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sinnndy's Latest Assignment


My online Master gave me my next assignment. i was to go to a public place and pose as a deaf and dumb beggar. i was to wear a suitably slutty, yet modest outfit. i was to bring someone along as a protector.

My mission was to do this, first, i was to approach people and hand out some kind of symbol for them to give me money, and to hand them a card which read:

Thank you for taking my card.

I do not hear or speak.

I hand out these small pins to support myself.

Please consider a donation in return.

i was not allowed to speak to these people, i had to pretend i was reading their lips. After that, it was up to me to pick and choose who i was going to give my second card which read:

I am a submissive slut in training.

I am performing an assignment from my instructor.

I must perform any degrading sexual act you wish within reason.

You must describe the task to my protector (I will point her out to you).

She knows my limits and must approve your request I am then required to comply with your wishes.

If they accepted, i was to point out my protector to them, who they would talk about just what they wanted to do to me. She would then tell me what i was to do. i was to perform tasks for 4 different people or groups of people. There was to be at least 2 men and 2 women, and partial completions were not accepted. i loved this assignment right from the beginning, my boyfriend Billy was out of town, but gave me his approval, so Jodi, my girlfriend, volunteered to be my protector. She stayed over that night, we planned out the next days activities and had quite a nice session, breaking out the strapon for the first time in a while, each taking turns pleasuring each other with my 7” plastic friend.

Early the next morning, we cleaned out two Wal-Mart’s of all of their American flag pins, and i used my business card software to print out both sets of cards. We were ready for anything, i knew getting two guys to degrade me would be easy, but the two women were not going to be easy. We decided on Northbrook Court and went there at 10 AM. One of the hardest parts of the assignment was picking an outfit, i mean just how sexy can a poor, deaf, beggar girl dress? We went with a tight, but old pair of shorts with holes in them, no panties of course, plenty of skin without showing anything. i wore a loose black half top with an old grunge style plaid shirt. i left it tucked out, but it was short enough that i could still show off my ass. i also wore a White Sox hat, which i placed on my head backwards, quite the look i must say.

We scanned the mall and found a good site. Some people came by, and i handed out some pins with the cards which told them that i was deaf, but there wasn’t a really good subject yet. A sweet old man, he had to be at least 70 came up to me, i handed him a card, and then a pin, he was really a nice man. i did my act, pretending i was reading his lips, and nodded when he spoke to me. i decided to be daring and handed him the card which told him that i was a slut in training and would do anything degrading that he asked of me. He asked me if i was serious, and i nodded my assent. He said he was shocked, but that he hadn’t had sex in years, that he had a man problem, but that if i was serious, he would love to be able to help me out and have some fun himself.

i pointed him to Jodi, he understood that she was my protector, so he walked over to chat with her, and i just continued handing out my pins to people walking by. Jodi came over to me and explained what Ralph wanted me to do. i was pretending not to understand until she pretended to be sucking a cock. i put a hand over my mouth like i was surprised and shocked. i shook my head no like i wouldn’t do something sick like that, but Jodi told me that my Master would hear about this and be very disappointed, so finally, acting like i was beaten, i shook my head yes.

Jodi explained to Ralph that we would go to her SUV that was in the parking lot and was pretty big, the windows were smoked so that no one could see in and the seats were down, so we would have plenty of room. We headed out to her vehicle and Ralph and i got into the back. i helped him off with his pants and his underwear, his cock was pretty small, but he at least smelled clean like he showered, so i really didn’t care. i started out by licking his head, circling it with the tip of my tongue, causing a moan of pleasure to escape from his lips. i then shocked him by swallowing his cock all the way down while sneaking my tongue out to lick his balls, a trick i learned. He was really moaning now and told Jodi, who was watching from the front seat, that this was the first time he had been erect in years. i started sucking him good, sucking his cock like a pro while stroking him with a free hand using a twisting motion with my hand and my mouth. i knew Ralph wouldn’t last too long, and as instructed by Jodi, he tapped my shoulder two times to warn me that he was about to cum. i pulled away and let him shoot his goo all over my face, he didn’t shoot a lot, but later told Jodi that i had give him the best blowjob that he had ever had. We said our goodbyes and headed back into the mall.

We decided to have lunch, they have a decent food court there, mostly fast food, but i spotted a place that made sushi. You might think that sushi at a mall is a scary thing, and you would be right, but they had a sushi chef and he looked like he knew what he was doing. i was right, he did, he made a great tuna roll, it was fresh and tasted great. i stayed in character the whole time, Jodi ordered for me and i didn’t make a sound, although Jodi did her best to make me laugh by telling me jokes and calling me a slut, it worked a couple of times.

After lunch, we found a different spot, it didn’t take too long before a good looking man about 30 came up to me, he had a real confident look on him, i figured he was an easy mark, and i was right. i gave him the second card and pointed him over to Jodi. Jodi and Jeff tried to tell me what he wanted, he wanted a blowjob inside of the mall, somewhere secluded, but also a place where someone might walk by and take a peak. We found a hallway area, it was deserted, there was a door there, but there was no window and it didn’t look like there were any lights on under the door.

Jodi stood watch at the front of the hallway, but was to warn us only if security came by. Jeff dropped his pants and drawers, he had a yummy looking cock which started getting hard immediately. It was a tasty looking piece of meat, easily over 7” long and nicely thick. i started teasing his head, but he grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down on his shaft. i pretended to fight back, trying to pull my head back, but he was too strong, lol, and forced his cock deep into my throat, holding me there with my nose in his pubes. He was surprised when i snuck my tongue out and started licking his balls with it, he mumbled, “ohhhh, the slut like this”, and then started fucking my face using my hair as leverage. All of a sudden, the door that was near us opened, and a security guard walked out. i just kept sucking Jeff’s cock, and he kept using my face like a pussy. The guard looked at us and said, “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Jeff said, “this slut is deaf, she can’t hear you, and i have to tell you, I’m not going to stop her”. The guard came closer, thinking fast, i reached for his belt and undid it, then went for his zipper and pulled out his black lobster, the man was pretty well hung. i started stroking the guard’s ever growing cock while Jeff pounded my face with his cock. Jeff was close, i could tell because his strokes had gotten shorter and he slowed down a bit. He then moaned, so i pulled away just as he pasted my face with his cream.

Jeff pulled his pants up and crept away as i started sucking on the security guard’s monster. He was about 9”, not as thick as Jeff, but just as tasty. He was letting me do all the work, and i was loving the power that i had. i could do anything i wanted to any man, and i knew it. i was sucking like porn star, bobbing up and down on his beef while stroking his shaft with a firm grip. i really wanted to please him, i figured i was doing a great job, and at this point, there was no way he could arrest me since Jodi had witnessed the whole thing. i kissed my way down his shaft over to his balls, they were huge, but i easily popped one into my mouth. That is where a woman really is in control of a man, you can really hurt a man if you are not careful with his balls, and i am great at making a man feel good, and yet uncomfortable when i suck his balls, you need just the right pressure, and i was working it on him.

When i was done torturing his balls, i went back to the main task, and after about two minutes of good hard sucking and stroking, the guard announced that he was cumming, so i pulled away and let him add his juice to Jeff’s, all over my face. When he was done and all zipped up, Jodi came over to us, he told us that he wasn’t going to bust us, (like he could without getting himself fired). He told us that we had better leave the mall just in case someone saw us, and Jodi talked really loud and slow to me so i could read her lips and understand. We went outside and busted out laughing, that was a close one, thanks to my quick thinking and talented tongue, i avoided being arrested. It was the first time i had done that, but i’m sure not the last.

We were shocked when we walked outside of the mall, it was supposed to get up to 48 degrees, but it was in the low 60’s, so we decided to set up shop outside. The man part of the assignment was complete, that was the easy part, now it was time to concentrate on the women. i spotted her a mile away, she was cute, but had a butchy blonde hairstyle and was dressed in leather, i knew she would be the one. i approached her, gave her the pin and card, she smiled and reached into her purse to hand me a couple of bucks. She handed me the money and i flashed her a really sexy smile as i handed her the second card. Her eyes got big, she smiled and asked me if i was serious, i peered at her and shook my head yes. She asked where my protector was, and i pointed over to Jodi. She went over to Jodi and chatted for quite a while, and then the two of them came back to me. Jodi tried to explain the Cheryl wanted me to eat her pussy, and then Cheryl wanted to play with me a bit, i feigned ignorance for a while, but eventually acted like i understood.

We went to Jodi’s SUV and Cheryl took off her leather skirt, she wasn’t wearing panties. She helped me out of my clothing and forcefully pushed me on my back. She sat down on my face, i knew what to do and started devouring her neatly trimmed blonde pussy, sucking her labia and sticking my tongue deep into her pussy. She was playfully toying with my nipples, pulling on them and twisting them while i was licking her tasty and nice smelling pussy. Jodi must have handed over our little bag of tricks, because i felt a pain to first my right nipple, and then my left one. Cheryl had applied a clothespin to my nipples, which hurt like hell and shocked me, causing me to stop licking her pussy. She added more weight to my face, pulled hard on the pins, and then slapped my thighs. i got the hint and started back on her pussy, every now and then lightly brushing her clit with the tip of my tongue.

She started playing with my pussy, it was really wet as she slid two fingers inside quite easily while rubbing my clit with her thumb. She was just setting me up as i felt another clothespin being attached, but this time not to my breast, but on either side of my clit. i saw stars and bit my lip as to not make too much noise as i continued eating her pussy. i was really working her clit now, licking in circles, which she really liked, she was really grinding into my face. She started moaning and trashing about, and then she screamed as i tasted her nectar, it was delicious. i figured that i was done with this part of the assignment, but Cheryl had other ideas. i now knew that Jodi had filled her in on things, and i knew that i would get Jodi back. Jodi knew me pretty well, but she had no idea how much into payback i was, she would find out later that night.

Cheryl pulled me up by my hair, placed me over her lap, and gave me 20 swats on my ass, 10 for each cheek. She then pushed me down on my hands and knees and placed a blindfold over my eyes, man was i going to get Jodi back. i then felt my strapon at the base of my labia, Cheryl was not gentle, she buried the thing deep into my pussy and started fucking me hard, pulling on my hair and spanking my already red and sore ass. She was calling me slut and whore, but of course, being deaf, i couldn’t respond to her. i think she knew i wasn’t really deaf, but i wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of blowing my cover. She fucked me hard for a couple of minutes and then slowed down. i felt a cool liquid, KY, being forced into my ass by first one, then two fingers. i knew what was coming next, and i was dripping wet with excitement. Cheryl took my hand and led it to my pussy, letting me know i could get myself off.

She took it a little easy on my ass, slowly pushing the strapon in, but i didn’t want that, so i pushed my ass back into her, burying my plastic friend deep into my bowels. She understood and started banging away at my ass as i played with my pussy. It was hard to manipulate my clit with clothespin surrounding it, but i managed to get myself off as Cheryl rode me hard and spanked my ass some more.

She was really tired and breathing heavy, heck, so was i. She pulled off the clothespins, which hurt like hell as the blood rushed back into my tender areas. We kissed passionately for a while, i glanced over to Jodi to see her expression. This was the first time that Jodi had seen me with another woman, and i was hoping she wasn’t jealous. Cheryl told me that she thought i was great, and that she would love to get together another time. She had been involved in BDSM for a long time. i looked at her quizzically when she said BDSM, like i didn’t know what she was talking about, but she smiled, and gave me a card with her phone numbers on it. She got dressed and gave Jodi, then me a kiss, and got out of the car.

i asked Jodi how she was feeling, she told me that she was a little bit jealous, that she was surprised that she felt that way, even though she knew and accepted what was going to happen today. She also told me that she was turned on, and almost was tempted to join in. We got out of the SUV and headed over towards a different entrance. One more woman to go, i really wanted the last one to be a great one, but i knew that Cheryl was going to be tough to beat.

i’m a pretty good judge of people, i can tell who will go along with my fun, and who won’t. Of course, there are borderline people, maybe they will, maybe not, and i usually wouldn’t approach these types of people, but it was getting a little late. i really didn’t want to come back the next day, so i took a chance. She was very pretty, about 30, great figure, and was showing it off. i handed her the first card and a pin. She slipped me a single and i handed her the second card. i knew i had made a mistake when i looked at the shock on her face, “you’re sick”, she said to me, and headed off into the mall in a huff. “North Shore tight assed bitch”, i said to Jodi.

i decided to play it safe for a while, until i saw a really nice looking couple leaving the mall, i thought to myself, this could be really interesting. i walked over to them and handed them the pin and the first card. They both smiled a really friendly smile, and he handed me a $5 bill. i took a deep breath, and handed him the second card. He smiled and laughed, handing it over to his wife, a big smile appearing on her face. He asked me where my protector was, and i pointed over to Jodi. They both walked over to her to chat about what they wanted from me.

Josh looked to be about 35, dark brown hair, a very successful and confident appearance. He was athletically built, about 5-9 170 lbs. Stacy was a really attractive blonde, maybe 32, 5-6 115 lbs, great figure, and a really cute butt. Something deep inside me told me that they might be swingers, maybe it was the way they dressed, or the confidence and sexuality that exuded from both of them. i found out that my instincts about them were right. Jodi walked them back towards me, explaining just what they wanted from me. i was right, they were swingers and had been looking for someone discreet to play with them for quite some time. We were going to follow them to their house in Highland Park, about 10 minutes away.

So off to Jodi’s SUV we went, i was really excited, they were a hot and experienced looking couple. i asked Jodi how she felt about what was going to happen, and told her she could join in if she wanted. i was sure that Josh wouldn’t mind if Jodi got into the action with Stacy, and that he would honor her request of not touching her himself. Jodi told me that she was cool with everything, that she really was too nervous to join in, but might change her mind later. We followed them to their house, it was a huge older place off of Fort Sheridan road, not too far from the beach. We walked into the house, it was beautiful inside, lots of antiques and frighteningly clean.

Jodi, Josh and Stacy talked with me about what was about to happen, Jodi explained that she would just be an observer, that maybe, if it was ok with them, she might join in, but probably wouldn’t. The three of us got undressed, i was really eying Stacy, i could tell she worked out, she had a perfect figure with firm “C” cup breasts. Her public hair was neatly trimmed and her ass was perfectly shaped, round and firm. Josh worked out too, he wasn’t overly muscular, but there wasn’t any fat on him, he had a nice athletic build, and a nice cock, about 6” with average thickness. They were both eying me as i undressed, i could tell by the way that they were both salivating, that they were really pleased, and why not, i take great care of my body.

i walked over to both of them, first making out with Stacy, then kissing Josh. We eventually worked our way into a three way make out session, tongues swirling everywhere as we groped each others bodies. i pushed Josh down of the bed and started nibbling his erect shaft. Stacy joined me, we kissed his cock together, our tongues meeting and swirling in each other’s mouths while pleasuring Josh at the same time. i started sucking on his head while Stacy worked on his shaft, Josh was squirming and moaning, laying back and enjoying two hot tongues working magic on his manhood. Every now and then our tongues would meet, we would kiss while still working on his cock. i gave Stacy a follow me look and we both kissed our way down to his balls, each of us taking one into his mouth, causing him to really squirm. Like myself, Stacy knew about ball control, and how to pleasure a man while letting him know who was in control. We then went back to sharing his cock, each of us working on both sides of his shaft, driving him crazy.

He got up and pushed me on my back and straddled my chest, lowering his cock into my waiting mouth. Stacy went to work on my pussy, God was she talented. She was teasing and then pleasing, she knew her way around pussy. Josh started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, he was trying to be careful, trying to not force all of his cock in my mouth, i guess he didn’t want to gag me. i grabbed his ass on a downward stroke and pulled him all the way into me, showing him i could easily take his cock deep into my throat. He stayed buried for a couple of seconds, enjoying the feeling of my throat muscles squeezing his cock. He then started fucking my face with hard and forceful thrusts while his wife worked magic on my pussy, two fingers rotating deep inside of me as she attempted to work my G-spot. She was having a lot of success because i felt an awesome orgasm coming on, i was soooo close, and so was Josh as he slowed down and bit and started moaning that he was cumming. Josh pulled away and splashed my face with a huge load of his creamy juice just as Stacy sucked my clit into her mouth bringing me over the edge as i had a great orgasm.

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