tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSigning up to be a Sex Slave Ch. 01

Signing up to be a Sex Slave Ch. 01


"Now before you sign, we just want to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of what you're signing," the interviewer spoke very calmly considering the circumstances. The recruiter went on, "By signing you are agreeing to place yourself in sexual servitude to our company, you will be placed in training for a period of 1 to 3 weeks depending on the type of slave code you are assigned by our specialists, after which time you will be 'sold' to one of our clients for the remainder of your service."

Amber was here because she was nearly a year out of school and still couldn't find any real kind of work. She had heard about this company through word of mouth and figured free room and board for 4 years, with a big check at the end was the best offer she'd seen. Ashley only had one thing she wasn't sure about. "What do you mean by slave code exactly?" Amber inquired.

The interviewer explained, "Well in the world of sexual servitude there are a number of different type of slaves, and some positions are more desirable than others. The more desirable positions are house slaves who usually do very light housework for our clients, usually in the nude, and others are required to have regular sexual intercourse with clients. Further down the line you begin to run into slavery with a more specific fetish attached to it, some of our girls are physically restrained in unique positions and other may be whipped or flogged regularly. At our most bottom positions we have animalist fetishists, in which out clients have our slaves engage in 'puppy play' or even become a 'pony girl' for the length of there servitude."

This information concerned Amber as to the risks of what she might be getting into. She asked, "How is a slave code determined? And what happens if I am selected for one of the less desirable codes?"

The interviewer answered Amber question, "From here you'll be taken to our training facility in which one of out specialists will put you through a series of tests, the results of which will help them determine your slave code which they will assign to you. But I wouldn't worry too much about getting an undesirable code, from your specs I'd say you are an excellent candidate for one of our best positions, the lower positions are usually for girls who can't get by on their looks and need to resort to allowing our clients inflict their fetishes on them."

It was true, Amber was a very attractive young woman, she was 5'6'' with an ample 36C breasts, accented by her slim, toned, and tanned figure. She felt confident in her looks and figured in an industry steered by sexual desire she'd be sure to dominate. Amber signed the contract and felt ready for what ever came next.

"Great," the interviewer said with some enthusiasm. "Now for the next steps, you just need to take these pills, they'll put you in a pretty deep sleep, but you should wake up feeling fine. We'll obviously handle transport from there. You'll wake up in a bed in what will resemble a hospital room, and be greeted by one of our specialists who, when you're ready will administer the necessary tests to determine you're slave code, based on things like attractiveness, flexibility, sexual responsiveness. Once your slave code is determined you'll be transferred to one of our trainers who will proceed to train you."

Amber hesitantly took the pills from the interviewers vial and downed them with a swig of water. It wasn't long after that her eyes got heavy and she fell asleep.

Amber woke up gently as the recruiter had promised, she had no idea how much time had passed since she took those pills, but the reality of her situation was about to set in. She was promised that she would wake up to find a specialist who would assist her through a series of trials. What she woke up to find was herself strapped to a gyno chair, completely nude, in what seemed to be some kind of lab. Her legs were in stirrups, straps were around her ankles, her thighs, one was around her waist, another just below her breasts. Amber's arms with secured to arms rests at her side, straps at her wrists and just above her elbows. She was secured in a sort of half laying, half seated position with a strap across her forehead keeping her looking straight ahead.

In her mouth was an O-Ring gag, which kept made any sort of understandable speech impossible. Forced to look forward, in front of her was a mirror where she was able to see the entirety of herself, she noticed that she was completely waxed between her legs. Before this she kept a neat landing strip, but had never been completely bare like this before.

She was confused and scared and did not know what had happened. She had been assured she would wake up in much nicer settings than this. Amber tried to squirm free, but the straps were strategically placed to ensure she was not able to move even slightly. Suddenly the door behind her opened and closed, and someone had entered. It was just outside her sight line, but who ever came in began to speak, and her voice sounded awfully familiar to Amber.

"Hello Amber, my name is Agent Smith, you must be a little confused. You see most of our clients would wake up to a situation severely nicer than yours, and I am sure you are wondering what happened. Well it's actually a big coincidence, you see, I know you from your life before signing into servitude, and once I saw your name entered in the system I had to make sure I would be the specialist to evaluate you." Upon finishing her little speech Agent Smith stepped next to Amber's gyno chair, and she immediately recognized her soon to be tormentor. Agent Smith was Veronica Smith, Amber's college rival.

Veronica was a year ahead of Amber at their college, and was the queen bee until Amber arrived. From the moment Amber started freshman year she bested Veronica in everything from sports to academics. But Veronica tried to explain how she didn't have as much time to practice to her teammates, and how she was in more difficult classes to her advisors, no one listened and Amber was seen as the all around better student. This fact was because while Amber majored in English, Veronica was double majoring in psychology and physiology while beginning an early entrance into a Master's program.

Veronica always resented Amber because she was always outdoing her, even in looks, but her hard work had paid off because now Veronica had an excellent job with this company, while Amber was forced to enlist into sexual servitude.

"So Amber," Veronica began to assemble some tools at the table next to Amber's gyno chair, "I am sure the recruiter promised that a smart pretty girl like you a good slave code, but if you can't tell from your current predicament that's not going to happen."

Amber moaned in protest and squirmed as much as she could, "So should we begin?" Veronica said with a bit of laugh. "Well since you're tied up like that I am afraid you'll be ineligible to take a number of the tests, so I suppose I will just have to fail you for those tests. I guess we can just skip to the 'sexual response' test"

Veronica took a gun looking device off the table and a small plastic tube, she licked around Amber's nipple and placed the tube on it. Amber couldn't help but writhe in her binds and Veronica attached the gun and as she pulled the trigger it sucked the air out and more and more pressure was applied to her nipple. Once veronica was satisfied with the amount of pressure she gave Amber's other nipple the same treatment.

Amber tried desperately to close her legs as Veronica place a tube on her clitoris and pumped the air out, "Hmm, you seem to be getting pretty wet, the test says to gently massage your vagina while these are applied and see how long you can stop yourself from orgasming, but I had something else in mind." Veronica produced a vibrator and touched it to the tube attached to Amber's clit, she tried to hold out as long as she could, but it wasn't long before she couldn't help but have an Orgasm.

"Hmm, not a very good time I'm afraid." Veronica said, as she wrote on Amber's chart. "Well I think I have seen enough. I am ready to make my recommendation. You know usually we're supposed to do this part in private, but I don't mind if you hear."

Veronica picked up the office phone and dialed, Amber was only able to hear Veronica's half of the conversation which was delivered as Veronica watched her face with a big smile on her own, "Hello. Yes, I am all done with subject A03. No yeah, it didn't take long at all, she wasn't very compliant, so I was forced to restrain her. Yeah, I know that's why I am recommending the all-inclusive-fetish program for this one, the discipline is just what she needs, which is why I am also going to recommend Nicole as her trainer. Yeah, tell me about it, Nicole will definitely going to whip her into shape, she is the strictest trainer we have, and she runs the longest programs, she one of the only one I know of who uses the full three weeks. Ok, I am going to leave her here, she's in the gyno chair and I don't think she's going anywhere. Ok, you too, bye bye"

Amber was losing her mind, she was assured she would be doing things like dusting and maybe getting fucked once in awhile, but now because of Veronica she was going to be forced to engage in weird fetishes beyond her wildest imagination.

Veronica approached Amber, and put her face right in front of Amber's. Veronica had a sadistic look on her face and began to speak, "Don't worry about college anymore Amber, I know what Nicole is going to do to you, and I can tell you we are more than even. I'm going to leave those suction cups on you until the delivery people come for you. But I want to leave you with something to think about over the next month while Nicole is working your ass over day and night, as bad as she's going to ride you. At the end of it, you're going to be sold to someone as a pony girl or puppy bitch or something like that and be there depraved sex slave for the next few years of your life."

Amber looked up with pleading helpless eyes into her captors eyes who had no remorse for her plight. Veronica as a final act put her hands on Amber's face and leaned in as if she was going to kiss her, and Veronica spit into Amber's mouth. Wiping her mouth, Veronica walked off with a smile, as Amber struggled in vein in her straps disgusted by Veronica's spit in her mouth she could only moan into her gag as her fate as a fetish Girl awaited her.

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