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Sinnndy's Sticky Situation


An interesting thing happened to me on my way home a couple of weeks ago, but first, i have to give a little background. My dad played in a rock band when he was in High School and college, and decided to start up his own band. He grabbed a couple of his high school buddies and his brother and started their band. My dad plays bass, rhythm guitar and keyboards; my uncle Todd plays the same instruments as dad. His high school buddies are Howie on drums, Stevie on lead guitar and Stosh, who was kind of a jack of all trades, he could play almost any instrument, guitar, horns and keyboards. Everyone got a chance to do some lead vocals, but Stosh was going to be the main singer.

This was supposed to be a fun thing, get together once in a while to practice, and maybe play at backyard parties during the summer. They were into the 80's and 90's hard rock, UFO, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Foghat and some of the hair bands like Motley Crue, Ratt and Poison. Since this supposed to be fun, and since I loved this kind of music as much as my dad, he asked me if I wanted to sing a couple of songs. I always wanted to be in a rock band, but since I'm really not into today’s music too much, my dad’s fault, I could never find anyone close to my age interested in the kind of music I enjoy. I was excited about singing, I figured I could do some Pat Benetar, Lita Ford and Heart songs to name a few.

We practiced a couple of times a week and were pretty good, the guys picked up where they left of in college, they were pretty tight. I was having a blast, and while i don't have the greatest voice, I was still pretty darn good. If Britney Spears is considered a good singer, I could certainly sing as well as she can, but I don't think that's saying much. I'm not jealous of Britney; I think she is smart and sexy. I think she has an average at best voice, but she uses her talents, which are dancing, and sex appeal, and has made millions, good for her.

We did a couple of spring parties in basements, mostly Billy’s, and did some summer parties in people's backyards, it was a blast. I started out the first time singing just three songs, "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Shot of Poison", by Lita Ford, and "How Can I Refuse", by Heart. It was fun, and I did a pretty good job. I dressed really sexy, short black leather skirt with thong panties underneath, and a white tube top with no bra. Lets just say, my headlights were on high beam to quote my fiancé. It was interesting, when I wasn't on stage, there really wasn't a lot of interest, but when I came on for my 3 song set, almost everyone at the party came out to check us out, especially the younger people that were there.

We did a couple more shows the next month, and for each show, I sang a couple more songs. The same thing happened as before, when I was on, more people payed attention. While this was supposed to be fun, it was a lot more fun playing to a larger audience. With each show we did, I sang more and more, and even started singing the songs from the male bands that we covered. Stosh wasn't too happy about this, and let everyone know about it. The more places that we played at, the more people started showing up, and when I wasn't on stage, very few people payed attention to the band.

I decided that I wanted to spice things up a bit and had a talk with my dad. We are really open when it comes to communication, and while he doesn't always like or approve some of the things I do, he understands that I am an adult and that I have a good head on my shoulders. He knows that I have stripped at bachelor parties and that I am bi-sexual and that I have sex with Jodi. Of course, I don't tell him everything, but I would if he asked me. I was brought up in a household where nudity was allowed. I was taught that the human body is beautiful and that I shouldn't be ashamed of my body. It helps of course that my family is gifted with great metabolisms and I do keep myself in excellent shape.

I told my dad that I wanted to be my flirtatious self; that I wanted to drive the men and women in the audience crazy. I promised that it would only happen in front of adult audiences and only when Billy was around to protect me. I wanted to add some BDSM to the show, no complete nudity of course, just some harmless fun. He talked it over with the rest of the band, and everyone but Stosh was cool with it, he wanted me out of the band completely. He hated that I wasn't a musician and that I sometimes needed 4x6 cards with the lyrics written on it to sing some of my songs. He was jealous of course that the audience loved me. He didn't understand that no one really wanted to see a bunch of older guys playing old music. Lets face it, sex sells, as Britney and Christina Aguillera have proven.

I was now singing over half of the songs, and was excited about our next gig, which was at a North Shore mansion. The North Shore of Chicago is a mostly near the lake group of well-to-do villages. This was a college graduation party, everyone there was 21 and over, I was excited to put my ideas into the act. We started out the show with me singing "Kiss Me Deadly". I was scantily dressed as usual, short black leather mini with my now famous tube top. We played on the grass, so the audience was at our level. I pranced around and flirted with the male members in the audience, rubbing their chests and patting a couple of behinds, the guys loved it.

I kept up my flirting and prancing for a couple of songs, occasionally accidentally showing my thong pantied ass. After 5 songs, I took a break so that Stosh could take over. Most of the people watching walked away after I left, some of them coming up to chat with and even hit on me. I was engaged by now, so I introduced Billy as my fiancé, which let the guys know I was taken.

I made a little costume change before I came back on stage, putting on a small push up bra under my tube top, and donned a leather jacket. I also put on a shiny black pair of sweat pants, the kind that have buttons all over for easy removal. The band started up Motley Crue's "Girls, Girls, Girls", with a tape of the motorcycles at the beginning. The lights came on and I started prancing around like a stripper, shaking my ass everywhere and blowing kisses to the now gathering crowd. This was the song that I won an amateur strip contest in Vegas and was now my striptease theme song. I had all the moves down and was beginning to drive the men crazy. I quickly removed the leather jacket and the sweat pants and strutted my stuff. That was followed by my tank top leaving me in a sexy bra and my leather skirt.

I walked around shaking my ass with my back to the crowd, giving them a glimpse of my tush and then unzipped and turned around, dropping my skirt. There wasn't a person at the party who wasn't watching my act with anticipation. I turned around and grabbed my ankles; giving them a perfect shot of my hot ass, and then got back up and strutted around. I bent over again and slowly moved back up, reaching behind my back to unsnap the bra, and then let it drop to the ground. As i turned around, i placed my hands over my breasts, after all, I promised daddy. As I did that the song ended and i rushed behind the makeshift stage and got dressed.

I was hornier than hell, and at the next break, I told Billy so. We found a nice secluded bathroom in the house, which had about 7 bathrooms. I practically tore Billy's pants off and swallowed his hardening cock whole. I love the feeling of a cock hardening while deep in my throat. When he was hard, I started licking his shaft all over, teasing his peehole, which is really sensitive, and circling his also sensitive head. I didn't want him to cum too soon so I licked my way down his shaft and started licking his balls while completely ignoring his shaft. This was driving him nuts so to speak, and then I popped one of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked on it. I released that testicle and popped the other one in my mouth, also sucking gently. I decided to suck on both balls at the same time, not an easy trick to do, but one which drives Billy crazy. He gets really fidgety when I do that, but he tells me he loves it.

I wanted to be fucked, so I released his balls and placed my hands on the sink. I didn't have to tell Billy what to do as he slowly slid his big cock into my wet and ready pussy. "Mmmmm", I moaned, as he fucked me with long and slow strokes. Out of nowhere, he yanked my hair back hard and started jack hammering in and out of me. "Yessss", I screamed, "fuck me lover, fuck me harder, make me feel it, fuck meeeeeee". Billy replied, "Take that you little slut", and slapped my ass with an open hand, followed by a backhand on my other cheek as he kept up his fast and hard pace. Billy is an unreal lover, he can read my mind and knows when to speed up, slow down, roughen things up, and when to take it easy and caress me. I never have to tell him what to do, not too many men are like him when it comes to pace and the right moments to change things up.

He then slowed things down with long hard strokes, pulling out slowly, waiting a second, and then slamming back into me hard as I reached between my legs to diddle myself and play with his swinging balls. He then grabbed my hair back hard and fucked me hard and fast, occasionally giving my butt a little slap. He pulled out of my pussy which was my queue to turn around fast, grab his cock and lead it into my mouth. I was just in time as he blasted a hard and yummy load of man juice down my throat, "mmmmmmm", I mumbled. I sucked and suckled his cock for about a minute and then gave his a creamy kiss, which he isn't that crazy about, but he loves the fact that I have a lot of rebel in me. He appreciates the fact that I can dish things back at him, and I never take his kidding around personally.

Later in the show during a guitar solo, I walked through the crowd pretending to be searching for someone. I walked up to my girlfriend Jodi and gave a deep, passionate French kiss, this made the guys really crazy. After that show, I had a following; guys would travel to parties that we played at. I came up with a clever idea for our next backyard show which has carried onto our regular act. We had a raffle, $10 a ticket, with the winning ticket holder coming onstage to place me on their lap and give me a spanking. That has gone over really big, and all of the money goes to charity, this has never been a money thing for any of the band. It's funny how some guys react when they have me on their laps, get ready to spank me. Some are soooo scared that I have to calm them down and tell them what to do. Most of them are afraid to lift my skirt, but I always tell them to do so. They usually spank me so softly, that I have to tell them to hit harder. I have even had two women win the raffle, they seemed more at ease giving me a spanking.

Stosh was causing a lot of dissension, for someone who wanted the band to be fun, he was making everyone miserable. We finally got a gig at a small bar just over the border in Wisconsin. The guys arrived before me to set things up on the stage. When I got there, my dad took me aside and told me that Stosh was making an either she goes or I go threat. I told my dad that while I loved singing in the band, that I wasn't going to come between him and the rest of the guys. I was pissed, but also curious to see what would happen next. The show was about to start and the bar was filling up. I would guess that there were about 75 people there, and they paid a cover to see the band. I recognized about 25 guys from our previous shows, and when I told them why I wasn't on stage, they got pissed.

I told Billy about what happened, he wanted to tell Stosh how he felt but we both decided to do something to relieve our angst. We went out into the parking lot and into his SUV. The back seats were down and we had a big blanket laid out for these kinds of emergencies. He had his windows lightly tinted so that people couldn't really see completely in, but could make out shadows and the fact that there was some kind of activity going on inside. We ripped our clothes off and I laid down on my back as Billy mounted me in a 69 position. I pulled his hardening cock into my mouth and started sucking him hard, while he started licking my wet pussy. He then slid two fingers deep inside of me and started seeking out my G-Spot while continuing to lick my pussy and teasing me by avoiding my clit. He started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth while fingering me deeply and lightly touching my clit with the tip of his tongue. The man knows how to tease and please a woman just right, he should give lessons on oral homage. I was pretty much letting him fuck my mouth as I tightened my lips around his rod. He meanwhile really had me thrashing around underneath him as he worked my clit over and found my G-Spot and started manipulating it.

I could feel that special sense building deep inside of me and just as I started to scream out that I was cumming, he shot a massive load deep into throat. I swallowed his cum and he lapped at my juices licking them like he would an ice cream cone. He then spun around and started sliding in and out of my mouth, just to get himself hard again. That didn't take long as he moved down and slid his newly hard penis into my wet and ready pussy. He started slow and then picked up the pace, fucking me hard as our bellies slapped together. I wrapped my legs around his waist bringing him closer to me as he pounded in and out of my pussy. He then pulled out of my pussy and went right into my ass, never missing a stroke. He didn't slow his pace down either, he slammed away at my ass, it felt soooo good.

He fucked my ass hard for a good 5 minutes, never slowing his, just good hard fucking. He then pulled out of my ass and turned me around on my hands and knees and buried his cock deep inside of me. This is our favorite position for anal sex, it gives him access to pull my hair or spank my bottom, and it’s easier for me to play with myself and/or his balls. He grabbed a handful of my hair and gave me a rodeo fuck, using my hair like reins as I slammed my ass back at him almost as hard as he was pushing into me. We were calling each other filthy names which makes both of us hot, and it wasn't too long before I heard him grunt, and then felt his special soothing cream starting to fill up my ass. When he was done, I turned around and took his softening cock into my mouth, sucking it and cleaning him off, which I love doing for him.

When we walked back into the bar, the band was playing UFO's "Lights Out", one of my favorite songs. They sounded great, but the crowd wanted more. My fans wanted me and started a "we want sinnndy chant", and the rest of the crowd was unhappy about the boring old men that were on stage. Things were getting a little scary, people wanted their money back and other's wanted the band to just stop. It was unfair because I thought the band sounded good, they only needed a chance. A little part of me was pleased that they were failing however.

After the first set, I could see the band arguing with the manager of the bar, he was promised a sexy female singer, not a bunch of has beens and never weres. The guys huddled for a while and then began arguing amongst themselves. Stosh then kicked over an amp and walked offstage in a huff. My dad then waved me over and told me that Stosh was out of the band and that I was their main singer. I never liked Stosh from the beginning, he was never a team player and only looked out for his best interest. I put on my normal sex and bondage show and things went from intense and scary to fun and wild, it ended up being a great evening.

This all leads up to what happened to me after performing a show at another small bar in a small town in Wisconsin. We had about 100 people there, more than half of them had become regular groupies, mostly men of course, but there were some women that followed us around. It was our usual fare, hard rock with some oldies thrown in for measure. Stevie talked me into singing "I Touch Myself", not one of my favorite songs, but you can imagine the performance that I put on while singing that one, it was almost obscene.

I was pooped after our show, and wanted to leave, but Billy had some friends with him and wanted to stay, so I drove home alone. It was no big deal, I only had 2 beers the whole night and it was only about an hours ride to our house.

I started driving down some of the back roads which eventually would lead to the main highway. I normally drive between 5 to 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, but I know that when you go through a small town that one should really go the speed limit, especially with out of state license plates. I was maybe going 33 MPH in a 30 MPH zone when the blue lights went on behind me. I have gotten out of tickets before by flashing my smile, and hoped that this would work again. The officer came up to the car and asked me if I knew how fast I was going. I told the officer that I was pretty sure that I was doing the 30 MPH speed limit. He said, "Ma'am, I clocked you at 42 miles per hour", that was an outright lie. Staying calm, I told the officer that I believed he was mistaken, and flashed him my best smile.

He was a tall, good-looking man who looked great in his uniform. He asked for my license and registration, usually a sign that one is going to get a ticket. Billy and I have talked before about this kind of situation, and he told me that if I could get out of a ticket, and fulfill a fantasy like this, that I could go for it. I begged the officer not to give me a ticket, that I believed I had done nothing wrong. He said , "sorry Ma'am, you were speeding and it's my duty to give you a ticket. I pretended like I was going to cry and pleaded with him that if my daddy found out, he would take my car away from me. He apologized again but was firm with his duty. I then said the magic words, "please Sir, I will do almost anything not to get a ticket, please, I beg of you". I then looked down and had the saddest looking face, I looked miserable.

He walked back to his car, and a couple of minutes later, another squad car arrived and sat there with it's lights on and was stationed right behind the officer's car. He then asked me to step out of the car and turn and face the car, with my hands on the hood and my legs spread wide. I was wearing the usual concert garb, short black mini with a thong underneath, and a white tube top. He stood there for a while and checked me out hard, and then proceeded to run a proper frisking, nothing sexual, just checking for weapons. He told me to remain in that position, and went to talk to the officers in the other car. At this point, I decided to give Billy a call just in case I didn't show up at home tonight. I acted nonchalant and called him on his cell and explained my little predicament. He told me to be careful and go for it, and that he would head out this way if he didn't hear from me by 6 AM. I hung up and clipped the phone back onto my skirt and waited for what was going to happen next.

A different voice ordered me to turn around, he was an older man in his early 50's, probably a higher-ranking official. He said to me, "Missy, I understand that we have a little situation here". I said to him questionably, "situation Sir?" He then said that I had tried to bribe the other officer. I replied, "I was just trying to get out of the ticket any way that I could, legally of course". "I don't believe I was doing anything wrong officer, the radar gun must have been wrong". He replied, "Our radar gun was working properly, now, what did you mean when you told Officer Johnson that you would do anything?" I knew exactly what was going on, and I decided that I wanted to act innocent and yet seductive. I said, "well anything means whatever you think might be necessary so that I don't receive a ticket, legally of course". "Well missy", he replied, "there is community service that you could perform, it would only be for a couple of hours, then we could tear up that ticket". "What will I have to do Sir, especially this late at night?" I replied. "Leave that up to me", he chuckled.

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