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Similar Super Sexy Asses

byTawny T©

Still dressed in our nightgowns, Sue and I sat together at the breakfast bar having our morning coffee. Tom, my husband, came through on his way to work, and patted me on the fanny. He winked at Sue and said, “Greatest ass in the world!”

As he went out the door, I called after him, “Bet you couldn’t tell them apart in the dark, Big Boy.”

He winked and said ,”Bet your buns I could. Sure would be fun trying.” We all laughed.

Sue and I are not related, but people are always mistaking us for twins. We are the same in many ways. Our tastes in clothes, hairstyles, and makeup are similar, and we have always dressed alike. Our faces are almost identical, and even very good friends mix us up in dim light, or at a quick glance. Recently divorced, Sue was visiting Tom and me for a week. Tom adored her almost totally.

“Bet he could tell us apart,” Sue said with a smile. “He’s a sharp cookie.”

“No way,” I shot back laughing. “We are too much alike. He couldn’t tell us apart from behind with the lights on.”

“Let’s bet,” Sue said. “Loser has to do anything the winner wants. It Tom can tell us apart, you have to eat my pussy in front of him.”

“You’re on. Same type penalty if you loose. You have to eat me in front of him!” I laughed. “How can either one of us loose?”

We laughed uproariously, then shook on it, and then began working out a plan. That night we would both shower before bed. I’d make sure the lights in our bedroom were out, and then find an excuse to leave the room. Then Sue would get into bed with Tom and snuggle up to him and let him feel her ass. If he discovered who it was, she won our bet.

“What if he wants to make love?” Sue asked. “That’ll give the whole thing away. Couples have signals, caresses and kisses no one else knows.”

“I’ll teach you all of them,” I said, my heart beating faster. I leaned over and kissed her. Her soft lips parted, and her tongue slid across my lips. She smiled at me and caressed my firm breast. Sue and I had been lovers for years. We’d dated and fucked boys, but the two of us together had always been the absolute best.

We moved to the bedroom. Without speaking we undressed and stood before the full-length mirror in identical poses. We were mirror images as we turned this way and that. A small mole here or there, a few freckles, were all that kept us from being a matched set.

Sue slid her hand down to my pubic hair. “You trim yours just a little differently from mine. Get the scissors and a razor.”

I was more than happy to oblige. I trimmed her pussy hair, then shaved her so that our pussies matched exactly. There was a kiss or two, and a lick applied to her now wet slit. She tasted absolutely delicious.

“Okay, now, you’re Tom and I’m you. Show me how he does it.” She said slipping into my arms. I began to make love to her the way Tom does me. I kissed her beautiful breasts, pulling the nipples gently with my teeth, giving her just a touch of pain.

“Good, good!” Sue whispered. My hand moved down and caressed her softly rounded belly and creamy thighs. I worked around her pussy, almost touching it. She was moaning softly, her hips rising to meet my hand.

“Yes,” I whispered in her ear, “ask for it!” Her lips moved to my ear and it was my voice asking Tom to fingerfuck me.

Perfect. My fingers slid into her pussy. It was sopping wet. First one finger, then two, and then I crossed them and began to move them in and out, rotating my wrist, a trick I’d taught Tom. She was getting hotter, moaning more. I placed one finger on each side of her erect clit and massaged the turgid nubbin through its sheath.

Her clit is very close to mine in size. I treated it as if it were a tiny penis and I was jacking it off. Just the way Tom does mine. I threw a leg over hers to hold her down as my fingers danced over her sensitive clit. Sue cried out as she came. Her orgasm went on and on till she finally pulled my hand from her pussy. I held her wonderful body close against me. “Very good,” I said. “Don’t wail quite so loud, and moan more.” I instructed playfully.

We kissed, and I coached her on how I kiss Tom. I slid down her body, kissing my way down to her delicious pussy. I bunched a pillow under her hips and, after kissing her thighs, went to work on her dripping pussy. I tongued her outer lips, drawing them into my mouth and gently nibbling on them. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy, slipping it as far as I could into her hole, and then moving up, to flick her clit.

She moaned. I moved it back down and slid it into her hot pussy. I sucked gently and tasted her sweet juices. She tasted absolutely delicious. I loved her sweet sexy juices. She is always dripping. I slid my tongue in and out, gently tongue fucking her. Her hips thrust upward against my burrowing face.

“Do it like he does,” Sue gasped.

“I am,” I murmured against her spread flesh. I slid my tongue deep into her again. I licked up and down her deep pink flesh, building her passion. She moaned and panted softly. It sounded just like my moans of joy and desire.

”Now beg to have your clit sucked,” I said. “You’ve got to have it sucked.”

“Please! Please, suck my clit, Darling!” she begged. Her hoarse whisper was just like mine.

I took her clit between my lips, sucking hard. I had to hold on to her thighs to keep from being bucked off. Her clit is more sensitive than mine and requires less stimulation, but I was “Tom,” and I did it the way I like him to do it to me.

My tongue flicked against her firm bud. Sue went wild, and I just managed to stay with her. I took her from climax to climax, till I was afraid she’d pass out. I brought her down gently, lapping up her sweet honey. God, I loved eating her sweet pussy.

“God, you almost killed me,” she said. “I almost went through the roof.”

“Now we fuck,” I said.

“Does he always bring you off a couple of times before you fuck?” Sue asked.

“Almost always. Now I have to get something, and I’ll be right back.” I came back a minute later with a dildo strapped to my body.

Sue held it in her hand. “You bought a new one. Just for me? You shouldn’t have.” She laughed.

I explained that at this point, Tom and I usually ate each other till he was almost ready to come, and then we’d fuck. We moved into position, and I showed Sue how to lick and suck my husband’s cock the way I did, how I fondled his balls, and slid a finger into his ass. As she moved her mouth up and down the dildo, tongue running over the head, her finger probed my ass gently.

“Good, slip it in a little deeper,” I said. “Oh, yes. Now in and out as you suck up and down. Good. When he’s ready he’ll pull away from you. When he does, roll over and get on your knees. I love it doggy-style.”

I moved away, and Sue turned and presented her luscious ass to me. I moved the fake cock to her dripping pussy, and in one smooth thrust slid it in to the hilt. Sue gasped. I fondled her luscious bouncing breasts as I fucked her. I pulled at her hard nipples, twisting my fingers slightly.

The dildo has a small extension that fits against my clit, and as I pumped in and out, it rubbed my swollen love button. Our groans filled the room. Sue moved a hand between her thighs and rubbed her clit as I pounded into her. She exploded. I drove into her body hard and fast until her climax subsided.

I tore the harness off. “God, I’m on fire. Eat me, the way I like for you to. Hurry, Darling!”

Sue moved over me. She quickly kissed her way down my body till she was feasting at my sex. Her tongue was an instrument that played music only we knew. Her mouth was a marvel, and it brought me to a fantastic climax. Sue stayed at my pussy, licking and sucking, and slowly brought me to one climax after another. Finally, we lay spent and happy. We showered together, and then famished, ate a huge breakfast.

Later we went into the den, where I slipped a tape into the VCR and turned on the TV. It was a videotape Tom had shot of us fucking. Sue and I sat close together, caressing each other as we watched. Sue had me replay the parts where I moaned, sobbed, or asked Tom to do something. She immitated my ecstatic sounds till she had it near perfect. After it was over we lay on the couch and made love slowly for a long time until we were spent.

That night Tom took us out to dinner. Tom stroked my thigh under the table from time to time, and unbeknownst to him, I did the same to Sue. By the time we got home, Sue and I were super-horny. Bedtime came and Sue and I each took a shower. I’d left a spare bottle of my perfume, body powder, soap, and even my brand of toothpaste in her bathroom. We went to our rooms and the lights went out.

Tom snuggled up to me and began to fondle my breasts. I knew he wanted to make love. Good! I got him warmed up, and then excused myself for a moment and ran down the hall. Sue was naked and ready. She put on my gown. I kissed her lightly, and she ran back up the hall.

She left the door slightly ajar. I couldn’t see into the bedroom, but I could hear them well enough. I could hear their kisses and sighs, and the rustling of the sheets. Naked in the hall, my fingers went to my pussy and slid inside, as Sue began to moan and beg for Tom to rub her clit. I heard murmuring and, long minutes later, the wet sound of his mouth on her pussy.

I heard him whisper, “God, Honey, you have the most delicious pussy in the world. I’ve never tasted a sweeter one.” Sue moaned louder. She went wild minutes later, and I brought myself to a gasping climax in the hall.

All was quiet for a while and then I could hear the sounds of little slurps and sucking, as Sue sucked Tom’s thick, long cock and he ate her. Finally Tom told Sue to turn around. I heard a rustling sound as she swung around, and then her deep sigh as he slid into her pussy.

The bedsprings squeaked as they screwed, and I heard Sue cry out as Tom’s cock drove her over the edge. A few minutes later he brought her to another moaning climax. It got quiet, and then I heard Sue whisper, “Oh, yes, yes. There! Slide it deeper into me. All the way.” She sounded just like me!

They began to move again, and I decided they’d changed positions. His flesh slapping against hers, and their moans drove me to another climax as I drove my fingers up into my swollen cunt. Sue climaxed again crying out, and I heard Tom’s long familiar moan, as he too came.

I heard them move, to lie kissing as we usually did after sex. Long minutes later, Tom got up and went to the bathroom. In a flash Sue and I swapped places. She whispered, “God, what a man,” as she passed me. After he came out, I went into the bathroom, as I usually do after we’ve fucked. Back in bed, we kissed lightly, and minutes later he was snoring softly. I slipped out of bed and went to Sue’s room. I slid into her bed, and into her warm embrace. “I won!” I exclaimed. “He couldn’t tell it was you!”

Before Tom left the next morning, he said he’d be home early but didn’t know what time. He gave us each a kiss and left, a twinkle in his eyes. Sue and I ate, showered together, then ended up in bed devouring each other’s bodies. We must have climaxed half a dozen times before we were spent. We lay talking about the previous evening.

“Tom is really good,” Sue said. “His touch is almost as good as yours, and that’s saying a lot. He ate me to one fantastic climax, fucked me to two, and then one more when he slid it up my ass. God, I love to be fucked in the ass. He really filled me up.”

I shot straight up in bed as the truth hit me. Tom knew! I began to laugh so hard it was several minutes before I could tell Sue she’d won our bet. She looked confused.

“He’s never really fucked me in the ass,” I explained. “He’s tried, but he’s just too big for my tight little ass. He gave up trying a long time ago. So he must have realized it was you in bed before he went straight for your ass. But how the hell did he know?”

Telling Sue I was a good loser, I picked up the phone and called Tom’s office. I’m on very good terms with his secretary, and asked her to call me the moment he left the office, but not to tell him. In the middle of the afternoon, she called and said he’d just left. Sue and I had forty-five minutes.

We showered and perfumed ourselves and then watched the clock. When Tom was due, we went into the den, and Sue got on the couch. Sue spread her long legs and I dove into her luscious pussy. I held her on the threshold of a climax till I heard Tom enter the house. I went for her clit. I saw Tom out of the corner of my eye, and redoubled my efforts on her.

She went from one orgasm to another with Tom watching. I heard clothes rustling as he undressed. I fingered my clit and felt Tom’s hands on my hips. His hard cock parted my pussy lips and slid into me. He began to pump in long strokes, pressing my face into Sue’s sex. Sue climaxed one more time and then pushed my face from her pussy. I saw her smile as she watched Tom fuck me hard and fast. Tom and I came together, and I saw stars. Afterward, the three of us sat on the couch, naked and kissing, Tom happily in the middle.

“We had a bet you couldn’t tell us apart,” Sue told my husband. “I said if you could and I won, Lucy had to eat me with you watching us. Were you surprised?”

Tom laughed. “A little. I know this wonderfully devious mind!” He tapped my forehead.

“Just how the hell did you tell it wasn’t me?” I asked. “I showed her the tape of us fucking, and I coached her very thoroughly on how you make love to me. Did she rat on me?” Tom shook his head. “Then how?” I wailed.

He pulled me onto his lap. I slid down onto his thick pole, but he pulled me off after a couple of strokes. He stood up and pulled Sue beside him. He lifted her leg and parted her pussy.

“Lick her.” I did. Delicious as I already knew! “Now taste your juices on my cock.” I opened my mouth and swirled my tongue over his cock. It tasted similar, but slightly different. We got up and walked down the hall to the bedroom.

“I’ve always said you have the sweetest pussy in the world,” my husband said to me. “But I guess that prize goes to Sue now. Honey, you have the second-sweetest-tasting pussy in the world.”

I grinned, reached out to slap Sue’s delightful bare ass lightly. I had to agree!

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