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Suzie was a petite blonde with nicely formed tits and a nice round tight ass both of which she showed off wearing basically tight white blouses and slacks while underneath wearing lacy white bras and panties. I finally got a chance to hit on her one night after walking her home. Her old dad was fast asleep and snoring in his lazy chair while we watched a racy movie on TV. I was horny as hell but all she was willing to give me was a hand job but no fucking, which to me was better than me doing myself.

So we went to her room and she unzipped my pants and pulled both them and my boxers down and started to caress my hardening dick. To me it was just too fast and mechanical so I suggested that she get undressed and she said no, but I convinced her at least to take off her blouse and slacks. And what a sight! Her bra had white silky full cups with a bit of lace trim around the top. Her panties were full cut and made of the same silky material. Her tits bulged out of the top of those lacy cups and I could see her hard nipples pressing against the silky fabric of those white cups. I had taken my shirt off as well, so I was completely nude. I pulled her to the bed and she repeated that I was not going to fuck her. All she was going to do was make me come and all that I was going to do was to maybe caress and suck her tits. I told her again that that was ok, not to worry. I told her how sexy she looked in her white lingerie. I told her how much I liked the feel of her body through the silky material.

I started to caress her tits through the silky bra cups as a slight moan escaped her lips. I worked the nipples gently and pulled on them through the silky material and then I nuzzled them with my nose and told her how wonderful she smelled and felt. I started to pull the cups down, but she stopped me. So I started to mouth her nipples through her silky bra as I moved one of my hands to her panties and started ever so slowly working my hand between her thighs. Her panties were made of the same soft silky fabric as her bra – very thin and satiny.

I got her to lie down and she opened her legs a little more for me to feel her panty clad pussy. With my caressing her tits, her panties had already started to get moist. I slowly and gently stroked her pussy through the soft silky material of her panties. The more I stroked her pussy the more she moaned and the wetter her panties became, (and the harder and longer my cock became). I could feel her breathing getting faster as I continued playing with her nipples and her hot pussy through the soft silky material.

I slowly moved over her and got between her legs as I maneuvered my cock to rub against her pussy. I positioned myself so that I could grab my hard cock and rub it against her pussy. I loved the feeling of the cool silky material on my red hot cock. And she moaned as the head rubbed her clit through the silky panty. I whispered to her that I was going to fuck her this way. All I meant was that I was going to masturbate on her. But again she said no. She gently pushed me away and turned over on her back. I could see all her beautifully round ass was covered in the silky full-cut panties. I guessed that that's all that I was going to get to work with.

I lay on top of her and placed my long hard cock between her ass cheeks, covered by her silky panty. I pulled her cheeks apart with my thumbs and I started to gently move my cock slowly back and forth, rubbing her ass hole through her panty. I placed my hands on her silk covered breasts and started to caress those beautiful tits tenderly. She opened her legs wider and I was able to move my rock hard cock down to the slit of her pussy and then back up to her ass hole. It was almost like doing something that was taboo. I was not allowed to fuck her pussy, but I was allowed to fondle and caress her tits and to masturbate over her silk covered ass. I pulled her middle up a bit and stuffed two pillows under her stomach. This way I could rub the head of my cock from the waist band of her soft silky panties all the way down to rub her hard little clit. Each time my cock touched her clit it elicited a moan from her. And every time it rubbed against her anus, she reacted the same way. Her panty became so wet from her sex excretions and my pre-cum that they became almost transparent. I could see the lips of her pussy through her wet panties. I wanted to pull those panties aside and suck on her pussy, or just shove my cock into as far as it would go.

This was something new to me but I knew was that I was not going to get to fuck her pussy and that the feeling of my rock hard hot cock on her cool soft silky panties was making me want to cum more and more. Even caressing her tits through the silky fabric was exciting for me. I started to time my cock hits on her clit with my finger pulling on her nipples. This got a bigger and bigger reaction from her until I felt her spasm as she came with a groan. I let her relax a few minutes and then started to groove between her thighs ready for my cumming, but she stopped me.

She asked me to lie down on the bed and not to move and let her do something for me. This gave me a few seconds to calm down, but not for long. She got up and went to her dresser and removed her sopping panties and put on a fresh pair of the same soft silky material. She also took a white full slip from her drawer and came back to the bed. My cock was hard as rock and as long as it had ever been and the bulging red head bypassed my belly button. She placed her slip, which was almost cold across my naked chest. She bent over my torso and gently rubbed her tits up and down the shaft of my cock. The cups were cool and silky on my red hot bulging head. She rubbed her nipples around the head as I lay there in awe of what was happening. She was fucking my cock with her tits.I could see more pre-cum soaking into her bra cups all around her long hard nipples. At the same time she caressed my nipples with her cool soft silky slip, pulling on them as I had done to her nipples. Again I felt a new sensation that I had never experienced before.

Then she took her slip and folded it in half length-wise and draped it over my cock folding it so that it covered it completely. She drew the slip from one end of it to the other over the head of my now throbbing cock. Back and forth she drew it across the head of my throbbing cock. The feeling was electric as the soft cool silky fabric ran over and over my cock. My cock started to spasm all of its own volition. Then she started to jack my cock with the slip partially wrapped around it. Part of the slip she used to caress my stomach and chest very gently and slowly. An OH Fuck came from deep within me as she smiled a knowing smile. She whispered that she knew I was disappointed about not fucking her cunt, but that she was going to make me cum like never before.

She repositioned her self between my outstretched legs and shook out her slip and then she placed it over me making sure to cover my cock and balls and all the way up to just under my chin. She then straddled my midsection bringing her pussy with her fresh pair of silky soft panties against my slip covered cock. Holy fuck! What a wonderful sensation it was of the two silky fabrics slipping and sliding over each other and over my fucking hard cock. She took her tits in each of her hands and guided them to rub against my pecs which were covered by her slip. Again there was a fuckastic sensation of silky bra against her silky slip rubbing against my nipples. Her lips were now close to my ear as she whispered how much she enjoyed her cum before. Now she whispered it was my turn to let all of my fuck juice out of my big fucking rock hard cock.

She moved ever so slightly, but what-ever movement was pure ecstasy with the layers of silk between our two bodies. I could feel my nipples getting harder, which I had never noticed before. I could feel the spasms from my belly as well. But it was the sensation of my cock being wrapped in silk and being rubbed by her silk clad pussy – silk against silk that was the coup de grace. She took my hands and guided them to her silk covered ass so that I could caress her cheeks. Then she moved ever so slowly up and down caressing my silk clad body with her silk clad body, all the time whispering for me to cum, to let the fuck juices flow to cream her all over to let it all cum out. I couldn't have held it in even if I had wanted to. All I wanted to do was to fuck this woman the way she wanted me to fuck her. I came with a great big shudder and soaked her slip and fresh pair of panties and when she lifted off of me there was till enough cum shooting form my cock to soak her silky white bra covered tits as well. I realized that night that fucking is not only cunt fucking or clit licking or cock sucking.

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