tagLoving WivesShy Wife Goes Dancing Ch. 01

Shy Wife Goes Dancing Ch. 01


As you probably know, my petite little Asian wife does not share my passion for showing her off to other guys. She is not at all outgoing in public and especially around other men. It seems she has always been somewhat intimidated yet all too trusting probably for her own good. She does love to dance and has a great passion to get dressed up and go out and listen to music and dance. In this sense, I don't necessarily share her enthusiasm for dancing since I am quite uncoordinated. But I do of course really enjoying seeing her dressed in her little black sexy party dress having fun. I especially enjoy watching many other men check her out wishing they could see more.

I was to attend a convention over the weekend and was happy to have my little wife accompany me. The suburban hotel had nice meeting rooms as well as a lounge with live music and a dance floor. That Friday evening we enjoyed a nice dinner and ended up in the lounge listening to music and dancing. I personally could never get too excited about going out on a crowded dance floor trying to stay in rhythm with the music. The place was pretty well packed out and as the evening grew later I began to fade in the dancing department.

Several other men had asked her to dance but she always politely refused until one middle-aged local man happened to see my reluctance and with practiced charm convinced her to dance with him. I chimed in my support glad to be able to sit one out. I hadn't noticed where he was sitting but could tell he was a local, very charming and smooth talking. The song wasn't really that slow, but he did have her in his arms and she was having a good time following his lead. I could tell he really knew his way around the dance floor as well as how to charm a lady.

After having several dances, he went over and bought us drinks and joined us at our table. While my wife excused herself to go to the ladies room, we made idle chat about sports and guy things. Then out of the blue he said something that really shocked me. He went on and on about how lucky I was to have such a cute little wife referring to her as a "sexy little fox." Somewhat taken by surprise, I thanked him and agreed that she definitely was careful about taking care of herself and exercised regularly. He leaned close and grinned telling me he could tell from dancing with her that she has a tight little body and that I must really enjoy it a lot. Again, his comment surprised me so I probably just agreed with him but I did explain that she was not too adventurous when it came to letting herself get too wild. He smiled again and whispered that he knew she was wearing thong panties and that meant to him she would be a lot of fun in bed.

Before I could respond, my wife politely sat down again at the table looking very relaxed and composed. Steve, our new friend, started talking again with my wife and joking that she looked like she was ready for another dance. As I sat there slowly sipping my drink while they danced, two things were difficult to understand. First, I was having a conversation with a complete stranger discussing intimate details about my wife. Second, I felt a definite tingle and hardness hearing this self assured stranger tell me how hot my wife looked. Even though she has always been very religious, modest, shy and easily embarrassed, she was definitely having fun dancing with her charming new friend. I was sure she had no idea Steve had made such suggestive comments about her to me.

When they finally returned to the table after a slow dance, Steve again went off to buy us a round of drinks. I asked my wife if she was having fun noticing that she was breathing hard and a slight bit of flush to her cheeks. She assured me she was having a great time but thought she had really had enough to drink. She told me Steve was a very accomplished dancer but she wasn't sure she liked being held so tightly and suggest that I dance with her for a while. We danced a slow one and I could tell she had way more alcohol than she was accustomed to drinking. She snuggled close putting her head on my shoulder and I could feel her firm tits pressing against my chest. Her long hard nipples were showing through her thin bra and light silky dress. I knew Steve must have enjoyed the view.

When my wife and I returned to our table, I noticed that Steve was talking and laughing with a couple other guys at the bar while he waited for our drinks. It wasn't long before he walked back with a tray full of drinks to our table accompanied by his two other friends. He quickly introduced them while grabbing a couple empty chairs from other tables inviting them to join us. After a few minutes of introductory conversation, Steve started telling his two friends how much my wife liked to dance and how much fun they had been having. I could see that my wife was somewhat uncomfortable having been invaded by two other guys she didn't know but she did her best to laugh at their jokes and enter into the conversation.

When the next song started, Steve grabbed my wife by the arm pulling her out onto the crowded dance floor. She didn't object, but she looked over at me with that look in her eyes as if to say, "what do I do now?' I just quickly made eye contact with her and shrugged my shoulders like, "I don't know.... Whatever." Sitting at the table talking with Steve's friends, I could see they looked a little rougher than Steve, probably in their late 40s, a lot of tattoos, with a strong vocabulary including a nice selection of four letter words.

When the song ended, Steve was guiding my wife back towards our table while at the same time he was motioning to his friend Jack, at our table, to come and take a spin on the dance floor with my wife. He had evidently convinced her to dance with his friend but I could tell by the look on her face she wasn't too excited about the idea. Even though she still had a big smile on her face, she was definitely out of her comfort zone. Steve and his other friend left the table to take a piss while the lights on the dance floor went low with a slow song. Sitting alone at the table trying to gather my thoughts I had to admit to myself it was very exciting watching my shy little wife interact with strangers that were definitely checking out her hot body. This just wasn't like her to be out dancing with men that she would normally avoid in her everyday life.

Steve came back alone to our table drinking a beer and sat next to me as we watched his friend Jack dance with my wife. He started talking about how much he liked Asian ladies and that he had never had a chance to date one. He wanted to know which country my wife came from originally and how she was different from American ladies. His questions got more detailed and direct until he finally flat out stated that he really liked a hairy pussy and that he had always heard that Asian ladies normally don't shave their cunts. I about fell off my chair with that statement but he just looked me in the eyes and was waiting for my answer. I gave him a nervous laugh and agreed that I also liked a little hair around my playground. I finally admitted to him that my wife just trims herself around the edges so she won't show when she wears her swimming suit. Steve broke into a wide grin and told me that he figured as much.

He continued grinning as he poked me playfully in the shoulder and told me that he had seen pictures of some fine looking Asian lady's tits and could tell my wife had a nice pair of long hard nipples the way they were poking out on her chest. He asked me just how long those beauties get because that was one of the first things he noticed about her. I again played along and told him how embarrassed she was that they always seemed to show but they were a good 1 inch long. I knew I was on dangerous ground having this discussion with a complete stranger but it was extremely exciting to share intimate details about my unsuspecting wife.

I noticed my wife and her newest friend were still dancing but Steve still wanted to know more about my cute little wife. He asked me if that was true that Asian ladies really know how to give a world-class blow job? He said my wife has such soft lips that he bet she was a great cock-sucker. I lied and told him that she did a great job but if the truth be known, she doesn't really enjoy putting my cock in her mouth very often. I lied again when he wanted to know if she would swallow, I told him yes. He was on a roll question after question. He finally asked me if my wife liked a big cock stuck in her ass. My heart was beating fast with excitement and we were both watching my wife on the dance floor as I answered that her ass is off-limits. Steve let out a groan like he was disappointed and stated that my wife has such a hot looking ass it's a shame to not take advantage. I further explained that I can sometimes get a finger tip in before she squirms around and wants me to stop.

We both just sat there in silence as I thought how bizarre it was that I was telling all of my little wife's intimate secrets to this strange guy in a bar. I can't say that I was ashamed of myself, but I probably wasn't having my proudest moment. I told Steve that I had a question for him. I asked him how he knew that my wife was wearing thong panties. He broke into a wide grin and told me that he hoped I didn't mind but he couldn't help himself after he didn't notice any panty lines. He admitted that during a slow dance he had gotten several good feels of her ass, but she was pretty good at not letting him get into the good stuff. My mind was racing; I certainly did not know what that meant... The good stuff? I couldn't believe that my shy modest little wife would let anyone get a feel without coming completely unglued. The music had ended as my winded wife and a grinning Jack walked back to our table so my conversation with Steve ended abruptly.

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