tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Wife Ch. 03

Shy Wife Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – Black's Beach Revisited

I had set out to get my shy wife Chris to be more adventuresome. Not every attempt was successful, and I will not bore you with my failures. But I am still working on Chris, without pushing her too far. She had gotten naked on the Black's Beach before and had her picture snapped with a tourist (Shy Wife #1), she posed for a nude portrait and modeled for my art class (Shy Wife #2). Here is my latest success.

I don't even remember what the bet was, but I was confident enough to wager a day at the spa.

"Yea, and what do you want from me?" Chris said, skeptically.

"Oh, just a return visit to Black's Beach – on my terms."

Chris was so confident that she was right that she did not even to ask what those terms were, other than her getting naked for some sun on the sand. In the end, I won the bet. Chris offered an expiation regarding how her answer really should have been right and rolled her eyes, claiming I had won on a technicality.

Technicality or not, I won, and we set off for the Black's Beach the next weekend. As we were parking, I filled Chris in on what I wanted – "Ok, so here are the terms." She raised her eyebrows and gave me a skeptical look. "I'll take my chair and pack, I'll walk down the trail alone and find a spot on the beach. You follow in five minutes. When you see me on the beach, set up near me, but not too close. You don't know me. Just put down your stuff and get naked. No hiding, take off your clothes and let whoever is there enjoy the view."

Chris sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Wait," I said handing her the sun screen. "You have to talk with whoever is near-by and," I paused "you have to get a stranger on the beach to rub some of this sun screen on your back. A guy that is, no chicks" I smiled.

Chris just opened her mouth and let out a breath.

"Hey, you lost and you agreed to my conditions," I said. "Get him to rub the sun screen on your ass too and I will buy you that day at the spa anyway" I smiled. Chris couldn't even respond except to shake her head. "See you down there," I called as I started down the path to the beach, smiling to myself, leaving my still speechless wife standing at the car.

The weather was perfect for a day on the beach. High 70s with a light breeze. I worked my way down the trail to the beach thinking about my plan. As I started walking south along the shore, the usual crowd of wieners glanced up as I passed. An older couple was pulling off their clothes and staking out a spot away from the water and the watchers. A couple of topless coeds sat in chairs. I wanted a closer look but didn't have the time, I walked further down the beach. I had to find the perfect spot, and I did.

Fifty yards down the beach I spotted them, three college guys spread out on their towels not far from the water, in perfect position to observe anything of interest that walked down the beach. They wore sunglasses and smirks. Two of them lay on their stomachs, propped up on their elbows so they could glance around if something merited their attention. A well built kid with curly black hair was sat facing the water taking in the whole view.

I set down my chair about 20 feet up the beach and a little behind them, just far enough away not to invade their space but close enough to hear what was going on. They glanced my way, but clearly I was not worthy of further thought. I pulled off my shorts, took out my book, sat down and waited.

The older couple who had been setting up further down the beach took a stroll past us. I saw one of the college guys, a skinny kid with brown hair give a subtle gag sign to his friends as the couple passed. I glanced at the walking couple. True, there was not much on the woman what had not headed south, but at least she was out here. You've got to give her credit.

The usual crowd passed by, a couple runners, a tourist in Bermuda shorts, I guy in a Speedo with a thin woman who was topless. She was good enough to merit a raised eyebrow from one of my college friends – a freckled kid with tousled blond hair.

After a couple of minutes, I glanced up the beach to see Chris a couple hundred yards away, walking along with her feet in the surf, her daypack on her back and a grass beach mat rolled under one arm. Her blond hair was pulled back and her long T-shirt covered her to the top of her thigh.

As she got closer, my college friends glanced down the beach too, but there was nothing to see. One leaned over to the other while looking down her way, presumably to suggest what she might look like without the shirt.

As Chris got closer, I could tell she had spotted me. She stopped in the surf not to far away and then turned, looking up and down the beach, like she was looking for a place to sit. She paused and looked at the surf again and then turned and started waking up the beach toward me and the college boys. They looked away as she did this, but were clearly wondering why she was coming their way.

"Excuse me" she said smiling down at their naked bodies. "Do you mind if I put my stuff down over her" pointing to a space about five feet to the side and slightly in front of them. "I don't want to be bugged, and I thought if I sat near you it might keep the creeps away."

"Sure," the curly headed kid said as his friends nodded and shrugged, possibly a little uncomfortable at being asked this by I fully clothed "older" woman as she stood over them.

"Thanks" Chris said, dropping her backpack on the sand. "I appreciate it."

Not as much as they will, I thought.

Chris unrolled her beach mat as my friends went back to their conversation and pretended not to notice her. The two on the far side did their best to watch Chris out of the corner of their eyes as they talked to their friend.

Chris took a minute arranging her mat, perhaps trying to work up her courage. She took out her sunscreen, her iPod, her book, her towel, her water. There was nothing more to unpack, so she stood up and turned toward the water, looking out at the waves. She paused, then she reached up under her t-shirt and slid off her shorts, giving us all a quick shot of her ass. Chris Dropped her shorts beside her then reached down and pulled her T-shirt off over her head, revealing that she had nothing underneath. The air involuntarily left the conversation beside me. The guys lay on their stomach were glancing over their shoulders toward their buddy, but it did not take a genus to notice where their eyes were focused – her beautiful ass, naked back and a glimpse of her breast just visible from where they were laying.

Nice, I thought, but I had hoped she would face them for the show, that was what I said, "no hiding." As if she had read my mind, Chris took a noticeable breath, turned toward the college boys displaying her lightly tanned body and creamy tits. Her newly trimmed bush, formed a neat triangle above the lips of her pussy, just visible beneath. I had to concentrate hard to keep from getting hard. As Chris leaned down to arrange her towel on the mat, a look from her out of the corner of her eye said, "there -- you happy now?"

The quite conversation between my college friends self consciously resumed as Chris sat down facing the water and picked up her sun screen. She squirted some onto her hand and rubbed it into her feet and legs. As she reached her thighs and the area just above her neat bush, I could feel the conversation trail again. When she squeezed more cream out and rubbed it with both hands over her soft breasts and full nipples, the conversation fell silent.

When Chris' neck and face was coated, she paused. Time for the other side, I thought, but after staring out at the waves a bit, she rolled up her shirt as a pillow, popped in the ear buds of her iPod and lay down closing her eyes. Her breasts with their new coat of sunscreen shined in the sun, slightly whiter than the rest of her tanned body. I had to work to contain my enthusiasm. I could see my college friends felt the same way. The curly headed guy turned to his friends and silently bit down on his fingers, raising his eyebrows, one friend gave a thumbs up and the other mouthed Owwwwww!

As Chris lay naked in the sun, they continued to study her through their sun glasses, occasionally leaning over to each other, whispering comment and smiling. The men strolling down the beach did not seem to mind either, though most were discrete since it did look like she might be will the three guys sitting nearby.

After almost a half hour, Chris' body started to glisten with a light coat of sweat. She picked up a towel and wiped her brow. Then she sat up, looking down at the water, her breasts hanging like ripe peaches. Time to turn over? I could tell she was trying to figure out what to do about the second part of her task. She glanced over her shoulder and looked at the guys as they looked down. She stood up with the sun screen in her hand and looked around again, but then she dropped the tube of sun screen and walked down toward the water.

The eyes of my college friends followed her, as did the several guys sitting a bit further away.

"Oh shit," one said as she walked out of hearing.


"Yea, I could do that all day."

"Bit old for you don't you think," said the blond. "I think Pete has a bit of a Mrs. Robinson thing going on."

"What? She can't be much more than 30, and did you see those tits! She could ride me all day long!"

"You wish." You see her ring?

"Yea. So, what's she doing here alone?"

"Husband is probably some rich old fart."

"Nice ass," the blond commented as Chris waded into the waves.

"I never got past her tits" said the skinny kid.

The conversation died out as they watched Chris dive into the waves. Down the beach, an older guy had walked to the edge of the waves where Chris was and started to wade in too. It looked like my college friends were not the only ones who thought she was hot.

The curly headed kid, who I now knew was Pete, followed the action with his eyes as the stranger waded out toward Chris. A couple minutes passed we all looked out at the water and watched Chris from the beach.

"Look at that guy. He's stalking her," said Pete.

"Yea, so."

"I just think I'll go down and make sure she's OK. She did ask us to help keep the creeps away," Pete smiled.

"Yea, you do that, and who's going to keep you away, creep."

"Fuck off," Pete said, flipping his friend the bird as he walked to the water.

The older guy was within a few feet of Chris, chest high in the water. She was doing her best to ignore him but each time she moved off, he moved toward her.

Pete waded in and then dove under and swam out into the waves. At first, he kept his distance, around twenty feet away from Chris. He caught a wave an body surfed in a bit then swam out again.

Chris turned, and I could see her say something to the older guy who was right next to her by then. In two strokes Pete was there. After a couple of words from him the older guy backed away and swam off. I could see Chris smile. She and Pete talked a bit. He caught a wave and she caught another, hints of her naked body emerging as the surf surged around her. Standing, she pulled a bit of sea weed from her chest, turned and walked out into the waves again.

A Chris and Pete continued to swim and chat, his friends had no end of comments. "Fucking hound dog" said the blond kid who had now turned to lay on his back so he could watch the action.

After a few more minutes, Chris and Pete turned from the waves and started to walk in together. Clearly, Chris had her mind on other things because a particularly large swell caught her from behind and knocked her from her feet. In a second, Pete reached below the froth and pulled her up, his body pressed against her and his arms wrapped around her naked flesh. With his right hand firmly clasping her breast he brought Chris to her feet, then quickly moved his hands to her shoulders, obviously saying "are you OK?" There was a nod from Chris and Pete self consciously dropped his hands.

With a smile, Chris pulled another a strand of sea weed form her chest and dropped it in the water between them. They both turned walked out of the waves.

"Thanks again," she said as they got within earshot. "That guy was a creep, and I do appreciate you digging me out of the waves."

"Well, no problem, sorry about the hands."

Chris smiled.

Chris shook our her hair. Water glistened on her skin, dripping from her tight nipples and bush. This time, Chris made no attempt to hide herself from the eyes behind the sun glasses not so discretely taking in every inch of her body. She stood facing my friends and picked up her towel to dry herself. As she dried he chest their eyes followed. As she dried her bush, the air left their lungs. I know she felt their eyes on her, and she seemed to enjoy it.

Ok, now that was the kind of show I wanted.

Chris reached down on her mat. She picked up her sunscreen and coated the back of her legs then she looked over her shoulder, discretely glancing at me an then immediately at Pete who was just sitting down.

"Pete, Could you do me just one more favor."

"Sure, what."

"Could you put some lotion on my back. I can't reach it and I don't want to burn." She held the tube out as he looked at her.

"Sure," he said taking it from her hand.

Chris lay down on her mat and propped her self up on her arms so her breasts hung down for me and for Pete's companions to admire.

Pete looked over at his friends and raised his eyebrows. He squirted cream on his right hand and rubbed the white cream across Chris shoulders and she tilted her head down so he could coat her neck.

"Make sure you get it all over, she said, I burn easily."

Pete spread the cream across her shoulders and back then, with another squirt continued down to her lower back. As he did this he shifted slightly, his member rising perceptibly.

He paused at the small of the back, not wanting to push things too far.

"Go ahead, and do the rest please, I don't want a burned rear." As Chris said this, she glanced briefly up toward me, raising her eyebrows and giving me a "SEE" look.

Pete paused then did as he was told. With a big squirt of lotion on his hands he rubbed it into her ass. His member stiffening more.
"Thanks" Chris said smiling as she rolled to her side and took the lotion from his hands, glancing down at his member. Then she lay her head down, popped in her ear buds and closed her eyes as Pete's friends gave him signs that I can only guess meant "you stud," "fuck," and "you dog."

Pete looked over my way and I looked down, lost in the moment, I had been staring not to discretely. I looked back down to my book as Pete returned to his friends. Damn, that was a better show than I expected. I read the same paragraph over a few times as I tried to contain my hard-on. Finally, I headed to the cold surf, to fix things.

As I walked back from body surfing a bit later, Chris was sitting up with Pete right beside her. As they talked quietly, I saw her smile. This attention from a young stud seemed to suit her. As I sat down, she pulled out a pen from her backpack and wrote something on his hand. Then she pulled on her T-shirt, gathered her stuff and walked off up the beach. I waited a couple of minutes and did the same.

When I reached Chris near the trailhead she smiled. "Day spa it is" she said. "Better be careful what you promise. You happy now?"

"What 'd you think?" I replied with a smile.

Chris turned toward the path, but I had other ideas. Come this way, I said, holding out my hand. She followed as we walked into a little canyon just north of the path. We wound our way back from the beach.

"Where are we going?" Chris said, but I think she knew.

"Right here should do," I said, pulling off my shorts to let my growing erection spring free.

"Here?" she said, looking around, unsure.

"Yea." I reached over and pull her shirt off over her head with little resistance.

"But what if..."

Next came her shorts.

"No one will see." I assured her, spreading my towel on the sand and easing her down onto it.

With no further resistance I moved Chris onto her knees and she bent over in the missionary position. By then I was rock hard. I slid my cock into her wet pussy, wet and waiting. Clearly, I was not the only one turned on by our trip to the beach.

As I started to bang my wife in that little canyon, I looked up to the cliffs above and saw him. Sitting with a pair of binoculars looking down at us. "No one will see us...except him," I smiled to myself.

I started to thrust harder and Chris pushed back, shoving my throbbing cock deep inside her, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. As I glanced up again, I say the voyeur on the hill now had a camera with a long lens to his eye. The hot lava that had formed inside me during Chris' show came flowing out. I came, and came again, filling her with molten liquid as he documented our primitive ritual on film.

We fell panting in the sand.

"Fuck, that was good," I said.

"Yea," smiled Chris, looking around and reaching self consciously for her shirt.

As we walked back up the trail I asked Chris what she wrote on Pete's hand.

"Oh, just my email address" she said with a smile.

"A fake one, I suppose?"

"No, I gave him my real one," she said with a shy smile.

I gaped.

"I don't have to answer," she replied defensively.

"I may just have to chain you up."

"Not today," Chris replied. "One fantasy a day is more than enough for me."

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