tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Auditor Shows Her Assets Ch. 04

Shy Auditor Shows Her Assets Ch. 04


I awoke the next morning with a major headache. I tumbled into the bath, ran my fingers through my hair, splashed water on my face, and found some Tylenol. There was no glass and I needed something to drink to take the pills. Carey was still asleep and I couldn't hear anything downstairs. I pulled my shirt over my head and peeked out. No one. Well, I thought here's another baby step. I can run down, get a drink and get back to my room with no pants on.

I made my way to the kitchen and drank a large OJ with the three pills and fixed the coffee maker. I dropped the top to the coffee can and bent to pick it up. When I stood, I saw Dan walking down the stairs with a huge erection. I could not speak. He was rubbing his eyes and did not notice me until he had reached the bottom and was making his way to the island.

"Christ, Ann, where did you come from?"

I couldn't help myself and just stared at the large male member standing up straight.

"Ann, I looked and didn't see anyone."

"I dropped the cover and was picking it up."

He then realized I was still staring at his erection. "Sorry," he said, "morning wood. It goes away."

"What the hell is all the noise?"

We looked up to see Carey bouncing down the stairs.

She looked at us and then back at Dan's erection.

"Well, happy to see you too, Dan."

She gave him a tap on his ass as she came to the counter and asked if the coffee were ready yet.

It was, so I turned to get a mug for her and Dan. The counter still blocked their view, but not that of Jim who just entered from the front. He was sweating. Dressed in only sneakers and a baseball cap, he obviously just returned from a morning run. I was in his direct sight. Unfortunately, I at that second realized that my shirt did not cover my bottom and my pubes were out in the open.

Jim stared with his mouth slightly open. Both Carey and Dan looked at him and then followed his gaze. They moved around to see what had him mesmerized. Soon all three were getting an eyeful.

"Way to go girl," said Carey. "I wasn't sure you had it in you."

I pushed the mugs into her hands, and covered up my naked sex. "I don't," I cried. "This is an accident."

I started to make my way back upstairs when I noticed that now Jim also had a full erection. Carey saw me looking and turned to see the same sight.

"Wow," she proclaimed, "man towers abound in the morning. What a great start to the day."

I ran up the stairs, not caring that my naked ass was now in full view.

I sank on my bed totally demoralized. How could I be so stupid to go out half-naked? What was I thinking? Now, my co-workers saw my most private part. I just wanted to pack, go home and find a new job before I had to face them again.

Carey came in and sat next to me. She patted my leg and said not to get all freaked out.

"Jeez, Carey, why would I be freaked out?" I said sarcastically. "I mean I just was having coffee with my boss and a colleague, who, by the fuckin' way, had huge erections, and showed my pubic area to the three of you. Why would that freak me out? I mean it was bad enough when I saw their penises and your vagina before, but now. Oh, I am in way over my head."

Carey laughed. "Ann, don't be so uptight. Hey, you were considering going nude. You had already taken a couple baby steps. And, last night you fondled my breast, which is another step."

"I what?" I gasped.

"No big deal, Ann," she said, "Really, you just gave me a little grab. It was sort of sweet.

"Now, this morning you have taken a really big baby step. Maybe, next you can go completely nude."

I just rolled my eyes and groaned.

"And," she continued, "maybe we could find some other terms for body parts. No one calls what guys have penises, except maybe in a doctor's office. How about cock or dick?"

I scrunched up my nose. I really did not like vulgar terms, but I could see her point. "What do you suggest?"

"I prefer cock," she stated and burst out laughing. "Man, that has a double connotation. But, cock sounds manly."

"Ok, I saw Jim's and Dan's cocks."

We both giggled. "Anything else," I asked.

"Yeah," she replied, "how about pussy instead of vagina or pubic area? Pussy has a nice sound to it and most of the people—men and women—I know use it. It's certainly better than cunt. Although, some people say it's only a pussy if it has hair, I say that times have changed and a bald pussy is a pussy."

I nodded in agreement because I thought cunt was the ugliest word I'd ever heard.

"Ok," I said, "cock and pussy it is. And to use it in a sentence, I've seen Carey's and Tams pussys. Satisfied?"

And"? she prompted.

"They both were pretty pussys," I said smiling.

She then tugged at the hem of my shirt. "Remember our new rule? Take off your shirt so your tits and/or boobs are free."

We laughed again as I slipped off my shirt.

"Ann, you have a great bod, you know. Your tits are way better than mine. And, you're in terrific shape. I think after work you should join us at the lake. My only advice would be to let the guys see you here and then we will wait for the reaction to subside."

I looked at her, not getting it at first, and then it dawned on me. "Oh, you mean so their cocks will go back to normal."

"You got it, girl."

We readied ourselves for work and I spent the whole day wondering if I'd have the courage to take the final step.

Getting back to the cabin around 4:30, I asked if they were going to the lake. Jim said yes. I asked if I could join them.

The silence in the room was, as they say, deafening. Finally, Jim responded that they would be honored.

Carey mentioned we should meet back in the kitchen in fifteen minutes and have a drink before going out.

In my room, I immediately started to panic. Carey quickly stripped and rubbed sun screen on her bod. Again, I helped her with her back and made sure her ass was well covered.

"Ok, Ann, time for me to do you."

I shook my head, "Carey, I don't think I can."

"Sure you can," she urged. She pulled me to my feet and lifted my shirt. I slowly raised my arms and she pulled it over my head.

"So, I was right," she observed. "I thought you were braless the way things were swaying. Now, do I have to do the rest or can you handle it."

I couldn't move. Slowly Carey dropped to her knees and slid off my bottoms. Taking the sun screen I applied a coat to my front, feeling my nipples harden at my touch and thought of what was outside the bedroom door.

I gave the tube to Carey and turned my back. She rubbed it into my back, legs and butt.

"Ann, this is one sweet ass. God, you are going to be a hit," she said as she gently groped my cheeks.

I tensed immediately and Carey felt the tightening in my butt.

"Hey, relax," she said. "Sure, people will check you out, but after a few minutes you and they will forget you're naked." She massaged my butt some more, moving close behind me until I felt her nipples pressing into my back.



"This is the first time a woman has ever touched me like that. I mean touched a private area and a naked one, I mean except when you touched my breasts yesterday."

"Well, I'm not making a play for you, Ann, if that's what you think," she said as she slid her hands down my cheeks and on to my thighs. "Not that I haven't thought about it. But, we mad an agreement no sex among us."

"You've done it?" I asked softly. "I mean been with a woman." Her hands moved up and down the backs of my thighs and then around to the front, as her breasts moved against my back.

"Women," she corrected. "Hell, Ann, you aren't that much older than me. What are you, 27?"

"Twenty-eight," I replied.

"Ok, so not much difference," she continued as she lightly caressed my legs and butt. She moved her arms around me and rubbed my stomach, playing with my navel. "I'd say I am definitely interested in men. I want to get married and have a family. But, I, and almost all of my friends, have certainly enjoyed sex with women. We don't consider ourselves bi-, more like pan-sexual.

"We look for an interesting experience, but down deep are really hetero girls just having some fun." She lightly ran her hands up my front over my breasts, pausing ever so slowly over each nipple and then moved her hands back down to my navel and rubbed my tummy.

I turned to face her, our breast brushing against each other's. "So, you honestly think I'm attractive?"

"Honestly?" She smirked and said, "Ann, you are fucking hot."

We locked eyes and she moved her head toward mine. I did not flinch and next felt her lips on mine. Her kiss was tender and warm. I liked it.


"Yeah, babe, I know. I'm a great kisser," Carey whispered. "Now, let's address the big hairy elephant in the room."


Carey reached out and tugged my pubic hair.

"This jungle," she said. "You cannot go out like this. Ann, there is probably not this much pussy hair total in the whole camp. You have got to trim the beast."

"I don't know what to do," I protested. "I've never done it."

"Well, lucky for you that I am a trained pussy primper."

Carey went into the bathroom and returned with a towel, a pair of scissors, a damp washcloth, a can of shaving cream and a razor.

She had me lie on the bed, with my feet resting on the edge and my legs spread apart. I was totally exposed, as I had never been before to a woman.

"This is a beautiful sight," she said as she laid a warm hand on my exposed sex and pressed softly on my clit. I felt the moisture begin to seep between my lips. She lightly rubbed me and then started her task.

She began snipping the hair, not seeming to mind when her fingers brushed my clit or lips. When she cleared away the tangles, she asked, "Triangle, strip or bald?"

"I am not ready for bald," I confessed. "How about a strip like you had the other day?"


She spread cream along my thigh and into the newly short cropped hair. She used the razor to trim away until I had a dark strip about two inches wide. She then dabbed cream on the area under all around my vagina and up to my anus. She tugged my skin to make it taut and cleared away. I never had a woman's fingers so close to my sex and I was turned on.

"All done," she announced.

"Thanks. I, uh, hope I wasn't too gross down there. I sort of, you know..."

"Yeah, you were wet and running. No big deal, I wouldn't think you would be anything else. When one of my friends shaves me, I get really wet. If she is a special friend, I let her tongue do the final work. Got to tell you, nothing like a big O after you've had your pussy shaved."

She quickly bent lightly kissed my exposed vagina, letting her tongue flick my sensitive clit. I squirmed with the new sensation.

Carey wiped me with the damp cloth and told me to check it out. I stood in front of the mirror and was shocked at the sexy woman staring back. She stood behind me and we both looked into the mirror. She brought her arms around me, holding the sunscreen.

"We really need to protect the best parts," she said as she rubbed some lotion on my newly shaved area and worked the lotion into my pubes, again stimulating my clit and lips.


"If I can get my pussy to stop dripping," I said with a laugh.

I turned and on an impulse, hugged her. It was strange feeling her breasts and pussy pushing against mine.

"Thanks," I breathed.

"Pleasure is all mine," she replied and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned the kiss for a brief moment, with our hands resting on each other's butts.

Carey handed me a towel and I wiped my wetness away, amazing myself that I could do such an intimate thing in front of her. We held hands and headed downstairs to join the guys standing in the living room with beers.

Jim and Dan stared at us, boldly gazing up and down. And, true to Carey's prediction, they were both erect before we reached them to take our beers.

"Well, that is a welcome gesture I will never tire of," said Carey.

The guys looked sheepish and shrugged.

"Let's finish our beers and hope things return to normal," said Carey.

We sipped and then began talking, actually discussing work. By the time the beers were done, the guys were not hard. I thought it was funny that talking accounting can kill an erection, although I felt sadness that the spectacle of the erections was now gone.

Taking our towels we ventured outside and headed to the lake. The late afternoon was still hot and the sun felt good on my naked body. We passed people heading back up toward the cabins and exchanged greetings. Grateful for my dark glasses, I checked out the bodies, silently evaluating where I might stand in a pecking order. With the risk of seeming conceited, I admitted that I fared well.

There was a sandy beach along the shore, with many bodies lying about. Many more were in the lake and we dropped our towels, hats, glasses and sandals and dove in. The water was cool, but refreshing. We swam out to a large raft and climbed on. It was only after I settled on the raft that I realized I had exposed my pussy to my coworkers waiting to climb up the ladder. Well, I thought I saw them with erections so maybe it was not so bad they saw my pussy opening. I was now relieved that Carey had groomed me in the back. I then thought of her touch and her kiss on my pussy. A chill ran up and down my spine and I glanced over at her lying on her back, her beautiful bald mons shining brightly in the westerly sun. God, I thought, did I just call her pussy beautiful?

There were a few other people on the raft, including the woman who was at our table on the first night. Her short copper hair was wet and tight against her head. She looked like an elf, with small breasts with pointed nipples, a slender build and a brilliant trimmed triangle of red curls between her legs. I could tell Dan was quite taken with her and moved over next to her to talk. I caught Carey's eye and silently asked what's up.

She put her mouth close to my ear and whispered, "Dan has the hots for her. They have been together almost all the time. I saw her checking out his cock a number of times, so I think the stars may be lining up for something big."

The redhead, Suzie, laughed at something Dan said and lightly put her hand on his thigh. Carey looked at me and winked. I got the message.

"Got room for a couple more," came a voice from the water?

Jim answered and invited them up.

Meg climbed the ladder and stood in front of us, whisking the water from her long, lean and naked frame. I could see why Dan had the reaction in yoga. Meg was about the most beautiful naked person I had ever seen. Just yesterday, I thought that about Tam, now, I was not sure. Well, they were the two most beautiful bodies. Believe me, although shy, I did play basketball for years. Most of the other girls had no problem showering together or walking around nude in the lockers. A couple even did it when a male coach or trainer was there. So, I've seen plenty of nude girls.

The sun made her golden skin shimmer. Her breasts were large, but did not sag, just bounced on her chest as she shook. Her nipples were large and stiff, I was amazed at how far out they stood. She had a tight tummy and, as had been described, a thin strip of light blond curls between her legs. The tightly trimmed patch let her full lips be clearly seen. Her legs seemed endless and both thigh and calves were smooth and hard.

She turned to give Jeb a hand and I marveled at her rather small, tight buns.

Jeb now stood next to her. If I thought Dan had a big, Ok I'll say it, cock, Jeb demonstrated he was in a class by himself. Overall his body was tight and muscular, with soft blond hair on his arms, chest and legs. His cock hung down so far that I could not even estimate its length. Carey, of course, weaseled it out of Tam and later told me that it was 8.5 inches soft and close to 10 inches hard. I asked her about the hard part and she made a "my lips are sealed" gesture.

Meg sat next to Carey and Jeb stretched out next to me.

"Ann, we are so happy to see that you decided to join us," he said smiling warmly.

"I shocked myself," I admitted, "but here I am."

"Well, I trust you will enjoy the experience. You are a beautiful woman."

I blushed about ten shades of red and mumbled a thank you. "I thought you, like, didn't notice stuff like that."

Jeb roared. "Ann, we celebrate the nude body. We want people to leave their clothes behind and along with them all society's hang ups that create artificial barriers between people. We want everyone, no matter what they think they look like, to be open to nature. But, that does not mean we are blind. You, Ann, are beautiful. I believe you are more beautiful naked. I bet you have seen some men here that you think are beautiful."

I nodded and tried not to look at the huge cock lying against his thigh, but failed. I knew Jeb caught my glance.

"See," he said with a smile, "you are curious. That's Ok." He slowly stroked his member and held it up for a second for me to get a better look, then let it fall back. "I am blessed with a large dick. It's nothing I earned, it just came with the package. I know people like to look at it. I know that most find it sexually appealing. So, should I hide it away or just let it swing in the breeze. I obviously choose swinging. If others want to look, no harm in that."

"I thought the idea of going nude was a not sexual thing," I said.

"It's not," he answered, speaking low so that the others were not privy. "But, you cannot remove sex. We are sexual beings. The purpose of this camp is not based on the concept of satisfying voyeurism, but we have to be realistic that people are going to look. And, in many cases are going to like what they see and even get excited about it. Again, no harm in that. We do insist that there is no public sexual activity. What people do in their cabins is their business. And, as you probably heard, if a man does become physically excited, he has to be discrete and not parade around with a hard-on."

Again I stole a glance at his member, and said, "Yeah, that could be a sight."

We locked eyes and smiled warmly.

"So," said Meg, "are you going to play tonight?"

I shifted around to look at her. I wondered if maybe she did hear what Jeb and I were discussing and was jealous. I looked at her fabulous body and decided she had no reason for jealousy. I caught myself in mid thought. I am checking out other women's bodies and having rather hot thoughts.

"I don't know," I said. "This is my first time out like this. I'm not sure I could play a game naked with everyone watching."

"It's no big deal, Ann," she said. "After the first minute, your mind gets into the game and you are totally unaware that you're nude."

I promised I'd consider it. We all laid there soaking up the sun and making small talk. Dan and Suzie were the first to get up. Dan said something into Jim's ear and they dove in and headed for shore. Another couple soon followed, leaving just Jeb and Meg and me and my co-workers.

"What's up with Dan," I asked.

Carey laughed and said, "I think it's what is going to be up."

I looked puzzled. Jim said that Dan told us not to wait for him to go to supper.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, my little innocent one," said Carey, "Dan is going to take that beautiful cock up to Suzie's cabin and food will not be on their minds."

"Oh," was all I could manage.

Jeb and Meg then said they had to move along. I took one long last look at his cock, as he watched me do so. After they were in the water, Carey asked, "So?"

"So, what?"

"Cut the shit Ann. I know you were checking out Jeb's equipment. Awesome, isn't it?"

I started to protest but then sighed and said, "Fucking awesome."

Jim and Carey laughed hard. Jim then excused himself and dove from the raft.

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