tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 09

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 09


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, waited patiently in the main hall of the castle. Jen had told him to remain there until she sent a guard to fetch him and he had been there a little while now. He had begun to wonder whether a guard would actually come when a tall man in red livery approached him.

"Sir Jeffrey Trailson?" the man asked, looking him up and down sternly.

"Yes," Sir Jeffrey replied, standing up. He offered his hand but the man did not take it.

Instead, the man nodded. "Follow me," he said. He immediately set off and Jeffrey scurried to catch up as they walked to the far side of the hall. Down corridors lined with paintings and tapestries they walked, until they came at last to a large door with four guards.

Seeing the man with Jeffrey, they moved aside, and Jeffrey found himself back in the royal quarters. He would normally have been shocked at its splendour if he had not already snuck in there earlier that day. As the guard led Jeffrey through another corridor he passed the pantry where had had fucked Jen and his magic cock gave a little throb as he remembered that encounter.

But of course they walked straight past it, soon heading up a winding flight of stairs onto a long landing. At the end of it was a large wooden door and the guard told Jeffrey to wait there whilst he went through. A few seconds later he returned, and told Jeffrey to enter.

He did, the guard shutting the wooden door behind him and staying on the outside, and Jeffrey found himself in a large chamber with a sofa and a wooden bench. On the far wall was another door, slightly ajar, that seemed to lead to a bedroom.

Jen appeared through that door, winking at Sir Jeffrey.

"Hello, Sir Knight," she said. "Sorry it took so long to get you. The guards needed some convincing from Princess Isabel that this was not a prank."

"And I still am not convinced," said a lovely voice from the other side of the door. "Show him in, Jen. You've made me summon the man. I'd like to meet him."

Jen grinned and waved him through. He walked with his best knightly pose into the princess' chambers.

They were huge, with a massive bed in the middle on a raised plinth. Curtains surrounded it, though they were drawn back. A large glass door opened out onto a balcony that looked over lustrous gardens.

What drew Jeffrey's attention the most, however, was the beautiful woman who sat in front of the dressing table eyeing him. She wore a long velvet dress, which was low-cut to display her impressive cleavage. The dress actually seemed deliberately designed to highlight what were clearly huge breasts and he had to try very hard to not stare at them. Isabel's face was beautiful and her body seemed otherwise slender and long. She was probably about 5'7". Brown hair fell in waves to her shoulders and she stared at him with slightly narrowed green eyes.

"So you are the knight who Jen speaks so highly of. Interesting." She looked him up and down then and her face was unreadable. Jeffrey could not tell if she liked what she saw.

"I am flattered to know that she did, your highness," he said, bowing low.

Isabel laughed loudly, but not rudely. "Oh, Sir Knight, Jen did not tell you of my attitude to mannerisms, did she? I do not like being addressed so highly. You do me a disservice, Jen," she said, turning to the maid.

"Sorry, Isabel," the servant responded with a wide smile. "I was... distracted when I met Sir Jeffrey."

"I can imagine," Isabel responded with a smirk. "You may leave now, Jen. And thank you for bringing this knight to my... attention."

Jen bowed and backed out of the room, shutting the bedroom door behind her. A few seconds later Jeffrey heard the sounds of the much large door outside shutting, too.

Isabel spoke then. "So what brings you to my bedchambers, Sir Jeffrey? Or may I simply call you Jeffrey?"

"You can, of course, Princess Isabel."

"Excellent, Jeffrey. No more 'your highness', please, but Princess Isabel is fine."

She sighed then, running her fingers through her hair. Then she returned to looking at Jeffrey. "Well?"

"Sorry, Princess Isabel. I was not sure when I could speak."

She laughed again. "You can speak whenever, Jeffrey."

"Then I am here on a request that I suspect will see me cast out for being so bold as to ask you, Princess Isabel."

Her eyebrow raised at that. She was clearly intrigued. "Oh?"

"I am looking for a person of title to back my claims to be a Knight of the Land, Princess Isabel. I have one, but I need one more, and the ceremony is tomorrow. Jen said that she could get me an audience with you, and so I had hoped that you might know of a noble who would be willing to lend me their name in return for a favour."

"I know of no such person, I'm afraid, Jeffrey. Of course, I can vouch for a Knight Errant, as I have title, but that person would need to do something quite spectacular to win my aid in such a fashion."

"Is there anything I can do to convince you, Princess Isabel?"

Suddenly Jeffrey's attention was on the huge globes of her tits as they almost spilled free from her dress. His magic cock throbbed.

"Jen told me why she suggested I invite you up here," Isabel said sadly. "And if this was a few months ago, then you would have been well-received in my bed."

Jeffrey's cock throbbed again at that thought.

Princess Isabel carried on. "But ever since my older sister ran off with her three male retainers, the castle has been engulfed in scandal."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Princess Isabel."

"So am I, although I suspect for different reasons. I do not feel shame for my sister, Jeffrey. I envy her. Three strapping man, available whenever she wants them to take her... sometimes all at the same time." Isabel's eyes clouded as she drifted off to whimsy. Jeffrey thought that her nipples had begun to poke through the velvet fabric.

"But here I am," she said with a faint snarl, snapping back to reality. "Stuck here in this castle. Yes, a few months back I would have had you in a heartbeat, Sir Knight, but no longer. You see, I have a spell on me now. As soon as a man's fertile organ enters me, my mother the Queen will know. I am to produce no heirs out of wedlock. To even risk that would be to be thrown out of the castle."

She glared at Sir Jeffrey then, as if it were his fault that she was suddenly horny. Then again, it probably was. But Sir Jeffrey was not stupid. An idea came to him.

"Did you say a man's fertile organ, Princess Isabel?"

She stared at him. "Yes, Sir Knight. Please do not taunt me with such wonderful images. I am sorry that I cannot help you, but unless you have something to add to this conversation I must take care of myself and relieve this building frustration."

"Well, only to say, that, um..."

"Out with it, Sir Knight," she growled.

"I am sterile, Princess Isabel. I was made sterile by a witch's spell many moons ago. I am not fertile. I cannot father children."

Her eyes opened wide at that, and she paused. She stared at him a long moment as if not quite believing his words.

"Sterile?" she said at last.

Sir Jeffrey merely nodded.

"Then, Sir Knight, as your princess and heir to the throne of your land, I command you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me, Sir Knight. Make me come like you made Jen come. Make me come so hard I can barely think."

"I can do that, Princess Isabel," Jeffrey grinned.

She seemed to throw herself at him, pouncing on him like a predator does its prey. Suddenly she was in his arms, pressing herself against him, her tongue in his mouth. His heart skipped a beat as he realised that although he had fucked many beautiful women in his life, none of them had been royalty. This was a princess. A princess horny for his magic cock.

His hands found her dress and he tugged it loose, and Isabel stepped backwards to let the garment fall to the floor. Her huge tits were now free and Jeffrey was delighted to note that the low cut of the dress did not mislead. They were wonderful mounds and his hands were on them instantly.

Isabel moaned into his touch, then began to undress him. As he fondled her tits and lovely body she stripped off his clothes until he was naked too, then suddenly pushed him roughly onto the bed.

He climbed upwards and she straddled him, moving up until her pussy was inches from his face.

"I always need to warm up," she grinned, sitting on his face. He eagerly began to eat her cunt, enjoying the taste of her juices and the wetness against his mouth.

"Oh yes..." she moaned, reaching out to grab the headboard. He could see her fantastic body curled above him.

A few minutes later she screamed out an orgasm, her green eyes rolling back. His magic cock was hard as a rock at the sight, and he groaned into her pussy as the princess climaxed against his tongue.

Immediately afterwards she crawled back down his body, her breathing heavy as she grabbed his cock and lifted her hips. She stared at him.

"You realise, Sir Knight, that if you are wrong, if the spell is activated, you will probably be thrown into the dungeons? You understand that?"

But Sir Jeffrey's cock did not appreciate risk. It merely appreciated the feeling of being buried in a tight, warm cunt, and so Sir Jeffrey nodded to his princess.

"Good," she said, before sitting on his length. She sank down on his cock. "Oh God that's nice..."

She waited there a few moments, slightly moving her hips, and then a smile crept across her face. "Nothing has happened," she said. "You are as you said, Sir Knight."

She leaned forwards, her huge tits rubbing against his chest, and Sir Jeffrey couldn't help but grab them. She began to bounce up and down on his member, clearly delighted that she could finally take a cock again after so long without, and they both were groaning and moaning loudly.

Soon she stopped moving, staring down at Jeffrey with lust in her green eyes. "I want you to fuck me now, Sir Knight. Make me come!"

He did as he was told, letting go of her huge breasts and grabbing her hips. He started to thrust wildly into the beautiful princess. Her tits shook frantically on her chest at their fucking and her eyes started to roll back.

"Oh yes! Just like that!" she screamed, her brown hair a mess.

"I'm going to come!" Jeffrey said, gritting his teeth. His balls were churning.

"Come inside your princess, Sir Knight! It has been too long since a man's warm seed filled me up... yes... yes... come inside me... yes!"

He cried out as he thrust upwards, his jizz spurting into the brunette. At the same time her cunt grabbed his cock, spasming along its length, and her eyes went wide as she screamed out an orgasm that seemed so strong she looked as if she were going to burst from rapture.

After what seemed like forever, she slumped down on top of him, gulping down air, before rolling from him.

"Sir Knight, you lived up to my demands."

He sat upright, grinning at her. "I aim to please my rulers, Princess Isabel."

She giggled at that, still in the breathless afterglow of her climax. "Good. That will serve you well as a Knight of the Land. I will vouch for you, Jeffrey."

Jeffrey felt like punching the air. He was going to do it!

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