tagGroup SexSimon and Becky Ch. 08

Simon and Becky Ch. 08


I sat drinking at the kitchen table drinking a cold beer. It must be said that I'm not normally one for beer, vodka is more my thing, but summer had struck with a vengeance and I was hiding from the sun and trying to stay cool. Simon was out visiting some friends and everything was prepared for lunch when he came back. So I sat drinking beer and waiting for him. He had phoned to say he had news but wouldn't say what, and I was intrigued. Why on earth would anybody phone to not tell somebody what he had called about? And then they say that women are illogical.

It wasn't long before I heard the car crunch up the drive and the door slam as he got out. It hadn't been long, but it had been long enough for me to have fruitlessly racked my brains over what he could be on about, and now I was more intrigued than ever.

"Hi honey." He breezed in smiling, looked at my glass, planted a peck on my cheek and kept going. "Pour me a beer please, love, I'm just going to get a quick shower."

"Ok, don't be long." I answered. 'Yes milord', I thought.

He was true to his word though, for only three or four minutes later he was in his bathrobe, sitting himself down at the kitchen table, trying to towel his hair, and pick up a beer all at the same time. After he'd compromised and put down the towel to pick up the beer, he looked at me and smiled again. He could see I was waiting for him to tell me.

"Ok, well the only way to start this is to just start it." I sort of knew what he meant, but wondered even more what he was going to say.

"Do you remember when we were in that wood watching that couple having a sexy lunch hour?"

He looked at me questioningly, so I nodded.

"Do you remember wishing they were watching us as well?"

I nodded again.

"And do you remember that afterwards we talked and said that if we ever got the chance we would have sex with other people deliberately watching?"

I nodded yet again, a bit more enthusiastically this time because I thought I could see where the conversation was heading.

"Well, I've got it arranged." He was grinning from ear to ear.

I looked at him astonished. I really didn't think he'd ever set that up. Yes, I thought he'd go for it if the opportunity came about naturally, but I never expected him to go out and arrange it. There was one question I desperately needed to ask.

"Who with?"

"Ah! Now that's something I'm not at liberty to divulge."

"What? Don't be stupid, I'm bound to find out sooner or later."

"Actually, no you're not."

I looked at Simon open-mouthed. What I'd heard didn't make any sense whatever. Simon could see my confusion and grinned widely.

"Ok, I'll explain. This all stems from a conversation with a man in a bar, and it's a bit complicated, But listen it through?" It was a question rather than a statement, so I nodded, again.

"Ok, he and his wife are thinking of doing just what we're thinking of, that is, of making love in the presence of another couple who are also having sex. The only problem, if it is a problem, is that we know them."

I looked at him still confused. "But surely knowing the people concerned would be a bonus, wouldn't it?"

"Ok, maybe it would to us, but bear with me and you'll understand." If he said 'ok' just once more I reckoned I'd thump him, but I let him go on.

"Right about know he's having much the same conversation with her, and he and I have agreed that if either lady says 'no' then it'll never be mentioned again. Now, he knows that his partner would get very inhibited if someone she knew was watching them because she'd be embarrassed the next time she met them, but she wants to try having someone there. So she really needs it to be a stranger, and to get around that we've agreed that you will wear a blindfold, so that you won't recognise who it is, but will know that someone is there."

"Now wait a minute." I'd heard enough. "That sounds typically a male solution to me. The men get to watch and the women get to perform. You want me to lie there and let you fuck me with another couple watching. Then you get to watch them doing it, but I can't? You can fuck off!"

Then I thought about it for a minute. "So, why doesn't just she wear a blindfold as well to make things fairer?"

"Because we think it would be very, very sexy for you to be exposed and not know who to. Just think about it. Wouldn't you like to lie there making love with me, knowing that another couple are there watching? You wouldn't know who it was, what they were doing, or what effect we were having on them. All you'd know is what you could hear, and I bet you'd lie there trying to interpret every little gasp and groan – and try and figure out who it was. I also bet that you'd get as randy as hell afterwards looking at all our friends and wondering which it was."

I looked at Simon with a massive frown on my face, but in reality, the more I thought about it the more the idea appealed to my submissive side. Yes, it would be a turn on to be displayed to somebody whilst blindfolded. And yes, I would get a kick out of wondering which of my friends I'd heard climaxing next to me. In fact, I was getting a slippery pussy just contemplating the idea.

"All right! If she agrees, I'll do it. But, another time I want to do it again with another couple, in plain sight."

"Done!" Simon was grinning again, too much for my liking. "But before you say yes finally here's what he and I worked out. It'll have to be a here, because you might recognize the other woman's home. And there can be no talking, because you might recognize their voices and it wouldn't be fair for you to chat away when they can't."

"So they're close friends, then?" That seemed fairly obvious now.

"Fairly! But I'm not answering any more questions about them. I know you; you'll try and figure it out."

The next couple of hours went very slowly and in almost total silence as I mulled things over, trying, just as Simon had predicted, to work out who it might be. Then the phone rang and Simon went to answer it. I could hear most of his side of the conversation, but it was too short to give anything away.

He came back and sat down. "Ok, we're on. It's arranged for next Tuesday evening."

I already knew that from what I'd heard, so know all I had to do was find out which of my friends was busy next Tuesday.


By the time Tuesday came round I was feeling completely outsmarted. They had picked Tuesday because it was the only bloody evening when it seemed nobody was doing anything. I'd rung Kathy, she's a widow so I knew it wouldn't be her, and asked her to ring around our friends pretending she was trying to raise a mythical card school, I didn't tell her why of course, just that Simon had invited surprise guests and I wanted to find out who. Every single person she spoke to was available. I suspected very strongly that Simon had got to them first; I just hope he didn't say why.

It got to be a few minutes before the appointed hour, so we went up to the bedroom where I stripped off and put on the blindfold, and then lay on the bed to wait. I'd wanted to do it this way, just strip off and wait so that two of my friends could walk in and find me like that, naked and waiting, and I can honestly say that I've never had such a feeling of excited trepidation as I did then. There can be nothing like being naked and blindfolded for making you feel vulnerable and helpless. I had no idea how they would react, I just trusted Simon to look after me.

"Remember." He said. "No talking."

"Would you like me to orgasm in sign language?" I asked him with nervous sarcasm, speaking the last words I would say for the next couple of hours.

I heard him moving around, and then I felt him climb on the bed with me, and to my surprise, he took me in his arms. For the next few minutes we held each other and kissed passionately, our arousal held at bay for the moment but our need for mutual support and consent very much to the fore. I was as randy as fuck but scared to death, and I needed Simon to reassure me that everything was ok.

Then the doorbell rang and I knew our guests had arrived. Simon climbed from the bed and went down to answer it. My pussy got slippery.

A couple of minutes elapsed, during which time my throat dried up and my heart tried to hammer its way out of my chest, and then I heard the bedroom door open and soft steps shuffle into the room.

It's true what they say. If you are deprived of one sense you make up for it by an increased acuteness in the others. I couldn't see a thing, but I was aware of two more people in the room from their breathing, even knowing roughly whereabouts they were and how far away. I was also very aware of increased levels of tension and excitement, as if all four of us knew that we were on the edge of a potentially thrilling experience.

I listened intently, picking up the sounds of buttons popping, zips being released and clothing whispering as it was removed. Then the noises stopped and I knew, with absolute certainty, that we were all naked and that everyone else would be eyeing up each others bodies, including mine. Knowing, without seeing, that I was now in a room with three other naked people soon got my heart racing again and I felt my pussy begin to lubricate even more. God, you have no idea just how erotic it felt, scary and embarrassing, but such a fucking turn on.

Then Simon took my hand and pulled upwards as an unmistakable signal for me to stand up. I swung my legs from the bed, unconsciously trying to keep my knees together as if alighting from a car in a short skirt, and then smiled to myself at my own instinctive modesty. As soon as I was upright I felt Simon's hands go to my upper arms from behind me and he walked me slowly and carefully forward a couple of yards, before bringing me to a halt. Releasing my arms, he took hold of my wrist and guided my hand until it rested on a feminine cheek, the unexpected contact bringing home just what we were doing and, to my surprise, making me blush. Then he moved me so that my fingers traced the other person's eyes, proving, I suppose, that she was not wearing a blindfold. Incongruously I noted that she was a little shorter than me, but with roughly the same fringe of hair. He guided my hand lower until it was grazing the skin of her shoulder and then moved on lower still, coming to rest with my palm flat against her breast, proving to me that she was nude. Her breast was full and heavy like mine, and her nipple erect and engorged. So at least I was not the only naked girl, and certainly not the only one feeling aroused. It seemed to me, though perhaps I imagined it, that she deliberately pushed her breast more firmly against my hand, perhaps trying to overcome shyness or maybe feeling pleasure from a woman's touch?

Then he moved me a pace or so to the left and guided my wrist once more. This time I was touching a naked man's chest, his wiry hair and firm pectoral muscles moving under my hand in time with his breathing. My hand was carefully guided down his body until it rested on his hip without touching anything exciting. At least I now knew that there was indeed another couple present and that they were undressed.

"That's all the clues you're getting." He whispered into my ear as he led me back to the bed, backing me up against it until I had to sit down, and then pressing on my shoulders until I got the idea and lay flat. I felt disappointed that he hadn't let my hand go a bit further, even though I knew he shouldn't.

I was still wriggling myself comfortable when I felt the bed give a little as another weight came onto it and another body was making itself comfy. Just for a moment, as she adjusted herself, her knee touched my thigh and her shoulder rested against my arm, fleeting, inconsequential contacts, but they brought home to me just what we were doing, and I suddenly felt twice as horny. Now I wanted, needed, Simon to touch me, play with me and fuck me, in the knowledge that this other girl would see exactly what we were doing. I spread my legs just a little, conscious of sharing the bed but hoping that Simon would take the hint. Then, instinctively I suppose, I reached down and touched my own pussy, spreading my lips and playing softly with my clit. I don't know why I did it, but I just couldn't help it I felt so damn randy. My pussy was running with my juices.

Then I heard a gasp, just a little stifled gasp but loud in the blind silence, from just next to me and I knew the fun had started. I lay for what seemed like ages, waiting to be touched, straining my ears for further signs from beside me, but nothing seemed to be happening and I carried on gently playing.

Perhaps if I'd thought about it I would have realised that my playing with myself was the reason why Simon wasn't. And I have no doubt now that he and the others were watching me, maybe exchanging knowing smiles and waiting to see if I would make myself cum. But the only things that crossed my mind then were the need to be sexy and the pleasure of knowing that an unidentified couple would see me.

Simon must finally have decided he'd watched long enough and it was time to join in, for I suddenly felt his hand on my breast, squeezing and kneading my flesh quite firmly. For a split second I harboured the thought that this might not be Simon's hand, but then his lips found my mouth and we kissed. There was no mistaking Simon's kiss. Simon kisses with his tongue, insinuating it between my lips, probing into my mouth, tasting me and never giving me the chance to properly reciprocate. He was kneeling beside the bed, leaning over to kiss me and my free arm came up behind him, holding him and pulling him down closer. We were locked in a loving and very sexy embrace while all the while he moulded my breast and I played gently with my clit. I can only hope that it looked as good to them as it felt to me.

What the other couple were doing I wasn't sure, but they were certainly engaged in some form of love play. Even as Simon snogged me I could hear the sounds of their kissing, the occasional faint gasp or sigh, and even the sound skin moving on skin and skin sliding over bedclothes. To lie there only inches away and listen is a very sexy experience.

When our kiss ended Simon moved down the bed a little, releasing my breast from his hand so that his mouth might take its place and then sliding his hand down my body, caressing my skin as he went. It felt very nice too, just the feel of my man's hand gliding over my flesh in full view of two of my friends was a turn on, especially as his lips clamped over my nipple and he started sucking hard. It was pretty clear where his hand was headed to, so as it got nearer its target I moved my own hand away to let him touch me.

I let my hand drop onto the bed alongside my hip, but instead of finding bedclothes it found the hand of my companion, the girl lying next to me. In surprise I made to pull my hand away again, but she grabbed my fingers and then, with a little shuffle, manoeuvred us until we were holding hands like a couple of kids. There is something comforting about having someone else's hand in your own, especially in strange situations, and it certainly felt good to me.

I love having Simon play with my clit; he's very good at it and can have me climbing the walls within minutes, and this time the effect was multiplied by the girl's hand holding mine as a constant reminder that we were not in private. Couple that with the randiness I'd felt all day from sheer anticipation and it's no surprise that I climaxed almost immediately.

I think I tried to suppress it out of shyness, because it seemed to take ages to burst. It was like a volcano, you know, building and building, sending out little bursts of smoke and steam until eventually the pressure becomes too much and it erupts sending streams of molten lava? Well, that's how my climax went, making me hotter and hotter, with little shafts of pleasure making me gasp and jerk, until in the end it rolled over me like the lava of the volcano, engulfing me in a torrent of pleasure that had me calling out, my legs held wide and my pelvis lifted from the bed. God, it was so good, made even better by the knowledge going through my head all the time that I was being watched, that it was my first public orgasm. I don't know how the girl next to me coped, because I know I must have squeezed her fingers unmercifully in the heat of my climax, but I was grateful for the contact.

When my hips eventually settled back onto the bed and I lay panting and spent I felt Simon's lips nudge my ear and he whispered with a smile in his voice. "I think you nearly got a round of applause."

I grinned hugely from the implied compliment and mentally checked that my legs were still open. I wanted everyone to see my sopping wet pussy and know that I wanted more. Cumming in front of others is like a drug, you do it once and the buzz it gives makes you want to do it again. One thing was for sure, I wouldn't be shy next time.

Simon still had his hand resting on my thigh, up next to my pussy, and I was hoping he'd play with me again, but his hand moved away. That meant that for a moment the only human contact I had was with the hand still holding mine, and it made me conscious of her fingers tightening on mine. I could tell that she was also on the verge of cumming.

The noises she made when she did cum were strange strangled cries and gasps, obviously deliberately held back in case I recognised the voice, but I could sense a very intense orgasm. Her fingers gripped mine like a vice and I could feel her body rising and falling on the bed next to me. Then her grip slackened, her orgasmic noises stopped and she lay still, her breath panting and ragged.

"Fucking hell, that was..." A sharp 'sshhhh' silenced her momentary lapse, and try as I might, I couldn't place that slightly familiar voice. Damn it, why couldn't I be told?

It was my one regret of the whole time, that I didn't know who was there, but before I had time to voice it this time, I felt Simon's weight lowering itself onto me, and the feel of his big cock seeking entrance to my pussy. Once he had entered me I didn't care who was there, I just wanted them to see my pussy cope with him and to watch him fucking me. Beside me I felt the girl move as if she was sitting up for a better look, and I tried to move my leg on that side to let her see. I've no idea, of course, just what they could see, but I hoped and prayed it was everything. Mentally I had this image of myself with my legs back, my pussy distended by Simon's cock and my arse slick with overflowing juices and pulsing as I know it does when I'm really turned on. And boy was I turned on. This was it; I was actually being fucked while other people watched.

You can have no idea just what a thrill it gave me. It was like experiencing a constant low intensity orgasm, that's the best way I can describe it. Constant thrills and waves of intense excitement went through me, and all the time I listened for some indication that our visitors were indeed watching me get fucked. It was pretty quiet most of the time, I guess they were sitting there spell bound, or at least I hope they were, but there were little whispered 'wows' now and again, each one sending another thrill through my exhibitionistic soul. Before long I was climbing to another orgasm, feeling the fire in my belly and the tingling all through me.

This orgasm just about blew me away, it was the most intense, deep and exhausting climax I have ever enjoyed, and besides that it was one of those rare occasions when I actually squirted, ejaculating my fluids into a little pool on the bed. I couldn't see it of course, but I could sense it, and I heard the other girl exclaim in a whisper that I'd 'come all over the sheet', so I knew what had happened. I didn't know if I should be happy or embarrassed at it, but I was so glad I had squirted for them to see that embarrassment didn't matter.

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