tagGay MaleSilver Ch. 05

Silver Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Son and Lover

Pelaam©: October 2007.

Tristam had avoided any cases for just over six weeks. They had all suffered, leaving them both mentally and physically drained, from the events on Terra II. As the team's commanding officer, as well as their being his family, he knew they needed to relax fully. He especially needed to know Theophilus was capable of resuming his place, and full participation, before a new mission was accepted. Things had been particularly hard on the blond. However Tristam, and the others, had been pleased and proud at the way the young Dregan had recovered.

He had watched as the haunted look in expressive golden eyes had slowly been replaced by his normal confidence. He and Uist, in particular, had spent a great deal of time both together and individually with Theophilus, assuring him of their love for him and his unwavering place in their lives. Rayner and Sholto had ensured that the three of them had plenty of relaxing times as well as fun, not letting Theophilus duck out of anything they had planned. Throughout it all, Xavier had stood back, allowing his extended family help heal his mate, letting Tristam know how much he was grateful for their united care.

To some degree, Tristam now felt he no longer had any choice. Jameson had contacted them to say they had some strong, reliable information on a slaver the Elite had long wanted to catch: The Sheik. So named because he wore long, flowing robes and a turban wrapped around his head and face to preserve his anonymity. The thought of young, helpless men and women snatched from their homes and family to be slaves, of one kind or another, had Tristam particularly distressed. He desperately wanted his to be the Lead Team.

Although to some degree breaking a slaving ring was a 'fire-fighting' exercise, the more they broke the more lives they saved, even if the trade didn't cease. He knew Theophilus had a strongly compassionate nature and would not be approaching the blond if he had not already spoken to Xavier, both as husband and physician, and been assured that Theophilus was ready to work again. Taking the young Dregan to one side, he had not even finished his talk before Theophilus was almost begging for them to take on the mission and for him to be allowed to participate. He had been so proud of the less mature male's attitude and commitment. They had hugged tightly before he had sent Theophilus to Xavier and he had contacted Jameson. Now they were heading to rendezvous with the older man.


In their quarters, Tristam laid side-by-side with his beloved husband. Their hands traced random patterns on each other's skin and they smiled gently. Rayner pushed his bigger mate onto his back and kissed him thoroughly, straddling over the broad, golden-tanned body.

"Thank you," he murmured, nuzzling at Tristam's throat. "For making Theophilus so happy."

"What did I do?" Tristam asked, his voice a deep, sinful rasp. "I want to make sure to do it again if this is my reward."

Rayner laughed softly, his tongue then meandering down his husband's throat to his chest where he finally sucked contentedly on a dark pink nub.

"Although he is much improved, knowing you wanted him to participate in this case, to still be a part of the team, meant so much to him." Rayner said. He felt the discontent even as it began in the older man's mind. "Hush, love," he admonished, nipping at the succulent nubbin to a small gasp. "You know it is a part of his heritage. Sholto has spent a lot of time teaching Theophilus some of his world's more modern history and customs. He had never revisited Drega, even through computer, from the day Xavier took him as his mate. He understands, intellectually, his world has moved on. But he still finds himself tied by what he was brought up to think and accept. The change is happening, both for the planet and for Theophilus, slowly. This is the start. When you think about it, he never expected to have to face anything to do with Drega again when Marcellous effectively cast him aside."

Tristam nodded slowly. That was something he had not considered. He could now understand some of Theophilus' feelings. The blond Dregan had subconsciously held onto a measure of his origins when faced with an unknown universe, whereas he himself had no idea of his own. Whoever had taken him and made him into a hybrid of human and PrideHomer was also unknown, as were their ultimate intentions towards him; although a human who could see, hear and smell as well as the cat-race had obvious advantages in certain situations. But he had only come to be able to control his abilities with the care and compassion shown by Jameson and Aurora. When first in their home, they had spent untold numbers of days retreating to a room where it could be light, sound and smell free. His mastery of his senses came from love, devotion and determination. He doubted whether if he had remained a prisoner, he would be sane or even alive.

"Hey," Rayner murmured softly, effectively breaking into the older man's thoughts.

"I love you, angel," Tristam said. "You are so very, very special." He rolled their bodies and began to caress his lover's soft, honey-tinted skin. Mouth and tongue began to follow the trail of his hands until his face was buried in the dark nest of curls that adorned a smooth, erect penis. Tristam rumbled his approval as Rayner spread his legs wide and the bigger male licked around Rayner's sac and shaft. He could taste and scent his mate's musk and arousal. Tendrils of pleasure from his lover's mind slipped into his own, increasing their mutual stimulation.

"Feels good," Rayner whispered, his hands caressing Tristam's head and shoulders. "Oh, that's nice," he gasped as his husband's talented tongue swirled around the reddened head of his shaft. His hips moved in desultory thrusts and he enjoyed the feeling of his lover's warm, wet mouth around his erection. "Make love with me," he murmured.

"Always," Tristam vowed, reaching for the oil they used. Kneeling between Rayner's splayed thighs; the big male thoroughly coated his fingers. He leant down to kiss his beautiful love as he probed delicately between smooth nether cheeks. He caressed the tightly furled rosette that granted him entry to his mate's body before reaching inside the hot, tight channel. They let their shared pleasure ebb and flow between their minds as Tristam tenderly prepared Rayner's body amongst adoring kisses and words of love and devotion. As he stroked his fingers across his mate's jewel, it was almost as electrifying as having his own touched as Rayner shared the mental delight with him. All too quickly, however, their bodies demanded more.

Rayner embraced his husband as the bigger man positioned his sex against Rayner's prepared portal.

"Make us one, Tristam," he begged. His moan of pleasure was echoed by his mate's as two bodies united. Slowly everything else slipped away, all that existed was tight heat and the flow of joy between them as the lovers sought to be as one physically, mentally and spiritually. Their bodies moved in a silent harmony, dancing to music as old as time that only they could hear. Soft sounds of need and pleasure added to the melody. Their hips undulated in synchronised movements, driving them both to a shattering crescendo and the outpouring of their combined seed. Rayner coated their bodies and Tristam filled his husband with his release, each man vocalising shared joy. For long moments they lay together, content to simply bask in their orgasmic afterglow.

"I love you, Tristam," Rayner said quietly, his voice laced with satiated pleasure.

"I love you," Tristam replied instantly. He manoeuvred their bodies to lie facing his beloved. He kissed reddened, swollen lips. "I don't like this mission. Even though I know I want to do it," the older man confessed. "You, Sholto and Theophilus are all young and beautiful enough to catch the eye of this man and you will be where he can reach you."

"And we will be watched over by you, Uist and Xavier. You can be with us in moments if anything happened we couldn't control."

"I just don't like deliberately putting any of you in jeopardy. I never have and never will."

"Any of us could refuse and, in case you've forgotten, it was our idea to make ourselves prominent in the hopes we *do* catch his attention. I trust you. I trust all of you. Anyway, all we'll be doing initially is gathering data and allowing ourselves to be seen in what we believe to be his most usual haunts. How dangerous can that be?"

"Dangerous enough," Tristam growled, gathering the lithe form close. Something was making him feel very protective. Putting it down to concern for his mate's and chosen brothers' safety, Tristam settled them both snugly. As Rayner slept, he mounted vigil.


In another part of the ship, Uist was feeling the same level of inexplicable protectiveness. He had barely let Sholto further than arm's reach since Tristam had confirmed they had accepted the mission. Additionally, he had felt it necessary to check out those to whom he was Protector. Rayner and Theophilus had been happy to accept his need as simply part of his nature and he had been grateful for their forbearance.

He nipped gently at the creamy, fur-dusted mounds that were before his avaricious eyes. His lover was on his hands and knees, his head pillowed on his arms. The cat-man's tongue slid slowly down the exposed cleft once more, teasing the younger human and he growled approvingly as Sholto pushed back, silently demanding more. Their combined scent of arousal and desire was a potent aphrodisiac and this time Uist's tongue thrust greedily inside his mate to taste further.

Sholto moaned his appreciation as he felt the thick, slick, agile muscle push inside him. His lover's protectiveness had resulted in a day of touches and caresses that had kept the young man's arousal simmering. As tempting as it had been to haul Uist into their den and love him senseless earlier, Sholto knew if he let nature take its course, waiting until Uist was at the edge of his control, it would be even better. Already his mate's tongue had mapped out every inch of his body, leaving not a millimetre that unlicked. The undivided, erotic attention had driven Sholto to his first climax. He was again hard, dripping and eager, but Uist was still wetting him, stretching him, using his sinfully talented tongue to drive Sholto to the edge of the precipice over and over. It was amatory torture and Sholto loved it, loved Uist, and loved the way his big mate could play his body to perfection.

"More, please, love," he whimpered, pushing back. "Oh, yeah, gooood," Sholto gave a guttural groan as thick, oil-drenched fingers replaced his mate's tongue. They swept over his jewel repeatedly until the young man was almost incoherent with need and his pleas were unintelligible except on a primal level.

Satisfied with his effect on his adored husband, Uist lined up his slickened sex against the entrancing entrance and finally pushed inside the tight channel. For a moment he let both of them relish the feeling of being as one and then began to thrust in long, slow, deep movements, each one dragging over his mate's sweet spot until Sholto was shaking with need. Uist watched his shaft slide in and out of his lover before pulling the smaller body to sit astride his strongly muscled thighs. In this position all the control was his. He used powerful haunches to drive himself into Sholto's body, holding tight to the smaller man with one hand and pumping the rock-hard rod between his mate's legs with the other. His kissed and nipped at the fragile throat, bared for his ministrations. He could feel and scent how close his lover was.

"Come for me, mine," he rasped in Sholto's ear, his voice low and thick with arousal.

The sound, as much as the words, was enough for the younger male. Stars danced before Sholto's eyes and his body shook with the ferocity of his release, his seed fountaining over the bed. He felt his body clamp brutally around the flesh impaling him and he moaned wantonly as hot, wet juices filled him. He felt thoroughly debauched and totally sated. His limbs were leaden and he simply let his husband position him as the cat-man desired.

"That's nice," he mumbled, as his mate's sinful tongue rasped over his body, licking him clean. Then he was tucked securely up against Uist's large, strong body.

"I love you, mine," Uist rumbled.

"I love you, too," Sholto replied, nuzzling against Uist's shoulder.

"Sleep safe," Uist whispered, as he felt Sholto slip into slumber. As he kissed his mate's temple, apprehension tickled at the periphery of his awareness. Those he loved were purposely undertaking dangerous work and he had to permit it. His grip tightened around the lithe form. He vowed to be especially vigilant.


In the ship's pool, Theophilus and Xavier were enjoying relaxing in the water. Theophilus had felt a little off-colour and, given the upcoming case, neither male were unduly surprised. The idea to play in the pool was Xavier's and Theophilus was grateful to his husband and feeling himself once more. He laughed joyously as his mate's tail snaked between his spread thighs as he trod water and tickled at his perineum. Strong arms enveloped him and he was carried, laughing and kissing Xavier, into shallower water. Theophilus murmured his pleasure as his mate's tail slipped between his cheeks to thrust gently into his rapidly dilating body.

"You are easily aroused today, my heart," Xavier whispered, before his tongue slid in and out of the blond's willing mouth.

"I love you so much, my husband," Theophilus replied. "It seems I just cannot get enough of you and your touches. I am ... apprehensive ... about this mission. I do not want to let any of you down perhaps that is why I feel I need you so much."

"Put it from your mind and let me love you, my sweet. We can talk in our nest," Xavier crooned.

"Yes, oh yes, yes," Theophilus' words became a chant as Xavier's tail was replaced by his twin sexes. Theophilus knew how close he was and unsurprised his lover formed his knot instantly. Xavier's tail wound around his aching erection and within three rhythmic contractions his climax erupted. He heard Xavier's trill of completion as he cried his husband's name and he felt the reptilian's seed flood his still spasming channel. He slumped replete in strong, loving arms.

"So tired," he murmured. He often felt drained after they made love but, at that moment, he felt incapable of keeping his eyes open.

"You are worrying about the mission too much," Xavier whispered. "Let your body tell you what you need. Do not push yourself too hard. I will carry you to our nest and when you wake we will talk." The lizard gave his unique smile as Theophilus' head snuggled into his shoulder and a soft, unintelligible murmur was his only reply. Xavier hoped his mate did not worry himself into exhaustion.


From their meeting with Jameson, the six returned to 'Silver' with chips, tapes and even some paper records all with information on, or believed to concern, the slaver they sought. Whilst Tristam, Uist and Xavier remained on the main deck, piloting the ship and discussing the ways they could best help protect their mates, Sholto, Rayner and Theophilus were closeted away, making themselves familiar with every piece of data. With their nemesis preserving anonymity, they could not always be certain the reports concerned the same man. Sholto offered the thought that there could be more than one as some of the information seemed too old to relate to the same individual.

"I will return quickly, my brothers," Theophilus excused himself, smiling reassuringly as Sholto and Rayner looked up. He quickly headed for the ship's medical centre, knowing his mate was on the command deck. It was distasteful to him to be secretive towards his husband or his family. However, he had not felt himself for a couple of weeks. He was certain he was not ill, but perhaps still feeling some lingering effect from the time at Terra II. He desperately needed to undertake this mission and did not want the overly protective, more mature males, leaving him out. He ran a simple blood test; not wanting to do anything that Xavier could find and question him about.

He stared at the result and quickly ran a second. The result did not change. //It cannot be// he thought to himself, but he knew the results did not lie. He buried his face in his hands for a moment and then stood up straight. He could manage this. It had already been decided that if they had no success within a week, they would need to withdraw and begin again. //A week is no time at all. I can wait that long. I shall wait that long.// He shut down the computer terminal, but in his stunned state failed to stop the machine automatically saving the results. He selected some medicinal herbs that would help fortify his system and then returned to Sholto and Rayner.

"These are the space station bars that our man seems to prefer," Sholto said as Theophilus joined them once more. "There are three of them. We thought we could work in pairs," he explained. "You and me, Rayner and me and you and Rayner. Does that seem fair?"

"I am quite happy," Theophilus nodded. He smiled at the two humans so beloved to him. He was making the right decision. A week would make no difference.


It was the end of a tiring and distasteful day. Three protective males sat at the poolside as their mates swam and splashed, both cleansing and comforting themselves following the day's events. Once the three young men were dry and dressed once more, they convened a meeting with the Leader of the Elite they would be working closest with.

Darius was pleased to find he was as welcomed by the attractive Dregan and his hovering reptilian mate as by the others of Tristam's team. He had held some lingering concerns that either Theophilus or Xavier may not have been happy to work alongside the man who had put the blond into custody when accused of murder, however, Theophilus had treated him affectionately and warmly.

"How did you fare, guys?" he asked as they sat around the circular table. At the looks that passed between them, Darius guessed it had not been pleasant.

"We spoke privately to the bar owners. Only one owns and runs his bar, the others employ managers to do the work," Rayner said. "The two run by managers were by far the ... seedier." He gave a shudder and Tristam and Uist growled at the implied memory. Rayner gave them a wry smile.

"One of the owners, despite seeing both mine and Theophilus' Elite Security ID chips, actually asked me if I was interested in 'selling' Theophilus," Sholto said. This time three males gave the impression of growling, Xavier's frill becoming redder and his trill low and menacing. "A young Dregan is almost unheard of out here and, of course, Theophilus is exceptionally beautiful." Sholto grinned at his brother, who stared at him with wide eyes.

"Sholto, please," Theophilus murmured, a crimson blush stealing over his face.

"My mate speaks true," Uist rumbled. "We each have a beautiful husband and we regularly experience avarice and deal with it. However, this goes beyond normal jealousies."

"The one who owns and runs his bar seemed helpful." Theophilus spoke, his colour slowly returning to normal. "He wishes to keep a 'clean bar' as he put it. He is happy for us to sit and watch for the Sheik. He was even willing to point out the man if we missed him. With the other two, I think it would be advisable to have undercover Elite stake them out. I do not think we would be supported, or particularly safe, in their establishments."

"I think our other teams could also find it profitable to enquire into the background of someone as foolish as to proposition Sholto so brazenly," Xavier said, the lizard's anger making his voice brittle.

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