Shy Wife's First Date


In bed that night he asked me to tell him the details again. I did and inevitably it excited both of us and we ended up fucking again. If you had asked me to dream up a wild fantasy I would never have come up with a situation where my husband fucked me while I described how the cunt he was now enjoying had just been fucked by another man. I could almost imagine I was back in that hotel room again, but this was better - my husband's prick was powering into me while I was giving him a breathless description of Mike fucking me.

"He really fucked my cunt you know, he fucked my sweet married cunt. He rammed his prick into me and I was so wet. He told me I had a lovely fuckable cunt and I told him that I wanted him to fill it with his sperm."

It seemed so dirty, so wrong and out of character (I am honestly quite shy!) to be talking to my husband like that, but it was also the best sex we had ever had. It was the purest, most lustful fucking I'd ever experienced and I was out of control in a way that had simply never happened before.

Laid together afterwards Paul asked me if I would take a lover again.

"I might if you're still OK with it, but I wouldn't want to do it regularly. However I rather like the idea of being discretely promiscuous; you know, thoroughly respectable as far as all our friends are concerned, but just occasionally letting a virtual stranger fuck me. It would be a special treat and of course I'd only do it with someone who was seriously attractive."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/22/18


I was at work, got a call from the wife. 20 years married, just us, not even a clue about any illicit desires. She told me she had met a guy at the store, they were talking, and he was interested.

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by SloppyL08/07/17

She's not the only one

My wife is a very discreet slut. After her first time she said she enjoyed it so much she wanted to do it again. For five years now she has been having sex about once every six weeks with strangers. Imore...

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