tagIncest/TabooSinning with Sister Ch. 02

Sinning with Sister Ch. 02


Author's note: Thank you so much for your feedback! It really sustains me as I grind through these early chapters. In answer to your question: Not yet. I really want to post the consummation of this story, but the groundwork has to be laid, and in my opinion pleasure delayed is pleasure increased. If you need satisfaction right now, this is not for you.

Chapter 2

It was the beach's fault and therefore the bikini's fault and therefore Chloe's fault and therefore not my fault. Plus Chloe had uploaded it to facebook, making it doubly her fault. Yeah, she practically jacked your cock for you. I cursed my inner monologue for interrupting my train of rationalisation.

It was a once-off, never to be repeated. I would never cum to thoughts of my sister again. And never cum that much again. I winced whilst trying to stay focussed and wondered if I should say something like "Get behind me Satan..."

It would be a test of my character to resist, maybe the hardest I would ever face. Hardest indeed! Unsurprisingly, this ruminating wasn't making me feel any better.

It was almost a relief when Mom appeared in my doorway.

"Are you feeling okay honey? Why don't you come get some breakfast?"

After avoiding the girls entirely last night and turning in early, I'd been lying in bed for most of Saturday morning feeling guilty and worrying that Chloe would spill my secret to Libby.

"Um, yeah I'm fine. Just sleepy is all. Those two were keeping me up with their giggling."

"Well Chloe's gone home now, so you don't have to worry about fixing your bedhead." She gave me a goofy wink before disappearing. Mom had been encouraging my crush on Chloe for a while.

I sighed and stumbled into the bathroom. If only Chloe had found her own picture on my computer screen... whilst embarrassing, that would make this so much easier. How could I have been so careless? The one time I masturbate to my sister I get found out. At least Mom didn't seem to have heard about it, which was a relief. God forbid that Dad should ever find out; I'd have to leave town and change my name.

After splashing some cold water on my face I steeled myself to face her and strode into the kitchen. I made straight for the fridge, barely glancing at Libby sitting on a stool in her yoga outfit. I yanked the milk out, chucked a bowl onto the bench, and upended the cereal box over it. I stole another glance at her eating a small pot of yoghurt. She caught me looking, but to my confusion was smiling broadly! For a few seconds my heart leapt wildly until I realised that my crazy bed hair was the source of her amusement and that my bowl was overflowing. Clumsily, I righted the box and set about clearing up the mess.

"One of those mornings, eh?" She smirked.

I grunted in reply, too busy trying to analyse her response for anything else.


We both left the house that morning to get a workout -- she to her yoga class and me to the gym. I'm not a fitness junkie or anything, but at the time I was lifting weights pretty regularly. I had plenty of time on my hands that summer, and the work helped me sleep better and eat more. It wasn't to check out all the toned cardio bunnies pumping away on the cross-trainers. And I told myself it certainly wasn't to bulk up and impress my sis.

"How's it going Matty-boy? Ready to pump some iron?" James swung down from the chin-up bar to greet me, and I raised my eyebrows in amusement at his enthusiasm.

"What's got you so chipper?"

"Scored last night." He shrugged with false modesty, but the effect was ruined by the shit-eating grin that followed after all of two seconds.

Although we were only acquaintances at high school, on account of our mutual gym habit James and I had become friends after graduation. We kept each other honest, and I knew that any slacking on my part would invite merciless ribbing from him.

About ten minutes in, it became apparent that this was not going to be one of my better sessions. I was still preoccupied with whether Libby knew I was fantasizing about her, and it was showing. On top of this the summer heat -- despite it still being morning -- had me sweating like a pig. James bailed me out on the bench-press for the third time below my rep target.

"You been drinking those protein shakes I told you about?"

"Yeah man, just an off-day I guess." I replied, shaking my head.

"You're never gonna catch up to me at this rate." He warned, as he lay back on the bench to outdo me by twenty pounds and five reps. He was normally the stronger of us two, but not by so much.

I sighed and stood toweling off for a minute whilst eyeing the cuties on the treadmills. The row of machines faced the long windows on the other side, which allowed me and any other admirers to go relatively unnoticed whilst checking out their derrieres. For some disturbing reason I kept comparing each bobbing ass to Libby's. It was even more disturbing that I rapidly dismissed each one as inferior. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my own backside and spun around to see James gleefully twirling his towel, obviously having just whipped me out of my reverie.

"Dude! What the hell?" I exclaimed.

"Staring at pussy ain't gonna get it for you bro. Lift the weights, build the muscle, then get the pussy... Now let's do some curls." He swaggered off to the dumbbell rack and I trailed after him, sighing again. It was going to be a long one.


The last of the cool water ran in rivulets down my aching body as I turned off the taps. I'd arrived home before Libby and was glad not to have to wait for the shower. After grinding through that session with James I had started feeling better too. Based on Libby's reaction to me this morning I thought that Chloe surely hadn't told Libby my secret. I felt a growing sense of relief. Soon everything would be back to normal, including my fantasies.

Unfortunately, my peace was to be short-lived. Towel around my waist, I opened the door to come face to face with my sister, just back from yoga. I think we were both startled. Her eyes involuntarily flickered down to inspect my chest for a moment, before she met my gaze again, cheeks pink. For my part, I couldn't help but admire how the tight lycra clung to her curves. The awkward silence, in which I was simultaneously flexing my muscles and instructing my cock to stay the hell down, was thankfully broken by her.

"I'm cooking pasta for lunch." She said. "Just give me a minute to shower."

Embarrassed, I quickly moved out of the doorway to allow her to take her own shower. I didn't reply.

Irrationally, I felt my anxiety renewed. Not because I was afraid that Libby would find out, but because a little voice in my head kept raising the alternative: that she did know and was glad. No matter how much I told myself that it was stupid, that we were brother and sister, that there was no way she would be glad to feature in her brother's masturbatory fantasies, I kept turning it over in my mind.


"This is excellent Elizabeth." My father beamed at Libby whilst forking another penne tube.

And it was good. Much better than anything I could come up with for Saturday lunch. I shoveled it down between slurps of my protein shake, remembering James' advice to load up on the carbs too. Mum gave me a disapproving look from across the table.

"Thanks Dad. I was so hoping that this new recipe would turn out right."

She continued, "The extra cheese is a little naughty, though. Naughty but nice."

She glanced at me slyly and I almost choked. Dad pounded me on the back a couple of times and Mum went to get me some water. With watery eyes I peered over at my sister, who continued eating in a most ladylike fashion, smiling to herself all the while.

If I had been anxious before, it was nothing compared to after that. That afternoon I tried reading, but after scanning the same line for twenty minutes I dismissed any mental effort as futile and switched on the TV. She knows. She knows. She knows. It reverberated around inside my skull, drowning out the sounds of the game on the screen. Finally, I realized that there was only one thing that would de-stress me sufficiently. Masturbation temporarily cures anxiety just as much as lust. I just had to stay away from thoughts of my sister. Easy peasy.

Before long I was sitting in front of my computer with a nice wholesome porno flick unfolding on the monitor. I pumped away for a few minutes, successfully avoiding thinking of Libby, but not really getting anywhere. I expelled a long breath of air and changed to some girl-on-girl. Still no satisfaction. Her picture is right there. I refused to surrender and changed again to a blowjob scene. Then a threesome. Fisting. Hardcore anal. Lesbian daisy-chain orgy. It was no use, like I was wearing a cock-ring or something.

A knock at the door startled me. I alt-tabbed and yanked the front of my shirt down over my cock just in time, as Libby opened the door. Fortunately, my chair was facing away from the door, which also helped to conceal my flustered state.

"Hey Matt."

My alarm must have shown in my face, because she then asked

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

I pulled my headphones off before replying.

"Nope. Just looking at, ahhh, online poker." I cursed the popup advertisement that now adorned my screen. At least it was better than Libby seeing those pornstars lying in a circle of cunnilingus.

"Will you take your little sister driving? Please?" She asked in her little girl voice, smiling. When she asked for something in a way like that, any male would be wrapped around her finger.

"Sure, I'll be right there." I replied, resigning myself to a massive case of blue balls for the next few hours.


At length, my cock softened enough for me to emerge from my room. As we climbed into my old Toyota, I noticed that her filmy sundress rode up really high when she sat down. Her thighs showed that her tan was coming along nicely this summer. I winced inwardly, drew a deep breath, and resolved to keep my eyes firmly fixed on the road. Oh god, even the smell of her was intoxicating in that enclosed space. For good measure, I put the mapbook on my lap.

"Gearstick's kinda stiff today." She frowned.

I pointedly looked down at her slender fingers wrapped around the stick, trying desperately not to stare at her nearby thighs. Wait, what did she say? Practically massaging the thing with her small hand, she looked up at me for help.

"Will you show me how?"

Jesus. I swallowed uncomfortably and placed my much larger hand over hers, guiding the transmission into reverse to back out of the driveway. Moving my hand off, I casually put it on the mapbook and pressed down to suppress my rising erection. Fortunately, she didn't try anything else like that again. I was doubly glad she didn't ask why I needed a mapbook for our hometown.

Libby had been learning how to drive for several weeks now, so my job in the passenger seat was basically babysitting her as she practiced cruising around the suburbs. With the air-conditioner on max and the gentle sounds of the road I was eventually lulled into a kind of semi sleep. She seemed to be contemplating something.

"Matt?" She said softly, breaking the last hour of peace.


"Why were you avoiding Chloe last night and this morning?"

Figuring that playing dumb was my best defense I replied, "Was I?"

"Oh come on! You always try to hang out with Chloe when she comes over. Remember that time you pretended to be interested in Love Actually so you could sit next to her on the couch?"

I frowned, remembering how they had giggled at me after that.

"Don't you like her anymore? If you keep stringing her along and don't ask her out, as her friend I'm going to tell her to move on." She said it quietly but firmly.

Whoa. Where did that come from? At that point I became very confused. Everything today had pointed toward an attraction between Libby and me. Why was she suddenly bringing up Chloe? It made me doubt my previous conclusion that Libby knew about my fantasy. Maybe I had been imagining all those innuendos.

I did like Chloe; always had. At first I had told myself she was too young, but then as the years went by and she'd turned eighteen, I figured that she was way out of my league and just enjoyed teasing me. If anything, she was the one stringing me along. I realized that if by some miracle the gorgeous redhead was into me and I had found out a month ago, I would have been simply overjoyed. But now that Libby and I...

I shoved the evil out of my mind and resolved to get up the courage to ask Chloe out. Not only was she a dream girl, but if we got together maybe I would stop having these thoughts about my sister. Although driving, I could tell that Libby was still waiting for a response.

"Um, yeah I do like her."

"Promise me you'll do something about it."


She looked hard at me.

"I promise."


For the second night in a row I felt like crap; both because I was nervous as hell about asking Chloe out and because Libby's behavior was so contrary. Worrying about it was draining me.

And for the second time that day Mum interrupted me pondering my sister whilst lying in bed.

"I know you're tired Matthew, but would you please take your gym clothes out of the downstairs bathroom and put them in the laundry?"

She said it somewhat apologetically seeing as how I had already turned in, but I was glad of a distraction.

"Sorry mom, I forgot. I'll put them away."

I could see why she'd asked. The bathroom was already starting to smell pretty funky. Left overnight, something would probably be growing by morning. I padded into the adjacent laundry to chuck the stuff in the washing machine. My gym shorts landed on the other dirty clothes, right next to something I could not fail to mistake as a pair of my sister's panties. Equally unmistakable was the creamy stain running up the crotch. They were on the top of the pile, which meant that they were from this afternoon. The car. I stared and stared for a whole five minutes, until I suddenly slammed the lid of the machine, and tore myself away.

I practically ran back to my bed, trying to force myself into the oblivion of sleep. This is what happens when you lust after your sister. Through the pain of my headache I reflected that I was discovering the meaning of the old saying, "No rest for the wicked."


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