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Sinnndy Gets Banged


My girlfriend Mia, strips for bachelor parties. I met Mia at a bachelor party that my boyfriend Billy took me to. Mia and I hit it off right away. She is 21, 5-2, about 100 pounds, an absolutely beautiful Asian girl, nice firm full breasts, and the hottest ass I have ever seen. She took me along one Saturday night, she had three parties to do, the first one, was at 8 o’clock, and not far from where she lives.

Ruben, her bouncer/bodyguard met us at the house. Mia did her usual routine, slowly taking her clothes off, teasing the bachelor, lightly rubbing his crotch, shaking her stuff, it was hot, I was wet watching her, and there wasn’t a limp dick in the room. After she finished abusing the bachelor, she walked around the room, putting whip cream on her tits for $5, or on her pussy for $10. The guys went nuts licking her clean, I was last, I didn’t have to pay, but she had me lick her pussy until she came, the guys got around us to watch the show as I licked her clit, and buried my fingers into her pussy. I was wearing a short skirt, and was on my knees, giving the guys at the party a free show. I was sooooo turned on. Mia finally came, took her money, and we left to go to the next house.

Mia went through the same routine, the only difference, was when I was licking her wet pussy, she spun under me, and went into a 69 position, undoing my skirt, and started eating me. There we were, two hot young things, putting on a hot lesbian show, licking each others pussies, teasing our clits, and burying our fingers deep into our snatches. Mia came first, and I followed seconds later, the guys paid an extra 100 for the show, and Mia gave me a 50.

The next party wasn’t for 2 hours, so Ruben, the bouncer, said he had some things to take care of, and that he would meet us at the final house. So Mia and I stopped off at a bar, and had a couple of beers. A lot of eyes where on us when we walked into the bar, we were dressed pretty sleazy, and we both looked pretty hot. We decided we were going to tease these guys good. We went over to the pool table, and spent a half hour playing pool, purposely bending over, and showing our assets to all who were staring. Some guys came up to talk to us, but we told them we already had plans.

We finally left, the last party was in the city, it would take us 45 minutes to get there. When we got to the house, we realized this wasn’t the greatest neighborhood we had ever seen, but we found a spot in front of the house, so we went up to the door. There was a note on it telling us to go downstairs, and that Mia’s bouncer was already there setting up for us, so we walked in, and headed downstairs. There was some funky music playing down there, but when we got downstairs, no one was there. The next thing we knew, guys with stocking caps on their heads were running downstairs towards us, and there were lots of them, and they were big, they started grabbing us, tearing off our clothing, we were screaming.

We were now completely naked, the guys were pushing us around, calling us hoes, telling us they were going to fuck our brains out. Two guys were laying on the ground with their pants off, they were both black, and had huge, thick hardons. We were pushed down on top of them, their huge cocks being forced into our wet pussies. My guy pulled me closer to him, so did Mia’s. A guy got in front of both of us, and each shoved a big black cock into our mouths, my guy had his hands on each side of my head, and forced his monster tool all the way down my throat, I started to gag and I couldn’t breath. He started fucking my face hard, like my mouth was a pussy, and the guy under me was pumping me hard, I was really scared, but turned on at the same time.

I think every horny woman has a rape fantasy, I know Mia and I did, and I figured as long as we came out of this alive, I was going to try to enjoy it. I glanced over at Mia, she was really being worked over, the cock in her mouth wasn’t close to as big as the one in my mouth, but he was fucking her face hard. She had tears running down her cheek, and I was about to find out why, I felt someone getting behind me, rubbing his cock around my pussy while I was getting fucked, then I felt pressure against my asshole, and then, bam, he shoved his cock deep into my ass, it had to be at least 10” long. That’s why Mia was crying, she wasn’t into anal sex that much until she met me. I was starting to get her into it, but the biggest cock she had ever had in her ass before, was the 7” strap on I used on her ass, the cock in her ass was probably much bigger, and fucking her harder that she had ever been fucked before.

My ass felt like it was being split in half, but being the whore that I really am, I was loving it. The guy in my mouth started to moan and then blasted his load deep in my throat as I swallowed the whole thing. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I started screaming “fuck me harder you limp dicked assholes, c’mon, make me feel it, what are you, pussies?” That got the guys going, a new cock, one of the biggest I have ever seen, was shoved into my mouth to shut me up, and I sucked on it like it was the last cock on earth.

The guys fucking me really picked up the pace, the guy in my ass started slapping my ass hard, pulling his big cock all the way out, and slamming it hard back into me, It hurt like hell, but I loved it. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and said, “that’s how to fuck, give it to me, harder dammit”. The cock was then shoved back into my mouth, and the guy fucking my face started pulling my hair telling me to shut the fuck up bitch, suck my cock. The guy in my pussy, and the one in my ass, started moaning, blasting my insides deep with their love cream. I looked over to Mia, pulled the cock out of my mouth, and while stroking it, said to Mia, I love this. She looked at me, cock still in her mouth, and gave me a little smile and a wink, I knew she was into this too, I just hoped we would live to talk about it someday.

I was then pulled down on top of someone, my back against his chest, he was a really big guy. The guys were saying give it to her Horse. I was scared when his cock head popped into my ass, it felt like a fist, and it hurt like hell, thank god the guy before horse came in my ass, because he had the biggest, longest and thickest dick I had ever felt. He just kept working it in slowly, inch by inch, I couldn’t believe how much was going in my stretched out ass, it hurt, but I was still enjoying it. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I felt his balls against my thighs, he was pumping slowly, and of course a guy got in front of me, and slid his big cock into my pussy, followed by another in my mouth.

I was in heaven, I had never been filled like this before, if we lived through this, we would be walking funny for weeks. The guys fucking my pussy and mouth came pretty fast, a new cock went into my pussy, Horse and the guy fucking my pussy maneuvered me so I was back on my knees riding the cock in my pussy, and Horse was behind me, so he could start blasting my ass, god that really hurt, but hurt soooo good.

The first white cock I had seen that night was placed at my mouth, I took it inside, and bit it, not too hard, but hard enough, I pulled it out and said, “god dammit Billy, you scared the shit out of me, how do you know these guys?” Billy, my boyfriend laughed and said shut up you little whore, and buried his cock in my mouth. At this time, Horse, who was in my ass for a good ten minutes, finally came, when he pulled out, my asshole probably looked like a missile silo, it was stretched out so much. The guy under me finally came, and not too much later, Billy blew a load down my throat. For the first time, in a little more than a hour, Mia and I were cock free.

She was a little pissed at first, yelling at Billy and hitting him, but he just said, “c’mon Mia, admit it, you loved it” She calmed down and admitted, yeah, that was wild. Billy introduced us to our rapists, they were players in his basketball league. He had been planning this for weeks and knew it was a huge fantasy for me and what a slut I am. We partied for a while, there was no more sex, it was going to take a couple of days to recover. Billy told us that because Mia was pretty new to being gang banged, that the guys with the bigger cocks got me, and the smaller ones Mia. I later found out that Horse was 14” long.

We said our good byes, got into the car, and went to Billy’s house. We had another beer, talked about our fun evening, and to make up for it, Billy licked both of our sore pussies gently, first Mia, then me, until we came.

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