tagInterracial LoveSidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 02

Sidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 02


I climbed into the tow truck while the driver secured my car, checking my cell I was relieved to see no recent videos or out going calls. I figured Mojo was just fucking with me.

While waiting for the driver to finish up I felt copious amounts of semen flowing out of my pussy. I started daydreaming and my hand wandered down to my snatch and started rubbing. I had for the first time in my life experienced multiple orgasms during sex and my honey pot felt empty.

I had not realized how deep I was into my dream state until the driver startled me, "White bitch just ain't had enough black cock."

"What?" I snapped out of my trance.

"Looks like you ain't done getting fucked," he said looking down to my crotch.

I followed his eyes down to see I had two fingers buried in my pussy. I orgasmed sending my body into convulsions just then. I turned beet red masturbating in front of a complete stranger. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, "Sorry, I was just........"

"You was just dreaming about getting more black cock."

"What? No I wasn't."

"Funny you say that after moaning so convincingly, yes fuck me with that nigger cock."

"I did not! I only agreed to it so I wouldn't be arrested."

"First timer huh?"

"Only time that will ever happen."

"I doubt that ho," he reached over and grabbed my wrist and brought it to his crotch, "After all you have a deductable on your insurance."

"How much?"

"It's A $1000.00, or you could just work it off while we fix your car."

"How?" He grabbed my head and brought it to his crotch. I stopped playing with the bulge in his pants long enough to unzip his pants, his cock sprang out.

I knew what he wanted and rolled over kneeling on the floor, "Get your ass up on the seat."

"Someone will see," I complained.

"You a black cock whore what do you care?" He growled.

I knew there was no convincing him to let me just do this dispicable thing from the floor. I tried to get low on the seat so no one would see me. He slapped my ass, "Raise your ass up ho."

Tears of embarrassment started to flow as I engulfed his cock and he pulled my dress up to expose me to all who looked. Today was the first day I had ever had a penis in my mouth . My gag reflex had me gagging with every bump of the road. I tried to relax and just please this man so he would not hurt me. Soon I had his short and curlies tickling my nose and he was moaning.

I was getting into pleasing the driver when all of a sudden I heard a siren and we pulled over. I tried to dislodge his cock from my mouth but he held my head so I couldn't, "Earn your keep."

I heard a voice, "What's going on Malcomb?"

"Officer Smith just doing my job, after a car wreck."

"And your friend there?"

"She's saying thanks for the rescue."

"With your record I have to ask, is that her car or are you up to your old ways?"

"It's her car license is in her bag on the seat."

"Since your busy I'll just climb up and get it."

"That's fine but I'm almost done."

I got scared, he was going to cum in my mouth.

"Since your almost done pull around back of the warehouse so we can get this checked out."

With that Malcomb pulled off the road to get out of the way.

Malcomb's cock started to stiffen after a couple of more minutes. I felt a hand from the other side start rubbing my ass, "She's been a busy girl."

"Yeah Mojo and his friends helped her after the wreck, Oh shit! here it comes," Malcomb growled as his cock started pulsing, "Swallow it bitch."

Officer Smith drove two fingers into my pussy, "Ahhhhh," as Malcomb spewed his semen into my mouth. Try as I may I could not swallow fast enough to get it all and started choking. Malcomb pulled out and covered my face with the last three ropes, "Whore you made a mess of my uniform."

I pulled my head up to apologize but before I could, "Miss get out," officer Smith said.

"Let me see your license please," he said handing me my bag.

I opened my purse looking quickly my pot was gone, I pulled my license and registration out and handed them to officer Smith.

I turned to see if there was a shop rag to wipe my face, "What you looking for girl?" Malcomb asked.

"Something to wipe my face," I answered.

"Let me help you with that, " officer Smith offered.

"Thank you," I said. I turned to face him again and he pulled the hem of my dress up and wiped the cum with it.

I stood there naked from my boobs down as both men whistled, "Now that I see her standing this is one fine piece of white ass isn't she?" Officer Smith asked.

"Mojo weren't lying about that," Malcomb answered.

"So Sidni, as an officer I have to ask, have you been sexually assaulted ever?"

"No sir."

"You have not been forced in any way to perform sexual acts against your will?"

"No sir, just thankful to all who have helped today."

"How do you show your thankfulness?" officer Smith asked cupping my bare pubic mound and inserting a finger in my love chute.

"Any way you ask sir."

"Are you thankful that I stopped Malcomb to check on your well being?" wiggling his finger in my pussy.

"Yesss, I am."

"How thankful?" officer Smith asked. I reached over rubbing his crotch before grasping his zipper and dropping to my knees, "Malcomb go grab a soda I'll be done in about twenty."

"Okay officer Smith," with that Malcomb strode off around the corner.

I finished pulling officer Smith's cock out of his trousers and engulfed it. My gag reflex had not returned so I was able to deep throat him, "Girl you one fine cocksucker, oh yeah."

Officer Smith guided my head back and forth for about 10 minutes, I was drooling all over my chest. Officer Smith pulled my dress up forcing me to pull off his cock, "Bitch as much as I wanted you to continue, I want to nut in the cunt of my first white ho."

I stood up and sat on the edge of the seat of the tow truck. Officer Smith eased up between my thighs and ran his cock up my slit, "Ohhh," I loooked down as his cock sank into my love canal. This is the first time I realized the difference of contrast between us.

I was transfixed watching his black cock pushing between my white thighs going in and the added color of pink when he pulled out. I leaned back on my palms as he started fucking me faster, my hips automatically started flexing to meet his thrusts.

When this had all started I had never even considered fucking a black man let alone bareback, thank god I was on birth control.

My first orgasm erupted causing me to convulse, my pussy started sucking on the cock hammering me. My orgasm rolled one after the other as my hips bucked and pussy walls milked the cock, "Ohhhh shit, this is unreal, fuck meee," I squealed.

"Ohhhh bitch your fine white pussy will never be the same when you're done today," officer Smith moaned.

"I don't care, Ahhhhhhh, just fuck me I'm yours."

"You gonna be one fine black cock ho once we loosen up your tight pussy."

"Yessss, whenever you want it, it's yours, SHIT! cumming,"

"Almost there babe, your cunts milking the cum right out of me."

Officer Smith's cock began to swell and pulse before he buried his cock in my womb. His cock continued to pulse for what felt like an hour. All of a sudden his semen burst forth, rope after rope of fertile black seed filled my receptive willing womb. The power of his ejaculation knocked the wind out of me and set off the most powerful orgasm of my young life.

Officer Smith pulled his cock out of my pussy just as Malcomb walked around the corner, "Officer Smith got to get back to the shop."

"This one fine piece of white ass, hope she thanks you and the guys properly."

"This is a rush job so she'll be here awhile, got to finish tonight come by later when you get off duty."

"Might just have to do that, she's a true whore born to take black cock," I gave him a look of disdain thinking, I was not born to take nigger cock. being in such a delirium during orgasm I forgot I told him anytime.

I reached for my dress and Malcomb told me to just leave it off it wouldn't be long before I had to take it off again.

Malcomb climbed back in the truck as I shut my door and we drove off. Malcomb patted the seat next to him and I slid over. I unzipped his pants and dragged his cock out before rolling onto the floor, this time he didn't say a word as I sucked his cock hidden from view.

Soon we were backing into a garage, "We're hear stop sucking and get out."

I lifted my head and peered out to see four more black men working, "But I'm...."

"Yes and you have to work off your deductable with that white cum dumpster beween your thighs."

"You'll have my car done tonight so I never have to see any of you again right."

"Five or six hours have a parts car out back."

I knew who was in control as I stepped out of the tow truck to the sound of tools dropping and hoots and whistles from the men, "Fine white ass," "Present from Malcomb," or "Strut that fine white cunt this way," I don't know why but the comments just made me wet and feel sexy.

"Got work to do before anything so get to work," Malcomb shouted.

The crew of men unloaded my car and ran out back to gather the parts that were obvious. I stood there naked transfixed over the dominance Malcomb exuded.

Malcomb grabbed a camera and started taking pictures of my car, "Do you have a bathroom I could use?" I asked meekly.

"Over there," he pointed. I started to walk toward the rest room, "Put some sway in them hips babe."

I did as Malcomb instructed. I washed my face and began to cry, what is happening to me? I hate niggers, why do I feel so sexy strutting around them? Why can't I stop letting them use me? I started playing with my pussy feeling the cum on my thighs, I hope they're not diseased.

After I calmed down and washed my face again I walked out to the garage, "Where's Malcomb?"

"In the office submitting the estimate and photos to your insurance," one of the men answered.

I strode over to the office and entered, "She's right here, do you need to speak to her?" He handed me the phone.

"Hello this is Sidni," Malcomb grabbed a new pair of pants and stripped out of the ones he had on.

"No it was an accident, there was a pile of debris in the road and there was no road closed sign, No I dropped something before I saw it and when I looked up there it was, yes thank you."

I turned to hang up the phone, Malcomb was now sitting behind his desk stroking his cock, "Start earning you deductable," I walked over and bent to engulf his cock, "Get that cock good and hard ho," My pussy quivered at that.

I sucked his cock for 10 minutes before he pulled me up to kneel on the chair with my cunt hovering over his cock. His hands went to my 34c's and started massaging them rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

My snatch became moist, my legs weakened as my pussy sank closer to his big cock. I grabbed a hold of it just as it kissed my nether lips. "Ohhhh, I moaned as it sank into me. The emptiness my pussy had been feeling was now gone.

Malcomb leaned up and took one of my nipples into his mouth and started flicking his tongue across it before biting it, "Ohhh fuck," I squealed as I orgasmed.

This whole day was becoming a blur of emotions that I had never experienced. I was in a state of euphoria with multiple orgasms, feelings of warmth each time they came in me.

I must have fainted after my orgasm. When I awoke I was now laid across the desk with Malcomb abusing my pussy toward another orgasm. I pushed up on my palms looking at Malcomb's nigger cock sinking into the white lips of my nigger hating pussy. When he pulled out my pussy lips seemed to kiss it coaxing it back in. I shuddered with another orgasm not beleiving this was me acting like a slut.

Malcomb slapped my tit startling me back to awareness. I looked down to watch my hips bucking up to meet his thrusts, slap, slap, as our thighs met, "Sluts getting into fucking this big black cock."

"Nooo, never this isn't right a white having sex with a nig.. black."

"Say what you want whore, your hips tell a different story, LOOK," he pulled me up some more my hips were bucking, "Look at the way them prim and proper white pussy lips just hug that big black pole, true love if I've ever seen it."

"Noooo, Ooooh SHIT! cumming."

Malcomb planted his cock kissing the entrance to my womb. My orgasm intensified as his cock swelled and pulsed, "Gonna plant my seed into your fertile garden bitch, plant a little black bundle of joy so you remember your true calling."

"Yessss," I heard myself moan as Malcomb pushed his cock head into the entrance of my womb. My orgasm was subsiding when Malcomb exploded, with every pulse of his cock I could feel every rope of his semen bathe the walls of my womb with baby seed. Fireworks and stars shot off in my head as another orgasm surged forth, I passed out.

I awoke on the couch, Malcomb must have put me there. Sitting up I wiped my eyes as they focused. Standing I walked to the door and entered the garage area. There were car parts every where. These guys were fast my car seemed to be back together and they were prepping it for paint.

I walked over to a cot and sat down to watch, "Sleepy heads awake," Malcomb said handing me a soda.

"Thank you I need this," I said opening the can.

"I'll give you a few to relax before the games begin."

"Gam...Oh I know," I said smiling.

"Let me know when your ready."

"I will," sipping my soda.

Malcomb walked away and started sanding the hood. I sat watching the men in their wife beaters working on the car. With every move they made another muscle rippled on these well built men. My pussy began to quiver and get wet as I sipped my soda, I was literally drooling over black men.

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