tagInterracial LoveSilent Love Ch. 03

Silent Love Ch. 03


I had a lot of fun writing this chapter, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it. Lot of hugs and kisses to Honeycaramelbits for the wonderful editing. Please remember to comment and vote.



His father has been back in Georgia for three and a half weeks now and he was only now seeing him. They were not estranged by any means, but his father would also not win the father of the year award either. His father was a man of few words and he was less in touch with his feelings than Erik was. Considering that they had only met five years ago their relationship at the moment was the best that either of them could hope for.

As he walked into the small coffee shop in Midtown, with his body guard Larry behind him, he looked around until he spotted his father sitting at a table at the far corner looking out the window. Where his father goes, his body guard Geo follows, and sure enough he spotted him as he looked past his father sitting one table down facing the table his father was sitting in. Walking to the table he took the sit facing his father, putting his back to Geo. Without saying a word or looking at him, his father took a sip of coffee from the cup he was holding and continued looking out the window. Erik was used to this side of his father and so it did not bother him much as it used to when he first came to live with him. Strange that one could get used to being ignored by their father, he thought. Shaking the thought he ordered an omelet and some orange juice from a passing waitress he then made himself comfortable and waited for his father to address him.

"How are you adjusting here?" Dmitry asked in their mother tongue.

"Everything is good Pa."

"Good. How do you like your school and classes?"

"It is nice, for a school. I have met some very cool people there and the classes are not too bad." The waitress came back to their table with his eggs and juice.

"Friends?" Dmitry asked as the waitress left their table.

"A few. I met this really cool girl and we hangout."


"Oh no we just good friends. She is not my type anyway." His father smiled at the fact that his boy might have a type, and continued to look down at him as he started eating his eggs.

"Have you been going to church?" Looking at his father and his lifestyle one would think God was the furthest thing from his mind, but he was the most religious person Erik knew. He knew little of what his father did, but whatever type of business he ran he knew it was not clean enough to be worthy of praise by the Russian Orthodox Church. His father came from the slums of Moscow and him getting to where they were, how can his business be clean? In fact his father's businesses were probably everything that the church preached against. There was no way Dmitry Bazin got to where he was going off the teachings of the church, but who was he to question the extent of his father's faith and belief.

"Yeah everyone once in a while," he mumbled as he took a sip of his orange juice. He only been to church once since he came to the states almost four months ago. Unlike his father he was not that interested in God. As a child all he asked God for was a loving mother and father. Erik grew with up with a mother who made her living with her body and never failed to remind him that she considered him her biggest mistake. Erik came to conclude that God cared nothing about him or his prayers. Being abandoned by his mother at the age of thirteen with nothing other than the name of the man who was his father, Erik's belief in the existence of a loving God came more into question. Finding out his father was one of the most feared men in Russia at the age of sixteen after living two and a half years in the streets did nothing to help heal his relationship with God. Looking back now, he thanked God that he was blessed with his father's physical features, otherwise he would still be wondering in the streets of Moscow or dead. Erik smiled down at his egg as he remembered walking into a coffee shop owned by his father in downtown Moscow with no shoes and the look of sheer shock on Dmitry's face as he came to look down on eyes identical to his own.

"I am going to be here for a while. In Decatur during the week and Alpharetta on the weekends, come over whenever you can and I might stop by your place every once in a while." Dmitry said bringing his son's attention back to him.

"Call first. I might not be busy or not in the mood to deal with you." Looking at his father's expressionless face he quickly said "just joking Pa, come over anytime." They did not say anything more until he finished his breakfast and was about to leave for school. This was probably one of the longest conversations they ever had. They walked out the shop together with Geo behind them and Larry ahead of them.

"We have a big event at the club this Saturday. A good artist and DJ are coming in for it. I will be there for a while and then I have to leave. Come and bring your friends from school. You can have dinner at one of the restaurants before coming over." The club and the restaurants were the only businesses Bazin owned in the state of Georgia. Both were high class and catered to the rich. Erik had been to the club and some of the restaurants, and he was sure the few friends he had at school would love to get into places like those for free.


"До свидания." His father said touching him on his shoulder as he walked past him to get in his car with Geo.

"Later dad," Erik said as he got on his red Ferrari and headed toward school with Larry following behind.


She was as happy as a jelly-fish in the Atlantic. Both Shahid and her were doing well in school, she got a big pay check, and was going out today for the first time in a long time. Erik had invited her and some friends at school for a free night out to some of his family's establishments. He said she could invite some of her other friends, so she invited her best friends from high school.

It was a Saturday so she had little to do at the condo. She left within thirty minutes after arriving. After depositing her payment into her bank account she met with Elena and Tama at the local mall to shop for tonight. Once the semester started they rarely got to see each other, so they spent most of their time at the mall getting updates on each other's lives.

The three had first met in their freshman year of high school, they were all new to the school. Tama was considered the geek of the group. Born in a strict Mongolian family she and her family expected nothing but perfection in everything she did. Even though she did not get into MIT as she wanted to she got into the Georgia Tech and was at the top of her class in the engineering program. Not only was Tama smart as hell she was also beautiful. She had a sun-kissed complexion, lean tall body and long dark Asian hair. For Tama finding a guy was never an issue. Elena, who they sometimes affectionately called Lena, was the opposite of everything Zoya and Tama were. Elena was the only child to a Bulgarian family and she was as spoiled as someone could be, this allowed her to be carefree. Because of her carefree attitude and her beauty, she could say or do the most stupid things and guys would still come crawling to her. Going to school and getting a degree held no interest for Elena. She did not understand the importance of it but, did respect its importance to Zoya and Tama. So, it came as a shock to everyone when she got into Oglethorpe's program for acting. Although the three were as different as night and day, their bond was as strong as sisters.


The girls got ready at Zoya's place and then they drove Tama's car to Erik's apartment. They were surprised to see a limo in front of his apartment and even more surprised when they found out they were going to be using it for the night. Once everyone arrived, the group of ten moved into the limo and alcoholic drinks were passed around. They were in an huge ass, drinking expensive Russian vodka and French champagne, and they did not have to pay for any of it made the night seem like a dream come true for everyone except Erik, who seemed to be happy just looking at them take everything in.

It was no surprise to Zoya that Elena immediately put the moves on Erik or that Erik to responded favorablely. As they were immediately sat down at Erik's family restaurant Elena made sure she was sitting next to Erik. Zoya and Tama rolled their eyes knowingly as Lena pushed pass Elizabeth Lockhart, a girl from Callaway who liked Erik to sit next to Erik at the table. The two tuned out the group as they started speaking Russian to each other softly, while the rest of the group ordered drinks.

"I know she said she spoke Russian, but I never thought she spoke it fluently," Tama whispered to Zoya as their waiter went around the table and took their orders.

"From the looks of it her Russian is way better than both her English and Bulgarian," Zoya whispered back. They sneakered knowingly as Elena with a flip of her hair switched back to English and asked Erik to order dinner for her.

"I don't know what to order either, can you please decide for me?" Elizabeth, who was sitting to the right of Erik, asked as she moved closer to him. Elena looked at her annoyingly, but did not say anything.

"If everyone would like I can order for everyone," Erik said getting out of the situation he was placed in smoothly. They all readily agreed with Erik's suggestion. After flipping through the menu several times while the waiter stood over them quietly Erik finally began to order dinner for the group.

"Nothing with pork though," Zoya said as she took a sip of her champagne.

"You can drink alcohol, but can't eat pork. Picky Muslim, aren't we?" Elizabeth said to Zoya across the table as she played with her bright red-dyed hair.

"Down girl. As much as I would love to see a girl fight, what I would love more is to fill my stomach first," Mathew James said as he winked and smiled at Zoya. Zoya chose to ignore Elizabeth and continued talking to Tama and Robert Goldsmith, sitting to her right, as Erik finished ordered dinner for them. Rohan Veer, Katherine Watson, and Michael Kirk rounded out the group of ten. Zoya meet them a few times at school through Erik, but she rarely talked to them without him being around. They turned out to be pretty cool people other than Elizabeth's bitchy comments directed at everyone but Erik, everyone was happy and excited to see what the night was going to bring.

Zoya never thought she would like Russian food. To be honest she never thought about what type of food classified as "Russian." Her favorite was the pirozhki pastries they had for dessert. They had eaten so much and were all so full that they readily agreed with Katherine when she said thank God they were going to the club, so they can dance off the food they had stuffed themselves with.

The employees at Erik's dad restaurant were happy to see them leave. By the time they were done eating the alcohol had already gotten to most of them. Aside from the constant laughter and racket the group created, food was all over the table and on the floor. As they got back on the limo to head to the club, Tama abandoned Zoya for Michael's company. Elena and Erik were giggling to themselves on the far off corner of the limo. Katherine and Rohan Veer began making out as soon as they got back inside the limo. While Mathew James, Elizabeth, and Robert argued about why they loved Greek life on campus, Zoya drank more of the vodka Erik called Gold Symphony. After three glasses the vodka started to taste sweet and it became easier for her to drink it.

She never felt happier in her life as she got out the limo and walked into the club holding Mathew James' hand. All her problems did not seem to matter anymore. She was happy to be where she was and happy with the people she was with. She could understand why people said drinking was bad when it could make you feel so happy and alive. She was slightly aware that it was the alcohol that was making her feel this way, but she did not care. She did not feel sick or dizzy; in fact she was very aware of her surroundings more than she ever was when she was not drunk. The only problem was that she was aware she had a problem keeping quiet. She was aware that she was saying I love you to everyone in the group and she was giving everyone hugs, she could not stop herself from doing so, maybe that was the problem with being drunk. She even told Elizabeth how she did not like her attitude, which made everyone laugh, she then gave her a kiss in the cheek and hugged her, letting go only after Lena and Tama pulled her away. It felt so good expressing her feelings and not caring what people thought. She decided that she was going to thank Erik as soon she woke up the next morning. She wanted him to know that she was thankful that he invited them out. But, that was for the morning until then she was going to have fun.

They did not have to wait in line and were waved in by one of the bouncers as they walked toward the entrance. The place was huge and seemed to have over a hundred people from what Zoya could tell. As they went deeper into the club the group got scattered.

"You stay near the group, ok. I am going to dance with Michael," Tama said as she pulled Michael to the center of the club. Elena and Erik were already dancing together. Mathew James and Elizabeth were dancing to her right while Rohan and Katherine danced in front of her. Robert had gone to the bathroom or something, leaving her alone. Zoya looked around her for a while, and then she started to dance around the crowd. She danced with a cute Asian guy for a while, but then she got tired of him and decided to go to the V.I.P. room. She screamed into Erik's ear that she was going upstairs.

"Be careful and call me if you need anything," he screamed into her ear, as he held on to Elena's waist. She walked upstairs waving her wrist band at the bouncer standing by the stairs. There were only a few people in the room Zoya noticed as she moved toward the bar. There was a couple that were in a far corner sitting in one of the love sets kissing. There was also a group of young adults who were sitting on one of the sofas talking, while a group of about fifteen people were in the center of the room playing cards.

"What can I get you love?" the bartender asked Zoya as she set down on a stool in front of him. She looked over him for a second "Can I have sex on the beach please," she said as she moved her curly hair from her face.

"Sure thing sweet cheeks," he smiled and winked at her. If he was ten years younger and was good looking Zoya would not have minded the "love" and "sweet cheeks" comments, but since he was neither Zoya got annoyed at the comments. Taking her drink from him she tried to ignore him.

"Anything else for you love?"

"No," she said taking a sip of her drink.

"My name is Clark, what's your name?"

"None of your business," she replied curtly and looked down at her drink. She felt lonely now her friends were not around her. Maybe she should go down and try to find them.

"Why such attitude, I was..." he cut off as someone sat next to Zoya. He smells nice, she thought about the guy sitting next to her as she continued to look down at her drink. The bartender named Clark cleared his throat twice and said to the person who sat down "Good night to you sir, can I get you anything sir?"

"Bring me a bottle of Dovgan, no ice," the man said. His voice sounded so familiar, Zoya almost twisted her neck as she looked up sharply from her drink to the man sitting next to her. He looked down at her the same time she looked up, bringing their faces inches away from each other.

"Are you not too old to be coming to a place like this?" Zoya asked as she continued to look into his eyes. He did not reply, but continued to look down at her until his drink arrived. Clark placed an open bottle of vodka and a glass in front of him. Clark watched them closely as he took a sip of his drink and only left after he was waved off.

"Rules don't apply to us rich folks," he said to Zoya, ignoring her comment about his age. "What brings you here?"

"I am here with my best friends in the whole wide world. We are having so much fun! I love it here. I should buy this whole place up to celebrate my birthday. Great idea, correct?" She said as she took a large gulp of her drink and then poured some of his vodka into her glass.

"Hmm...financing might be a problem. Where are these great friends of yours?"

"Down," she pointed down making a face at him after she took a sip of his drink. She hugged the glass to her and leaned close to him and whispered to him "how can you drink this shit?" He smiled down at her took another sip of his drink, and lit a cigarette.

"You know those can give you cancer and an awful death it would be," Zoya said as she moved her glass aside and picked up his glass and took a sip.

"Are you a doctor?"

"I have a dream that one day...Nope."

"Then shut up," he said as he toke his drink from her and drank.

"I like you better in jeans and a t-shirt, it is a sexier look on you. My sexy boss."

"How much did you drink tonight?"

"One, a few, maybe a lot. Just a little bit. I don't know."

"How old are you again? Are you even allowed to drink in this country?"

"I am super old, I will be 23 soon."

"Oh wow, so old. How are the social security benefits coming along?"

"Funny. I am not drunk. I know who you are."

"Who am I?"

"Dmiiiitry... Bazin!...rich man next door. Do you like camels?"

"Sure, as much as I like elephants, squirrels, pandas, snakes, and tigers."

"I love camels. We use to have one. We called him Kaffir, Kaffir the one-eyed-three-legged camel. Oh how I miss him. His only dream was to get put in the same pin as our neighbor's one-eyed cow. You should see them together. Soooo cute! Once, my brother and I found Kaffir..." She paused as she noticed he had his head down in the counter, and that his shoulders were shaking hard. "Oh my God oh my God! Are you choking?!! Police, police, help!! barman!"

"Quiet," Dmitry ordered as he placed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. This did not seem to stop her, as she continued to make noise through his hand. By the time she settled down and he could remove his hand the attention of the people in the room was on them and two bouncers had come inside the room to see what was causing the noise. Waving the bouncers off, Dmitry got off his stool and looked down at Zoya as she took the last sip of her drink and cleared her throat.

"Come on," he waved her off the stool and moved them toward a sofa in a dark corner of the room. She followed him and set down hard on the sofa as he placed the almost empty bottle of vodka and his glass on the table. Coming around the table he took a seat next to her, took a drag from his cigarette and then looked around the room everything seemed be back to normal.

"What are you doing here anyway?

"Business," Dmitry replied as he took a sip from his drink.

"Aaah, it is good to conduct business anywhere one can," Zoya said with a goofy smile as she nodded her head. He looked at her for a while, smiled and shook his head.

"You're Russian. I like Russian food."

"Really, have you ever have Russian food?"

"Yes, just right now," she said as she tried to pull his drink from his hand without success.

"I see... is cleaning my house the only job you have?"


"What else?"

"What else what?"

"What else do you do?"

"I don't know, stuff" she said as she leaned into his shoulder and closed her eyes after trying to get at his drink several times without much luck. "You smell really nice, I like it a lot."

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