tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSick and Wrong Ch. 05

Sick and Wrong Ch. 05


Author's Note: This is the point where I'd like to get the series into more extremes... warning for this one - Non-Consensual marital sex as well as a kind of lesbian rape.


Professor Dandon gasped as Priscilla pulled his lovely wife into the room, Barbara's eyes were wide with shock and she barely made any noise as Priscilla put her hand over the older woman's mouth.

"Well hello..." Priscilla practically purred as she looked over this new acquisition, "Aren't you awfully pretty for an older woman... and check out these tits!"

The Professor made a noise of protest at the same time as his wife, Priscilla ignored them both, tearing Barbara's straps off of her shoulders and letting the huge boobs flop out. They were very large and sagging, with huge areola and big dark nipples. One of her greatest assets, Barbara was very proud of her breasts. Having them called "tits" and then having them exposed in front of this beautiful young woman who had obviously just been fucking her husband, had to be the greatest humiliation of Barbara's life. Priscilla slapped one of the massive mammeries, laughing as it flopped back and forth and Barbara shrieked pain, the noise muffled by Priscilla's hand over her mouth; although the older woman was much too stunned to even try to move.

"Now Priscilla," protested Professor Dandon, stepping forward. He stopped as Priscilla turned to look at him, no longer the sweet student who had so lustily encouraged him to fuck her. There was something dominating in her eyes, something that he had never encountered before.

"You have such a beautiful wife," crooned Priscilla, "I bet you guys have the most amazing sex life... I would if I was married to a gorgeous slut like this." Barbara's body jerked at the word slut and she whimpered, not knowing what to do, not knowing why her husband wasn't defending her honor. Priscilla's hand went under Barbara's skirt and her eyes widened as she looked back at the Professor, "And she's already wet! How wonderful... something must be turning her on... maybe it's having these big cow-tits out for me to see."

The Professor watched as Priscilla continued to molest his wife, feeling frozen in place and unable to do anything despite the pleading that filled Barbara's eyes. Part of his inability to move was certainly his shame that he was getting aroused, his eyes locked onto where Priscilla's hand was stroking Barbara's pussy underneath the skirt. When Priscilla leaned forward and actually kissed Barbara, pressing her body against the older woman, the Professor groaned aloud with lust.

Breaking off the kiss, Priscilla looked over at him, and both of them women stared at his groin; Priscilla with amused lust, and Barbara with terrified betrayal.

Priscilla dragged Barbara over to where the Professor was standing, putting the older woman on her knees in front of her husband, and yanking the Professor's pants down before ordering, "Clean off his dick."

Barbara looked up at her, uncomprehending, and Priscilla shoved the older woman's face into the Professor's crotch. Professor Dandon reacted with shock and pleasure as his wife of 15 years, whom had never once given him any kind of oral pleasure, was suddenly licking at his crotch. He couldn't believe that she was doing it, couldn't believe that Priscilla had started this... everything felt very dream like and hazy. Except the pleasure of his wife lapping away at his crotch, Priscilla watching the older woman pleasure him with glowing eyes.

"Good girl," Priscilla stroked the older woman's hair, her hands coming down to gently caress Barbara's breasts. After the rough treatment before, Barbara actually felt grateful that the touches were gentle. She actually started to suck on her husband's dick of her own accord, not wanting to get herself in any kind of trouble; and it was actually more pleasant than she would have thought. Professor Harry Dandon gasped as his wife began sucking him down her throat, she was finding that she actually liked the weighty feel of him in her mouth. And Priscilla was rewarding her with the most gentle caresses that made her pussy well up with moisture. Getting excited, she felt almost as though she was in a trance, like this wasn't really happening but was just a dream.

"Good girl," crooned Priscilla, and she pulled Barbara away from the Professor's hard and ready dick, spreading her own legs and pushing Barbara's face down between them, "Now eat all your husbands cum out of my pussy."

The Professor moaned as Barbara tried to pull away and Priscilla slapped her across the face, taking her long nipples in each hand and twisting them hard, pulling the woman back into her pussy, "NOW you stupid cow... look at this huge udders. Eat out my cream pie you stupid slut."

Sobbing, her nipples tormented and cruelly pinched, Barbara complied, understanding that her husband was not going to interfere on her behalf. Her tongue flicked out and up along Priscilla's swollen pussy, tasting the womanly juices and the bitter cum, sliding up and down and Priscilla's grip on her nipples lessened slightly.

"Good little Moo-Cow, yes you are," sighed Priscilla, still playing with Barbara's sensitive nipples, "Can you say 'moo' little cow?"

Barbara paused, the grip on her poor nipples tightening a little as she hesitated. Then, softly, "Moo."

"Louder," sang Priscilla, "And don't stop licking."

"Moo." said Barbara louder and she started licking again and Priscilla laughed at her humiliation.

Looking up at her Professor, who was fisting his dick as he watched his wife eat out his student, Priscilla said, "I'll bet your cow-slut wife is wet Professor, why don't you go ahead and fuck her."

Barbara winced at the younger girl's crude terms, but she knew it was true. She was wet... but would her husband really?... Yes. Yes he would, she moaned into Priscilla's pussy as he started roughly pushing into her pussy, not at all the gentle lover that he usually was, but consumed with lust and forcing his way into her tightness. She moaned and squealed as she was roughly stretched, her voice vibrating into Priscilla's pleasure and making the younger woman pull her face more deeply into her pussy folds.

It was hard rollicking sex as the Professor raped his wife, taking out his frustrations on her helpless body, every thrust forcing her face deep into Priscilla's pussy. The humiliated woman squealed and whimpered, her tongue never ceasing to pleasure the girl in front of her because as soon as it did her nipples paid the price. Priscilla heaped verbal abuse upon her, squeezing Barbara's large tits and pulling on her nipples like she was milking the woman. Everything Priscilla did just egged on the Professor even more, he rammed into his wife, his dick punishing her pussy as he stretched it over and over again.

To her horror, Barbara began to cum. Her face buried in another woman's pussy, completely degraded and humiliated, her husband raping her... and she was cumming. The best, most intense orgasm of her life was washing over her; her screams of pleasure were muffled into Priscilla's pussy, which just set off Priscilla again, thrilled in her domination of the older woman. The Professor gasped and filled his wife's cunt with cum, shocked at himself but also finding much to enjoy in the situation.

When Barbara lay on the floor, crying and shaking, not knowing how to deal with the betrayal of both her husband and her own body, Professor Dandon felt very sorry. His wife's pussy was pink and swollen, leaking his cum, her breasts were pink and her long nipples were almost purple from the abuse they had taken. Priscilla's pussy juices coated his wife's mouth.

Priscilla could see the Professor's regrets, she began ushering him to the door, "Go take care your guests Professor Dandon, I'll take care of your wife."

The Professor was in such a daze from the events of the past hour that he allowed himself to be ushered to the door, not even realizing that he was leaving his wife alone with the instigator of all those events. As soon as he was gone Priscilla turned and faced Barbara, who was looking at her with muted horror.

"Ok little Moo-Cow," said Priscilla with an evil grin, "We're going upstairs to play now... We're going to have such a good time."

On the way up the stairs Priscilla picked up her purse. It had an item in there that she'd hoped to use tonight, although she'd had no idea that it would be in such exciting and wonderful circumstances. She made Barbara take the back stairs so that they could go up unobserved, leading the older woman by the nipples the entire way.

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