tagBDSMsinnndy's Summer Assignment

sinnndy's Summer Assignment


My online Master gave me an assignment this past summer. i had been neglecting my Master and he felt and i agreed that i should be punished. i had to pick a public spot, and i decided on a park, and i needed an assistant, which meant my boyfriend Billy. We were to find a spot in the park where people might pass by, and i was to be stripped naked with my clothes nearby in case we needed a quick escape. Billy was to tie me up between two trees if possible, whip, tickle, spank and stimulate me for an hour while i tried to have as many orgasms as possible no matter how many onlookers watched. When the hour was up, i was to give Billy oral homage in front of the onlookers, leaving whatever happened next up to me and Billy.

i decided to let Billy, my boyfriend, handle all of the details as i always do. We got up early one Saturday morning and started off for about a half hour ride. We arrived at a park that i had never been to, and Billy took me to a spot that he had picked out. There was a bike path not too far away, and two perfectly placed trees to which i stripped naked, Billy used his restraints to immobilize me. My arms were stretched as far as possible without hurting me, and the closest my feet could get was shoulder length apart, so i couldn't escape, but i was still comfortable. It was about 7 in the morning and the park was relatively empty. An elderly couple walked by the path, glanced over to me, stared for a bit, shook their heads and went on their way.

Billy got on his knees in front of me and started teasing my pussy, i would try to move my pussy into his face, but when i did that, he pulled away. When he moved back and started licking me again, he gave my ass a hard spank. He told me not to move, and started eating me again, teasing my clit and then sucking it into his mouth. He took two fingers and started sliding them in, and then moving them around in a circular motion in an attempt to give me a G-spot orgasm. He must have found the right spot because it wasn't much longer before i felt that special feeling in my pussy, my juices overflowing into Billy's hungry mouth. i had my eyes closed for quite a while, as my orgasm subsided, i opened them to see a couple of middle aged male joggers standing there enjoying the show. i flashed them a big smile and winked, and they started applauding.

Billy had moved behind me, and startled me by spanking me, it wasn't too hard, but i wasn't ready for it. Two more male joggers stopped dead in their tracks to watch the show, as Billy told me to count out loud and to thank him for each spank. Smack, "One, Thank You Master", smack, "two, Thank You Master", and so on until He reached 25. i'm sure my ass was glowing red as with each spank, Billy hit me harder.

Another 2 people, again middle-aged, one man and one woman joined the curious group. Billy blindfolded me and started pinching and pulling on my nipples, it felt really good, and my nipples got erect in a hurry. i wondered why i was blindfolded, i was getting off looking at the amazement on the faces of the onlookers and i found out quickly why He didn't want me to see when i felt a clothespin clamped on my nipple, and then my other one. i groaned and then moaned loudly, my pussy getting damp as Billy applied two more pins to each breast. Billy started playing with my pussy, sliding his fingers in and out while rubbing my clit with his thumb, he was having a positive effect on me and h worked two fingers into me again searching for my G-spot. i was moaning and thrashing around, oblivious to my audience as my orgasm neared, and just as i started cumming, Billy attached a clothespin to my engorged clit, sending me to an earth shattering combination of orgasm and incredible pain at the same time as i screamed out in pain and pleasure at the same time, it was an unreal feeling.

As i tried catching my breath, the pain in my clit got stronger and strong and Billy attached some more pins to my labia. Billy took off the blindfold, there were now 12 people there, 6 basketball players, all black, had joined the group, and i lost track of where Billy was. i found out fast where Billy was as i felt a lubricated butt plug entering my not quite ready asshole, it hurt for a couple of seconds, but i quickly relaxed my sphincter and started enjoying all of the different feelings that were happening at once.

Billy started spanking me again, i counted to ten, he then stopped and walked away for a bit as i looked at the crowd, checked out the different expressions on their faces. They were all aroused, some had smiles, some with looks of shock, i was so turned on and aroused, being an exhibitionist i was loving this and Billy, who really isn't into BDSM was surprising me with his wicked ways. i felt ice being rubbed all over my ass, and was told not to turn around, i then almost jumped out of my skin as i felt the first drip of hot wax strike my ass, what a shock. Billy then rubbed more ice on my ass, what a sensation, cold and then hot. He walked in front of me, and started rubbing ice on my breasts, i tried to move away, knowing what was going to happen next, as the wax fell on my breasts and then nipples, burning my tender flesh. Billy repeated the procedure on my other breast, i was soooo turned on at that point, i wanted him to fuck me, but knew better than to beg.

i was blindfolded again, and felt my arms and legs being relaxed from their bondage. i was ordered to get on my knees and then felt the restraints getting tight again, my arms outstretched with me on my knees, with my legs spread. Billy told me to open my mouth wide, i expected his cock, but was disappointed when a dildo was shoved in my mouth, Billy told me to suck it, and i sucked like it was my last meal. The cock was pulled from my mouth, Billy told me to keep my mouth open, and i was hoping for the real thing this time, Billy surprised me again, as i felt and then tasted his urine splashing into my mouth. Billy told my not to swallow or spit it out, so i kept my mouth open as his pee overflowed from my mouth, down my chin, and went all over my body.

i was soooooo turned on at this point, what a high, what a show we were putting on. When he was finished, i was told to swish it in my mouth, i could hear the discomfort from the crowd and was then told to open up again, and Billy slammed his cock into my mouth, causing me to swallow his cock and his urine. He grabbed my head firmly and slammed my face with his big cock in and out until his balls rested on my chin. He then started slamming his cock all the way down my throat, in and out as his heavy balls slammed into my chin as i breathed through my nose to keep the oxygen flowing into my lungs. i wished i wasn’t blindfolded because i’m sure the people watching were awestruck. Without warning Billy gripped the back of my head even tighter as his cum went straight down into my belly, i never tasted a thing.

i was then cleaned up with a wet towel, and had the clothespins removed from my tender areas, which really hurt as the blood flowed back into my privates, the only thing remaining was the butt plug. i was still on my knees and blindfolded, Billy had walked away, and all i heard was whispers from the crowd. i was told by Billy to open my mouth again, and a cock slid into my mouth, but it wasn't as big or thick as Billy's, it was someone from the crowd. i sucked on his cock, it slid easily deep into my throat, after Billy's cock, this one was easy. i then felt a light spank on my ass, i knew this also wasn't Billy, and then felt some more light slaps, and then felt my new friend gripping my ass cheeks and playing with my dripping pussy in between spanks.

Billy must have told the guy i was blowing not to cum in my mouth, because he started grunting, and then pulled his cock out of my mouth, showering my face with his cum. Billy knows i hate that, i love the taste of cum, but being this was a stranger, it was safer this way. After he came on my face, he was replaced my another cock, about the same size and width, and i hungrily started sucking him. i then felt a cock enter my pussy, i could tell it was Billy's, as he slammed into me, while playing with my clit with a free hand.

The guy i was blowing also pulled out and shot his load all over my face, and was quickly replaced by another guy who was huge, bigger than Billy, and Billy is about 9". Billy urged him on, telling him to fuck my face hard like it was a pussy. The guy was shy at first, but Billy called him a pussy, which pissed him off, and he slammed his meat deep into my throat, right past my gag reflex opening my throat wide. Billy's fingers were doing their magic as he slammed into my pussy, and my big friend slammed into my throat, his balls slapping my chin with each thrust. Billy pulled all the way out of my pussy, and without warning, pulled out the butt plug and impaled his monster deep into my ass, i saw stars i was in so much pain, but the pain wore off fast as Billy plowed my ass and the guy in my mouth started fucking me faster.

Billy pulled off my blindfold, and i could see the biggest of the basketball players fucking my mouth, and three of his buddies jerking off in front of me. The crowd was now at about twenty, and before i knew it cum was flying all over my face, as the guys jerking shot their wads all over me, the guy fucking my face pulled out, and shot a huge load all over my face and hair as Billy started filling my ass, and i came yet again, my eyes closed enjoying the feelings of being such a dirty little slut.

Billy announced that the show was over, and the crowd gave a deafening applause. i was released from my bondage, but was told to put my hands behind my back, and handcuffs were applied to my hands. Billy put a collar on my neck, and applied a dog leash to it and walked me slowly, while naked, with cum dripping from my hair, face and ass back to the car. We walked past joggers and basketball players who stopped what they were doing to see this young and naked slut with cum dripping being led by a collar back to the car.

Billy then drove off, and at every stoplight i had to roll my window down and ask for directions to nearby motorists. They all gave me incredulous looks as i had drying cum on face and hair, and then as we pulled away, i had to moon them. Billy took his sweet time getting home, it took over an hour to go about a half hours distance. It was kind of humiliating, but i really got off on it. I couldn’t wait until the next time i was to be punished.

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