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Simply Devoted


She was sitting in the crowded cafe, which was crammed with laughing and chatting people while soft jazz music played overhead. Sadie was slowly drinking a cup of coffee and she occasionally checked her expensive new watch. He was 10 minutes late. She wrinkled her nose and ran her slim fingers through her sun streaked long blonde hair and sighed. She knew this was a mistake, how many writers met their fans after all? She didn't know why, but there was something special about the man who claimed he was her 'Devoted Fan'. They had exchanged over 50 erotic and non-erotic emails and had finally decided to meet. Drawn from her thoughts Sadie checked her appearance in her pocket mirror.

She smiled, as she liked what she saw. Her clear blue eyes sparkled like sapphires in the sun, Her sandy eyebrows were perfectly arched and her plump, pouty lips were the colour of pink marshmallows. She hoped her fan would like the outfit she had worn just for him. Her tight white, fitted shirt was unbuttoned three times, just giving a glance of the red and lacy bra, which hid her peaches and cream colour breasts. Her black shirt was short and accentuated her long curvy legs and narrow waist. She crossed her legs and smiled at the friction. No panties today, she thought she would give him a treat. She loved the way her fat and shaved pussy lips would sometimes rub together, making her hotter and wetter than she already was. She looked again at her watch, Her forehead creased in a frown, what was keeping him? Then the door opened.

A man of about 30 walked in. To anyone else he would have looked ordinary, even plain. But Sadie knew straight away that this was him. He had short dark hair and brown seal pup eyes. His tight white tee shirt was stretched taut against his impressive chest and his blue jeans clung to the muscles on his legs and constricted the large bulge that was already present at his crotch. His eyes searched the tables until he found her. As soon as he saw her his eyes lit up and a smile curved his sexy mouth. He strode over to her and offered her a hand. 'Sexy Sadie?' He asked, running his tongue over his lips. 'Yes, Devoted Fan?' Sadie offered him a seat as he nodded and for 30 minutes they chatted about themselves. They would often glance at each other’s bodies and Sadie became gradually wetter so that she was almost swimming in juices. 'Do you want to go for a walk?' Sadie asked, standing up. 'Sure' He said.

They walked a few blocks then reached a deserted street. Her heart racing Sadie pushed him into the wall and kissed him. At first he was surprised but then gave in, closing his eyes and letting his tongue roll around inside Sadie's mouth. She moaned in his mouth, hands clutching his neck as his hands roamed over her back and caressed her small and firm ass. As their kisses became more fiery Sadie let one of her hands reach down and cup his balls. He gasped as she undid his fly, letting a cool hand inside the warm fug of the material. She found his hard heat and ran her hand up the throbbing length of it.

She rubbed away the pre cum that had formed. Soon his hand crept under her skirt and he ran two fingers along her hot a slippery slit. She gasped in delight as he thrust his fingers into her, almost roughly. He began to twirl them around and she soon started to feel the familiar tense rush. She started to work his cock harder as she came. He hadn't even touched her clit. She was breathing hard as she moaned aloud. Looking down she saw his cock was pulsing and she had to taste him. She bent down and licked him, never breaking eye contact. She sucked the head whilst massaging his heavy balls.

'Stop' He ordered and she kissed the slitted head before drawing away. He pushed her into the wall and pulled up his skirt, exposing her shaved pussy to the world. She parted her legs as he moved forwards. Lifting her leg under her thigh he gazed at her dripping pink hole. His cock found her entrance and pushed himself inside thrusting hard and fast. Sadie was groaning and rubbing her nipples through her shirt. She couldn't bare the tension as he fucked her hard. She ripped open her blouse and tore her bra and freed her tits, so firm and round.

Her large dark pink nipples engorged and rubbery. He bent down and chewed on them as he rode her so hard she cried out. As he came she pressed her clit and shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. He withdrew and crouched as she was still coming. He licked her entire pussy, cleaning her of both their juices and before she knew it she had cum again. Smiling she looked at him and said; 'I am so gonna have to write about this!'

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