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This is the story of a poor, beautiful young woman and how she met the Prince Charming of her dreams. You surely have knowledge of the story from the days of your youth. The girl, we will call her Sinderilla, lived with her mean, ugly step-mother and two step-sisters. Her father was a traveling salesman and was rarely at home, so he was unaware of the treatment his daughter received. Sinderilla never complained about much, just did her best to stay out of the way of the wicked females in the house. The step-mother hated Sinderilla because she was beautiful, much more then either of her daughters. Her eldest daughter, Gurtrude, was tall and skinny as a rail. She had frizzy red hair that stuck out in all directions unless she greased it down to her head with pigs fat. She had a pointy nose that was covered in freckles as was her face, neck and shoulders. Her breasts hung on her skinny frame like sacks of sand and she had no ass to speak of.. Gurtrude's sister, Matilda was the opposite. She was quite round in figure with huge, pillow-like tits that stuck out in front of her so far she couldn't see her own feet. She wobbled when she walked and needed help to get up out of a chair now and again. Her front teeth had a space between them and she had a habit of sucking wind through them, which made a whistling sound. They both believed themselves to be far prettier then Sinderilla and in a higher class then she. Whenever possible, they were mean the her and laughed at her while they did mean little tricks at her expense. All in all, the three women were mean, ugly bitches!

"SINDERILLA!" the Step-mother screamed loudly, tapping her foot on the stone floor, hands resting on her ample hips. "Where is that lazy tart?" she fumed while she waited for her step-daughter to appear. After several minutes, she went in search of the girl and found her washing laundry in the basement of the house. "Did you not hear me call you?" she said, very pissed off. Sinderilla jumped up in surprise at the sound of her step-mother being so close behind her.

"I'm sorry mum," Sinderilla said meekly to the stoney faced woman before her.

"Yes you are indeed." her step-mother said hatefully, then continued, "I want you to come upstairs and wash the floors in the parlor, I'm expecting company." She abruptly turned and started back up the steps to the floors above then turned back to Sinderilla and added, "And don't call me 'mum,' you twit, call me madam." With that, she stood straight with her nose in the air as she went back upstairs.

Sinderilla sighed and set the wash basket aside. She would have to finish it later after the floors were done. She didn't mind doing all the chores because it kept her busy and mostly away from her step-family. Sinderilla was aware of them not liking her but couldn't understand just why they didn't.

All of her life, Sinderilla had been a sweet person as well as very beautiful. She didn't know she was beautiful, because no one had ever told her she was. Dressed in hand-me-downs that no one wanted and her hair tied back out of the way, she considered herself a plain jane if anything.

Sinderilla had no human companions, she only had the creatures of the nearby forest and the mice that lived in their house. She would sing to them when no one was around to put her down or make fun of her. All she knew of men, were things she overheard when her sisters talked about the men in the village, laughing and whispering if they happened to see her. They never included her in their conversations. But what would she have to say anyway? She had never been anywhere except the woods and to the village once a month to shop for food.

One afternoon in the middle of the month of March, Sinderilla overheard her step-mother and step-sisters speaking in excited voices. They were in the parlor and when she peeked into the room, she saw they were all huddled together, looking at a piece of paper. "May 15th, You Are Hereby invited to the Palace for the Birthday Celebration of Prince Charming the First." her step-mother read aloud, reading from a scroll in her hands. She continued in her shrill voice, "Formal Attire. The Prince will be looking at all young ladies as possible Brides in the near future." she finished, very excited now. "The Prince is looking for a wife!!" she cried, looking up at her daughters. "We must call the tailor, have shoes made and... oh my, we've much to do dear daughters!" She stopped speaking when she spied Sinderilla in the doorway. "Yes? What do you want?" she spoke crossly to the young woman standing there.

"Nothing mum, I just heard excited voices and.." she started to say more but her step-mother cut her off sharply.

"Easedropping is very rude, but what else can be expected of you? And did I not tell you to stop calling me 'mum?'" she asked. Sinderilla blushed and hung her head in shame. She hadn't meant to ease-drop on them. "Now get out before I am forced to punish you, you little bitch." she croaked in anger. Sinderilla made a hasty retreat, running to her room under the stairs. Actually, it was more a closet then a room, but it was all she had.

In the days that followed all talk was concerning the ball at the Palace, what to wear, how to act, when to curtsey, and all the other details involved for those attending. "A wife! I hope he notices me!" Gurtrude told her sister. "Maybe it'll be me he notices." Matilda said with a sniff.

They were choosing material for the gowns they would wear to the party, the room was drapped in all kinds and colors of fabric. Sinderilla was admiring a beautiful pink silk laying across the back of a couch. "Take your dirty hands off of that and get out!" Gurtrude screamed at her, then jumped up to push Sinderilla away from the material. Matilda snickered then went back to looking at feathers, holding them up to her hair and admiring how they looked in a mirror. The feathers were lovely, she was not.

Sinderilla ran errands, stitched material, washed her sister's hair and curled it, ironed slips and polished shoes as the days passed and the date of the ball grew closer. She wanted to ask if she could go too, but was afraid of what her step-mother might say. Finally, with just a few days until the party, she had to ask. "Madam, may I go to the ball with my sisters?" she said timidly.

Her step-mother stopped what she was doing and turned to Sinderilla, "What did you say? Go to the ball at the castle? Are you crazy girl!? You have no decent clothes or shoes and I am not going to pay for any." her voice raising in annoyance. "You, my dear, would look the fool if you were to go to such an event. People would laugh at us and I'll not have it." she finished with a smirk on her face. "Go take these ribbons upstairs to my daughters...NOW, go on, be quick with it.."

"Well, I guess that's that." Sinderilla told herself as she walked slowly up the stairway to her step-sisters room. Her heart felt heavy in her chest and her spirit was low.

The day of the ball arrived with everyone in the household running around trying to ready themselves. They women screamed at Sinderilla and blamed her for everything that didn't go the way they wanted. "That little slut, she is ruining everything for us!" her sisters cried to their mother. At last it was time and Sinderilla stood in the doorway, watching the carriage leave. She shut the door and went into the parlor to sit on the couch and cry.

A noise caught Sinderilla's attention and she looked up to see what it was. A woman stood in the middle of the room. She looked like a very nice lady when she smiled at the girl sitting there. "Hello dearie. I guess your wondering who I am and what I'm doing here, aren't you" the woman asked in a sweet grandmotherly voice. When Sinderilla said nothing, the woman said, "Get your ass off of that couch and come here Sinderilla."

As if in a dream, Sinderilla stood and walked over to where the woman. "Okay, we've work to do and it must be done quickly." Then she took a little stick out of her pocket and held it up over her head. Sinderilla watched in awe as the wand began to glow with light, brighter and brighter. The women spoke, saying, "Bibbilly, bibbilly bock, it's time we make her rock! Silk and satins we've got, to make this lass look hot. Skin so very fair, with beautiful golden hair... lips as red as a rose, a figure dressed so it shows." she chanted as she waved the wand around above her head. Swirls of light circled Sinderilla and she felt like something was tickling her for a moment. When she looked down at herself she couldn't believe her eyes.

Sinderilla was wearing the most beautiful gown she'd ever seen. The bodice fit snug, forcing her breasts almost out of it and giving her a lot of clevage. Her tiny waist was accented by a belt that looked to be of silver. The bottom of the gown looked like it was made of yards and yards of shimmering material that changed color when she moved the slightest bit. When Sinderilla lifted the hem, she stared at a pair of glass slippers on her feet, she could see her toenails through them, painted red. Her undergarments were white, lacy bits of fabric that barely covered her. She couldn't help but pull the panties aside so she could see her snatch, it was neatly trimmed. She went to a table and picked up a mirror that lay upon it and timidly peeked at her reflection. Her hand flew to her mouth, which had fallen open in surprise, when she saw herself. Her long tresses were braided into a lovely french twist at the back of her head, Her mouth was glistening with a ruby red lip color.. her eyes looked hugh smokey and dark, while her cheeks had a soft pink glow. From her ears hung diamonds, and a diamond necklace adorned her throat. On her hands, she wore long white silk gloves. Her nose twitched as she sniffed the air.. "Is that me I smell?" she asked, sniffing again. The smell of exotic flowers drifted on the currents of air around her.

"By the way," the woman said, "I'm your Fairy-Godmother." Sinderilla didn't hear her, she was still checking herself out in the hand mirror, oooohing and ahhhing over her appearence.

The woman admired her work then said, "You must be home by one o'clock in the morning and you must fuck the Prince or life will go back to the way it's been for you." She walked around Sinderilla, checking to make sure everything was right. Then she noticed the look of shock and embarassment on the girls face. "Don't tell me... your a virgin, right?" she inquired but didn't wait for an answer, she went on, saying "Of course you are... they all are these days.. or so they'd like us to believe."

"Well.. I am." Sinderilla stammered then added, "But I know I can fuck! At least I'm pretty sure I can.." she finished lamely, a blush coloring her cheeks a darker shade of pink. Then, feeling a bit more bold she said, "I can fuck the Prince if I can get him to notice me! And who cares if I'm still a virgin? I've overheard some of the girls in the village talk about fucking, and my step-sisters are surely two of the biggest fuckers around!" Her eyes were wide with innocence. The Fairy-Godmother chuckled at her choice of words used to describe her nasty step-sisters.

Then, all business once more, Sinderilla's Godmother cleared her throat and said, sounding quite serious, "You must get the attention of his highness, the Prince, with a lap dance. You do know what a lap dance is don't you my dear?" Without waiting to hear Sinderilla's answer, she continued with her instructions to the young woman, "There is a pole in the center of the ballroom, you must entice the Prince away from all the other women by doing a pole dance that will lead up to the lap dance, do you understand?" She stopped and looked at her watch, then back at Sinderilla.

"Oh hell," her God-Mother said, then "Forget fucking him tonight.. that can wait until later, but you must do the dance!"

"Well, I suppose so.." Sinderilla stammered, really not sure at all, but willing to fake it just to get to go to the ball. She tapped her foot impatiently, thinking of the time they were wasting with all this talk.

"Okay then. You'll need a ride to get to the Palace." The Fairy Godmother said, looking around for something that might do. She spied a pair of mice running across the floor and quickly raised her wand and said, "Fiddiley Flop... Kalamazoo.. I'm sure that these two mice will do!" With a wave of her arm, the mice stopped and in an instant, two men servents stood where the mice had been a moment before. Both bowed from the waist and waited for their orders.

Then the Fairy Godmother saw several pumpkins sitting in a basket near the door and quickly grabbed the largest. She went out the door with it and sat it on the ground, then waved her wand and said, "Pumpkin indoors is now outside, becoming tonight a perfect ride!"

The pumpkin started to grow quite large, a door opened on the side and wheels appeared under it. It now looked like a golden coach. Turning to look around for something to act as horses, the Godmother's eyes fell upon two cats laying in the yard. "Aaaaah.. just what I need." she said with a laugh. Her wand waved over the cats and she chanted, "For now just two cats of course, but for awhile they'll each be a horse!"

Two beautiful horses stood where the cats had been and the Fairy Godmother instructed the two men to hitch them to the coach. When all was ready she turned back to Sinderilla. "It's time you go my dear. Remember, you must fuck the Prince and return here by one o'clock or something awful will happen. Everything will become as it was and you don't want that to happen at the Palace."

Sinderilla stepped up into the carriage and waved at her Fairy Godmother as the horses bolted forward, taking her away into the evening towards her Prince Charming and a good time, if she was lucky.

The sound of music came to her ears as the carriage brought Sinderilla into the courtyard of the Palace. The horses pulled up to the entrance and one of the mice-men, helped Sinderilla out of the coach. She stood for a moment, looking around her at the grand Palace and the elegant people she could see through the windows above her. She lifted the hem of her gown and walked up the steps to the door and entered. Music filled her ears for a minute then without reason, suddenly stopped and all was quiet. She looked into the grand ballroom before her and saw that every face in the room was turned towards her, all eyes on the mystery woman arriving alone. Not knowing what else to do, she lifted a hand and gave a little wave and said, "Hello..everyone." The music began to play again and people went back to their dance.

Sinderilla stood at the entrance, her heart beating fast as she tried to decide what she should do next. Then she saw him, the Prince himself, he was coming straight towards her. She also noticed that many of the young women there were trying to get his attention as he passed them by. He did not stray from his course. When he had reached Sinderilla, the Prince bowed low and held out his hand to her. She took it and they waltzed into the party, their eyes locked on each other. They never spoke as they whirled and spun around the large ballroom floor as if they were the only ones there. When the music ended, a crowd of young ladies came between them, making the Prince vanish in a sea of lace and ribbons.

Sinderilla tried to find the Prince in the crowd but couldn't spot him anywhere. Many men approached to ask for a dance, but she brushed them off sweetly, still seeking her Prince Charming. The time was flying past and she knew she had to get him back pretty soon or she'd never have the chance again.

Sinderilla saw a bright, golden pole in the center of the dance floor, she looked at it and remembered what she was supposed to do. She went di to the pole, looked towards the musicians and gave a nod of her head. Somehow, they knew what she wanted and began to play a sexy number for her.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked towards the center of the room. There they saw Sinderilla, one gloved hand on the pole, the other lifting her gown to revel her long legs. She started to sway to the music in a very seductive mannor. She leaned back against the pole and shimmied out of her gown, letting it fall to the floor. Many of the women gasp in horror and covered either their eyes or mouths in shock at what the young girl was doing at the pole. And half naked to boot! Her figure was amazing, every man in the room wished she was his. Her breasts were barely contained by the slip of a bra holding them in. Her hips curved in just the right way, and her ass... oh my, what an ass it was! All eyes were glued to her as she danced, using the pole as if it were a lover. She bent her knees and slid her pussy up and down the pole several times to their joy!

Sinderilla turned to face the pole again, planting her legs on each side of it, then holding the pole with both hands, she leaned backwards until her head touched the floor and her pussy rubbed against it. She slowly slid her lower body up and down the pole, her eyes closed, lips parted. She pulled herself back up and swung in a lazy circle with the pole at the center. She cupped a breast in one gloved hand and lifted it so she could give the nipple a lick, her pink tongue darting out to touch the extended tip. She heard someone's voice, a woman, saying in outrage, "The whore!"

Sinderilla could see the Prince through her long eyelashes as he approached. When he was a few feet away, she stopped what she was doing, grabbed a chair, sat it behind him and pushed him down on it. Before the Prince could react, she signaled the musicians to play and started to sway to the music standing in front the the young man. He grinned and relaxed, sitting back comfortably to watch her dance. Sinderilla whirled and spun around the Prince like a beautiful top. She wiggled and twisted and arched her back. She bumped and did a grind for him. The she stood on the tips of her glass slippers and danced like a dream come true. Finally, she straddled his legs and began her lap dance. She looked into his eyes and rubbed herself against him. She could feel his cock growing hard under her hands. Just as she was all into it, she heard the chimes of the large clock in the courtyard strike the hour. It was one o'clock! Before the chime has stopped it's echo, Sinderilla was up and out the door, dropping one of her slippers as she ran down the steps to the carriage that had been waiting. Just as she reached it, the coach turned back into a pumpkin and the coachmen changed back to the mice they had been! Two cats streaked down the driveway, howling as they ran. Without looking back, Sinderilla ran down the dark road behind them.

Later, she lay on her bed of straw and listened to her step-mother and step-sisters talk about the party at the palace. They spoke of the horrible woman that had been there and how she had tried to steal all of the attention of the Prince. "Such a slut she was!" Gurtrude was speaking, her voice high pitched and indignant.

"More like a filthy whore if you ask me!" Mitilda said, sounding angry as she spoke loudly.

"Now dear daughters, the bitch ran off so we'll probably never see the likes of her again." her step-mother said, trying to console her daughters.

Grutrude spoke again, "Did you see the Prince pick up the skank's dirty little shoe?" she asked.

"Yes! Wasn't that awful?" her sister said, shaking her head.

They finally went to bed and the house was quiet. Sinderilla lay in her bed, remembering how wonderful it was when the Prince danced with her as she fell asleep.

Everyone awoke to the sound of someone hammering on the front door. Sinderilla ran to answer it and found a piece of paper hanging from a nail on the door. It was a notice from the Palace. When her step-mother and step-sisters joined her there, they all read the notice..

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