked and her fingers pushed deep inside my pussy and ass. My climax seemed to go on and on. Finally I collapsed, completely spent.

I was aware of Sis moving above my head. I looked up to see the well-lubricated dildo, attached to her body moving close. I grinned and managed to guide the head to Dottie's pussy. I held the head steady, and she pressed it down into Dottie.

"Oh, God, yes, Lover, fuck me while your sweet sister licks my clit. I can lick her off to another cum. This is wild, I don't know how it could get any better!" Dottie's muffled voice came from between my thighs. Her tongue probed my pussy again. I raised my head slightly to lick her clit while the dildo slid in and out.

I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, and looked toward the door. My eyes went wide in horror. Then all three of us heard a loud gasp from the doorway. There, hands on her voluptuous hips stood Mrs. Mason, our next-door neighbor, and Mom's closest friend. Her big blue eyes took in the spectacle of the three of us on the bed, naked. I was lying on top of Dottie, in a 69, and Sis behind Dottie with the long gleaming dildo, the large head already buried halfway inside her spread pussy.

"My God. I would have never in the world thought this of you two kids, or you either, Dottie." She gasped. Our hearts sunk. We had completely forgotten that Mom had given her a house key and told her to check on us from time to time. We were cooked, D-E-A-D, as Sis had told me earlier.

"I'm afraid I'll have to tell your Mother about this." She said shaking her head slowly. Her face looked very grim. We were totally, completely, fucked - dead meat!

"Mrs. Mason, Brandi, please don't! Please?" Sis pleaded, tears in her eyes thinking of what Mom would do to both of us, and to Dottie too. She pulled the pussy-wet dildo out of Dottie's spread sex, and rolled over facing Mrs. Mason. "We'll do anything you ask, but please, don't tell her. Please?"

It must have looked ludicrous to see Sis begging with that huge dildo poking up in front of her. Mrs. Mason's eyes dropped down to take it in. Her lip curled. Brandi looked up at her sternly, her full bosoms rising and falling at the sight of the three of us naked before her. Dottie and I rolled apart our faces red with embarrassment, our lips still wet with pussy juices.

"Anything?" She asked sternly. We all three nodded, still shocked by her sudden unexpected appearance.

Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse. Her magnificent full breasts came into view, covered by a frilly bra; her huge chocolate brown areolas were clearly visible under the sheer cloth, and her erect nipples tenting the ends were plainly visible too. I remember Mom referring to her once as zaftig! Damn, she really was! Her full breasts had to be at least a DD, my startled eyes estimated. She slid the blouse off and let it fall to the floor. We lay there, completely puzzled by her actions.

"Well, I'll think about it, but I still think I'll really have to tell your Mom. After all, you are using our favorite toys that we use on each other!" She said as she reached down to undo the front clasp of her bra. Her large breasts spilled out, magnificent in their fullness. They dropped just a little, large full mounds of beautiful flesh, her nipples hard, long, and erect. Even in our puzzled terror they still looked mouth watering.

"I'll sure have to tell her, or she'll never, ever, forgive me." She said with a smile slowly forming on her lips, and a wicked twinkle in her big blue eye as she let her sexy looking bra fall, and moved toward the bed. Her full breasts bounced and swayed as she walked toward us.

As she reached the edge of the bed, she was unfastening the buttons on her skintight shorts. She looked down on the three of us lying there, naked and confused.

"She'll want to enjoy all three of you lovely, sexy young girls too! She'd never forgive me if I kept you three all to myself, now would she?"

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