tagBDSMSin of Vanity Ch. 01

Sin of Vanity Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story continues the story of Vance, Marcia's friend introduced in "Marcia Goes Back to School". I have made an effort to make sure that this chaptered story can be read as a stand-alone or as an episode in a continuing series of stories set in the fictional town of Torquay, Connecticut. Readers of my earlier works will be familiar with Mistress Carol Carson and her sexual family of cuckold husband Jack and submissive housewife Irena. I will issue one of my typical warnings as the story tags are at the end; This work of erotic fiction contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men and women, men and men, men and feminized men, and women with women and women with feminized men.

There are strong themes of BDSM, Femdom, cuckolding, forced feminization both willing and coerced, younger (NOTE, all characters in this story are 18 and over) people sexually active and even in love with older married people, interracial sex and romance, bisexuality and gender role reversal. There are scenes with graphic depictions of erotic watersports and related fetishes. This story contains a theme of castration which is dealt with "backstage" in deference to the gentle reader's stomach. Many of the characters depicted are highly amoral people and should not be viewed as role models for appropriate behavior. Furthermore, the characters depicted in the story to follow engage in behavior that is very illegal. If you behave like the Carsons you will likely do hard time or possibly be deported. Seriously, don't do ANY of this at home, and if you do, don't say I didn't warn you.


Things were tense at home for Vance Vaschon. He'd been coming home late every night smelling of stronger men's sweat and spunk for three days running. This was not uncommon behavior for the eighteen year old sissy. He'd been spending a lot of nights out till the wee hours since he'd been introduced to black cock by his Master, St John's star shooting guard Marcel DuBois. Vance's deflowering occurred in early January and it was now almost May.

He couldn't hide the fact that what he'd been out doing after school was having a lot of sex with bigger males. He would shamble in after midnight wearing pink lip gloss with his clothing reeking of marijuana and covered with cum stains. He'd even shown up one night with a pink barrette in his long, curly hair.

His deeply religious parents had barely tolerated the long hair and the heavy metal. Vance was eighteen and they were under no legal obligations to give food and shelter to a promiscuous homosexual. His parents knew it was only a matter of time before word got around that their son was running around like a little slut; having sex with the boys who had always bullied him growing up.

Marcel was aware the situation was close to the breaking point. This was exactly what he wanted. His plan all along had been to separate Vance from his family and force him to become his full time girlfriend. He had already transformed the boy into a feminine sissy and a slut for big black cocks. If he could get Vance kicked out of his home it would be no problem having him completely feminized by Mistress Carol Carson, a Domina who specialized in feminizing young boys completely.

Marcel waited in the park for his bitch as was his custom. He was attended by his whole posse, including DaShawn and Marcia. Marcia was DaShawn's sissy girlfriend and bottom bitch. Vance thought back to the days when Marcia had been Marcus and they had been awkward best friends. Marcus was the uptight, clean cut straight "A" student and Vance was a pot smoking metalhead. They bonded because both were skinny white boys who had been bullied by black boys all their lives.

The oldest of Marcel's buddies, Jackson, had a tattoo gun handy. Vance was going to be disowned that very night. The beautiful, long haired and effeminate boy would be strongly encouraged to take up residence in Carson Manor as a sissy maid in training. This was DaShawn's dictate. He was the leader of the gang and things happened on his timescale.

Mistress Carol Carson was DaShawn's married white lover and a strict Dominatrix who specialized in force feminizing Sissy boys to the point that they would gladly agree to gender re-assignment surgery. She had transformed straight laced Marcus into the beautiful blonde Marcia, castrated her and would be sending her to Thailand for her final surgery after her graduation from St. John's.

Mistress Carol believed all white males needed to submit to their natural craving for black cock. She had turned Marcus into Marcia and made her a slave to DaShawn's big beautiful black genitalia. She had also turned her husband Jack into an avid cocksucking connoisseur with a strong preference for hot chocolate. She would not have to train Vance to crave it. Vance had been obsessed with black men and what was between their legs for as long as he had been sexually aware.

Vance approached his Dominant lover slowly and respectfully. He knelt in front of Marcel and waited for the dark black boy to kiss his forehead tenderly. That gentle gesture was followed with a deep soul kiss. Marcel helped the sissy to his feet and sweetly ordered, "Take off your clothes for me baby!"

Vance slinked out of his school clothes. He made a great show of removing the pink panties Marcel was making him wear. He spread his arms out and presented his fleshy bottom to his ebon skinned Master. Marcel was pleased by Vance's deep level of submission and he told the cute white boy, "Good bitch! I love to see you bend over for my 'lucky 13'".

Marcel drove his well lubed cock deep into his sissy lover and two of his friends held the boy's arms tightly. Vance's seven inch cock spurted as his prostate emptied to make room for the monster invading the curly haired boy's guts. Marcel played with his sissy boy's nipples and Jackson began to draw with his pinprick pain inducing tattoo gun upon the supple flesh of Vance's belly.

Marcia sucked DaShawn's big cock and took two of his friends on anally while they watched Jackson emblazon the legend "Black Cock Slut" on Vance's belly. Marcel was fucking the beautiful boy royally while the body art took form. The work took forty-five minutes and Marcel fucked his pretty sissy the whole time.

As the tattoo reached completion so did Marcel deep in Vance's bowels. The sissy was required to satisfy all of the crew with his holes starting with Jackson's eleven inch cocoa colored cock. Vance sucked the older tough to erection and was rewarded with an hour long ass fucking for his trouble. All of the crew took their time getting their rocks off in the gorgeous young boy and by the time he was sent home the sun was rising on a hazy Saturday.

Vance was woozy and barely coherent from all the sex and blunts he'd had with Marcel and his buddies. He didn't realize he was walking home in tight pink shorts and a tube top that left his fresh tattoo quite visible. He was just aware that he was heading home so late it was early. He had no doubt he'd be disowned and be crying on the cell with Marcia within the half-hour.

Vance was so focused on his impending homelessness that he was oblivious to the stares and jeers of the paperboy and a group of seniors out for a morning power walk. Vance hadn't even realized his tattoo was visible or even what it said until a man who looked old enough to have been nursing a grudge since Lee surrendered to Grant screamed racially charged homophobic slurs at him best left to the gentle reader's imagination.

Vance briefly contemplated administering a beat down and the consequences of doing so. If Vance gave the racist octogenarian the beating he deserved it would humiliate the old hater unbelievably. There could be no worse emasculation than being bested in fisticuffs by a sissy. Vance giggled at the thought of pounding the old bastard with a flurry of sissy slaps until he croaked from a heart attack.

When he considered the possibility of real jail time he had to fight temptation with all his might knowing a "Black Cock Slut" would have a lot of fun as a guest of the criminal justice system. He unclenched his puny fists and remembered he belonged to Marcel. His Master would want him free and able to tend to his "lucky 13" and to his buddies cocks as well.

The already exposed sissy satisfied himself with a taunt of his own, "You're just mad because I said no to your wrinkly pinky dick 'cause you ain't nothin' but an ugly old cracker! You just keep walking or my boyfriend will come beat your ass!" Vance punctuated his angry words with a bright finger snap in the air like he'd seen the sassy black girls that followed Marcel's crew use. The Geritol patrol picked up the pace and cut the bedraggled sissy a wide berth.

Vance swallowed hard and put his key in the front door. Before he could turn it over in the lock, the door flew open and Vance was confronted by his red faced father. "I don't even want to know where..." the irate Mr. Vaschon began his rehearsed lecture and was stalled by his son's tattoo. "Oh for the love of Jesus, Vance what in the fuck is that on your chest?"

Vance looked down, gulped hard, and having no good option, doubled down. "It's a a a ....um...it's my mission statement and it should be every white person's mission statement. After what white people have put black people through, we owe them anything they want as reparations and they want us as sex slaves. You and mom and Judy should all give yourselves to our Black Masters as well, Dad!"

Dirk Vaschon couldn't believe his ears. He'd tried to raise his son to be a proper Christian and proud of his white heritage. The angry father blamed his son's love of heavy metal for this corruption of the boy's immortal soul. The ruddy faced Canadian ex-pat bellowed, "You leave your mother and your sister out of your perversions, fairy!"

"I see," Vance began to sway his hips and wave his index finger around like a sassy black girl, "So you admit you want to suck a big black dick with me Daddy?"

Mr. Vaschon wrapped his big hands around his son's neck. The red faced Canuck raged and screamed, "I'll kill you, you little puke!"

Dirk Vaschon heard the distinct click of the hammer of a handgun cocking and felt cold hard steel against his temple. "You get your cracker hands off my girlfriend, bitch!" Marcel had followed Vance home and was prepared to kill to protect his lover.

The bald Canadian immigrant put his son down on his feet and spoke his last words as the father of a male child, "I don't ever want to see either one of you faggots again. Just go, get out. I have no fucking son! I never wanted one anyway!"

Vance's father slammed his door shut and that was that. The sissy put his tired head on his lover's strong shoulder and had a long cry. Vance Vaschon had no father and could only look to his boyfriend for moral and financial support from now on.

Having saved Vance from being disfigured by his conservative father's rage, Marcel walked his sissy lover to his ultimate destination; Carson Manor. Marcel put his strong arm around Vance, and kissed the tears off his tender white cheeks. "It will all be ok baby. You are my GIRL and you will be taken care of."

"Buh buh buh but Master, I am really a boy. I'm a girly boy, but I am a boy. This is bad. Nobody will accept us!" the beautiful, bedraggled sissy panicked and cried.

"Shhhhh, baby, Miss Carol is gonna fix you like she did Marcia," Marcel comforted the blubbering Vance. "You are gonna be my girl and we are gonna be together forever," the ebony stallion continued, "Babygirl, I love you!"

Vance went white as a sheet and squealed, "You mean she's going to..."

Marcel interrupted, "She's gonna make you a girl so you can be my woman, which is what we both want, right?"

Vance gulped, choked back his tears and said cheerfully as he could muster, "Yes Master!"

Vance and Marcel were met at the ornate doorway by a glowing Latina in a maternity French Maid uniform. The always voluptuous Irena was four months pregnant after the breeding party Mistress Carol had thrown her the day after Christmas. "Mistress Carol will see you now, sexy man!" the corpulent beauty flirted with handsome Marcel.

Marcel's cock became erect in his pants when he laid eyes on Mistress Carol Carson. The imperious Auburn haired woman was wearing a floor length Ermine coat, the shiniest thigh high leather boots he'd ever seen and a wicked smile. By miracle of genes, exercise and a surgeon's touch Carol Caron was a model of physical perfection. Her generous bosom poked pertly skyward and drew the sperm from the black jock's balls.

"I have been expecting the two of you," Carol began without preamble. "Vance, you are a lot prettier already than I expected. Who has been teaching you?"

"Umm, Ma'am, ummmm Marcel's big sister Bethany and her friends play dress up with me twice a week," Vance enthused. "They love to dress me like a sassy little slut and watch me suck their boyfriends off."

"Outstanding!" Carol exclaimed with glee. "They have given you a real feel for urban styles and it works for you!" Carol was in fashionista mode and Vance had a lot of potential to really evoke the look of the inner city. The sissy already had a butt only a black man could truly appreciate and knew how to shake it.

"Irena, take Vance upstairs and clean him up," Carol instructed the pregnant housewife. "When you bring him back down we will give him a female name and begin his training. Until then, I agreed to feminize Vance in exchange for something," Carol scoped the beautiful black athlete with hungry cougar eyes. "Are you ready to fulfill your end of the deal Mister DuBois?"

Marcel licked his full lips and said, "You know I am!"

Carol grabbed him by the stiff cock in his baggy pants and led him into the master bedroom. Carol's husband Jack was waiting for them there with drinks. The handsome lawyer was in red lipstick and frilly pink panties that barely concealed his stiff cock. The getup was completed with a pair of fuzzy reindeer horns that seemed out of place in late April to anyone not in on the joke.

The regal beauty produced a perfect Cuban cigar and clipped the tip with a small novelty guillotine. "Cucky boy, light my cigar then help Mister DuBois out of his clothes and fluff him like a dear for me." Carol ordered her husband in a chipper, even tone. The regal Cuckoldress sat down on the bed and took a long sip of a pink martini before putting the cigar to her lips and puffing as Jack provided the fire from a rhinestone encrusted Zippo. "Give your wife a good show," Carol sneered, "you cocksucking bitch!"

Jack helped Marcel remove his clothing as he'd been doing for DaShawn every night for months. He dropped to his knees and looked up at the striking young stud, "Please Mister DuBois, may I suck your big black cock for you to prepare you for my wife?"

Marcel gave the emasculated Mr. Carson a friendly pat on the head and nodded his head and spoke kindly, "Yeah baby, suck that big ol' dick! I know you white boys love to taste a real man!"

Jack eagerly sucked the dusky cock in front of his face. He took all thirteen inches down his throat. Mistress Carol's husband savored every subtle nuance of flavor, scent and shape as it passed down his eager gullet. He'd become addicted to black cock ever since Carol had forced him to suck DaShawn's monstrous wang.

Jack barely got the taste of precum on his desperate tongue before his wife ordered him to stop. "Bring that gorgeous cock over here cucky boy!" Carol cackled at her pathetic husband, "I need him inside me NOW!"

Jack knew what he had to do now. He looked up pleadingly at Marcel and said the words Carol had taught him to say to her black lovers, "Please Sir, please fuck my wife with your superior black cock!"

Marcel patted Jack on the head and said, "Ok little buddy! I'll fuck your pretty wife, but I want you to get your bitch ass over here and put my big cock right in her tight white pussy for me!"

"Yes Sir! It will be my honor Sir!" Jack replied with honest enthusiasm. Jack loved holding a big black cock in his hand and guiding it into his wife more than he loved guiding his own cock into her. The orgasms she felt were so profound that Jack's experience of his wife's pleasure put his own puny orgasms completely to shame. No orgasm could match the pleasure Jack felt every time he held Carol's dainty hand as she spasmed in delight with a black man inside her.

Meanwhile in the master bathroom Irena was bathing Vance in fresh milk infused with rose petals. The scented bath would cut the smell of the depilatory that had removed what hair was present on Vance's tender body. Irena hummed a jolly tune and thought of the milk her breasts would soon pour out for her Mistress as she scrubbed the pretty boy.

Vance emerged from the tub glowing white with pretty dark pink lips and nipples. His cock was large but elegant and its erect length positively gleamed. The sissy's buttocks were the envy of any sane girl, so full and round. His curly hair flowed naturally in all directions from his angelic face.

The boy was a vision worthy of Italian Renaissance statuary. Irena thought it would almost be a shame to see Vance fully feminized. The rotund maid imagined the ravishing she-male Vance would make with the mere addition of breasts.

Knowing this was her last chance to interact with Vance as a male, Irena took a shot in the dark. "Vance, you are such a pretty boy. Before my Mistress makes you a girl forever will you fuck me?"

Vance's penis twitched. The beautiful boy stammered, "M m m m Miss Irena, I I I I'ma virgin!"

Irena erupted into a belly laugh and shook her finger at Vance, "Don't you give me that bullshit! I know Marcel has had you and all of his friends have had you. What you mean is you are a virgin to sex with women, and I also don't believe that!"

"I I I..." Vance attempted to speak but was cut off.

Irena smiled at the pretty boy and chided him, "I know you never put that pretty dick in a girl; and by the way that's damn big for such a sissy white boy." Irena gently grabbed Vance by his chestnut curls and pushed his face into her copious breasts making the boy feel smothered yet comforted as she continued, "We both know you have been eating pussy at least as much as you been sucking cock! It's ok to love to eat pussy whether you are male or female. I love to eat pussy best when it is full of hot cum. Have you had a creampie Vance?"

"Y y y yes. Marcel's big sister and her friends like to sit on my face and make me eat their boyfriend's cum from their pussies," Vance paused and bit his bee stung lower lip, "and their asses."

Irena smiled warmly and pushed Vance down to crotch level, informing him that, "There isn't any cum in there yet, but if you lick me good and get me ready you can make a nice big creampie with me and eat it when you finish." Vance coiled his tongue into Irena's fleshy pregnant pussy and they both sighed with delight.

Back in the master bedroom Jack squealed with delight and squirted precum like a real sissy as he guided Marcel's massive cock into Carol's smooth cunt. Carol gasped as she took the thirteen inch monster. It was a little smaller than DaShawn's, but it was much more perfectly formed and she climaxed immediately. Jack thrilled as he saw his wife's hole twitch on the massive black member.

Marcel sensually commanded Jack, "Lick your wife's clit while I fuck her good!" Jack eagerly lapped at his wife's well stretched slit and clit while Marcel lovingly fed the white Cougar's snatch his delicious black meat. Carol moaned and sang Marcel's praises as he made sweet love to her and even treated Jack lovingly in his role of cuckold. The Carsons could really get used to this.

Carol wailed as Marcel drove deeper and harder and really started to fuck her brainless. "Suck my balls cuck!" snarled the ebony stud at his new lover's husband, who eagerly put the big aubergine testes in his mouth. He was really starting to feel for the Carsons. DaShawn didn't appreciate what he had here. He should be Carol's bull, not DaShawn. He felt it and hoped the attractive white couple felt the same way.

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