tagGay MaleSimplicity Ch. 05

Simplicity Ch. 05


A talkative Duke is a strange thing. It's a bit like watching a toddler take its first steps. You're happy to see it happen, nervous as all hell, and above all ready to see it run. Patience never was a virtue of mine. Some things must be learned the hard way I suppose.

His emotional stability and social being was born anew; well, with me anyway. He was still quiet with everyone else, but Duke was more open with me than I had ever thought possible. The more time I spent with him the more he talked about himself and the fucking deeper I fell. Sort of like said toddler when it finds the stairs.

Now I know there's the question of, "What the fuck are you waiting for?" but here's the thing: I've gotten this close to him, I can't fuck it up now, not when I'm his only relief valve for his emotions besides those damned books of his. Those toothpicks in the trash can were plenty proof of the human body's ability to deal with problems or rather ignore them. He used to go through boxes a week, now I only see him chew one if he's trying to concentrate on a book or school project.

There's just no way that I could risk all that now. And so, I went through life as if nothing was awry. I kept my feelings under wraps, despite the growing closeness between us. I suppose you could also say that I was using that as an excuse not to put myself at risk, but I have a very clever retort for that: fuck you.

Digressing, Duke had never been showy with any endearments towards me, but now, he would hug me with the least provocation and would lay his head in my lap as we watched movies on his bed. I don't think I can properly explain the difficulty involved in hiding an erection with someone's head that close to the evidence. It's a bit torturous.

I got to the point where I was getting desperate. I had to jack off after almost every encounter with him. Little Luke was screaming for the real thing and his feelings were continually hurt with the constant denials that I gave him. Thank god for lotion or I would've had a serious chafing problem.

It got to the point where nearly everything that he did left me awestruck and staring. I never knew that someone could look so enticing while making a sandwich or trying to figure out why the microwave was on the fritz. Duke even asked me if I had a sleeping disorder after he caught me staring off into space for the third time in ten minutes during a movie one evening.

"Jesus Bambi, I'm going to start force feeding you Nyquil before you go and start passing out on me, at least that way you'll sleep in the bed and not in your head while you should be doing other things, like oh say walking, talking, and generally doing the things that people are supposed to do when they're awake." See, no more grunts. I should be happy about that, yet I find that hard when he's prying.

"I'm fine Duke, just nervous about finals is all." I said as I got up off of the couch, anxious to flee for some much needed seclusion.

He followed. Of course he fucking followed. Fate would never be so kind as to allow him to lose interest so easily.

"But finals aint for another 3 months Luke. Just what's been going on with you lately?"

"Nothing, I've just been pre-occupied." That wasn't a lie when you think about it. A look of comprehension came over his face and I got a little worried. Now I know what the deer feels like, except I've got green eyes as opposed to headlights.

"What's his name Luke?"


"Fucking nobody Duke, don't even go down that road!"

"And why the hell not? Come now Bambi, you haven't dated a soul since day one. Surely a man of your charm shouldn't be without a date for this long."

"What about you? You've been here as long as I have."

"Now, now Bambi, deflecting the question won't make it go away." He was shaking his head back and forth as if he were talking to a little child, having to explain why cookies were only allowed at certain times in the day. I wanted to hit him or perhaps kiss him. Best to depart soon.

"Drop it Duke." I called out as I was scrambling out our dorm's door.

"Okay, but the second I find out who it is I'm going to give him the, 'I'll kill you if you touch my daughter' speech." I heard him call out after me.

I grant him that that was funny. I came up with, "Oh, fuck off", after some effort at breathing, though I doubt he heard it. I did at least manage to dodge the bullet of his dating game, for now at least.

It was about a week after that that things changed. Duke had gone back to guessing who my supposed crush could be. I was less than enthused.

"Scott Bernstein."

"No Duke, let it go."

"Kyle Landerhorn"

"There's seriously someone named Landerhorn around here?"

"Yes, and according to my source's he's got quite the horn"

"Jesus Duke, and just who are these sources?"

He began waving a finger at me."Now now Bambi, a good journalist never reveals his sources."

"You're not a journalist and I've heard you say on a number of occasions that you hate the media."

He ignored that. "Anthony DeCardo."

"He has an odor problem Duke!"

"Hey, I don't know exactly how high your standards are. Besides, Stacey tells me that most people get over the BO once they get in his bedroom."

"One that's gross, two you just broke your rule, and three how does Stacey know?"

"I didn't want to ask and as you said I'm no journalist. So who is it?"

I didn't answer him, but went into the bathroom instead. Figured that I'd take a long shower and give Duke time to get tired of his little game for the day. Turning the shower on, I stepped in and immediately reached for the shower gel. All this questioning had made little Luke get excited.

I decided that I wanted to draw this out some. Slowly, I worked a hand up my length while the other played with a nipple. Images of a muscled tan chest came to mind and the pace quickened. The hand on my tool went southward still until it came to my entrance. Slowly, I circled a finger around the edge until I was squirming for it. I slid one finger, to be followed by a second and a third while leaving my cock alone. It was weeping with fluid as I rocked back and forth on my hand while the other continued to play with my nipples.

Finally, I pictured what I always pictured in times like this: hazel eyes and a cheeky grin. I came so hard that I barely noticed that I'd accidently moaned his name. No worry though, there's no way he could've heard me over the sound of the shower. Finished with my little venture, I toweled off and looked in the mirror.

I will admit that it wasn't hard to see why Duke thought something was up, my eyes had bags under them and I looked dead tired. Oh well, no time for it now.

I opened the door to find, to my amazement, no Duke. Going to my dresser to grab a shirt and some shorts, I found a note:

'Gone to the Library-Duke.'

Well that was weird. He never leaves without actually telling me beforehand and now he usually he takes me with him. Maybe he forgot something there and will only be a minute. Good enough though; he was probably gone the second I closed the door. I decided to sit by the window and wait for him to return.

Minutes turn to hours and hours turned to panic. He'd left at noon and the sun had set an hour ago. Where the fuck was Duke? He hadn't answered my texts or picked up when I called. What if he's hurt?

I grabbed my keys and made for the door. About half way, I heard a key in the lock. In walked Duke with a nervous look upon his face. At the same time there was an emotion that I couldn't read in those hazel eyes.

"Where have you been Duke, I've been worried sick!"

He just slowly walked towards me, eyes never once leaving mine. Okay, this is weird. What's going on here? Those eyes had me glued in place though, despite the closing distance. Once he came up to me he placed a hand on my cheek and my heart started to flutter while the stomach did jumping jacks.

"How long Luke?"

Oh, no. This can't be happening.


"How long?"

The jig was clearly up and I really didn't know what else to say: "Forever."

With that, he once more curved those lips into a smile before placing them gently on mine. We shared a kiss that was slow, sensual, each second our lips sent all the love that they could muster at once. I was in heaven.

Sensual heaven gave way to sexual conquest without any notice of eviction. Before I knew it, he had me in the air, holding me by my ass, as I held on to his neck and kissed him for all I was worth. He placed me upon the bed with a reverence that I'd only seen in cheesy romance movies. I wrangled his shirt off which only made him smile.

I should've known that smile meant trouble. He grabbed my shirt by the collar and ripped it in two, sending buttons flying about the room.

"Won't be needing those, will we?"

I didn't have any words for that. He unbuckled and pulled his pants off, discarding my shorts directly afterwards. Duke went commando apparently, the evidence of which was now pressing against my thigh. More kissing as his hand snuck down my torso to find his biggest fan.

"Holy Fuck that's good!" I started bucking wildly as he slowly slid his hand up and down, circling at the head.

"Glad you approve baby, because you're stuck with me now."

"I like the sound of that, now please, fuck me Duke."

More laughter, the bastard. Rather than get on with it, he kissed his way down my neck. Stopping at each nipple he licked and sucked before giving each a small bite and moving on. He was planting kisses anywhere and everywhere.

"Duke, please!"

To my navel, my hip, leaving little bite marks all the way. Finally he made it to my leaking member. He positioned it upward before diving down nearly all the way.

"Fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!"

This caused him to chuckle, which if you've ever had anybody's head down there before you know feels fantastic. He licked up and down the sides of my length, teasing the slit with his tongue before taking me almost all the way up to the hilt once more. I was trying my best to make this last, but I can only take so much more of this, to which I pulled his hair and told him of such.

"Duke... I'm going to come!"

That prompted him to come up and kiss me. I wasn't sure whether to be let down that he hadn't finished or ecstatic that it would last a while longer.

"I've got a bit more planned first babe."

It was then that I noticed the lube in his hand.

"You ready for this Baby?" He slid in a finger, to be quickly followed by a second.

"Yes, Duke, please!" I was writhing as I tried to fuck myself on his hand. Whatever happened, I was going to make tonight the best that it could be.

"Oh how I love to hear you moan my name. It reminds me of just how you got so stretched out." And there's finger number three. "It's also how we got in this situation in the first place. You really should be a bit quieter in the shower babe."

I'm not sure I can handle many more endearments, my heart won't hold out. I could feel him remove his fingers and place his large cock at my entrance. He was long and narrow, curving upwards at the end where the head was large and mushroom shaped.

"I love you Duke."

Hazel eyes glistened with unshed tears as he pushed in, to which I felt and saw the evidence of his feelings falling onto my chest. There was so much emotion swirling around within those glorious depths that I couldn't decipher which was which.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear that."

Great, now I'm crying, but frankly I don't give a damn. Too much pleasure, too much feeling, and too much love. My heart wasn't built for this. I swear the little bastard's trying to make a run for it.

Long, deep strokes that hit that special spot with every go had my body going into overdrive. Before long, I could feel that tingling feeling coming up through me. All this to him chanting, most of which I didn't understand, but I did make out a few things.

"Fucking love you Bambi, all of you! Never going to let you go, never!"

What started as tingling ended in an explosion as I contracted around him and he exploded deep inside me, all the while hazel eyes held me with something akin to awe.

Slowly he pulled out and spooned up behind my while I tried to regain my bearings. I was reveling in how well our bodies fit together and, at that moment, wished for nothing more than for time to simply stop. I'm not entirely sure how long we laid like that.


"Yeah Duke?"

"Do you remember back around Christmas when I told you that old saying Walter had?" I nodded a yes, willing my eyes to garner the ability to see through my head so that I might be able to possibly read his face.

"Well, I may have left out a piece of what he said."

I was starting to wonder what he was getting at. "And just what might this piece be?"

"What he actually said was there are two people in this world that you can trust; yourself and the one you love. I've known for awhile that I'd loved you and I want you to know that I still love you and will always love you, for as long as you'll have me that is-"


"I know that I'm not exactly the easiest to get along with or the best looking-"


"However, I can promise that you'll never have to worry about my being dedicated to you or-"

I'd had enough, so I rolled over to face him, kissing him to shut him up.

"Listen you oaf, I've loved you since, well since probably the moment I set eyes on you if I'm honest. And I'd love to sit here and discuss our love and possibly recite Shakespeare, but I'm a wee bit tired at the moment."

I began to fluff his chest as if it were a pillow, laying my head upon him with that complete.

"But Luke I-"

"Duke, I lov- "My words were momentarily cut off by a yawn. I shook my head to re-gather myself. "I love you, let's hammer out the details later please." I put my head down and closed my eyes.

"Love you too Bambi."

I drifted off with a smile on my face, his breathing soothing me all the while.


I now sit, curled into Duke's side as I toy with his hair which he now keeps a more modest length, reflecting on what life has brought me thus far. Duke achieved his status as an attorney after many strenuous years of law school. We lived in a small apartment, together just off of Beaverbrook Law School's campus, for a number of years. When that finished, we let the lease run out and moved to Milwaukee so that we could be nearer to my family. Sorry, Duke usually insists that it's our family. I like that.

I didn't finish my doctorate; I found out that blood isn't my thing. Instead I studied business and finance. I keep the books at our law firm: "Anderson and Anderson." I suppose I should say thank you to Walter and Meredith for paying for the office building. Duke does mostly charity cases pro-bono.

My dad and I never reconciled, though I'd like to think that secretly he came to terms and accepted me. Why? He left everything he had to me, along with a note saying "I love you, Luke. Understanding is overrated." in a safety deposit box. He always did like to speak in between the lines. I still miss him; I suppose that's only natural.

It's been twelve years since we graduated, Duke's thirty-one and I'm thirty and things have been perfect as far as I'm concerned. Sure, we've had our ups and downs; who hasn't? We're not perfect. Duke can still be a pain when he wants to be and I suppose I can as well. That doesn't matter. We've always settled our arguments before we go to bed, and neither of us has ever stormed out of the house. Can't say the same for a few rooms though. It always ends the same, he'll call me bossy and I'll call him a stubborn bastard, then we'll have an angry bout of love-making till we're too tired to care about it anymore.

We married just out of college, among the first to do so when the courts declared it constitutional. We didn't have a rally in the streets or anything. Just family, Stacey and Becky, and some kid who worked at the local pharmacy that we paid to video tape the whole thing. Duke said that Becky knew him, how I don't know nor do I much care.

There's talk in the wind of us possibly adopting and I can't wait. I'd like to see how we'd handle a kid. Duke wants a boy and to name him Walter if we get one young enough to necessitate him being named. Frankly, I'd be fine with anything so long as he's healthy and doesn't mind the whole two dads' thing. All in all, I'd say we did pretty well.

"Babe, you zoning out on me again? I swear, I am taking you to the doctor and have you checked out"

"I was just thinking Duke."

He began to stroke my chest, through the buttons on my shirt.

"I think that I could find something to distract you further."

"You promise?"

"Damn straight Bambi." He said as he stared into my eyes with those enchanting hazel diamonds.

"I love you Duke."

"Not as much as me, baby, not as much as me."

And he kissed me as I smiled, thankful for the memories.

The world moves on, time as well, life isn't forever, but love might as well.


Thank you for reading and once more I ask for leniency in the comments, though I don't think that any were ever negative; you're far too kind. I will most definitely concede that the sex scenes aren't my forte, but I gave it my best effort. Yes, I know that I sorta proclaimed the marriage case making it through. Positive thoughts, right? Also, you'll have to forgive my attempt at poetry in the last line; couldn't resist. Thanks, once more, and perhaps I'll try this again sometime.

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