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Silken Panties For Me


It would be beneficial to read the previous chapters of this seemingly endless saga for it to make the most sense to you.

Well, I guess that word of my and my talent was spreading, discreetly and confidentially, but spreading none the less.

It was sitting at my desk enjoying the beginning of a wonderful Wednesday when my private office phone line rang. Only Friends and family have the private telephone number so I was surprised when the person calling was a stranger to me, but he knew of me!

"My name is Curt, we haven't met yet but we have a common friend in Rick!"

If you were sitting across my desk from me at that moment you would have observed this glazed over look on my face, kind of the deer in the headlights look. Curt, Curt, who was he? Rick, Rick, did he mean my newest conquest Rick. I secretly hoped that that's exactly the Rick that he was referring to!

"Well thanks for calling", I said, "when you say Rick which Rick are you referring to I know a few."

I thought that perhaps I was stepping over the boundary of being too cute or coy with that statement but it was worth a try.

"Well, he said, it would be the Rick who you met last week in private if that helps."

"Ah, that clears up the confusion for me" I said.

Well I wondered where this conversation was going to go, and I was both nervous and excited to find out.

Curt called me on my private business line because Rick told him that it was best to reach me there. Curt told me that he and Rick were golf buddies for years now and they discussed everything while they golfed.

"As a matter of fact I just golfed with Rick yesterday and your name popped up", he said with a smile in his voice. I thought to myself if Rick told him "all' about me than my name wasn't the only thing that popped up!

I felt comfortable that If someone called me and mentioned Rick, I knew that it was safe and that I would enjoy the new guys company. I also knew that I would have another lucious cock in my mouth very soon!

He invited me for an afternoon coffee at a local hotel, I accepted.

We sat to have coffee at the hotel restaurant and discussed the events of the day, killing time and avoiding the inevitable I thought! I looked over at Curt who had a sly look on his face, I guess he knew everything. Smiling as he spoke, he said that I was highly recommended by Rick!

"I'm interviewing candidates for an opening in our sales department and have a suite on the 12th floor, if you would like to continue or chat upstairs I know that we have a good hour before my next interview," he offered.

I figured that if I didn't want to go upstairs with this very handsome man than I wouldn't have come to the hotel in the first place, I pushed the elevator button as we got in.

On the way up to his floor, he recanted the story that Rick told him about me. He said that he was glad that I consented to meet him today because he was in dire need of a blow job.

When we arrived in his suite I sat back in one of those cushy hotel chairs as Curt undressed. He told me that he was married for almost 10 years and enjoyed married life. Sex was okay at home with the exception of blow jobs, his wife wouldn't at all.

"Maybe you're not really missing anything," I teased.

He explained how and why we were meeting today. It seems that his wife of many years had become liberated . One night as he and his wife were in bed she informed him that she wouldn't suck his cock again, She had grown out of it and that was that. It seems that she had become involved with a few women's lib groups in town and now believed that this act would be demeaning to her.

Before she they married they were sweethearts in college and life was wonderful, and sex even better! When she was his girlfriend in college she would suck his cock for him every night and she was very good, maybe the best. To hear him tell the story it was her favorite past time and he was all to happy to help her out. That was then, this is now.

He met Rick in business many years ago and they became fast friends and golfing buddies. They eventually discussed sex and he told Rick of his dilemma, Rick understood and told Curt that it was a common story with married men.

So after Rick and I met for fun he took Curt golfing and told him the entire story about our meeting. Rick told him, "I don't know who enjoyed the blow job more, me or him!"

So here we were in his room, me sitting down in a very nice chair and Curt now naked and showing a very nice body. "I hope that you are good as Rick said, I'm in need."

I just smiled and watched as he made his way to the bed to lay down.

"I brought something for you to wear, I hope that it doesn't offend you, it's on the table he said."

As I looked back at the table I saw a nicely wrapped package and caught myself smiling, a present for me, I thought?

I carefully unwrapped the package and inside the box was a pair of white silk frilly panties, Victoria Secret panties. Now this should offended me because I'm not a sissy man or cross dresser and I don't desire to be a woman, I should have been furious! Instead of rage I felt excited and I knew that my cock was now rock hard.

"Put them on before I let you suck my cock," he said. " Whenever we meet I'll bring you a new pair to wear before you are allowed to blow me."

This statement alone caused a raging hard on, it was almost painful. Why it excited me so much I'm not sure. Maybe it was the fact that he brought me a present, or that they were silk. I didn't really know why, but I couldn't get them on fast enough.

"A present for me" I teased, "how did you know my size" I said with as I winked.

Spread across the bed, bare ass naked was the man that called me to meet with him. He was very athletic masculine, roughly handsome, and hairy.

" I guess you like the silk panties, now come over here honey and swallow my cock for me."

Today on the telephone he made it clear why he wanted to meet me, he was told that I loved sucking cock and that I was very good. He was in need of a great blow job, and he was about to get one.

As I bent down on my knees on the end of the bed I got my first look at his wonderful cock. It was very nice, fat just like I like them with a mushroom head, and large balls that hung low. Very simply I couldn't wait to inhale his manhood into my mouth...

Curt said, "go slowly and to start by licking his balls."

I put my tongue out and slowly ran the flat of my tongue over and over his sac until his shaft started to perk up.

"God that feels fucking great, take your time enjoying my cock" he said as he tilted his head back to relax.

I love licking the shaft and the head using lots of sloppy tongue to keep it so wet and hot.

I took to the task at hand by opening my mouth and sliding his fat and still soft cock all way back in my mouth until my lips rested on his lower belly. He had a great manly smell and he was sweating just a bit due to nerves, this was going to be fun. His shaft was hot and almost vibrating in my mouth, I hoped that he wouldn't cum to fast.

I could feel the silk panties massage my cock each time that I moved, no wonder women like silk so much! With Curt's cock deep in my mouth I turned my head left and right forcing his manhood to dance over the top of my tongue. He moaned out loud at just about the same time that my cock had reached it's maximum inflation rate!

He held my head and swiveled his hips left and right in hopes of driving his cock deeper into my oral cavity. As he reached down to feel my silken ass I started to cum. It was a quick one with another to follow, of that I was certain. As my cock spurted in the panties I opened my mouth and took his entire fullness into my throat.

I could see by the look on his face as he held my head this was a man who clearly needed this blow job. His eyes were closed and his mouth open, his tongues was sliding out and wetting his lips. My tongue dancing on the belly of his cock was driving him over the edge, but way to soon so I backed away.

I went back to sucking his balls as I stroked his fully wet shaft, I thought that he was going to cry! By the time that his erection was full he was a solid 7.5 inches and the head was large, soft, and purple with rage.

I firmly grasped his shaft and began to use his cock like a paint brush using his mushroom head to paint my face. It was a contrast of sorts, the cock shaft was very hard and the head so soft......but hot! I would only stop this painting occasionally to suck his soft head and to lick it's slit.

He held my head with one hand and his cock with his other hand pointing it into my mouth as he stroked off. I had my head tilted back and my lips stretched wide open but using my tongue to lick his head while I awaited the full blast.

His hand was a blur as he stoked the shaft that was pointed at my face. He called me names and told me that I was now his cock sucker for life, clearly he was about to climax. I had been starring at his cock head which swelled to even a fatter mushroom that it was, it stayed tightly closed allowing the pressure to build. I looked away from the head and looked to his face, it was red and covered in sweat and almost distorted in a pained _expression.

I stuck my tongue out on last time to lick his shaft and cock head, it drove him over the edge. His grabbed by hair to pull my face back and he hollered and shot his first of many spurts of his very thick, hot, and salty cum right into my mouth and on my tongue. He kept spurting but his aim was off a bit and he hit my lips, chin, and neck. It was very salty and much thicker than my cum was, almost like a pudding. As for me I swallowed all the pudding that he offered.

He was calming down as I leaned forward to take his cock head back into my mouth to nurse out the last of his pudding. I had the unique opportunity today to be on both sided of the spectrum. I got to feel his cock grow from soft to hard in my mouth when we started and now I got to feel it do just the opposite as he was finishing.

As he sat back in the chair that the room offered I put my head in his lap and took his cock as deeply as I could. I moved my head sideways again to coax out any more that he had to offer. He just put his hands behind my head and pulled my face right into his groin, I was delighted.

"That was the best blow job that I ever had, and if you don't mind I'd like to mention your name to a few friends."

All that I could think was, what an endorsement of a job well done.


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panty inspection

Love to see the author's panties get wet from his cumming, then suck his cock thru them.

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