tagGroup SexSilky Adventures #07

Silky Adventures #07


Adventures of Silky #7: Beginning a Roman Holiday

George was so happy about our help in winning the Division Championship (See Adventure #5) that he decided to take us with him to Rome!!! We were so excited. Of course, being George, he has already made us take Italian since day one. He added a course in History of Italy (besides our regular classes!) so we could 'appreciate' our trip. As if Prada, Zegna, Gucci, Versace, and Armani weren't enough to appreciate. They MAKE shoes there!

We flew first class. That was way cool! We had these seats that rotated flat, like a bed, and immense amounts of food & wine (George said while we were in Europe we were old enough to drink). They gave us personal bags of skin cream and slippers, and stuff. But the cool part was on the plane.

There was a bathroom in the back of First Class that was huge! I've always wondered about the 'mile high club' that people brag about. How can you have sex in those tiny bathrooms? I have trouble wiping my ass in them! But on Alitalia, we found a toilet big enough for a Jacuzzi! Of course, Jessica was with me when we were exploring and found it. Of course, nobody cared when she went in with me.

Nobody seemed to think that we would immediately look around and smile and start kissing. I nuzzled against her neck, while she stroked my left breast with her right hand. She undid a button, and slipped her hand between the layers. She reached my nipple, and started rubbing it flat, then pinching it. She knows that drives me crazy!

I fought back, spearing her mouth with my wicked wet tongue, and forced her to respond to me, rather than me to her. I pulled her shorts down, and slipped my fingers across her smooth shaved little mound. She was already dripping, and I fingered her with no effort. By the time I manipulated a pair of digits into her moistness, she had my top and bra off, and was nibbling a nipple to force me to relent. As she sucked, I sighed, and we wound up in a molten heap of smooth skin and fluid and pressure.

Her hands roamed over my ass, and then her thumb aroused my clit while she touched my G-spot. I was vacuuming her breasts into my mouth one after the other, retaliating for her initial attack.

The only issue was who would cum first, and I think I won. At least, I reached a peak of intensity that overwhelmed my defenses and made me spasm against her hands, and mouth, and tits. I say I think because if I came first, I won, and if I made her cum first, well, I won. The old win-win situation. I love Jess with all my heart!

After our breathing returned to normal, and we were dressed again, we decided we had joined a super special mile-high, the Lesbos club. We are not lesbian, understand, we just take advantage of the opportunities that proximity provides.

But what about George? Could we get him in there with both of us? We did rock paper scissors, and the blond bitch won, she always wins, I think she cheats. I hate her so much!

I went to my seat, being as nice as a person cheated out of a win can be. Jess whispered to George, and I saw them both scuttle into the lavatory. They stayed in there about an hour, while I did nothing except look at some stupid Italian magazine that I could barely read, and chew on my thumb. Damnit, I know she cheated!

Finally, after another zillion hours, she came out, and whispered to me, "You look like you need to pee."

I was out of there like a shot. When I entered the restroom, George was already in there -- I guess it's good nobody else wandered in -- and he was naked, but limp. I whipped off my clothes faster than you can say "Grazie," and began to rub my boobs against him. I've always loved the feel of his chest hair tickling me, and soon my nubbins were rocks. As I kissed him, I wrapped my little hand around his huge cock, and began to squeeze and stroke it. I was rewarded with a glorious mountain of stiff skin, engorged with a powerful heartbeat that throbbed in my fingers. I spun around and braced against the sink, as I knew Jess (that whore) would have faced him, she always does.

So I presented him with my tiny waist and my beautiful sweet ass, swaying as if we were entrained rather than enplaned. I reached between my legs, and guided his swollen plum into my tunnel. I always gasp when he spreads me, I never seem big enough to take him without a stretch.

Gesú Bambino, what a sweet stretch! As he consummated our joining, I felt him push and pull until my insides felt swollen. A tide of juices flooded around his manhood as my dripping velvet entombed him. His was the knife, I the scabbard. Repeat above a million times.

Usually he pumps cum into me and that sets me off. Forty thousand feet in the air, his dick stroking me made my orgasm hit first. As I floated both literally and metaphorically, I felt fountains of gism flood me, and I knew I was in the 'mile high club' both ways.

As soon as I was able, I joined Jess & George back at our seats. She smiled so sweetly at me, and said, "Do you think there's room for 3 in there?"

She, of course, had been resting while I was being disheveled. But I was up for the action, and simply walked back and entered the toilet.

"Since I went first, I thought you should get the honors," Jess said. She is so sweet!

So she jumped up on the sink, naked, and spread her legs. I leaned over and began to wrap my lips around her clit, and gently sucked it. Her pussy is so sweet! George pulled my shorts down and repeated his prior fucking from behind. I was still dripping with his cum and my juice, so it was a quick slide. Naturally, once he began pumping me I became less gentle with Jess. As his cock caromed around my vaginal walls, I enticed her entire cunt into my mouths, lips and all. Then I used the tip of my tongue to torture her trapped swollen knob, and she frantically tried to either push deeper or escape. I wouldn't let her.

George paid no attention to us, spending his energy on pounding my hole with every inch he had, which is plenty. I just fucked him five minutes before, how could I be so tight around him now? He held my hips, and began to ease his thumb into my asshole. I can't stand that, it stretches me even more, God I love it! I couldn't stay focused on the pussy at my face and the finger in my butt.

I released Jess, just gasping for air now, and then the contractions hit again. My uterus imploded, and jerked everything with it. My nipples were on fire, my vagina tied itself in knots, I tingled from the roots of my red red hair to my red painted toenails! Best orgasm ever!

George had no trouble sleeping after that. Jess and I held hands until she began to snore, and I just drifted away, thinking First Class is the only way to fly!

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