"Isn't it getting kind of late?"

She draped a naked leg over mine and pressed her cheek against my bare chest. I was hot and my breaths still came heavily. Our skins were damp to the touch but she didn't seem to mind the heat or the sweat. Beads clung to every surface, reminders of our moments of sins. It didn't help that the sheets trapped the moisture between our bodies.

"It's like a sauna." She sighed and lazily opened her eyes. They were hazel like chestnuts, a deep brown color that pulled my soul from my heart and straight into the palms of her hands. "I like it." Then they were closed again.

My left arm was trapped under her body. Bending my it upwards, I wrapped it around her shoulder and pulled her deeper into me. Summer was taking it's leave from the open window above the bed now. Orange and red flowed freely out of the room and back into the crimson sky. In a rush to take its place, a cold draft rolled in, bringing with it a welcome coolness. I pulled the comforter off our chests, exposing everything above our waists to the light, allowing the warm colors to dance upon our skin. Was the sun blushing?

I ran my hand through her silky hair, stopping near the ends. She smelled like passion fruit and watermelon, an intoxicating melody that seemed perfectly at home in the summer. Her hair was dark brown, but you could barely tell without being under direct sunlight. Otherwise it looked black like every other Asian's. The strands flowed freely down the nape of her neck and onto the bed, though some stuck to her wet skin. She was still sweating, but so was I.

She was a small creature, easily bundled in my arms. Small, but warm - both inside and out. Her personality was infectious; a permanent smile tugged at her lips and jokes rose from her like bubbles in a boiling pot. She went by the maxim of living life to the fullest without regrets. Nothing troubled her for very long. Like a penguin she slid from one icy patch to another in search of her life's next adventure. And in my arms, she found her latest.

The girl let out a small moan and smiled. Her eyes peeked out from beneath half opened lids. I leaned my head forward and gave her a small peck on the forehead. She crinkled her nose and giggled. God she was adorable.

"How're you feeling?" I smiled let my head fall sideways onto the pillow.

The feminine leg draped over mine readjusted itself, her bare body rubbing against mine as the small girl fidgeted in an attempt to find a more comfortable position. It was wet and hot, but I didn't care. It was intimate and that's all that mattered. I felt the blood start flowing back into the bottom half of my body. Oh how I loved being young.

She purred and looked up at me. "I feel fantastic." Then she smiled that smile of hers. The smile that could have launched a thousand ships or smitten any a man who didn't guard his heart. "It's been a while."

Her voice was light and feminine, a perfect match for her body and personality. Cute is how my friends described it. Unbearably cute. They said she was like a porcelain doll, beautiful and fragile. But to my delight she proved herself to be rather dexterous. The ways this girl could move drove me mad.

Perfection. That's how I'd describe her. There's a saying that no one's perfect, that no one's without flaws. But are flaws still considered imperfections when they only serve to make you more endearing? Her occasionally ditsy moments, her inability to focus around cats, the crest shaped birthmark on the small of her back - these weren't flaws or imperfections in her person. They were things that set her apart. Things that made her human. Things that put her in my heart.

She seemed to notice the firmness returning to my member and grinned. "Eager, are we?"

I shrugged. With a girl like her, who could help themselves?

She propped her right arm up on her elbow and rested her head on her palm. With an impish smile, she let her left hand roam about my body. It traced a faint path down from my chest, drawing swirls and loops upon on my skin as it made its way to its destination. I shuddered at her touch and a light moan escaped from my lips. Each loop brought with it a rush of sparks that flew down my spine. My back arched as she found what she was looking for and I groaned as her grip tightened.

I shot her a wry smile. She beamed back in delight. Her head was above mine now, framed before an open window. The sky was devoid of color, the warm splashes of light now replaced by sparking wishes and the lady moon. I wonder if she took delight in watching lovers bond?

The girl smiled gently before leaning in. She tasted like cranberries. I closed my eyes, savoring the taste. Her tongue found mine and we danced, entwined in our fervor. But it was controlled. Slowly and delicately we moved as we explored one another, flicking and quickly prancing away before returning for more. I felt her cheeks flush against mine and I couldn't help but smile. This was bliss.

Then the wetness was gone from my lips. I let out a sigh. My eyes remained closed as I pressed my head back into the pillow in relief. It was throbbing now. The moisture returned, but not upon my lips. I groaned and raised my hips to meet her mouth. Warmth enveloped me, a wet, hot touch that swallowed me down to the end. She gripped the base with one hand and began moving her head in rhythm. There was the occasional slurp and pause that was followed by a light giggle before the motion began again. She knew how to make a man smile, I'll give her that. Hungrily she worked me, bobbing her her head up and down and seemingly riding the wildfire that extended through my nerves. She was stealing the breath from my lungs.

With long lick I was free. Panting, I sat up and threw my arms around her head. "Hey. Don't force yourself now."

She smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. I loved it when she did that; it was a simple motion, but it emptied my mind of everything but her. "Nothing to it."

My arms tightened around her head as I pulled her closer into my chest. But they slid through where she should have been. Where she was. They met air.

I let out a resentful scoff. She wasn't here. She never was. I let myself fall back onto the mattress. Looking up at the moon, I let out another sigh. It didn't take with it the pain but left all the same.

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