Siky's Tattoo


Funny you should ask about that tat'. It has a real strange story. I know, it looks like bloody whelps on my right shoulder, it's one of those 3-D tats, so it looks really real, but it's just body art. But it's there to remind me to not get too drunk or too high.

Long ago and far away, I was clubbing and I met this dude who looked really hot. I don't think that was all drugs, because he was about 6'4", with blond hair, and deep blue eyes. He also was really built, like he worked out, or something.

Lots of people think that because I'm just 5' tall that I want someone smaller. I've got way too much attitude for that, what do you think all this red hair does? Since my eyes are green, I'm a sucker for blue. Of course that makes sense, just like red shoes are hotter than black, most of the time. And we redheads have more fun than blonds dream of.

Well, I started giving him the come on, and in short order he was by my side and peering down at me, or maybe my tits. After all, they are firm and fill my C cups to the brim. That night I wasn't wearing a bra, and they were trying to pop out, an effect that gets lots of guys to look.

I had on a black short tee that said "bad girl" on it, one of my favorites. And my plaid skirt was sooo tiny, if I leaned over at all you could see my ass cheeks around my little black thong. Sort of an evil Catholic school girl, I guess. And of course I had on my 4" red stilettos. I may be short, but I like to look taller. And my ass moves so nice when I manage to walk without falling down. Anyway.

So he's drooling like I wanted, and we had some empty words and long looks and pretty soon he asked me to come back to his place. Just as an aside, don't ever go to a total stranger's house. A motel if you want to fuck, but not his place. Way too risky, as you'll see.

So he's driving a nice car, no I don't know what kind, do I look like a used car salesman-saleswoman-whatever. Some nice car with lots of leather and it handled well. When he said "buckle up." I was kinda disappointed, but he meant it, and besides he took some curves fast enough that I was glad for the belt. Didn't stop him from slipping a hand up my thigh, but he kept shifting gears; don't they make automatic transmissions? So we got to his place, pretty nice, tho' I was probably too wasted to find it if I tried, and I won't, I promise. Not ever. Ever.

We got out of the car in his garage, which was neat as a pin, whatever that means. His living room was real manly, and full of wood and leather, the kind that says no women pick stuff out. But I wasn't really in the mood for a woman, anyway. That's a whole different story, just focus, ok?

So we hopped on the couch, and his hands were quick to get under my tee and flick my nipples. God, I love that. I was so horny, and drunk, and planning on getting fucked hard and fast, so I certainly wasn't saying no. In no time the tee was history, and I had this gorgeous guy squeezing one tit and sucking the other. As if my thong could stay dry with that! I started stroking his hard cock through his pants; don't you hate guys that push your hand there? I know where dicks live, and if I want to grab one I will. Anyway. That night I was plenty happy to massage his bulge, and then I reached for his zipper, and he caught my hand. Yeah, he stopped me.

"Wouldn't you like to spread this out a little?" He asked.

Actually, hell no, but I was at his place (did I mention not to ever go to a stranger's -- oh, ok -- I AM telling you what happened.) So I cooed deep and cool, "yeah, let's make it last all night." But I meant after I had cum, not before.

So his took his big strong hands off my tits (damn!) and led me into his bedroom. More of the same, massive wood king size four poster, the kind I have to get on with a step stool. No problem, he picked me up and tossed me in the middle like a toy.

"How about a blindfold?" he asked casually. I though 9½ Weeks is so last century, but I nodded, I just wanted to get. on. with. it.

So he blindfolded me with a nice custom job, so I was pretty sure I wasn't his first plaything. Then I heard him unzip, and thought "Finally!" What I heard next wasn't so good. It was the click of the handcuffs he put on my wrists. And ankles.

"Oh, Shit," I thought. I guess he can fuck me any way he wants. Then I giggled, because that was fine with me. My pussy was so wet I was squirming, that thong gets between my vulva and then... well, you know.

So now I was handcuffed and blindfolded, with my nipples hard (Just from the cold, I'm sure) and only my tiny skirt and thong between me and this big hunk of man with a big hunk of hard cock. He quickly eliminated those barriers, and I felt warm breath on my sopping pussy, and then soft lips began to nibble around, and a wet tongue started licking me from vagina to clit, and then down to my ass, and then all the way back, hey this was ok, right? I also felt long hair tickle my thighs, but didn't really notice that until I heard his voice say "Now stop!" and his voice came from beside the bed! I think someone else was licking my taco!

"Yes, Master." This definitely female voice said, and she stopped. Damn, was I ever going to get to cum?

Like he was reading my mind, he whispered in my ear "Silky, I want you to need to cum a lot more before I'll finish with you."

Again, "Oh Shit."

Then I realized that I was cuffed to some device, not the bed posts, because I began to rise in the air, hanging from my wrists and ankles. And then my legs spread out further and further. I don't mind opening up, but this was getting painful. I don't think he cared. I was not the center of his attention.

Anyway, 'her' hands began to stroke my legs, starting with my feet and then slowly, very slowly, working their way up to my calves, then my knees, then my thighs, but NOT my pussy. OMG.

Then I heard her move, and she began to lick my right hand, sucking each finger one by one. It was pretty nice, but I was definitely getting really turned on, and wanted to cum NOW. She licked down my right arm, an inch at a time, and sometimes even went back up, and finally got to my shoulder. Then she leaned over me, and her long hair trailed across my nipples. God, that was nice! Then ever so slowly, her soft lips approached my right nipple, yes right there, suck it bitch! When she finally did start to suck I almost came, and then I felt his lips surround my left tit, and ultimately capture that hard nubbin. Now we were getting somewhere!

Then he stopped, and said "Get the toys." And her lips left me as well. I hung there for minute or three, just hanging out so to speak, when I felt her hand again on my thigh. This time she was quick, and I felt a dildo being stuffed into my dripping cunt. I didn't really mind so much, but it was sudden, brutal, and really, really big. I went from panting in want to panting in pain as this thing seemed to stretch my hole beyond belief; not a carrot, not a cucumber, (well, a girl does get curious you know) but more like a fuckin' eggplant! No way! Ouch! Then she tied some straps around my waist, which she had to do as that dong would spit like a watermelon seed if it wasn't tied. And I did wish I was spitting some seed myself, instead of this stuff. So now the motors were running, and I rotated like a pig on a spit, so I'm face down. Then I felt her hands on my tits and then "UUGGGGH!!!" I screamed as sharp metal cramps bit into first one nipple and then the other. Then she moved again and another dildo that must have been as big as the first started kissing my rosy red asshole. Oh, no no no....I started struggling then, but what exactly could I do?

And she jerked the chain connected my nips, hard, and said "Hold still!" I tried, honest I did, but that was a monster! If I ever had something that big in my ass again, I'd be at the ER --which is where I was wishing I was about then. I mean, this was no fun. I could feel my anus tearing and the wetness was blood, no longer hot pussy juice. So this one was hooked to the straps as well, and then a tight neck band was connected; I was way claustrophobic with that, and then I felt a chain snapped to my neck band, looped to the dildoes, and clicked on my tit chain. I was skewered! And any move I made hurt or pulled something, somewhere.

My feet were lowered to the bed, and pulled sort of together - I mean they couldn't get together with all that shit stuck in me, after all!

So I was posed in an ass-in-the-air position, I must have looked bizarre. But at least my weight wasn't pulling on my ankles anymore.

Suddenly, a searing pain lashed across my ass! I jumped, and of course, that pulled my chains, and shoved things in my ass and pussy. Damn, that hurt! Again and again someone beat me with a whip, and it was not fun. I was cold sober, and sorry I was.

The whipping went on and on, I may have passed out a few times. I think I know how the hunk got his exercise. Finally, when I felt I could take no more, he said "Do you want to come, now?"

"Not really in the mood" came to mind, but before I answered, she did, a little plaintive "Yes, Master."

So I'm moved again, and this time I wound up hanging where my face was the lowest point. Her cunt met me there, so I figured I was the one to do all the work as well. I started licking with mixed emotions. I didn't want to, I hurt, and I could hardly breathe. On the other hand her pussy was sweet, clean, wet, and the sooner she came the sooner I could leave. I slaved away, running my tongue up and down her slit, tongue fucking her hole, and strumming her hard little clit when I was sucking it hard (Maybe a little too hard, but Gesú Bambino!) after a few long minutes of servicing her, My straps were ripped away, and the dildoes torn out in a way that hurt almost as much as putting them in. Now I got the hard cock rammed into my oh so sensitive pussy, pounding away as if I would like it at that point. I kept munching lawn (she was NOT shaved) and then I felt him start shooting loads of cum into me. Bareback. Nice, asshole! But she was triggered by that, so she was slamming hard into my face (bruises there, too, I guessed) and she wailed and screamed as she came.

I'm still blind and trussed, and also pissed off and raw inside. Not happy, if you follow. So then I got pissed on... really, the cocksucker pissed over my ass and pussy, and with me head down, it was running down my chest, down my back, I was covered in piss.

Then he released something and I dropped unceremoniously back to the bed. But let me up, no. He whispered in my ear. "A memento to remember me, Silky." Then he held something, chloroform, I guess, to my face.

When I woke up I was dressed in hospital scrubs. I never got my favorite tee back. I was in an abandoned building near a hospital, which I needed. I hurt everywhere, I could hardly walk, and my right shoulder burned, a new injury I couldn't understand. After I staggered into the ER, and they started fixing me up, I learned I needed 2 stitches in my rectum, lots of butterfly bandages on the whip cuts and some antibiotic cream for the nice Tattoo I had been given as a treat. The bastard had douched me too --no sperm for the rape kit. And I did have several substances in my body that I put there. Other than not being able to shit for a week without a major pain in the ass, I came out ok. No diseases, no pregnancy, no permanent damage.

I know I could get it lasered off, but every time I see it in the mirror, I remember -- not too drunk, and never go to a stranger's house.

So where'd you get your tattoo?

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