tagGay MaleSilver Ch. 03

Silver Ch. 03


Silver 3: The Monster Inside

Pelaam: June 2007.


The twin suns blazed their heat on the figures reclining on soft silvery sand. A cloth canopy had been set up for those whose skins were in danger of burning easily and needed the shade. A powerful male, with eyes as blue as the cloud free sky and hair the colour of both sun-baked and sea-kissed sand, smiled at the smaller form nestled at his side. Their shoulder length auburn curls were turned into myriad hues of red-gold and bronze by the suns. Even the chest hair was lit into a kaleidoscope of colour. The bigger man's eyes devoured the enticing sight of two dusky nubs that peeked shyly from their protective nest. Uist's smile was relaxed and stayed in place as he regarded the man who lay to the other side of his mate Sholto. Even relaxed as now, Tristam's powerful physique was obvious and rivalled that of Uist's own. The normally sandy blond hair had been bleached whiter and the eyes that could go from chips of ice to stormy ocean were locked on the antics of two young men that played in the warm, clear waters. Uist's eyes moved seaward.

One young man's dark curls were now plastered to his head and, even without the benefit of Tristam's enhanced vision, Uist was sure he could see the deep brown eyes glow with joy. The normally honey-tinted skin was becoming a richer hue and the lithe frame radiated health and happiness. The other young male was of a similar height and willowy build, but their waist length blond tresses, almost white from the sun's attentions, were secured in a loose plait. The very pale skin had been carefully oiled with a protective lotion and it glistened as he moved. Uist and Tristam turned simultaneously to smile at each other. The holiday was just what they had needed to relax and enjoy time together without demands from others

A sudden peal of musical laughter had their attention back to the ocean. Theophilus was now held in the arms of his husband. The powerful reptilian had swum underwater to surprise his mate. Strong, smooth, sea-green arms were around the blond's slim waist, lifting him high as he was spun around. Rayner's laughter could also be heard as Theophilus' tresses came free from their binding creating a rippling waterfall of silken strands in the sunlight. Standing still, the lizard allowed the slender male in his arms to slide down his bulkier body and flicked out his tongue to taste sun and sea, love and laughter.

Rayner decided it was time to leave the lovers as Theophilus began to nuzzle at Xavier's snout. Returning to the beach he knelt gracefully between Tristam's purposely spread thighs.

"I think Xavier needs some time alone with Theophilus," he smiled at the man he loved.

"I think he has a good idea," Tristam replied reaching to stroke a soft, smooth cheek.

"Mmm, I agree," Rayner husked leaning into the caress.

"I believe Sholto and I will take a walk into the foliage nearby," Uist purred. "It reminds me of the jungle areas of PrideHome. He picked up a towel and slung it around his shoulders. He then tenderly stroked his lover's cheeks until drowsy oceanic blue eyes met his own more intense gaze and a sleepy smile warmed the cat-man's heart. "Time for a little exercise, my own," he said softly.

"'K," Sholto murmured. He allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and tucked securely against a powerful body and nestled closer inhaling his mate's clean masculine scent.

"Take care, my brothers," Tristam said as he watched the couple meander slowly from sight.

Out in the ocean, Xavier had decided he wanted more than simple splashing in the warm waters. Watching his supple, sleek, glistening husband had aroused the reptilian. He now cradled the lithe form back-to-chest and his large, sensitive hands roamed over and caressed the smooth hairless skin of his mate's chest. He drew circles with his fingers around the small nipples teasingly until plucking gently at them to turn them into alluring, solid pink peaks.

"Husband," Theophilus whispered, his voice soft, melodic, submissive.

"Beloved," Xavier replied, seductive, silky, possessive.

Carefully he reached to divest his lover of the small swimming briefs he wore. The lizard had left his own shorts on the beach before entering the sea. A strong, knowledgeable hand began to caress the shaft that rose eagerly from golden blond curls. Then the bigger male ushered Theophilus into greater depths where they needed to tread water. Xavier's powerful thighs pressed the blond's apart. Smooth flesh teased at his hidden opening, already slick with his own natural lubricant. Xavier's tail slid sinuously inside as Theophilus arched and moaned in his bigger mate's embrace. There was little need for stretching. The blond was relaxed and lubricated and Xavier could wait no longer to be sheathed in wet heat.

The reptilian's hemipenes probed at Theophilus' entrance as Xavier's tail withdrew. The twin organs, slick with their own pre-come pressed insistently at the blond's pink rosebud and then glided effortlessly to be fully sheathed in searing tightness. Xavier felt his lover try and push back on the flesh impaling him and thrust his hips forward. Mewls and soft, sweet cries spilt from the younger male as his jewel was rubbed insistently by every ebb and flow of his mate's sexes. With a louder cry of his husband's name, Theophilus came, his seed a cloudy haze billowing into the welcoming sea.

Xavier continued to thrust as Theophilus moaned mindlessly, lost in a sensual haze of pleasure. Xavier's expert touch on his sex reawakened the sated organ, encouraging it to participate fully once again. Xavier's pleasured trilling was so low and deep as to rival Uist's purring and the younger male whimpered as he felt the vibrations throughout his sensitised body. Finally Xavier's body ceased its insistent rocking inside his mate as a prelude to his completion. He formed his knot inside Theophilus as he felt his beloved reach his pinnacle. With a muted roar of Theophilus' name, the lizard's hemipenes surrendered their seed, his release pulsing deep into the willing, lithe body.

Impaled on his husband's flesh, the warm sea cocooning them, Theophilus doubted if he would notice if they slid beneath the waves. It was a sublime feeling, being so fully filled, being unable to do nothing except accept the pleasure his mate was bestowing upon him and the blond writhed ecstatically. He felt his manhood harden again under his mate's tender ministrations. Then his lover's seed was inside him, wet heat searing him, and he felt voluptuously possessed by his husband. As he felt Xavier's release inside him, it triggered his own. Theophilous went limp, finally fully satiated and he lay trustingly in his lover's strong embrace as the reptilian's knot slowly dissipated. For long minutes they floated, enjoying post-coital intimacy in the arms of the sea.

On the beach, Tristam and Rayner had begun to kiss and caress as soon as Uist and Sholto had disappeared from sight. Two tiny scraps of cloth that had preserved modesty had quickly been discarded in favour of intimate skin-to-skin contact and the only sounds were those of love and joy. Rayner lay beneath his bigger mate as the older man slowly left open-mouthed kisses up his dark beauty's smooth thighs. He paused to nibble gently on the golden skinned delicacy.

"Ohh, Tristam," Rayner sighed.

Tristam smiled as he nuzzled closer to his young husband's need. He gazed predatorily at the column of slender rosy flesh rising from a nest of dark curls. The sunlight caught the trail of desire that had already leaked copiously and Tristam diligently lapped every trace from warm, soft skin. As he took in the red-hued head of his mate's sex he relished the low moan of pleasure. He sucked slowly and fondled the almost hairless sac, rolling and squeezing carefully the precious orbs within.

Rayner was unable to prevent the primitive sounds of pleasure that rose from him as his mate continued his erotic torture. He looked down at the bigger body kneeling between his spread thighs and opened his legs wider, offering himself to his love. He moaned as hot wet suction worked at his erection. A slick muscle tracing the sensitive underside to then lave over the prominent vein caused Rayner's slender hips to thrust instinctively. A strong arm stopped his movement and Rayner mewled as the older man began to suck in earnest.

Tristam released his prize to a low whine of distress from his beloved. The older man wanted them to come together and had felt how close his smaller lover had been. He moved to blanket their bodies. Their erections rubbed together to silent music performing a dance as old as time. As their bodies rocked gently Tristam nipped and sucked at the large dark discs of his lover's aureoles before sucking each irresistible nub in turn. Rayner's soft keening and constant writhing fractured the bigger man's control. Drenching a thick digit with oil he reached between wide-flung legs for the tiny portal hidden within the downy declivity. He inserted his fingers carefully, stretching and coating the grasping, silken walls of the slender channel.

Removing his fingers, Tristam hooked a long slim leg over his hip as he lined up his engorged shaft with the glistening entrance to his mate's body. He kissed Rayner passionately as he sank into searing tightness. Both men moaned as he came to rest, fully impaling his young lover, the tight sheath rippling its welcome for his hard flesh. They quickly found their rhythm, Rayner lifting his hips to meet every thrust of his big mate. Slow deep thrusts became faster and harder, striking Rayner's sweet spot repeatedly to leave the smaller man thrashing wildly, lost in the sexual maelstrom of his lover's making.

"I want to hear you scream my name," Tristam purred. "Want us to lose where one of us ends and the other begins. Love you, Rayner,"

"Love you," the younger man moaned softly.

The moan became a scream as Tristam fisted the dark beauty's arousal sending Rayner tumbling into completion, his seed coating his lover's hand and their sweat-slick bodies. Intense pleasure swept through the smaller body in wave after wave. Rayner was dimly aware of the low, deep groan of his name as he felt his mate's seed erupt into his body, his clenching channel milking his lover's pulsating flesh. Rayner gave a soft sigh of contentment as Tristam's weight settled over him making him feel even more loved and cherished. They traded slow sweet kisses until Tristam's softened organ finally slipped from its harbour and the older man cradled his lover to his chest.

Between his own desire to mate and the scent of growing arousal from his chosen family, Uist was achingly hard by the time he and Sholto had moved a discreet distance from the beach. The men weren't shy of nudity around each other, but all preferred to have privacy for lovemaking. He grinned as he found a soft, moss-covered knoll, with wide fern-like fronds above it for shade. He lay down the towel for added softness. They removed their swimwear; Uist then knelt and drew Sholto next to him. As they moved together, they began to kiss and caress. Slowly, Uist guided his smaller mate to lie down before he pulled back to stare possessively at the nude form of his young husband.

"I'm going to make you purr," Uist promised in a low deep rasp that seemed directly connected to Sholto's hard, leaking organ. The younger man moaned in anticipation, his body trembling with arousal.

Uist moved to part Sholto's legs widely and lay down thrusting and rotating against Sholto's groin. As he did, he plundered the warm wet cavern of Sholto's mouth, his lover sucking Uist's tongue into his own mouth to suckle. As the kiss ended, Uist growled his approval. He nipped at his mate from throat to collarbone to leave a trail of love bites. His mouth fastened over one cinnamon nub and he sucked and nipped as his fingers tugged and teased at the other to leave the younger man incoherent with need.

He hovered over the tumescent organ that lay on Sholto's furred abdomen. His tongue licked at the pool of liquid desire. He wished he could mate endlessly with his spouse. He adored the sight, sound, taste, smell and feel of making love with the responsive young man; to fill the willing body with his flesh and his seed, possessing him in the most primal of ways. With a feral grin he enveloped Sholto's shaft to the root, burying his face in the luxurious pubic pelt and inhaling musk and desire.

Sholto cried out and bucked into hot wet suction. He panted wetly as Uist let him thrust into his voracious maw; the young man's pleasure spiralling outwards from deep in his groin. He felt the rumbling purr from his bigger mate causing ripples around his sensitised shaft. Sholto arched and cried out wordlessly. His hips bucked furiously as he tumbled helplessly towards his release. Finally with a wail of Uist's name, the younger man's cream filled his husband's ravenous mouth, the older man swallowing all that was offered and sucking insistently to ensure not a drop was missed. As Sholto sagged bonelessly, Uist allowed the sated organ to slide from his lips. Sholto whimpered needily at the sight of his mate, kneeling between his legs, licking his lips with slow deliberate swipes of his tongue. His manhood twitched dryly in response to the intense look from Uist's eyes which glowed burnt umber with desire.

Uist smiled predatorily as Sholto tried to spread himself wider, silently inviting the dominant male to take him. Dark amber eyes devoured the entrance to Sholto's body that their positions now revealed to his ravenous gaze. The big man knew he would need to play his lover's body to perfection to re-arouse Sholto after such an intense orgasm. He loved to fill his young husband as much as Sholto loved to be filled and his flesh throbbed its desire to be in his mate's tight sheath. Oiling a single digit, Uist teased at the tightly furled rosette to soft mewls of encouragement. He circled the puckered flesh before pressing forward and growling softly at the moist heat enveloping his finger. As he slid as second inside, he laved at his mate's furred sac and tugged gently at the hairs on sturdy inner thighs. As a third finger entered, he licked at the filling shaft and began to stroke Sholto's prostate, causing the smaller man to buck and writhe, riding the fingers that delved deeply within his body. As Uist felt his lover push down on the questing digits and thrust up into his mouth, he knew it was time to claim that which was his. He rolled the unresisting body over and guided Sholto onto his hands and knees. He growled with gratification as his lover tried to press back onto his erect flesh. Holding the slender hips firmly, Uist pressed determinedly into the velvet channel. He continued in a controlled thrust until his sac pressed against his mate's as they were fully joined. Keeping one strong hand on Sholto's hip, Uist began to thrust as he reached under the smaller man to keep stroking the resurgent erection.

Sholto was reduced to incoherent whimpers, stimulated beyond the capacity for any sounds other than those of mind-fracturing pleasure. The large, thick organ that filled him so fully now dragged easily across his sweet spot with every thrust or rotation of his mate's powerful hips. He tried to push back and meet each of the deep thrusts with a movement of his own. He hoped he conveyed with his actions what was beyond his abilities with speech. He relished the breathy growls and purrs from the cat-man, feeling incredibly powerful that it was he that could reduce the bigger male's infamous control to dust. Sholto panted as he threw his head back and felt his lover's teeth bite at his exposed throat. He wanted to be marked and whimpered gratefully as Uist sucked hard to brand him as his.

Uist could feel how close his lover was to completion. He gave a succession of short feral jabs to Sholto's prostate causing the smaller man to howl and then gave a twist to his mate's engorged flesh. His reward was rhythmic clenching around his own aching need and an outpouring of his lover's essence over his hand. Throwing his own head back, the primal roar of completion from the older male fairly shook the ether around them. Uist blanketed his mate's back thrusting steadily even after the last of his seed had long left his slowly softening rod. As they slowly sank to the floor, Uist heard the sound he desired; part murmur, part sigh and a sound of pure contentment, Sholto's breath vibrated creating a unique purr of satiation. Uist grinned triumphantly.

Long moment passed as the lovers traded soft kisses and touches to convey the depths of the bond of love they shared. Although he regretted disturbing Sholto, Uist wanted to return to the greater safety of the rest of his family.

"We should return to our brothers," Uist said to his almost comatose mate. He swept Sholto into his arms and returned to the beach.

Uist smiled at those of his family still awake. Xavier and Tristam sat, one reading from, the other tapping into, hand held computers. Both of the other alpha males glanced up at Uist's almost silent approach and greeted him with their own smiles. Between powerful bodies lay their sleeping mates. Theophilus lay on his back, his hair casually draped over Xavier's thighs. Rayner lay curled into his side, an arm draped over the slim waist, Tristam's free hand caressing his tanned hip. Uist debated where to lay his precious bundle. He found himself looking into drowsy golden eyes. Wordlessly, Theophilus raised his free arm and with a smile of gratitude, Uist laid his lover at the blond's other side. Before moving away he stroked the satin soft cheek and received a sweet smile. As Sholto was laid down, Theophilus' arm drew him into a shared embrace. The blond's natural sweet scent quickly enticed Sholto to move closer and he mimicked Rayner's position, nestling into Theophilus' side, an arm slung possessively around his waist. Within seconds gold eyes were closed again and the soft sounds of sleeping were the only ones to be heard. Uist stretched out in front of the group, the three sleeping men kept safe between their protective and possessive partners.


All too soon it was time to leave the stretch of private beach and return to the sumptuous hotel. There were peals of laughter from Sholto and Rayner and more discreet amusement from Uist and Tristam when it was found that although Xavier had been able to recover his shorts from the beach, Theophilus' was now without any swimwear. Pouting adorably to many declarations of apology from his reptilian husband, the lissom blond wrapped a towel sarong-style around slender hips. Finally unable to maintain his pretended annoyance, Theophilus' musical laughter joined that of his brothers. He peppered the snout and thick lips of his lover with kisses to assure the older male he was truly not angry. However, as a punishment to Xavier as well as to Uist and Tristam for failing to show suitable concern, Theophilus declared they could dismantle their cover and carry the beach bags. With his tinkling laughter carrying in the breeze, the three more mature males did as ordered. They laughingly agreed that the look on Theophilus' face when realising his swimwear was lost at sea was well worth their 'punishment'.

Back at the hotel, Theophilus wanted to return quickly to his room to dress more suitably. As the still giggling males waited by the lifts, they were shocked when another PrideHomer emerged as the doors opened. Unlike the light and dark blond of Uist, this male's colouring was red and black, almost striped in nature and much more closely cropped. Although Uist's eyes could take on an amber colouration, but generally looked blue, the hazel of this male's eyes was such that they gave the impression of a shifting tawny kaleidoscope. The male was easily as well developed physically, a little taller and carried himself with an almost arrogant confidence. He broke into a wide smile, showing strong white teeth at three shocked miens.

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