tagNonHumanSilver Moon: A Change Ch. 07

Silver Moon: A Change Ch. 07


This is a pure work of fiction and all aspects are from my own imagination though some parts will probably sound similar depending on how much fantasy reading you have done. Any and all sex scenes are between people who are 18+. There are none and will never been any sexual relations for anyone underage.

If you have any problems with what I am typing, let me know but if you are only going to give crappy feedback as in 'it sucks', then go frost yourself and hope you need a new wanker... Now if you have some positive feedback, please let me know. I do want to thank everyone who has given me feedback with the exception of the idiot who spammed me.

Oh and a few things you might notice, most of the characters are not going to be some hot rockin' stud who looks like Adonis. Can you say over used and over played? Also, if I ever have a set of dueling tongues, I might just shoot myself. Every time I come across that, I can't help but see them facing off at 20 paces with guns and that is just wrong...

I would also like to greatly thank Somaluna for proof reading this and giving me some excellent feedback. At the end of the chapter is a list of characters. Periodically I might be adding a bit of background data to help fill in details that wouldn't normally be mentioned. While I am thinking about it, there is going to be nudity of all ages. I am going to put this in each and every following chapter. With the exception of the sex scenes it is just that-nudity and nothing else. I am stating this since there have been a few complaints over the shower scenes and I want everyone to know it is because lycans don't care since they have grown up with it. If you have dirty thoughts, that is your problem.


Once Mari left the room, Sheliae went back over to the bed and stripped down. She had briefly looked in the closet and found one of Dan's long shirts she could use and pulled it on. Granted there wasn't anything except panties on under it, but it covered enough. Once she was dressed for bed she went back over and settled on Dan's back again and relaxed. The smell of the food would wake him soon enough.

The reason she settled on his back was partially to feel how her work was integrating into Dan's spirit, but also because she was feeling attracted to him and wanted to feel his body. Most of the clan members seemed to have a runner's body type. But being totally honest, she rather liked men who were heavy with muscle and Dan was really hitting her buttons. It had been a while since she had last found a lover, and part of her reaction was to his body, but also to the fact that though his spirit was struggling with the loss of his family, he was still doing what was needed for the pack. He was a hugely strong man but in a way it made him sort of fragile as well.

He had a hard time leaning on anyone since that could be a sign of weakness amongst the wolves; but everyone had to lean on someone. He was leaning on Mari and the kits but not the rest of his pack. He felt he needed to be strong for them sort of like the roots of a large tree in a storm. He had to anchor them down so they could heal and start growing. The problem was he wasn't letting the rest of the pack take care of him-the strongest section of the pack and he needed that. Mari and the kits were good but the adults were the strongest section. What she had done was to lay in a healing matrix that would help both the pack and him do exactly that lean on each other. When he finally met his new mate, the healing would pretty much be done.

Dan slowly woke up as the scent of food tickled his nose and his stomach growled. It took him a moment or two before realizing there was a warm weight on his back and for a moment he wondered which cub it was. That only lasted a moment or two before he realized the scent wasn't pack and was one of the Kitsunes. "Is there some reason you are making my back your bed?" He asked her with a slight growl in his voice.

"Well, you fell asleep while I was massaging your back. Working on you tired me out and it looked inviting." There was some laughter in her voice. "Mari brought some food up if you are hungry my Lord Alpha." There was definitely some laughter when she said that and as she slid off his back and moved over to the table.

He rolled over and sat up and frowned since she was in one of his shirts. "Do I want to know why you are wearing one of my shirts? I don't need someone in my bed." He tried not to lie but wasn't pleased to have a strange woman in his quarters and dressed for bed.

She looked at him and batted her eyes at him. "Oh? Then why is Mari's scent all over the bed and your clothing? I would say there has been at least one adult female in your room recently." As she was talking she was pulling the food out and it was sandwiches and some salad. "You have pretty good food and you do realize your pack loves you right?" The pack loved him though some of the pack members didn't care for him. The love was a sort of communal love from the pack itself and not from individuals. From what she understood with well-run packs that was normal.

Dan growled at her. "Mari keeps my wolf sane at night. I have only had sex with her once and no other encounters with her or any of the other women." He took a slow breath. "Before you ask I haven't asked and don't want anything like that right now." Dan stood up and walked over to the other seat at the table and settled down and pulled his food over.

He didn't reply to the comment about his pack loving him since he could only hope that they cared, or at least most of them. He knew of a few that still weren't sure about him and they were the ones that had suffered the most abuse from their former alpha. "You didn't answer me, why are you in my room dressed for bed?" Dan stated again. He was sure that Geoff would take exception to that.

She smiled at him. "Well I am sort of taking Mari's place since she is going to be occupied for the next week or two and I have a feeling that you still need someone in your bed to help your wolf." Sheliae had been looking down at her food and lifted her head just enough to look at him through her eyelashes. "I also had a feeling that if I sat here in my panties you might object and didn't want to leave you long enough to get my nightclothes." She crossed her slender legs and resisted the urge to smile again when his eyes looked at them.

Dan almost growled again at her presumption, but the food was calling his name and to be honest he was rather used to having someone in his bed, be it Mari or the pups. He stalked over to the table and took over the other chair and pulled the food over to where he was sitting. "I am still pissed off about your abrupt arrival and really don't appreciate losing one of my subs to your clan." He was definitely growling though it was reactive and not proactive.

"Dan, Geoff is a wonderful young man. He isn't perfect in every way but he is going to be a great leader for the clan when his parents step down. He will take very good care of your little submissive and as a sort of surrogate father for your cubs. He will never replace you and won't even consider it." She smiled and reached over and lightly touched his arm. "I have been with him for close to 15 years and know him better than he knows himself. He and the clan will take care of your cubs and whenever you want to visit them or have them visit you, it will be taken care of."

He sighed and looked at the food and finally picked the sandwich up and started eating it. Dan could tell that either Mari or Angie had made it since it was one of his favorites. He started eating and in a way sort of ignored her for the moment as he concentrated on that act. Dan needed the food and his stomach wasn't letting him focus on much else for the moment. Eventually he was done and he leaned back and sighed. "Hun, I am over 200 years old. I take everything with a huge grain of salt. Some of it I eventually accept and I have done the alpha for a bit over 70 years. Till I get to know your Lord Geoff, I am going to suspend my agreement with what you have to say."

God, he was tired and the food in his belly only made it worse. "I am going to take a shower and then go to bed. I will talk to you later." He stood up and walked into the bathroom and tossed his clothes in the hamper. His sleep shorts were hanging on the door and he would change into them when he was done. Once the water was warm and flowing he stepped into it and leaned against the wall and enjoyed the feeling of the water hitting his back. Whatever she had done, his back was less tense that it had been for a while.

Sheliae waited till she could hear the water and stripped down and slipped into the bathroom and then into the shower. "Let me wash your back Danilo." She walked into the shower and leaned against his back and rested her hands on his shoulders before getting the washcloth wet and worked some soap into it. "I can tell that you aren't very comfortable with this, but let me help you." She started working on his shoulders and then down his back and eventually down his legs. She had a reason which he would eventually appreciate; how soon or late she wasn't sure but he would. It had been more than long enough since he had been with a woman.

Dan tensed up when she started working on his back, which was sort of odd since Mari had joined him occasionally in the shower but that had just been to get clean. In the case of this woman, he could feel some sort of sexual response to what she was doing. It sort of unnerved him, but also attracted him. She was good looking and had all the parts he liked but also it felt wrong since she wasn't his mate.

Sheliae could tell that he was uncomfortable with her in the shower with him. "Relax Dan, I am just getting clean and helping you as well. How could I hurt the father of Mari's cubs? Geoff and Mari will have their own kits someday as the spirits dictate. I just want to help you to heal."

Dan turned around and pulled her close and then leaned over and kissed her. It wasn't a chaste kiss what so ever. "Do you really want to play with the big boys? I will please you and tease you till you scream in desire." She was definitely a good looking woman. She wasn't quite his preferred body type being taller than he liked but her hips and breasts fit her height and she was well balanced. She was shaved except for a landing strip which was something he really did like.

She snickered slightly. "Do you think you can handle me wolf? I will drive you to temptation and make you howl with desire." She had dealt with wounded wolves before and that was what he was. She needed to challenge him and make him come to her before the next step of healing could happen. It might sound silly, but there were a number of different types of healing. Two of them were spiritual and sexual. Sheliae had started the first, but he needed the second as well.

He growled at her though it ended up being into the kiss. "Are you sure you can handle me Fox? I have a feeling that I could draw you into satisfaction you have never felt before. I will drive your fox nuts and then bang her into unconsciousness. She won't know what nailed her till she wakes up. I can already feel her demanding attention." Since she was in his arms he finished the kiss and his hands slid around her sides and pulled her close. If she really wanted this he would give it to her and do his best to drive her crazy.

She smiled at him and moved her body into his as he kissed her and pulled her closer to him. "We will see wolf. I might draw you to distraction and hopefully before the kits decide to join us." There was a definite teasing tone in her voice when she said that. They finished cleaning up and she wrapped a towel around her and started out of the bathroom.

Dan couldn't help but take up the challenge and picked her up and walked out of the bathroom and over to the bed and dumped her on it. "Challenged accepted and you are going to howl out your enjoyment woman." Before she could really say anything he removed her towel and smirked down at the woman he had tossed on his bed. It was a knowing smirk and gone was the hurting wolf she had been dealing with.

One hand held her hands captive and Dan lightly brushed his lips across hers before moving towards her jaw. He nibbled and kissed along her jaw and then sucked on one earlobe before working his way down her neck. He slid his tongue over the point on her neck where her pulse beat in an increasing rhythm and kissed his way down her chest, slowly working his way around her breasts interspersing light nips with the kisses. They weren't to hurt, but to stimulate. Dan purposefully wasn't going near her nipples for the moment.

Sheliea wasn't quite prepared for Dan taking total charge. As he worked his way down her face and neck, she could feel her abdomen starting to tense up, not to mention her core starting to heat up. This was definitely not what she had been expecting from him. What she had been thinking was something slow and hesitant, but he was definitely the driving force in this conflagration. She didn't mind and had to admit that she wanted him between her legs. As he was working his way down she was starting to make small pleased noises.

Dan slowly moved south and found her navel, but instead of the squeal from Mari, Sheliae lifted her abdomen to his mouth and he resisted giving her what she wanted. One of his hands still had hers captured. He lightly licked her belly button and lightly sucked the soft tissue into his mouth and gently pulled on it with his teeth. As he was working on her, he could smell her definitely starting to get aroused.

As he was working on her belly his free hand was lightly stroking from the outside of her legs in and stopping near her V, but not actually touching it. As she was slowly starting to spread her legs, his hand started working on the inside of her thighs but only going to the crease of her leg and then stroking back down.

When his nipping and kissing reached to the top of her mound he contemplated it and smiled because she was definitely wet and starting to thrust in enjoyment. After watching her try and get her lips to his mouth so he could nibble, he lightly blew across the wetness and smiled at her little whimpers. After pressing a few kisses across her mound he started working his way down the inside of one thigh.

God, he was starting to drive her nuts. His slow licks and nibbles were pushing her over the edge. The center of her body was getting hotter and wetter and if he waited much longer she was going to blow a nut and consider even pass out. "Oh lady, lick the shit out of me Dan. Do it before I frigging die from overload." That was a fox snarl when she said it.

He grinned now that he had her where he wanted her and lowered his mouth to sample what she tasted like. His tongue lapped her outer lips and he enjoyed hearing her groans. "I vaguely remember you teasing me in the shower. You said you would make my wolf howl; now it is my turn." Ever so lightly did he lick her outer lips and slowly worked his way into her inner lips. When his tongue finally reached her inner core she blew a nut hard enough she damn near tied his tongue inside her. Once she relaxed he shifted her onto her hands and knees and grinned.

She hadn't expected this sort of treatment and he was teasing her almost beyond what she could stand. When he flipped her over so she was on her knees and elbows, she didn't think twice and let her ears and tails appear. Her fox was more than ready for what would come next and flagged her interest. Sheliae was definitely worked up because every touch of his on her body sent tiny little zings of pleasure to her center. She was moaning as he stroked her hips as he flipped her over.

Dan got her positioned and plunged his shaft into her and almost growled as he did that. She was one hell of a woman and as he started moving inside her he could feel her muscles slowly clenching around him and before he knew it his knot was starting to form. "Oh god, this is good, I can't believe how good it feels."

His hands were clenched on her hips and before he knew it she had taken his knot in as she forced herself on him. For a moment he simply waited for how she felt with her tunnel surrounding him before she started moving again.

Dan started stroking in short fast movements and a few moments later he lost it and came inside her. It was between primal and a force of nature when he did. She orgasmed right before he did and they collapsed on their side and waited for his knot to relax. He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck as his heart rate slowly came down.

"Damn but that was good. Just a spirit healer huh?" He could feel one of her tails flicking against one leg and it felt interesting. It was soft and fluffy. As it stroked his leg he could feel warmth flowing from her to him. He also discovered an interesting fact, when a female Kitsune changed to her mid form she actually had four breasts, her two large ones and two small ones directly blow the others. Dan had found that as he stroked her side as they were calming down.

She couldn't help but smile a bit when his hand froze as it found one of the differences between human and mid form. "That was bloody good as well Dan. I might just sneak into your bed for the rest of the time I am here." Sheliae snuggled a bit closer. "Yes, a healer and not just a spirit healer. It has been a while since I have been with a man but damn you were worth it." Sleepily she rubbed the back of her head against him. "Now it is time for sleep my alpha." She moved slightly towards him and then fell asleep.


When Dan awoke the next morning Sheliae was sitting at his desk and working on some paperwork. "Good morning Lord Danilo."

The three Mousekateers, as he thought of them, were in the bed and he had to grin. "Told you we would have company." He was lying on his back and Giani was curled up on his chest. Dan growled. "Dan or go to heck woman. I am not a lord or whatever. I am an Alpha, but use my name or I am going to ask Geoff for permission to spank you." That was most definitely a growl.

Sheliae decided not to say anything about his comment about not being a lord. When Mari became Geoff's actual mate Dan would most likely be inducted into the clan and automatically become a lord. As far as his comment about spanking her she wasn't going to reply in front of the kits and simply smiled. Anything she would say would be rather suggestive and they didn't need to hear that.

Giani shifted and sat up and grinned at him. "You feel better Danny, I mean Dan. You don't feel nearly as hurt as you did." Then she leaned down and wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled close. "Thank you fox lady for helping my alpha."

He sighed and gave her a good hug and stroked her back for a moment. "Stinker her name is Sheliae and go back to the pups room or I might just have to spank you and your two minions. I think I am going to start calling you the three Mousekateers."

Sheliea laughed at their antics and walked over to the bed. When Giani sat up, she gave the cute little girl a hug. "Told you I would help him if he let me and thank you for coming to check on us. I wish I had a kit like you since I am so proud of you for wanting to take care of your Alpha like you do."

Giani returned the hug and smiled. "You will have another kit ma'am and you will love her." She gave the woman a quick peck and then shifted. The other two were still in wolf form and scooted out the door. She wasn't too worried about getting in trouble since everyone knew where any stray cubs would be.

She laughed. "You are welcome sweetie and he is a very good man." She called out as the three of them left the room and then something occurred to her. What had the little girl mean by 'another' kit?

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