Siblings Experiment With Sex


She stammered, “Oh, there is another thing you should know.” She started taking off her blouse and her bra allowing her breasts to be released.

She said, “Girls like their breasts massaged and their nipples kissed. Go ahead and practice kissing my nipples.”

Mike got down on the floor on his knees and leaned forward to kiss her nipples. He could hear her breath becoming a little uneven, evidently she was getting turned on again. She reached down for his cock and squeezed it. She told him to stand up in front of her. She immediately removed the condom from his cock and deep throated him. A little bit of that and he groaned as he shot a load in her mouth. As far as he could tell, she swallowed it all.

When she finally let his limber cock fall out of her mouth, she apologized, “I didn’t expect this all to happen. I haven’t had any sex since your Dad died.”

Mike knew she wanted more and was willing to accommodate her. He suggested she put the condom back on as he didn’t want to get her pregnant. She said she had been fixed after he was born and could not get pregnant. They both moved up on the bed. She rolled him on his back so she could get on top.

Even though Mike had cum just a few minutes earlier, his cock was hard again. She easily impaled herself on him and started riding. Her breasts were bouncing around. That reminded him when he and his sister were little with Mom and Dad in the hot tub. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she rode Dad’s lap.

His mom started gasping for air and let out a sharp scream. Mike was hoping Susan would not hear. She had a terrific orgasm. When they finished and Mike was in his bedroom, he felt so sorry for her that she didn’t have Dad anymore. Also, he was glad to give her sexual relief and would probably do so again in the future.

Mike and Susan were alone in the house for the weekend. Their Mom had gone to visit her sister and would not be home again until Sunday evening. Susan called Julie Saturday to come over in the afternoon.

Julie had not been in the house very long until their conversation turned to sex. Susan had secretly told Julie that she had a good sexual relationship with her brother. Both girls were wearing shorts and a brief halter top. Mike playfully untied Julie’s top allowing her breasts to be free from restraint.

He said, “I want to see your beautiful breasts.”

She responded, “I showed you more than that a few months ago. I think it was your first time to see a naked girl. You’ve come a long way with your relationship with Susan. I rather envy you. I wish I had a handsome brother.”

Susan suggested they all go up to her room if there was any undressing to do.

Once in Susan’s room, Mike gave Julie a very sexy kiss, then he unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. Next he hooked his fingers on her panty elastic band to pull them down.

Julie laughed, “You are in a hurry, aren’t you.”

Susan then commented, “Go ahead, don’t let me bother you. I’ll leave you two alone for a little while.”

Mike then said, “Julie, I’ve been wanting to do this ever since you were here to let me look between your legs a long time ago. We didn’t have sex then, but I’ve often thought about it. You are so sexy looking. I heard you broke up with your boy friend, so maybe we can see each other often.”

They laid on the bed as Mike kissed her mouth and then her nipples. She was beginning to moan and squirm. There was no doubt in Mike’s mind that she really liked sex. He rolled over on top of her as she spread her legs and pulled them up. He took one hand to move the head of his cock up and down her slit, then found her hole. He slowly pushed to spread her pussy lips. As his cock was slowly going deeper, she had her hands on his butt urging him deeper. Once he was fully buried, they laid still. Each time she pulsated her pussy, she could feel his cock jerk. He started back and forth movements and began to build up to a climax. She was the first one to start her orgasm. He kept pounding her until he filled her pussy.

They laid in each others arms sharing a kiss now and then. She said, “I really like you. I have always liked you. That was one reason I let you see between my legs long ago. I want to go steady with you..”

He responded, “I think you are wonderful. I’ll give you a friendship ring to show we are going steady. You are the first girl I’ve had sex with except for my sister. Right now, let’s get up and go see what sister is doing.”

Susan was sitting quietly in the living room waiting for them to finish. She greeted them, “Well, I assume you enjoyed your privacy.”

“Yes, Sis, we did and now we are a couple. I’m going to give Julie a friendship ring.”

Julie was wearing only her panties and Mike had put on his shorts. Julie had brought a towel with her to sit on. Even though she had cleaned up in the bathroom, she knew Mike’s cum would ooze out.

Susan looked at the way they were dressed. “Looks as if I am getting left out of the party.”

Mike responded, “Sis, don’t worry about that, I can take care of you too.”

“Thanks, but I need a date. I’ve been out with Don a couple more times lately and would like to see him again. All we ever did was for me to jack him off before I came home to get in bed with you, dear brother. I know I should not call him for a date, but maybe you would call to invite him to dinner.”

Mike picked up the phone and called Don. “Hello, Don, this is Mike. Julie is over here at my house and we are having a party. Susan is here too and looks a little lonely. Would you like to come over for dinner about six?”

Now Susan looked happy. She went into the kitchen to pour three glasses of wine for them. Mike was wondering if his sister had decided to go all the way and have sex with Don. Maybe she had decided to see if she liked his bigger cock.

Mike and Julie decided they had better get dressed before Don arrived. Don was on time at six. Cocktails were served, then everyone enjoyed the dinner the girls had prepared. More drinks were served after dinner.

When Mike started a music CD, he danced with Julie. Don did the same with Susan. At the end of the first song, Don held Susan for a long sexy kiss. The guys traded partners for the next song. Before the song had ended, Don was now kissing Julie. That was alright with Mike because he wanted to kiss both girls, too. They sat out a song and the conversation turned to sexual subjects. They sat down with each guy hugging and kissing their own date.

Mike took Julie by the hand and suggested they go look at the internet in his bedroom. Mike glanced back at Don to see that he was tugging at his sister’s shorts trying to take them off.

Now that Mike and Julie were gone, Susan suggested they go to her bedroom. They finished undressing allowing him to suck on her nipples. She responded by suggesting they get on the bed where it was more comfortable. Susan had jacked him off on their previous dates and she knew his cock was much bigger than her brothers.

Susan maneuvered Don into a six nine position because she wanted to explore his cock. She twirled her tongue around his head as if measuring the size. Then she moved her mouth and tongue down the shaft to his balls. She decided it was quite a big larger than her brothers. She could feel him licking up and down her slit and sucking on her clit. It felt so very good. She took his cock in her mouth as far as she could. She thought she could feel an orgasm building up in his body as he began to strain. He became very vocal as she took the strong spurts in her mouth. She had become experience in swallowing her brother’s cum, and now she had no problem consuming Don’s many spurts.

When Don’s breathing and body came back to normal, he knew his partner did not have an orgasm. He sucked on her clit allowing her to build up to a high for her orgasm. He thought it was very sexy to feel her body shake and strain though an orgasm.

Mike and Julie had been looking at some sexy sites on the internet. They heard Don’s vocalization and smiled at each other. They knew Don was enjoying his time in bed with Mike’s sister, Susan. They turned off the computer and started kissing and fondling preparing to satisfy each other.

After an hour or so, the two couples returned to the living room to recuperate and have another drink. They were very scantily dressed.

Julie said, “Susan, I’ve heard Don has a bigger cock than most guys. I’ve never been on a date with him, so I’ve never felt or seen it. What did you think of it?”

“Yes, it is bigger than my brother’s cock. I liked it very much. I think I could get used to it on regular basis.” She looked at Don to see what would be his response.

Don responded, “Susan, I like you a lot. I always have, but you never acted as if you wanted me to go all the way. I didn’t think you liked me that much. I would like to have you as my steady girl friend. Please, will you?”

Susan jumped up and sat on his lap to hug and kiss him. She could feel his stiff cock punching her bottom. She was wearing only a thin robe. She pulled it from under her to allow his hard member to push up between her legs near her crotch. She reached down with one hand to grasp it. She lifted her butt up and sat down again with his cock stretching her pussy. They sat with his cock buried in her while continuing the conversation.

Julie kept watching Susan wiggle on Don’s cock now and then. She finally asked, “Susan, how does that feel? I saw his cock a few minutes ago and it is rather big.”

Susan moved around on Don’s cock and smiled at Julie, “It feels very good as it fills me to the limit. While I am sitting here on him, I often feel it throb in me. Would you like to try it to see what you think?”

Julie said, “You are so sweet to let me see how it feels.”

Julie walked over to Don as Susan slowly raised up as if she wanted to keep it in her. Julie lowered her panties and slowly lowered herself on to Don. He took his hand to aim at her hole. She lowered herself a little more to start the penetration, waited a few seconds, then settled all the way down.

Julie sort of moaned as she said, “Ohoooooooooo, that is good and it fills me too.”

Julie moved around on his cock and continued to moan.

Susan smiled at Don and Julie, “Go ahead and let him cum in you if you like it. I’ll get my chance with him again a little later.”

Susan and Mike watched as Julie began to gyrate on Don’s cock. Don held Julie’s breasts to keep them from bouncing very much. Susan could see their bodies becoming tense as they began to have orgasms. Both Julie and Don became vocal as their bodies jerked and shook as Don shot spurt after spurt in Julie’s pussy.

When they had settled down and became calm, Susan said, “Now can I have my boyfriend back.”

Susan handed Don some tissues for him to catch the cum as Julie raised up.

Julie said, “Thanks, Susan, for letting me have Don’s cock for a few minutes. I enjoyed that very much.”

Mike took Julie by the hand and led her to his bedroom again. It had really turned him on to watch her have sex with Don. Now he was very eager to continue having sex with her.

Both Julie and Don called their parents to say they were staying overnight with friends. Now they wanted to stay all night with their new steady girl friend or boyfriend.

The party had been a success. Mike didn’t have sex with his sister that night, but he knew he would have many opportunities since they lived in the same house with their mom.

The house was cleaned up and the furniture was back in place when their mom came home Sunday afternoon. She said she had a good time but was glad to be back home with her son and daughter.

After everyone had retired to their own bedroom, Mike decided to go downstairs for a drink of water. His mom heard him and opened her door to say, “Is that you Mike?”

“Yes, mom, I’m just getting a drink of water.”

She was still standing in the hall way when he started to go back upstairs. He noticed she looked so nice in her short nighty. He asked, “Is something wrong, Mom?”

“No, but I missed you and daughter while I was gone only one night. Come in and sit down so we can talk. What all did you do while I was gone?”

Mike couldn’t tell her that he and sister had a sex party with Don and Julie. He said, “Oh, not much of anything. I’m glad you are back at home.”

She was sitting on the side of her bed while he was standing facing her. Her short nighty had moved up enough that he could see her bush. She said, “Come a little closer to me. I can’t reach you.” He moved closer as she reached out to touch his cock through his pajamas. He then knew that mom wanted more than just touching him.

Mike took the initiative to feel her breasts, then pushed her back to lie on the bed. He got on his knees as she conveniently spread her legs for him to look and kiss her pussy. He found her clit and began sucking on it until she had an orgasm.

She then offered to suck his cock, but he said he wanted to bury it in her pussy. They moved around in bed for him to get on top to enter his cock. Since he had a lot of sex on Saturday night, he could easily hold back for awhile without cumming. He pounded her and kept at it until she had another orgasm, then he exploded in her pussy.

After they both went to the bathroom to clean up, he kissed his mom goodnight and went upstairs. Susan heard him in the hall and came out to ask him what he was doing. She thought she heard some noises downstairs. He then admitted to sister that he had sex with their mom. Susan didn’t think that was so bad to keep their mom satisfied. They would talk about it later and tomorrow would be another day.

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