Silvia's Tale


After a hectic day of meetings and presentations in the city, Silvia decided to treat herself to an early dinner at the Overlook room, on the 85th floor of the City Center Tower. By getting there early, she would be able to have a relaxing meal, a few drinks, and watch the sunset during dessert. The gorgeous Latina was dressed to kill in her grey pinstriped business suit and skirt, with a white silk blouse, sheer black stockings, and shiny black pumps with 3 inch heels. She wore her luxurious dark hair down over her shoulders.

Usually the express elevator would have taken her all the way to the restaurant, but it was out of service, so she waited to take one of the regular elevators. Some of those were also under repair, so it was taking a while. While she waited, a handsome man in an expensive, silk business suit stood near her. She felt his gaze before she saw it, and glanced over in the mirrors of the elevator lobby to catch him unabashedly appreciating her curvy form.

Silvia had often wondered what the phrase "undressing her with his eyes" meant, and this man's attention made the meaning crystal clear. He wasn't staring, or leering. There was nothing unsettling about his subtle appreciation, but at the same time she imagined that he could see right through her clothes. He scanned her body slowly, almost tenderly, from ankles to face, and when his eyes met hers, he smiled warmly, and Silvia blushed. She averted her eyes before he did.

Before the elevator arrived, more people gathered to catch a ride to an upper floor. By the time the doors opened the small crowd blocked her view of the man. She assigned the brief encounter to the 'pleasant memory' category and boarded the elevator car.

The car seemed to stop on every floor. Some people got out, but as far as she could tell, he never did. She began the ride near the front of the car, but after few floors she was crowded toward the back of the car by the press of people.

Eventually Silvia was driven almost to the back of the car. As she carefully stepped back to avoid stepping on the feet of the person behind her, she recognized his shoes. He was standing directly in back of her. She imagined she could feel his breath on her neck. The elevator stopped again. Silvia's tension rose as she wondered whether the elevator would empty more, allowing more space, or would fill, and push them closer together.

She gasped slightly, almost inaudibly when she noticed a crowd of people waiting to get on, and only one getting off. Silvia has no choice but to inch carefully backward as the crowd shifts. Her curvy bottom brushed against the front of his pants. She held her breath momentarily, but didn't shift forward. Silvia was holding her stylish clutch purse in her left hand, using her right to steady herself on the railing of the elevator car. The strangers warm masculine hand suddenly covered hers, gently holding her in place. Her heart pounded as he eased his body closer, pressing against her from behind. She felt the shape of his warm unmistakable presence against the curve of her left cheek. She felt his impressive growth as he leaned harder against her.

"Relax" he insisted, whispering in her ear so quietly she almost didn't hear.

The elevator was so crowded; no one could really see what was going on the in far corner. The stranger removed his hand from Silvia's, placing it her right hip. His fingers trailed down and deliberately moved to her shapely ass. He slowly bunched the fabric of her grey pinstripe skirt, making the hem creep upward until his fingers touched her bare skin above her stockings. It was all she could do to keep silent as he persisted. He confidently grasped her cheek in his hand, and slid his fingers under her panties, continuing inexorably to his target. He traced the cleft of her ass, grazed her tight back entrance, but did not stop until his finger was gently poised at the entrance to her moistened pouting lips.

He paused, his fingers nearly warm enough to feel on her labia, but not quite. She yearned for the contact, shifted back toward it, tried to secretly lower her hips into it, but just as she moved so did he, always close enough to nearly feel the touch she desperately wanted to have, but not quite.

At the 80th floor the elevator began to empty. As the crowd withdrew so did the stranger, taking his hand out from under her skirt and smoothing it. Silvia trembled with mounting desire. There were only a few people remaining when he leaned forward and whispered, "84."

Silvia looked up at the floor number. 81. 85 for the restaurant. She had a reservation. Why should she trust him? Her head was spinning. She shouldn't go...she wouldn't go. She'd go to dinner as planned. 82. Just another memory, an intense memory, but something she'd always look back on fondly...and wonder. 83. She took a deep breath, tried to compose herself, and made a final decision to go to dinner. 84. The door opened.

Silvia stepped out of the elevator. She heard the stranger step out behind her. She looked down a long narrow white corridor, only one elevator door opened onto the hall, and a single, white wooden door waited at the other end. There were no signs, no mirrors, no indications at all to say what organization inhabited this space. She started to fear having made the wrong choice.

She turned to call the elevator as the stranger deftly moved to stay behind her. "I. I can't. I'm sorry." There was no button to call the elevator. There was no elevator door at all, just the same painted white panels that lined the rest of the hall.

She felt the man's hand on her hair, this time she trembled as much in fear as in excitement. "You can't leave that way," he whispered darkly. "You must trust me," his low, steady voice was had taken on a sinister edge. Then suddenly, the hall went pitch black, and the stranger was no longer gentle and teasing. He grabbed one of her arms and twisted it behind her. He wrapped his other hand in her hair and pulled back hard. "You can scream if you want...if it makes you feel better," he spun her around and guided her toward the door.

But she couldn't scream. She didn't want to scream, somehow. She was terrified but she was certain that screaming would do no good. She stumbled, but he would not let her fall, even to her knees. He stood her up pulling her arm and her hair under she had her feet under her, and led her on.

She heard, but didn't see, the door open when they reached it, yet both of his hands still held her firmly. The room she was pushed into next was also dark. Perfectly dark. She could feel another presence with them.

He released her arm and let go of her hair. "Blindfold her." It was another voice, deep and solemn and calm. Silvia knew better than to struggle. They knew this space and she did not. For all she knew they may be able to see in the darkness.

She felt the cool smooth material of the blindfold wrapped around her head and tied.

"Lights," the new voice commanded. Silvia could detect a brightening at the edges of the blindfold, but still could see nothing. "Bring her to the pedestal."

The stranger, still behind her, now took her wrist softly and coaxed her forward. As she moved tentatively he told her to stop and step up. She tried to comply, reaching out with one foot to feel her way, and found the edge of the platform. She lifted her foot up and onto it; it was tall, almost knee height. The stranger helped her up until she stood on the pedestal.

"Have I succeeded, Prince?" The stranger seemed eager for approval.

"I hope so...for your sake...and hers," the Prince responded in a matter of fact tone that sent a chill up Silvia's spine. He sounded like he was circling a few feet away. "Strip her."

Silvia reached up toward the neck of her blouse. "No!" the stranger commanded. She felt him on the pedestal behind her now. Her suit coat was removed first. She then felt the arms of the stranger wrapped around her, carefully unbuttoning her blouse, untucking it pulling it down and off her shoulders. She trembled slightly as the cool air of the room touched the bare skin of her chest, covered now only by the beige lace bra. Her large nipples began to stiffen.

The stranger started to work on the clasp of the bra but was interrupted by the Prince. "Skirt."

She felt the zip slowly lowered, and the garment became a puddle of fabric around her ankles. "Step out," the voice at her shoulder whispered. Now the deft fingers were at the clasp of her bra, and quickly she felt cool air on her full, naked breasts. Her nipples were almost painfully hard. She felt the stranger step down from the platform, fingers on the stocking tops easing the sheer nylon down to the shoes. One leg, then the other. He guided each delicate foot out of shoes and stockings.

The Prince approached from the front, the stranger behind. And then, without ceremony, Silvia's panties were removed. She could smell her own fragrant arousal. Despite the danger, or maybe because of it, she was wet and shaking with anticipation. Two men were within inches of her naked form, admiring her, examining her. She thought she could feel their desire in the air.

"Excellent....perfect," the Prince's voice was rougher, filled with lust. "Disrobe," he commanded. With her eyes covered Silvia thought she could hear her stranger undress. In front of her, hands were on her stomach, stroking her, smoothing her skin. One slid up to cup her breast, roughly squeezing, pinching her nipple lightly, then hard. She gasped. The other hand headed downward over her mound of dark curls, down the front of her thigh, then between, then quickly, insistently, up.

No teasing this time. An agile male finger slid directly into her sopping core of heat. As it was pulled slowly out, curling and dragging across the g-spot, Silvia buckled forward. The Prince eased her down to her knees. She felt pairs of powerful hands on both her shoulders, lifting her from the pedestal as though she were weightless, carrying her across the width of the room and depositing her on a plush cushioned sofa. She rested there only a moment before she was goaded to the floor. One pair of hands now on either side of her head, and the stranger's voice, "Open."

She opened her mouth eagerly, and was rewarded with the warm, salty taste of the tip of a large cock. He moved her back and forth. She brought a hand up to stroke him, the other up to cup his balls, and then just as she thought she might be rewarded with the taste of his juices, he abruptly withdrew and unexpectedly removed the blindfold.

She blinked in the surprisingly soft light of the room, her deep dark eyes adjusting quickly to the sight of two thick, hard cocks at her face. She gazed upwards into the eyes of the new man, the Prince, and lustily licked the tip of his member. With one hand on the stranger's shaft she gripped the root of the Prince's cock in the other and slid her mouth and throat all the way down. She slowly withdrew, working her tongue vigorously as she did.

Silvia drew the two cockheads together until they touched, then wrapped her lips around both as best she could. The taste and feel of two hot men in her mouth at the same time drove the Latina into a frenzy, working both in turn, then both at once. The electric charge of animal desire spread through her body, filling her with the need to be taken everywhere at once. She locked eyes with the stranger, popping his long thick cock out of her mouth and growling "fuck me." She switched over to the heavy manhood of the Prince, taking it all the way down her throat again before demanding, "fill me!"

They lifted her quickly and roughly to a standing position, facing the stranger. In one swift motion he filled her aching pussy with his heat, grinding against her clit. She shuddered in her first violent orgasm. The Prince grabbed Silvia from behind by the hair and pushed the two joined lovers down to the couch. While the stranger thrust away into her still heaving womb, the Prince pressed his cock deliberately into her ass. The exquisite feeling of being filled utterly by the two men—overwhelmed by the totality of their penetration—drove Silvia into a climax like a sudden fire that consumed every fiber of her being. She was ripped from this world of things and people into a place where she felt transcendent...complete. Not unconscious, but ultra conscious, she could feel everything and everyone at once.

Slowly she returned to reality. Her two lovers were driving their still hard shafts into her willing body. Over the course of many hours the three lovers explored every delight possible.

The next day, as the Prince helped Silvia into the waiting cab at the base of the City Center Tower, no words were needed, indeed, no words could have been sufficient. Much more than just the "pleasant memory" she once expected, as Silvia made her way home she still traveled in the aura of a magnificent, life-changing experience.

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