tagGroup SexSinnndy's Assignment Ch. 1

Sinnndy's Assignment Ch. 1


i was playing around on Yahoo clubs one day, and joined a submissive slut’s club, just for kicks. i have been performing some tasks for the head of the club from time to time, but this is the first time that i have found the time to write about it. i had just started college after taking a year off after graduating high school. My assignment was to five find people, flash them some skin, tell them that i was a slut in training, and that i needed to get them to spank me. Anything else that happened was to be on my terms, i could take it as far as i wanted to.

i was actually a little nervous about this assignment, it has been a while since i was a slut, and to approach strangers made me a little antsy. My relationship with my boyfriend has changed a bit, we still live together and get along great, but we are taking a break from being boyfriend and girlfriend, and are dating others. So far, both of us have been dating women, i have a new cute girlfriend, Lori, who is very submissive, a change for me. i usually date aggressive dominant people, but i like Lori, she is really sweet, but a little misguided, she has always dated guys who slap her around, and i want to show her there are great guys out there who can be aggressive and fun in bed, but also treat you nice outside of the bedroom.

i knew i wasn’t going to be able to accomplish my assignment in one day, but being able to fool around again on my terms would make this a little easier. i decided i was going to go for variety, each subject would be a little bit different. i usually go to school wearing jeans, on some days, i would wear tight shorts, but this week, i was going to wear short leather minis without panties.

Getting a guy to agree to spank me would not be a problem, but who to choose might cause some trouble. Not having Billy around meant that i would really have to be a good judge of character, or i could meet up with a bad dude. i figured that the library would be a great place to start, i could take my time and scope out the right candidate. it also gave me the easy opportunity to reach up high for a book and expose my ass and pussy to whomever i decided to choose.

it took a little while, but i finally found him. A nice looking guy, probably around 20, short brown hair, decent body, about 5-10, wearing glasses. He had the look of a real serious guy who could use a little fun. He was seated at a table writing a paper as i strolled in front of him giving him a whiff of my perfume, and i reached up high for a book that i had no intention of reading, completely exposing my ass and my naked pussy.

i grabbed the book i was reading, and sat down at the table across from him, waiting for him to say something. i pretended to be reading and occasionally i would glance up and smile at him. He would just smile back and go back to reading, but finally asked me what i was reading. i told him that it was a psychology book, and went back to reading it. i decided to help him out a bit and went back to put the back in its high place, giving him another stare at my young flesh, this time turning around fast while pulling my skirt back down. i asked him what he was staring at, and he just had this open mouthed look of shock on his face, he was speechless. He started to apologize, but i stopped him telling him it was my fault, and that i understood why he would stare, that he would have to be dead not to.

He asked me why i picked him out and i asked him if he liked what he saw, which he nodded and said that i had a beautiful body. i then told him that i was a slut in training, but had recently fallen off and needed him to help me. He asked how could he help, i’m sure his pants were rising by this time and i told him that i had been a baaaaad girl, that i needed a spanking. He had a real shocked look on his face, and asked if i wanted him to spank me right here.

i took his hand and led him to the men’s room. After scoping things out, i led him inside into one of the stalls. i told him to sit down on the toilet, and i crawled on his lap. i begged him to spank me, and he came down with a soft pat on my covered ass. i told him to pull my skirt up, and to spank me harder. He pulled my skirt up and stared for a bit, and i begged him again to spank me, which he did, but it wasn’t hard enough. “harder, spank me harder, pleeeease”. He spanked me again, but it wasn’t hard enough, pleassssse i begged, “please spank me harder, punish me, i want it soooo baaaad, pleassse”.

He came down with a much harder swat, it stung a little bit, but it felt so good. He spanked me a couple of times more, each time harder as i urged him on. After about twenty hard spanks, i asked him to please stop. Being a gentleman, he did, my ass was beet red. i can only imagine what the guys peeing in the bathroom as this went on were thinking. i looked him in the eyes, i knew that nothing like this had ever happened to him before, he probably didn’t even dream that this could exist.

i decided that he should be rewarded for helping me out. i asked him to stand, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear. He was really hard, about 6” long and circumcised. i swallowed his cock whole and left it there for a couple of seconds, and then slowly withdrew it from my mouth as my tongue dragged all the way back up until i was back at his head. i started teasing his pee hole while cupping his balls and scraping them lightly with my fingernails. i looked up at him, his eyes were shut, he was really enjoying this and he should, i give great head.

i licked his shaft all over, up and down and side to side while stroking him firmly with one hand while the other fondled his sack. i then started to suck him hard, taking him all the way down as my head bobbed up and down on his hard cock. i grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and pulled him towards me to let him know that i wanted him to fuck my face while i sucked him. He finally got the idea and started pumping on his own. i then grabbed his hands and place them behind my head, he quickly picked up on that and started to forcefully face fuck me.

By this time i knew he was close, i waited for his breathing to pick up, and just at the right time, i slid one finger into his asshole and he groaned and started filling my throat with my creamy reward. When he was finally finished, we put ourselves together, i gave him a kiss on the lips, and he asked me my name as i walked out of the bathroom as a stunned group of bystanders watched me walk out and leave the library.

i felt so slutty and yet so good. i made some nice guys year, it was certainly the best blowjob he had ever had, and i was finished with my first part of the assignment. i was on my way out to the parking lot when i saw a real big guy sitting on a bench reading a book. He was about 6-5 300 pounds, big but not fat. He had short brown hair and a goatee, not bad looking. i purposely dropped a book and bent over almost in his face to pick it up. He had a clear shot at all of my goods, on my way back up; i felt his hand on my ass. i pushed his hand away and asked him “what do you think you’re doing?” He replied, “c’mon babe, you put that show on for me on purpose, and i like what i see” i confessed that i did do it on purpose, that i was a slut in training, but i had not been in training for a while and felt i needed help getting back to being the slut that i once was. i asked him if he could help me by giving me a spanking, that i had been a baaaaad girl. He said “sure babe, but not here, there are too many people walking around. I live close by, come on over to my place, and i will give you whatever you want.

i thought about it for a couple of seconds, if i go back to his place, i am going to get more than a spanking, and this is a big boy, he is going to get what he wants. it had also been 2 weeks since i had been fucked, way too long of a period for me. He wasn’t really my type, i do like big guys, but i like them in better shape. He did have big feet and hands, and i knew i would get my spanking out of him, plus it was a little dangerous and i was horny.

i followed him back to his place, when i got there, i called home and left a message for Billy on my whereabouts. i told him that if i wasn’t home by 5, or if he hadn’t at least heard from me, that he was to come and get me. i then followed Chris into his place, it was a two-bedroom apartment that he shared with his roommate. i followed Chris into his room, he sat on his bed and forcefully pulled me onto his lap. He lifted my shirt, caressed my ass, and hit me really hard with his big strong hand. “Owwww”, i cried. He then spanked me on my other cheek just as hard as the first time. After each spank, he would fondle my ass, and then whack, each spank seemed harder than the last one. He was hurting me a little bit, and yet i could feel my pussy dripping all over his pants

“You like this huh slut?”, whack. “Owwww, yes Chris, but it is beginning to hurt a little.” He then said, “you think that hurts, try this”, and with that, he spanked my ass harder than any man had even spanked me, it really stung. “Owwwwwww”, i cried, and then the same force to my other reddening asscheeks as i cried out in pain. i tried to get up but he was way too strong. He let loose with ten quick hard slaps to my ass, each one hurt more than the previous one.

Tears were welling in my eyes, and i guessed he could sense that i had had enough, because the spanks eased up in force, and he started caressing my ass cheeks, occasionally sliding his finger around my very wet pussy. He then lifted me off his lap, helped me out of my clothes, and laid me on the bed. He started getting out of his clothes, he did have a big cock, it was 8”, but unbelievably thick. He was big, but it actually didn’t look that bad with his clothes off. He excused himself and went into the bathroom, while he was there, i decided to play with myself. i hardly noticed that he came back in until he got on the bed, spread my legs apart, and started licking my pussy.

He was pretty good for a man, very gentle, somewhat teasing me. He brushed my clit with the tip of his tongue, and then sucked it into his mouth, it felt really good. Just like a man though, he didn’t wait for me to cum, he straddled my shoulders, careful as to not put too much weight on me, but enough that my arms were trapped, i wasn’t going anywhere. i opened my mouth and he eased his monster inside. i gently nibble and licked it for a little while, he was enjoying things, his eyes were closed, and he was moaning. He then started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly sliding more and more inside, he was being surprisingly gentle, but that wouldn’t last for long. He slammed his sausage deep into my throat, taking me by surprise and making me gag.

He started fucking my face hard, slamming his thick tool deep into my throat. By now, i had relaxed my throat and was breathing through my nose, but his girth was making me uncomfortable, and i sure couldn’t tell him to stop. Chris started picking up the pace again, slamming his meat in and out of my mouth, grabbing my hair, and occasionally slapping my face, calling me a slut and a whore. While i was a little bit scared, i was also really turned on. Chris started to grunt, and stopped pumping into me, he was cumming, and i didn’t even get to taste it as his cum slid down my throat.

He kept his cock in my mouth and i started licking and sucking him as he started to get another erection. When he was hard, he pulled out of my mouth, placed my legs on his shoulders, and buried his cock deep into my sopping wet pussy. it was a strange position to be in, the force of Chris’ weight pushed my legs way over my head. Thankfully, i was a gymnast in high school, and the fact that i’m a personal trainer, i have worked hard on flexibility. Chris was giving me a real pounding, and i was screaming at him, “fuck me harder, c’mon lard ass, give it to me”. That really got to him because each time he stuck his cock into, the force of his massive body slammed into me and it felt awesome. He slammed into me a couple more times, then pulled his cock out and whipped me over onto my stomach. He slammed back into my pussy almost pushing me through the mattress, it was an unreal feeling having this massive man’s body completely covering mine, almost suffocating me as he continued his assault on my pussy.

He pulled his cock out, spat on it, place the head at my asshole, and wedged his thick cock deep into my bowels, leaving it there for a couple of seconds before he started fucking me frantically. i screamed out “yesss, that’s it, fuck my ass, fuck me hard, c’mon fat boy, give it to me”. i hit a never because he really started pounding into me, each time down forcing his massive body into my petite little figure. This boy could really fuck, especially when i made him mad which was exactly what i was going after. He slowed down a little bit, and then i felt a backhand on my ass, “Owwww, that fucking hurt”, which didn’t endear him as he gave a backhand to my still sore butt. “Fuck you asshole”, i said, which made him madder as he grabbed my hair hard pulling my head up as he started fucking me really hard.. All this time i had been working on my pussy and was nearing my orgasm when he scream out, and i could feel his load filling my pussy as my orgasm hot me around the same time. He eventually collapsed on top of me, which made me ask him if he could please roll of off me. He rolled off but he grabbed me by the hair pulling me towards his cock, “clean me bitch” he said, and i hungrily worked my tongue over his cock, cleaning him to his satisfaction.

We laid in bed for a bit, and i told him that if i didn’t call Billy soon, that he would be here to kick Chris’ ass. Chris laughed and handed me the phone. i called Billy and told him that i was alright, but if he didn’t hear from me by 8, that i was in trouble again. A girl has to be safe, ya never know. Chris asked me about the boyfriend and i filled him in on the crazy relationship. i guess Chris was hoping that this was more than a one-time romp, but he knew deep down it wasn’t. He asked me if we could do it one more time for old times sake, and he was a good lay so i said yes, but this time i was going to be on top, which made him laugh. He told me that he had a quick call to make, and that he would join me in the bedroom.

i waited for a couple of minutes, and he came back in and laid on his back. i started kissing his cock, licking his head and then licking up and down on his shaft. i kissed my way down to and started tickling them with the tip of my tongue, then popping one in my mouth gently sucking on it and repeating the procedure to the other one. i then licked my way back up and started sucking his cock until he had a raging hardon. i then climbed onto his chest and slowly lowered my pussy onto his thick cock. i stayed at the bottom for a little while, grinding my hips into him, and then rose up and started riding at a nice steady pace as his hands grope my breasts and gently pinched my nipples. He started pulling me up and pushing me down by grabbing my waist as he thrust his cock into me. He them grabbed under my shoulders and pulled me close sliding his tongue deep into my mouth meeting my tongue as we circled each other’s tongues. He was really holding me tight, i was about to find out just who he called earlier as i felt the head of someone’s cock at my backdoor, and felt a long, thin cock push its way past my sphincter. He called his roommate to tell him that he had a little slut over, and they planned their double team. His roommate, Bruce started pounding away at my ass as Chris thrust up into my pussy. Bruce was not as big as Chris, but he was not a little man, i was getting sandwiched between 550 pounds of beef, and it felt great, it had been such a long time since i had been a wanton slut, i loved the feeling of fucking two complete strangers.

The boys were really giving me a work over, i would need a shower when this session was done. They had an unreal rhythm going, both pulling out at the same time, and then almost knocking the breath out of me as they both slammed into me at the same time. All the while i’m screaming, “yesss, fuck me big boys, fuck me hard, harder dammit”, and they did, they literally fucked my brains out. i was delirious, it was an incredible feeling between these tow big men as they lost their rhythm and just fucked me for all they were worth. Bruce lost his load first, and after a little while pulled his cock out of me, Chris then roll me onto my back, placed my legs on his shoulders, and rammed into me for about two minutes of extreme beef injection. i found myself cumming just before Chris and he filled me up with a juicy load of cum.

We all caught our breath, got dressed and had a beer together. i gave them both a kiss, and walked out the door completely spent, and drove back home.

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