tagSci-Fi & FantasySingle Combat: The Scout

Single Combat: The Scout


AN: This is a side story to "Single Combat". Please read "Single Combat" and "Single Combat: the High Priestess" first if you haven't already.


"Yarei, take him to the preparation room and give him the ceremonial loincloth," ordered Queen Hippolyta, clearly trying to keep a straight face.

"Yes my queen. This way please." Yarei couldn't control her mirth. She giggled, just a little. This idiot was dressing himself up for execution. Just like a pig putting an apple in its own mouth and handing the farmer the knife.

"Care to let me in on the joke?" asked the western Jarl as he followed Yarei down the steps to the preparation room.

"Oh its nothing. I just remembered a joke I heard once."

They reached the bottom of the staircase. The preparation room was small, dark and dingy. The Jarl began to disrobe. "I am quite looking forward to this match," he said as he removed his shirt.

"Then you are a fool. Queen Hippolyta will slaughter you like a pig and offer your severed cock to the Goddess."

"So she plans to wait until after she kills me to castrate me then? Very kind of her. Still, I hope this goddess of yours has a big appetite." He dropped his pants.

Yarei gasped. Her eyes nearly fell out of her head. She had never seen, heard of, or imagined that a man might have such a huge cock. Still soft, it hung longer than her forearm, and thicker too. For a moment, she felt like the whole world had shifted. She realized that somehow, it was the Amazons who were trapped, not the westerners. She didn't know how it had come to pass, but she did know one thing: this man couldn't possibly be defeated.

"Don't stare, you're embarrassing me," the Jarl chuckled, mocking her. "Besides, this is for your Queen, not you. The loincloth, if you please."

Yarei started, coming out of her daze. She handed the Jarl the tattered ceremonial loincloth. As the Jarl tightened the cloth around his hips, Yarei shook herself. So he had a big dick. So what? That didn't make him a better fighter. Amazonia was invincible, the Amazons were invincible, and most importantly, Queen Hippolyta was completely invincible. Not once had she ever been defeated, even by another Amazon. This westerner would fall, just like all the others.

Even so, Yarei couldn't shake the feeling of dread. Were the westerners planning some kind of devious trick? Their numbers were matched inside the arena and the arena was smack dab in the middle of Amazonia, the city of the Amazons. What could they hope to accomplish with only ten thousand? But still the aura of control that the Jarl emitted made her uneasy.

The Jarl thanked her for her assistance and strode out onto the field. Yarei quickly climbed into the stands, sitting among her scouts. Many of them openly eyed Yarei's long, shapely legs and small muscular ass as she sat down. Yarei's ass was highly coveted in the Amazon Army, almost as much as her place in the Queen's bedchamber. Hippolyta had once told her that she had the best butt in the southern jungles, a compliment she valued highly.

The uneasy feeling in the pit of Yarei's stomach began to fade. She watched Queen Hippolyta converse with the Jarl, looking forward to the show. Queen Hippolyta was so beautiful. Yarei knew she was truly lucky to spend her nights with her. The sight of her, standing proud in her skimpy chain bikini which barely contained her gigantic breasts reassured Yarei immensely. The males of the Steel Horde were laughing and joking with each other, blatantly ogling the Amazons. Fools. Soon, they would all be dead. There was one man, though, who remained silent. Yarei could have sworn that he was staring right at her. Still, no reason to be worried. She laughed with everyone else when the foolish male refused to wield a weapon. And then it happened.

She didn't see how he had done it. For a fraction of a second, it was as if the Jarl completely disappeared from her sight. And then he was holding the queen's chainmail top aloft as his men cheered. Hippolyta's titanic tits, which Yarei had spent many nights worshiping, were bare to all twenty thousand spectators. The queen looked stunned for a moment before she regained her composure. Yarei's feeling of uneasiness returned in spades.

"Scouts!" She ordered. "Prepare to move on my order."

"Commander!" said Jaen, one of her best scouts. "You don't really think the queen might lose, do you?"

"Of course not. Just... remain alert."


All of her worst fears came true. Queen Hippolyta was now on the ground while the Jarl knelt over her head, beating her face with his gigantic meat club. "Scouts! Let's move!"

"Where do we attack, Ma'am?"

"We don't attack. We run."

"But the gate is sealed!"

"We'll head for the top of the stadium, then climb down the outside." It was a dangerous plan. Her scouts were expert climbers, but the stadium was tall and its outer face had few handholds. Some of her scouts would surely fall to their deaths. Nevertheless, Yarei had to warn the other Amazons, to tell them to run. To tell them that these westerners could not be defeated.

"I SURRENDER!" The voice of the defeated queen echoed through the Arena of the Liberator. For a moment, no one moved. Then the men poured around the stadium, rushing at the Amazons.

"GO!" she ordered. The squad of ten scouts, plus Yarei herself, raced for the top of the Arena. Yarei allowed herself one final glance at her beloved queen. She was kneeling before the Jarl, her lips stretched around the girth of his massive member. "I can't save you," she whispered. "Forgive me, my Queen."

The eleven Amazons raced up the stands toward the top of the stadium. To their left, the male army broke into a makeshift line the Amazons had rallied to try to hold them back. Each and every woman who tried to fight back was being thrown down, having her clothes torn off, and getting raped. No matter how hard the Amazons fought, not a single man fell. From the throats of Amazons arose the sounds of fear, pain, anger, and despair. From the men, laughter and shouts as if they were merely hunting.

Yarei's group rushed to the top of the stadium. The upper seats were deserted as their previous occupants had rushed downward to fight or make for the gate. However, in the back row sat a single man. Yarei recognized him as same the man who had been staring at her across the stadium earlier. How had he gotten here so quickly? He was young. Maybe even younger than Yarei. Unlike most of the westerners, he had no facial hair, and his smooth jaw was broad and strong. His brown hair was shortly cropped, except for a single braid which dangled from the nape of his neck. Above the waist he was bare, his torso slim but muscular and toned. Below the waist, he wore pair of fur breaches. He smiled and stood up. "I thought you might try something like this," he said. He began walking toward Yarei's group, in no hurry.

"Scouts, spread out!" Yarei ordered. "He's alone, we can defeat him!" The ten scouts fanned out into a formation they had often practiced and attacked as a single unit. The sight made Yarei proud, for a moment. Then...

The lone enemy somehow avoided every attack, then counterattacked, striking with punches to stomachs, kicks to chests, and chops to the back of necks. In seconds, all her scouts were down. The man didn't even look phased, as if he had merely stepped over a log or ducked under a branch on his way forward, as if her scouts were only minor obstacles. Yarei felt her legs give out. How could this be possible? She and her scouts had trained together every single day for the past two years. They'd fought together in countless battles. Never once had they failed to accomplish their mission. This man had beaten them with the ease of swatting flies. She fell to her knees as the enemy soldier continued toward her.

When he was about a foot away from her, he paused, reaching into the hem of his pants. He pulled out his cock, fourteen inches of semi-erect meat dangling in her face. Yarei's jaw dropped. Were these all these westerners hung like horses? He pushed the plum sized head into her mouth before she could react. The salty taste of sweat assaulted her tongue. She nearly gagged.

"You're name is Yarei, correct? I am called Ragnar." He spoke as if he was shaking her hand rather than shoving his dick into her mouth. "I lead the sixth legion of the Steel Horde. We have met once before, at the parley out on the plain when Jarl Edric met with your queen to agree to single combat. If you don't mind me saying so, I was much taken by your beauty. My favorite part was watching you walk away." Ragnar leaned over her to sneak a peek down at her ass.

Yarei recovered her wits. What was she doing, allowing the enemy to approach her and shove his cock into her mouth without fighting back? She spat it out and lunged forward, striking at the side of his head with a fist. He stepped into her attack, catching her arm with ease. Then he pulled her head up and leaned his own head down to meet her mouth in a passionate kiss. Yarei was completely taken by surprise, and despite the situation, she found herself kissing back with equal passion. By the time he pulled his mouth away from hers, she was panting.

"Forgive me my lady, it seems I have made a mistake. You see, where I come from when a woman kneels before a man it is considered a sign of submission, and usually indicates that she wants to suck his cock. I see now that you were just surprised." He smiled slyly.

"Let me go," gasped Yarei, still breathless from the kiss.

"I'm afraid I can't. Jarl Edric ordered us not to let any of your people escape from the arena unclaimed."

"So you plan on 'claiming' me then, do you?"

"I will. But only if you want me to."

"I DON'T want you to. Let me GO!" She struggled.

Ragnar released her, stepping back. "If that is truly your wish, then you will be claimed by another. My comrades by and large do not share my predilection for consent, but you will no doubt love it by the end."

She rushed to the closest of her fallen scouts and felt for a pulse. Thankfully, she found one. The girl was beginning to stir.

"Oh, don't worry about your subordinates," Ragnar said conversationally. "I didn't hit them very hard. They're only stunned. By the time they remember which way is up, they'll probably be stuffed full of cock like those girls down there."

Yarei turned to look out over the arena. The last pockets of Amazon resistance were being broken up and pulled apart. Everywhere she looked, Amazons were on their backs with legs spread, on their hands and knees, held up in the air, and above or behind them were the men. On the floor of the arena, Hippolyta was being impaled repeatedly upon Jarl Edric's huge staff. Yarei tried to tell herself that the Queen's moans were moans of pain, that the squeals of the thousands of women being raped were cries of anguish, but she knew better. She felt heat rush to her loins.

Ragnar walked up behind her, slipping his hands underneath her leather bikini top, squeezing her small, perky breasts. Yarei could feel his cock, now fully erect, pressed against her ass. She moaned hungrily as he whispered in her ear. "If I do not please you, then you may offer yourself to someone else, but I promise if you choose me, you'll not regret it. Submit to me, and you will live in a land as beautiful as it is hard. You will live in a great Long Hall that we will rule together, your authority second only to my own. You will have a warm hearth and warm furs to stave off the cold in the winter months. Your sons will be strong and your daughters beautiful and you'll have plenty of both. And I promise you pleasure, more then you've ever felt, every single night."

Yarei moaned. "You seem different from the others," she gasped.

Ragnar chuckled. "My comrades often mock me for my preoccupation with willingness in women. They ask me why it matters if a bitch protests at first if by the end she begs for your seed. I answer that for me, how a conquest begins is just as important as how it ends."

Yarei's pussy ached. She needed to be filled, to be FUCKED. She was through resisting. "And how does it begin?" She asked.

"It begins when you kneel before me of your own free will, and pleasure me with your mouth," he whispered.

Yarei knelt. Ragnar's cock loomed over her, fully erect. The smell of it made her dizzy. Hesitantly, she opened her mouth and slipped the head past her lips, caressing it gently with her tongue. Only moments ago, the taste had nearly made her gag. Now she thought it was delicious. The sound of Ragnar's breath catching sent a jolt strait to her pussy.

Yarei had never sucked a cock before, but she was determined to please her new master. She swirled her tongue around the swollen head and slid her stretched lips further down the shaft. After a few minutes he gently pushed her head away from his cock. She looked up at him, uncertain.

"I think you've adequately demonstrated your willing submission. It's time to stake my claim." He gently guided her to her hands and knees in the stands. She looked over her shoulder as he pulled her sodden leather bikini down around her knees and rubbed the tip of his enormous pole against her lower lips. She tried to push herself back onto him, but he restrained her with a firm hand on her tight ass. "You really want it, don't you?" He chuckled.

"Yes," she almost sobbed.

"Then tell me, who owns you?" He kept teasing her entrance with the head of his huge cock. She needed so badly to be filled.

"You own me."

"Say my name," he demanded.

"Ragnar," she breathed.

"Who owns you?"

"Ragnar owns me!"

"Damn right." As he slowly thrust his hips forward, impaling Yarei on his fourteen inch dick and stretching her beyond what she had thought possible, Yarei realized that what she had been made to say was true. He really did own her. The realization brought her to her first of many orgasms. Her arms gave out as her pussy gushed fluids all over Ragnar's invading cock, her thighs, and the ground.

"The pleasure is your reward for submitting to me like a good girl. Say thank you," he hissed, withdrawing until only the tip remained inside her and then thrusting once more to the hilt into her sopping cunt.

"Thank you Ragnar! Thank you for making me cum!"

As Yarei's second orgasm approached, her arms gave out and her upper body fell flat onto the bench. He grasped her wrists and began to pull her back into every thrust as he fucked her from behind. Her orgasm made her see stars. For a while, she pressed her hips back into him eagerly, fucking herself on his cock, but soon the constant barrage of orgasms drained all her strength, and she went limp, just passively being fucked. He roughly pushed her onto her back and slammed his cock back into her cunt in one brutal thrust. It took all the energy she had left just to remain conscious as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her body.

He lay atop her, her small breasts mashing against his chest as he moved his head down to whisper in her ear. "I promised you we would have many children," he whispered. "Would you like to get started?"

Her mind, which had been swimming in a pleasure filled haze, immediately sharpened into lust fueled focus. "Yes," she whispered back. Her legs seemed to rise of their own accord, curling around his waist.

His downward thrusts into her sodden slit were becoming more and more erratic. "Beg me for it!" he hissed.

"PLEASE, give me your SEED!" She shouted. "BREED ME! I want to be PREGNANT!"

With one final, punishing thrust, Ragnar buried himself to the hilt in Yarei's sodden sex and began to unload. The sudden gush of nearly-scalding seed pushed her over the edge. Her vision went white, but her other senses were enhanced, rather than dulled. She could feel every drop of sweat on her skin, every bump in the bench through her back. She could hear and distinguish every orgasmic shriek and moan of pleasure that echoed through the stadium as well as the grunts of the men. And of course, she could feel every inch and every vein of the fourteen inch cock buried to the hilt in her muff and every drop of what must have been nearly a gallon of cum it was pouring into her womb. It was far more intense than any orgasm she had ever felt.

Ragnar leaned in to kiss her once more, even more passionate than before, as both their orgasms began to wane. Ragnar had blasted so much spunk into her womb that Yarei felt bloated. She gasped for breath as he pulled away from the kiss, gently placing a hand on her stomach.

"I can't wait to find out if our first is a boy or a girl." He smiled. Then, he withdrew his cock from her pussy. The cum inside her gushed out under considerable pressure down into the lower stands.

Below the orgy still raged. There were no Amazons who still resisted. Many were participating eagerly. To the left, Yarei saw two former Amazon warriors on their knees, worshiping a single cock together. To the right, she saw one of Hippolyta's former generals riding a man who lay prone, tits bouncing wildly as she fucked herself on his rod. On the floor of the arena, the Jarl was thrusting into Queen Hippolyta from behind, fucking her downward into the sand. The queen's moans were audible anywhere in the arena.

"It looks like my Jarl and your queen are still having fun," said Ragnar. "Why don't we sit down and watch them for a while?" He sat, reclining back into the row behind.

Yarei pulled herself to her knees and moved her head forward, running her tongue along the length of Ragnar's cock.

"Or, I suppose you could suck my dick." Ragnar laughed as Yarei took the head into her mouth. The taste of her own juices mixed with his cum was the best thing she had ever tasted. A feeling of contentment washed over her as she cleaned her master's cock. She knew she was right where she belonged. And she loved it.


The next day, Yarei knelt naked on the lowest step of the Great Pyramid of the Goddess. In the square below, the entire population of Amazonia was packed cheek by jowl, surrounded by the Jarl's army. Next to her stood her master, Ragnar, fully clothed and armored in the chainmail of the Steel Horde. The other soldiers of the Jarl's ten thousand stood around the pyramid at regular intervals, each with one of his slaves kneeling at his feet. Most slaves were silent, heads bowed submissively. Ragnar was chatting amicably with her.

"Is it not hot under all that mail and fur?" Yarei asked him.

"Yes. Yes it is."

"Then why do you westerners wear all that?"

"Where we come from, it can get very cold. I'm guessing it never does down here in the jungles, judging by the way you Amazons dress."

"In the summer it gets so hot we sometimes can't stand to wear anything at all. What is your home like, across the mountains?"

"I live in a Long Hall just off of the Icy Coast. In the summer the land is beautiful but in the winter it's as cold and bleak as anywhere in the world. My father was lord of the hall before me. He died in a raid two years ago. I had to fight my brothers for the right to be the new lord. Killed two of them before the rest acknowledged me. That tore at my heart, killing the brothers I'd grown up with, but such is the Steel Way. Only the strong survive."

"A hard creed to live by."

"It makes us strong."

From the square below emerged Queen Hippolyta, leading Serena, the High Priestess of the Goddess. Yarei caught her eye and smiled. Hippolyta nodded back, but did not return the smile. Yarei couldn't blame her. She knew that Hippolyta had been friends with Serena since childhood and Hippolyta thought of her like a younger sister. And now, she was dragging her strait into the hands of the Jarl and the public humiliation he would no doubt inflict upon her.

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