tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShowing Off at the Mall

Showing Off at the Mall


Ok, I admit it, I'm an exhibitionist - I love to show my body off, especially my legs, my butt, and my pussy. It gets me excited to get dressed up in slutty, revealing clothes and flaunt my assets in public. I guess it all started with teasing boys when I was in high school. I often wore short skirts and whenever I did, I noticed that lots of guys would try to look up my skirt whenever they got the chance. Some of my friends thought that guys who did this were perverts, and it weirded them out, but I found that it actually turned me on when I realized that a guy was looking up my skirt trying to see my panties. It made me feel sexy, and as a result, I started letting guys see my panties on purpose, although at first I tried to make it seem like an accident.

Sometimes I'd purposely drop one of my books while I was walking up the stairs in front of an unsuspecting guy. I'd wait until he was right behind me and then I'd bent down to pick up the book giving him a perfect view of my panties from just a foot or two away. It made me feel very naughty inside, but I'd just pick up the book innocently, and continue walking up the stairs like I had no idea what a show I'd just given him. Every time I did something like this I got a tingling sensation in my pussy and the more I did it, the more I realized how hot it made me.

By the time I got to college I was hooked on showing off my body and I couldn't have stopped myself if I wanted to ... which I didn't. It didn't take long to figure out that most guys are voyeurs at heart and it excited me to be able to stimulate their fantasies. It wasn't hard to tell that they liked looking at me, and the more they enjoyed my shows, the more excited I got by letting them look at my panties.

Because I was enjoying myself so much I was constantly looking for new ways to turn guys on even more. I learned a LOT about guys fantasies and fetishes by spending many hours on-line visiting sites that catered to people who were into voyeurism, exhibitionism, and other fetishes. This site, Literotica, quickly became my favorite.

Guys, I soon came to realize, have fantasies and fetishes about just about everything, and although many of their most common fetishes had little in common with mine, lots of others did. I spent a lot of time reading some of the thousands of stories from the "V&E" and "Fetish" story areas of Literotica and one of the most common guy-fetishes that I found was a fetish for women's panties. I knew from my own experiences that guys like to look at a girl's panties, but the literotica fetish stories showed me that their fantasies went WAY beyond just looking at them. Because I was looking for new and even better ways to turn guys on, much of what I learned here turned out to be very useful information for me.

Literotica is full of panty fetish stories and reading them showed me what a powerful sexual stimulant a pair of my panties could be to the right guy. A lot of girls would probably be weirded out by a guy with a fetish for her panties, but for whatever reason, the whole idea really turned me on. Just the thought of a guy rubbing my panties all over his face, inhaling the scent of my pussy, licking my juices off the crotch, and then rubbing my panties all over his dick until he shoots his cum all over them excited me in ways that I can't even begin to describe in words. I couldn't wait to find a guy with a panty fetish and be his panty slut!

I'd been flashing my panties to unsuspecting guys for several years now, and if I do say so myself, I'd become pretty good at it, so it didn't take me long to figure out how to identify a guy with a panty fetish. I could see it in their eyes. Most guys who were lucky enough to get a long, lingering view under one of my short skirts got a look in their eyes that appeared to be a combination of surprise, followed by apprehension. Although these guys generally took the opportunity to enjoy the view, they often appeared shy or embarrassed when they looked up and saw me looking right into their eyes, and at that point, most of them would look away. However, about one out of every five guys reacted very differently. The look in their eyes can only be described as one of total LUST - the same look you might expect if you slowly waved a big glass of cold water in the face of a man who had just spent three days in the desert. These men didn't just want to look at my panties, their eyes told me that they wanted to devour them. These were the men that I was looking for because I knew that I could make their wildest sexual fantasies, and mine too, come true.

In college, with no inhibiting parents around, I had total freedom, so in an effort to help identify likely panty fetish candidates I got bolder with the things that I did to show off my body and turn guys on. I shortened the hems of many of my already very short skirts. Whenever possible I wore thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose. I began buying special panties, specifically for showing off. I bought several pairs of sheer white panties that were almost totally see-thru so when a guy got a good look up my skirt, he could not only see my panties, but he could actually see my pussy underneath. Somehow wearing see-thru panties seemed sexier, or maybe naughtier, than not wearing any panties at all.

One day while I was alone in my apartment I put a large mirror on the floor in my bedroom and stood over it so that I could get a better idea of the view that I was giving the guys. My thought was that if I knew exactly what they were seeing, I could do a better job showing my panties and my pussy to them. I was wearing one of my "showoff outfits" as I called them. A very short light blue plaid "schoolgirl skirt", a pair of sheer white panties, and a pair of strappy sandals with four inch heels. I leaned the mirror at an angle against a chair and stood in front of it with my back to the mirror. I placed my feet about a foot apart, bent over at the waist, and looked back over my shoulder to see what I looked like. I had to admit that the view of my ass, only partially hidden by my nearly transparent panties, was awesome. With my feet that far apart anyone behind me would have a great view, not only of my tight butt, but of much of my pussy as well. I could clearly see my pussy lips pressed against the silky sheer fabric, and as I stood there staring at myself, I realized that I could see a wet spot forming on my panties.

"Wow, that looks pretty hot!" I thought to myself as I stood over the mirror looking back at my pussy.

"Now I know why guys like to look up my skirt!"

But as I stood there and continued to check myself out, I realized that something I couldn't put my finger on wasn't quite right. I turned around so that I was facing the mirror, and spread my legs a little wider. I put the mirror flat on the floor and stood directly over it. For several minutes I looked at myself from every conceivable angle until I finally I realized what was wrong - my blonde pubic hair was partially concealing my pussy lips, hiding them from view. It only took about ten seconds of searching for solutions to my dilemma before I came to the obvious conclusion: "I know, I'll shave my pussy" I said right out loud as I stood over the mirror staring at my pussy through one layer of extremely transparent silk fabric and a second layer of silky, blonde hair.

As soon as I said it, I felt my pussy start to tingle, and I knew that I'd just figured out how to take my exhibitionism to an even higher, more exciting level. I couldn't wait to shave myself! I went immediately to the bathroom, turned on the hot water to fill the tub, and got my razor and shaving gel ready. As I stood in the bathroom waiting for the tub to fill I began to wonder exactly how I should go about the task of shaving. I'd never shaved my entire pussy before, and quite frankly I didn't quite know where or how to begin, and I sure didn't want to make any mistakes! The most shaving I'd ever done down there was shaving my bikini line in preparation for a summer at the beach wearing my skimpy bikinis, but this was a whole different thing.

I knew from shaving my legs that it's easier to get a close shave, and you're less likely to get razor burn if you soak in the tub for a while and let the hot water soften the hair, so that's how I decided to begin. After removing my showoff outfit I set my razor and the can of shaving gel on the rim of the tub and climbed into the warm water. I was so excited at the prospect of shaving my pussy bare that I had to exercise considerable willpower to overcome the urge to begin shaving immediately.

I soaked in the warm water for about 10 minutes, and then I just couldn't wait any longer. I didn't really know where to begin, but starting at the top sounded reasonable so that's what I did. First I got out of the tub and sat on the edge so that my pussy was out of the water, then I squirted a good size glob of shaving gel into my left hand and rubbed it into the triangle of hair above my slit. I figured if I was going to make a mistake, it was better to have it happen here than in the area around my clit and my pussy lips.

Once I was all lathered up I began shaving, or should I say, I attempted to begin shaving. I say attempted because the razor immediately got clogged with hair even though it appeared that I hadn't removed a thing. I dunked the razor in the water to rinse the hair out and tried again with the same result - another instant clog. Even worse than the clog was the fact that I could tell that I was getting razor burn, and I'd hardly even started the job.

Quickly it dawned on me that I was using the same razor that I had already used to shave my legs several times and, being the delicate operation that it was, the task at hand probably warranted a brand new, very sharp razor. Fortunately I had plenty of new razors so I grabbed several from the cabinet and picked up the job where I left off.

The sharp razor solved the problem of razor burn, but it did nothing for the problem of instant clogging, so after 10 minutes of work I still had about 95% of my pussy hair and I concluded that this just wasn't going to work. I thought about it for a while, and then I realized that the razor was getting clogged because my hair was so long that it was getting trapped in the small space between the blades.

"Maybe I should cut most of it off with scissors first?" I thought to myself.

So I got out of the tub and hunted around the apartment until I found a small pair of sewing scissors which, luckily enough, were actually pretty sharp. I sat back down on the edge of the tub and started snipping away, cutting my hair as short as possible without risking cutting my skin, or worse yet, my lips! If you've never done this before, believe me, it is a very painstaking process, but I took my time and slowly but surely I trimmed everything down until it was only about an eighth of an inch long. Once I had trimmed everything above my slit, I got back in the tub and soaked for a few more minutes. Then I sat back on the rim, lathered myself up again with shaving gel, and started over.

What a difference! I tentatively took the first stroke on the left side starting at the top of my triangle and the razor glided almost effortlessly through the lather all the way to the top of my slit without clogging.

"Ahhh, finally!" I sighed.

I looked at the exposed skin where the lather had been removed and virtually every hair was gone. I rubbed my finger up and down the newly bare strip, and although it wasn't totally smooth, it was very close.

I repeated the process until my entire triangle was bare, then rinsed off the remaining lather and inspected my handiwork. A little rough in a couple of spots, but no razor burn, and no nicks or cuts. Now that I was making progress I was getting excited and I wanted to do a perfect job so I squirted another ribbon of gel onto my nearly smooth mound, lathered up, and went over the entire area again, this time going "against the grain" very slowly and carefully. The result was amazing! My pussy was so smooth that I couldn't stop running my fingers over it. It felt so different, so sensuous, so naughty! I loved it, and I knew that I'd made the right decision! But still, I was only half way done, and I knew that the harder part was still to come.

Now that it was time to attack the lower half, I realized that I was faced with a new problem - I couldn't see what I was doing. I knew that the first thing that I had to do was trim all the remaining hair with the scissors, but since I have rather large, protruding pussy lips, I wasn't about to just start snipping away down there unless I could see exactly what I was snipping! Looking at myself in the mirror on the floor was what had started this whole erotic process to begin with, and it turned out to be the solution to this problem as well. I took the vanity mirror from above the sink and placed it on the floor beside the tub. Then I stood over the mirror and put my right foot on the rim of the tub. I could see perfectly, and although I still had to work slowly and be careful, I had no trouble trimming the remaining hair from around my lips and all the way back to my little pink asshole.

Once the second trimming process was complete I spread more shaving gel and rubbed it all around my pussy lips and back to my asshole until the entire area was covered in creamy white lather. As soon as I started shaving this area I realized that a somewhat different technique was going to be required here because the skin is looser than it is in the upper triangle area. I had to spread my legs wide and pull my pussy lips to one side with one hand to keep the skin tight while I shaved the opposite side. Once I got the hang of it, it really wasn't difficult though. In fact, it was actually very erotic and I could feel myself beginning to get wet again.

First I shaved the entire area on the right side of my pussy using long, slow strokes as I held my lips to the left side. Each pass of the razor exposed another small expanse of smooth, hairless skin and in a couple of minutes I was done with the right side. I repeated the process on the other side, quickly removing all the fine, blonde hair to the left of my pussy lips. Then I washed off the small amount of lather that remained and inspected my handiwork in the mirror.

It looked great! Not a nick or a cut anywhere.

Now all I had to do was finish the area around my asshole. For a moment, as I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, I considered leaving well enough alone. I have almost no hair there anyway, and what little there is so light and fine that it really wouldn't be very noticeable. But I was having such a good time and I wanted the job to be perfect, so I squirted another glob of shaving gel into my hand, spread my legs a little wider and lathered up the area around my asshole.

I must have looked somewhat ridiculous bent over at the waist with one foot up on the rim of the tub, looking down at a mirror between my legs, spreading my cheeks apart with one hand while I ran the razor very carefully all around my little pink anus, but ridiculous or not, it worked and soon the entire job was complete.

Although my entire pussy was now totally smooth, and there was no hint of razor burn, I decided to apply some baby oil, just to be safe. I found a bottle in the bathroom cabinet, squirted about a tablespoon into my left hand and began massaging it into my bald mound. The sensation was incredible! My skin was so soft and smooth that I couldn't keep my hands off my pussy. And it looked amazing! The baby oil made my skin glisten in a very erotic way that provided the perfect finishing touch. As I stood over the mirror staring at my glistening, bald pussy, rubbing baby oil all over myself, it took all my willpower to keep from masturbating. I loved how my pussy looked and I had never felt so completely exposed in all my life.

Now that I was done with what turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable and erotic task, I couldn't wait to get out of my apartment and show my smooth pussy to some unsuspecting guy. After giving the matter a little thought I decided that the mall in a large town about 15 miles from the University would be an ideal location since it would likely be filled with early evening shoppers on their way home from work.

I had about an hour to get ready so I took my time choosing the appropriate outfit, putting on a little makeup, and doing my hair. First of all I decided that the short plaid skirt and sheer white panties that I had been wearing earlier would be perfect for the occasion so I stepped into the skirt, zipped it up, stepped into the panties and slid them up over my hips. With my skirt and panties back on I couldn't resist the temptation to bend over and take another look at myself in the mirror that I had left on the floor.

"Perfect" was the only word that came to mind. It was almost like I was naked under my skirt but somehow the veil of nearly transparent white fabric made the view of my hairless pussy seem even more naughty than if I hadn't been wearing any panties at all. With no hair left to hide them, my pussy lips were clearly visible, and if I looked very closely, I could even see my pink little asshole. A surge of sexual excitement washed over me and I couldn't wait to get to the mall and show off my see-thru panties and my bald pussy!

To go with my "schoolgirl" skirt I chose a thin white top that leaves most of my midriff exposed, showing off my bellybutton ring in the front, and the very elegant geometric tattoo on my lower back. My breasts aren't very big, but they're perfectly shaped, so I almost never wear a bra and the tight white top clung to my breasts and highlighted my nipples perfectly.

Now, what to do with my hair? I stood in front of the mirror for several minutes looking at my hair from several angles and finally decided that a ponytail would be an appropriate way to complete the schoolgirl look. I gathered my long, straight, blonde hair up in the back with my left hand, wrapped an elastic hair band around it to hold it in place, and finally tied it up with a small white bow. I had to admit that the whole outfit looked very sexy.

The drive to the mall took about half an hour and with each passing minute, I got more and more excited. By the time I arrived I could tell that there was a large wet spot on my panties. "I think the guys will like that!" I thought as I smiled mischievously.

My ponytail is bouncing up and down as I enter the mall. My skirt is so short that it almost allows the very bottom of the cheeks of my ass to be seen when it hangs straight down, and I'm quite sure that it's even more revealing when it flips up and down as I walk. I look down at my breasts and confirm that my nipples are clearly outlined by the thin, white cotton of my tight halter top.

Numerous people glance at me and I can tell I am making an impression. A group of teenage boys at the video arcade stops to watch me as I walk by. I'm so excited and feeling especially naughty so I stop and smile at them. Then I turn so that my back is facing them and I bend over to fix the strap on my sandal. My skirt hardly covers my cheeks when I'm standing, but when I bend over, I know that I'm giving them a completely unobstructed view of my nearly bare ass, although they're probably a little too far away to see the wet spot on my panties. I look back at them between my legs. As I expected, they're staring at my cute butt under my thin white panties but I just slowly fix my strap and pretend that I have no clue of the show that I'm giving them. Finally, after I've given them a long, lingering view up my skirt, I stand up, and continue walking away from them. I suspect that they're still staring at me and this makes me even more excited so I turn my head, look over my shoulder, and smile at them again, leaving them to wonder if I did it on purpose or not.

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