Sideshow Sylvie


I asked several questions about Sylvie, but only learned a little more than what he had already told me. I did discover that the dress she wore was one that she wore as part of the show. She had been twenty six when she died. When I asked him more about how she had stayed so well preserved, he couldn't give me a straight answer. He was baffled by a lot of details concerning her.

Charles had retired for the night, and I had sat in the guest room ever since trying to outline a new story. I had made pretty good progress already. I decided that coming here and talking with Charles had revitalized my creativity. Strange creatures had begun to crawl around in the shadows of my brain, practically weaving their own horrid tales.

I couldn't help thinking of Sylvie, though. Part of me felt shy and skittish just thinking of her, and it made me feel like a young man with a crush again. Sylvie was so gorgeous and lovely, so delicate and desirable. The thought of her warmed me inside. I wished that I could have talked with her or flirted with her. However, Sylvie's glazed eyes had burned their image into my brain. I remembered how her movements had seemed disturbing and robotic, how her head had spun around impossibly. The thought of her then seemed unsettling and horrifying. She couldn't be dead. That was impossible. Charles had to be using some sort of smoke and mirrors on me. I tried to put Sylvie out of my mind and focus on my new ideas.

I wrote for quite some time before looking down at the time display in the corner of my computer screen. It was almost midnight already. Time had seemed to fly as I wrote, and I knew that I needed to get some sleep. I got ready for bed quickly and moved my laptop to my stomach as I laid down. I wasn't tired at all and decided to read over my outline and my notes to make sure that everything fit together well. Reading at night made me drowsy and I knew before long that I would be nodding off.

I started to do just that as I read through my notes, hardly reading even half of them before my eyelids felt like warm heavy blankets. I moved my mouse over to shut down my computer. I reached over and clicked off the old lamp, my face lit with a blue glow from the laptop. Beyond the bed was pitch black. Just before the room went dark as I closed the computer up, I spotted something move in my peripheral vision.

My eyes shot up, trying to see what was there in the dark. I could have sworn I saw someone at the far end of the room straight ahead of me. My eyes hadn't adjusted from the bright light of the laptop, so all I could see was spots. I held my breath and listened close, my skin flushing warm and heart growing icy cold. I could only hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears. Then, I heard a faint brushing noise, the sound of feet on the hardwood floor.

A wave of fear shot through me and my arm darted over to turn on the lamp. In my panic, I accidentally knocked it clear off of the end table to crash loudly on the floor. I cringed, for the intruder had surely heard the raucous. I again held my breath, my eyes wide and glued to the darkness before me. I still could not make out any shapes in the room, except for the foot of my bed.

Building up my courage, I whispered, "Mr. Tibbord? Ch-Charles is that you?"

I waited but received no reply. I heard the brushing sound again, and I could clearly tell that they were footsteps.

"Ms. Vasquez?" I hissed. "Hello?"

Again I was met with silence. A dreadful thought occurred to me then. I had dined with Charles and had spent some length chatting with him, but even when he retired for bed, he never mentioned anything about putting Sylvie back in the freezer.

My eyes still fixed in the direction of the footsteps, I quietly opened my laptop and pressed the power button, cursing silently at the the seemingly deafening whir of the device as it powered on. In seconds the bright blue glow of the screen flicked on. I slowly spun the computer around in my lap to cast its light on the rest of the room. At first glance, I didn't see anyone in the room, though the light from my laptop didn't go very far. It did slightly help that the walls were a faded white color, for I could see no silhouette in front of it. Then, I saw part of the whiteness turn and look my direction with two milky glazed eyes.

I slammed the computer shut, my mouth open wide to scream. I bit down on my fist hard, suppressing any sound in fear of being heard. Again I could hear the shuffling of feet on the floor. I tried to erase the image from my head.

It was Sylvie. Her pale bare flesh, for she appeared to be naked, had hidden her almost perfectly against the faded white wall in the corner of the room. How or why she had gotten into the room, or why she was nude, I didn't know. It didn't matter. I was terrified.

As quietly as I could, I set my computer on the end table in the dark. I eased myself down under the covers and lay still and silent, afraid to even breathe too loudly. I pulled the heavy comforter to my chin, feeling as helpless as a child. I could hear Sylvie's shuffling steps getting louder. She had seen me. Those empty white eyes had found me in the light from the laptop. I thought to call out for Charles or Ms. Vasquez, but I didn't want to draw any further attention from the ghastly dead woman in my room.

Then I saw her. My eyes had adjusted somewhat with a little help from the one window in the room, and I could make out her pale form approaching the bed. Sylvie's head twitched slightly this way and that, her glazed eyes searching for the source of the light to which she had been drawn.

Her stringy but beautiful white hair fell over her shoulders to rest at the tops of her breasts, which hung pleasantly on display from her bare chest. Her large nipples were a terrible purple or bluish color from what I could see in the dark, with web patterned veins sprawling out from her areolae. Her waist was flat and smooth and her hips spanned out wide. Though I trembled as I watched her, I felt the blood stirring in my dick as I saw the black patch between her thighs.

Sylvie's head jutted forward on her neck and cocked to the side disturbingly as her petrifying eyes scanned for me in the dark. I shivered and held my breath when her milky orbs glanced over me once. Her arm now felt in the dark and found the mattress. I wanted to scream when she suddenly threw her leg awkwardly into the bed, her whole body twisting with the motion so that her torso jerked up to stand erect. She all but fell to the bed beside me then, her uncoordinated arms not able to catch her. She was now lying twisted and naked beside me, her ass stuck high in the air as she crawled and twitched her way closer.

I squeezed my eyelids shut. A trembling breath escaped my quivering lips. This couldn't be happening. Again I wanted to scream but found that I was petrified. How would Sylvie react if I called for help? It terrified me to think of stirring her into panic, if it was even possible.

I felt her hand press firmly into my stomach, and realized with horror that she was crawling onto me. I felt her spastic body straddling me awkwardly, with no care as to if her actions hurt me or not. Sylvie made a sound that was not unlike the creak of a heavy wooden door. I felt her head on my stomach as she appeared to feel her way onto me with her every limb.

I opened my eyes to peek at the thing on me. There was Sylvie writhing her pale naked form up my body. Her eyes and her head flitted back and forth, twisting and turning, searching hungrily for her prize. Her face drew near mine and her jaw dropped open wide, her tongue rolling and curling. I was paralyzed with fear, and at the same time, mesmerized by this beautiful creature.

Sylvie's face was now right in front of my own, her body pinned to mine with only the comforter between us. She still didn't seem to see me though she surely must have felt me. Her milky eyes still searched for me, until her hands crept up to my shoulders and felt their way up to my neck. Her touch was cold, and her hands didn't caress or comfort my skin, but rather groped and clawed at it greedily.

Sylvie's then let out a low wordless moan that was unlike any sound I had heard a human being make. Her head plunged down and her open mouth found my neck. I let out a startled yelp, fearing that she might tear into my neck and eat me. Though she did attack my neck fervently, it was with her tongue, not her teeth. Sylvie sucked and licked at my pulsing neck, her hands clutching the back of my head desperately. I felt her hips rocking into me, her thighs and her crotch squeezing and grinding hard against mine.

I was frozen in shock, unsure what to do. My heart was still thundering in my chest, though I was starting to gain control of my breathing now. I remembered what Charles had told me about Sylvie and how she had been a sex addict. I now could see the depths of her addiction as she writhed and humped on top of me like she was in heat. Even in death it seemed she lusted for flesh.

My fear did not subside, especially when Sylvie worked her tongue up the side of my face. Still I feared to protest as she licked and sucked at my cheek, then moved to run her cold tongue across my closed lips. I kept my mouth sealed shut, until I felt one of her hands clutch the side of my head with her thumb dangerously close to my eye socket. She apparently was becoming frustrated that she could find her way into my mouth, and she let out a feral groan and clawed at my head.

My squeezed my eyes shut, wanting to scream. I couldn't take it anymore and opened my lips slightly to appease Sylvie. Instantly her curling greedy tongue slid between my lips and her mouth pressed hard against my own. Her tongue left no part of my mouth unexplored, licking behind my teeth and between my gums and cheeks, and writhing about on my tongue.

My eyes opened. My breath came heavy again as I saw those ghastly eyes open wide before me, our faces wreathed in her long, white, stringy locks of hair. I felt one of her hands jerking at the sheets between us in futility. She suddenly pushed herself awkwardly up from my body, breaking our horrid kiss, and let out a terrible screech of frustration. I saw her pale heavy breasts hanging between us, beautiful but wretched. I watched in terror as her head turned on its side and twisted inhumanly around, her jaw as wide open as possible. It was a disturbing thing to watch.

I flung the covers away from me as best I could praying that Sylvie would stop, my bare chest now exposed. She slunk down to my sternum, her face on its side and her mouth open wide. Her tongue still lapped hungrily at my bare flesh as she slid her way down to my waist. She grasped the bed sheets and pulled them violently aside. I tried my best to help her as she went into a frenzy tearing and pulling the sheets away, getting herself tangled as she did.

We were at last free of the covers, and I knew Sylvie wasn't finished. Her white eyes glared back at me, her head cocked to one side strangely. I thought to flee at that moment, but seeing how Sylvie reacted to rejection, I was terrified to try. I examined her naked form near the foot of the bed, crouched on her hands and knees with her thighs spread wide. Though she looked ghastly and horrific with her empty white eyes studying me, I couldn't deny that she looked undeniably sexy.

Sylvie began to crawl awkwardly toward me, her jaw open wide and her tongue busy and rolling. Her large breasts swayed as she moved. Her back was arched and her ass was just visible from over her shoulders. Blood again pumped into my dick and it began to strain against my briefs as I watched Sylvie approach. I thought of Charles, remembering how he said that he had succumbed and had sex with her. I started to realize how he must have felt, terrified and turned on simultaneously. I wanted Sylvie but I trembled at the thought of giving in to her, yet now it scared me more to reject her.

It was not without a measure of dread that I made my decision. Moving quickly, I pulled off my briefs and tossed them aside, my dick flopping free and erect.

Sylvie was drawn to my cock like a magnet. Before I could react, both of her hands clutched my stiff rod at its base and her head twisted yet again. Her grip was so tight I thought my dick would burst in her icy hands. Her mouth found my dick and her head dove down hungrily. I let out a yelp and my legs bucked as the magnificent sensation washed over my dick. Sylvie's mouth was cool and surprisingly moist, and her skillful tongue wrestled around my dick erratically.

I beheld the scene before me. This pale dead beauty was gobbling my dick with her ass in the air, with her lifeless eyes staring blankly ahead. She looked like a ghost between my thighs, greedily groping and twitching like an addict after receiving a long awaited fix. Sylvie emitted strange sounds unlike any I had ever heard, her groans and creaks humming across my cock inside of her cold mouth. I was rock hard and utterly confused. I clutched the bed sheets, horrified that this dead woman had my dick in her mouth but intoxicated by her transcendent lust.

Sylvie's head came up at once and again she began her eerie twitching crawl, making her way up to my face. She straddled my crotch with her own as her wide glazed eyes came inches from mine. Her cold heavy tits brushed my chest and almost stole my breath. I felt the patch between her thighs against my throbbing dick as she climbed onto me, and again where I expected warmth, her lips were cool and moist. It made my cock grow even harder. Sylvie must have felt my straining sex, for her hips ground against me as though from reflex.

I was locked into her pearly haunting gaze, mortified but enthralled by her lifeless beauty. Again her mouth opened extremely wide and she produced a long sickening croaking sound. I trembled beneath her, tossed on the tumultuous tides of fear and pleasure that ebbed and flowed throughout my body. I still clenched the sheets tightly, afraid to touch her body and how she would respond when I did.

Sylvie rock her hips into me erratically without rythym, and though I wasn't even inside of her I could feel my dick growing slick with her cold juices. How was she wet if she was dead? How is any of this possible? I decided not to care. I bolstered my nerve and let go of the bed sheets, slowly moving my hands toward her pale round ass.

When I touched her, her body at once melted against me. Sylvie's face fell against my own, forcing my head to turn aside as our cheeks pressed firmly together, our heads facing the same direction. Her cold breasts smashed against my bare chests as our bodies became one, her pale writhing form molding to my warm but shivering flesh. I clutched her ass cheeks in my hands, marveling at the feel of her flesh. Her skin was strangely dry, whereas her mouth and her pussy had been moist.

Sylvie rolled her hips into me while I awkwardly tried to position my hips so that my dick could slip into her. It was difficult, for I was pinned beneath her. With my hands, I lifted her hips slightly and I felt the tip of my dick pushing lightly at her lips below. She needed no assistance here. Sylvie slid herself down the length of my cock, letting out a frighteningly inhuman groan as she did. My dick plunged all the way into her and a chill crept through me as I was swallowed by her cold snatch.

Sylvie pushed herself up, with one hand digging into my chest. Her mouth was still open wide with her tongue rolling about, and she worked her jaw around oddly. She stuck her crooked fingers into her mouth to clutch her jaw and pull at it disturbingly while her tongue still licked and curled. She began riding me very deep and hard, her dead white eyes glaring down at me.

I realized that touching her was what she wanted me to do. I brought a hand up to her full pale breasts, only slightly repulsed by the webs of tiny dark violet veins that surrounded her large areolae. I grasped her left breast and squeezed. Sylvie's hand left her mouth and thrust upward into her hair and she pulled violently, apparently intoxicated with her own undying lust.

The sensations I felt were overwhelming. I wanted to shut my eyes and hide from the hideous view of Sylvie's dead body gyrating on top of me. At the same time, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her spastic motions sent orgasmic chills through my dick. I grew harder feeling her cold pale ass clenching and thrusting in my hand, as well as her huge, fleshy, discolored breast.

Sylvie came crashing down upon me suddenly, her body once again locked against mine. I shivered from her cool embrace as she continued to ride me. Her breasts were now in my face and I had nowhere to go. Her dark nipples waved in front of my eyes as her breasts bounced. I wanted to take them into my mouth, to suck and bite and feel their softness, but her sickening areolae made me hesitate. Looking up, however, I was met by her haunting eyes through her flailing white hair. I submitted to my desire and plunged my head between her waving breasts and began licking at her cold flesh. I heard a shrill but hoarse moan escape her throat, a sound I assumed was one of pleasure coming from Sylvie.

With yet another sudden movement, Sylvie was crawling off of me, my still throbbing dick sliding from her pussy. I froze, realizing that she was crawling further up my torso. Sylvie's knees were now beside my head, and it horrified me that she was lowering her cold wet cunt to my face. Was fucking her not enough? Did her lust for sex run this deep? This was too much.

I clawed at her thighs and her ass, fighting with all my strength now to pull Sylvie's dead form off of me. My shoulders were pinned underneath her however, and her body was as strong as her will. I realized she must think I'm enjoying this, if she could think at all. I saw her pursed pussy lips lowering to my face, and above I saw her flat stomach, the bottoms of her heavy breasts, and those glazed wicked eyes watching me.

Her cold pussy was now against my cheek as I turned my head in an attempt to keep her sex from my mouth. Sylvie rolled her hips, and the side of my face was smeared with her cold nectar. She let out a terrible screech and squeezed her thighs tight against my head. Yet again I submitted to her will, turning my face upright to meet her waiting pussy. Sylvie grabbed two handfuls of my hair and jerked my head into her dark flower.

I was bombarded by putrid aroma as my mouth pressed firmly into Sylvie's crotch. My nose and cheeks were now buried in her bristled black pubic hair. The smell was stale and horrid, and I refused to open my mouth, but when Sylvie tore at my hair and face I had to abide. My mouth opened and her sickening taste poured into me. I lapped at her cold pussy with my tongue and she rolled her hips again, enveloping my face with her cunt. The taste was awful, though I didn't stop for fear of her reaction.

Looking up at her, I saw her hands shoot up to her large discolored breasts. Sylvie squeezed them and clawed at them violently, tossing her head back and emitting another disturbing groan. She rode my face hard, squeezing her pale thighs tightly around my head.

Sylvie suddenly lurched backward, bending impossibly until I lost sight of her upper body. Her legs stayed locked around my head, though her hips shifted slightly, causing the bottoms of her ass cheeks to mash into my chin and her gaping pussy to slide up my nose. I felt her tongue.... No. That wasn't possible. Sylvie was bent so far backward that she was licking my dick with her cold mouth.

It dawned on me then as I remembered a certain detail that Charles had mentioned. Sylvie had been a contortionist in his show, which explained all of the disturbing motions she had been doing with her body.

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