tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 09

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 09


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, approached the city walls quickly. The sceptre was still tied tightly to Swift's saddle and he checked it once again as he reached the gates. They were shut, but that was hardly surprising given it was after nightfall, and he stood up in the saddle as a familiar figure glanced over the walls.

"Jeffrey!" Karen said happily. "Wait there and I'll open the gates."

Moments later the gates swung open and Jeffrey hurriedly rode Swift through. Karen was waiting for him.

"You have returned from your quest," she grinned, looking up at him.

"I have indeed. It is good to see a friendly face after my travels, Karen. But I am afraid I cannot tarry long; I must speak with the Duchess at once."

She shook her head with a wry smile. "I have explained before that you cannot, Jeffrey. The drawbridge is raised at night and will only be lowered in an emergency. You will have to wait until morning, as before." A wicked smirk grew on the beautiful guard captain's face. "But if you need somewhere to stay, I have a free bed once again..."

"A most welcome offer, but I simply must see Lady Brenwick tonight. It is just such an emergency."

"Truly?" Karen said, clearly concerned. Then her eyes saw the sceptre tied to Swift's saddle and she gasped. "That is the sceptre for use in the ceremony!"

"Indeed it is. Now you understand why I must see the Duchess at once."

Karen nodded. "Yes, yes. Of course. I shall accompany you."

Jeffrey waited a moment whilst Karen ran off to find a horse. The guards kept a few horses saddled and ready the whole time in case they were needed so she did not have far to go. Soon she returned on horseback and Jeffrey rode quickly with her through the town.

It was still quite busy but then again it was not overly late. Nevertheless the drawbridge to the castle had been raised. They reached it and waited on the far side of the moat.

"Lo there!" Karen called, and the guardsmen on the other side of the moat looked over. "You must lower the drawbridge."

"On whose authority?" a woman's voice called back.

"I am Karen Westonbrook, Captain of the Guard, and it is on my authority."

There was a moment's silence, then suddenly the sound of chains was loud in the night. The drawbridge quickly lowered, banging down onto Jeffrey's side of the bank. Karen's horse was slightly startled by the noise but Jeffrey was pleased to note that Swift was not.

They rode over the bridge and were confronted with the steward bursting from the castle, red-faced and panting. "What is the meaning of this?" he spluttered. "You know this drawbridge is not to be lowered after dark except in dire circumstances!"

Jeffrey dismounted and unhooked the sceptre, clutching it tightly. "I must speak with Lady Brenwick at once, sir. It is a matter of great importance."

He looked at Jeffrey, then at Karen. Then back to Jeffrey. "Then follow me, Sir Knight. I hope that it truly is such an emergency, else there will be trouble."

Jeffrey moved to follow when he felt Karen's hand on his arm. He turned to her. "I cannot accompany you further - I must return to my post. I will take your horse to the stables. Please, seek me out tomorrow if you get the chance." The final sentence was said with a wink, and then Karen was riding back over the drawbridge.

He followed the steward then, realising from the clanking of chains that the drawbridge was already being raised once more. They rushed through the castle, which was fairly empty at this time of night bar the servants moving around, until they reached a large wooden door.

Jeffrey pushed open the door and stepped into the grand room beyond. It was a dining hall, and Catherine sat at a long table, eating on her own at its head. She smiled as he entered, then her eyes dropped to the sceptre clutched in his fist.

"Sir Knight, you found it!" she exclaimed, leaping to her feet. She rushed towards him and he offered her the sceptre which she gladly took.

As she stared at it in delight he took the time to let his eyes travel up and down her body, enjoying the way her luxurious red gown hugged her figure and highlighted her impressive cleavage. Her hair was worn up in an extravagant style as it was when he had seen her before, and her beauty spot looked perfect on her gorgeous face.

She glanced up at him then. "Oh Jeffrey, you do not know how much this means to me. To me or the people of this province. You have done us a great service."

"It was nothing, Lady Brenwick. I live to serve the people of the realm."

She smiled sweetly. "Catherine, remember? I do not like my title used except in formal settings."

"I forgot. I apologise, Catherine."

"That's better," she giggled. Then a serious look came across her face. "I must take this to a secure place within the castle, Jeffrey. Tell me, did you find anything out about the bandits?"

Jeffrey explained everything he knew. Catherine gasped when he explained that the bandits had taken the orcs' sceptre too, then her brows furrowed in anger when he told her of their plan to ransom the sceptres back. He even mentioned Vrika's involvement (though obviously not their passionate sex) until finally he was done.

"So the orcs are waiting for us to send a guard contingent to the camp?" Catherine asked.

Jeffrey nodded. "Yes. They want to storm it together." He gave her the parchment that Marigold had made him. "This will lead them there."

Catherine took it without asking where he got it. Instead she clutched it tightly. "Then I shall send a unit of soldiers at once. They will be there by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you, Jeffrey. And do you know when the orcs will arrive here?"

"I was told it could be as soon as the morning," he responded. "They travel quickly."

She laughed sweetly. "Yes, they do." The Duchess turned then, regarding the food. "Very well. I must go to my advisors now to prepare for tomorrow, but you are welcome to stay and eat. I imagine you are hungry after a day's travel and I have eaten my fill."

"A kind offer, Catherine. Thank you."

"Think nothing of it," she smiled back. "I will send a servant to show you to your room for the night."

"My room?"

"The drawbridge is raised overnight, Jeffrey. You shall need somewhere to sleep. And I know just the place."

He thought he saw a glint in her blue eyes and the barest hint of a smirk on her face before she turned away from him and strode from the room. He watched her ass through the gown and then when he was alone quickly changed out of his armour. He did not need to wear it in this place and soon he was dressed in his more comfortable and stylish clothes.

Afterwards, Jeffrey sat down at the table and ate for a short while, then realised how tired he was. Tired, and horny. But that was a normal state of affairs. He sighed, wishing he had been able to take Karen up on her earlier offer but knowing he could not have done. He would just have to take matters into his own hands for tonight.

It was then that he heard a knock at the door and he turned to see a servant in bright livery smiling at him.

"Good evening, Sir Knight," the man said politely. "I was informed that you were to be shown to Lady Brenwick's quarters."

Jeffrey's cock twitched at that thought. The Duchess had said she would find him somewhere to sleep for the night and now she was inviting him to her quarters. He hoped the two were related.

He thanked the servant and followed him through the hallways, past tapestries and side-corridors until at last they came to an archway.

"Her quarters are just through there," the servant said, before bowing and walking away. Jeffrey walked through the arch, seeing a wooden door to his right

He walked over and knocked, then waited. After a few moments, he heard the lock and then the door opened.

"Ah, Jeffrey, please come in," Catherine smiled at him. She waved him inside and Jeffrey entered.

The room was luxurious and spacious, with many elaborate items of furniture, though it was the large bed in the corner that caught Jeffrey's eye first. His magic cock always made sure to notice the places that were good for sex before he noticed anything else.

He heard the Duchess click shut the lock of the door behind him. "I was hoping you would accept my invitation," she continued before moving to stand in front of him, a wicked glint in her eye. She had changed into a flimsy robe and Jeffrey's cock stirred simply at the sight of her.

"How could I not, my lady? A knight must always do as they are asked by someone of noble background."

She mock-pouted. "Is that why you are here, Jeffrey? Out of a sense of duty? I rather hoped you might have come to my bedchambers to... help me celebrate."

With that, she let the robe fall from her shoulders. Jeffrey gasped. Beneath it she was wearing nothing but a white silk negligee that pushed outwards with her huge tits and fell only as far as the very tops of her thighs. She looked sensational.

He swallowed. "Well, I did not want to presume, Lady Brenwick..."

"You may presume, Jeffrey. You may also call me simply Catherine." She stepped close to him, reaching up to stroke his neck. "I've been so preoccupied with worrying about that sceptre, I've not had time to fuck recently. I'd like you to help me change that."

Jeffrey couldn't contain himself anymore. His blood was aflame with lust and he leant down to passionately kiss the Duchess. She yelped slightly in surprise but did not resist, instead kissing him back and wrapping both arms around his neck.

Jeffrey let his hands drop to grasp Catherine's huge tits through the silk garment, enjoying the cool smoothness of the silk but the suppleness of those delightful globes beneath. She merely groaned at the feeling, kissing him harder.

Then Jeffrey stroked lower, grasping the Duchess' ass and picking her up. She did not complain as he moved towards the bed, still kissing her, and dropped her on the edge. Then he broke the kiss and stood up. She lifted the negligee slightly, revealing her sopping cunt, and he did not need to be asked for what she wanted.

"Oh yes," she moaned, reaching out to hold his head as he devoured her pussy. She tasted lovely and he eagerly lapped at her cunt, bringing his fingers into play as well by slowly sliding them inside her.

She moaned again. He began to pump his fingers whilst his tongue played over her clit and soon Catherine was rubbing herself back against his face. He stared up at her as he ate her pussy, enjoying the tension that was clear on her face as she neared her climax.

It did not take long for that moment to arrive. The Duchess cried out as she came and he could feel her cunt spasming against his probing fingers. He moaned into her pussy and enjoyed the knowledge that she was lost in the throes of rapture due to his work.

Soon the orgasm had passed however and the Duchess pushed herself upright. She reached out, running a hand down his chest and grasping his shirt. Her fingers started unbuttoning the garment, eager to get it out of the way, and soon Jeffrey was wearing only his pants.

"Take those off," Catherine purred, and Jeffrey stood up to do so immediately. He threw them to the side when he'd done so, his magic cock hard and ready and turned back to the beautiful blonde.

She was now naked too and had bent over the bed, pushing her ass out towards him, and Jeffrey's balls twitched at the mere sight of her in that position. She grinned wickedly. "It's been a long time since anyone had me like this. But for a man of such youth and vigour as yourself, I think it will be perfect."

"I agree," he murmured, stepping forwards and grabbing her lovely ass. Then he lined himself up with her pussy and slowly pushed inwards.

"Oh yes," she moaned as his cock sank into her hot tunnel. Her walls caressed every inch of him as he thrust deeper, until his hips were flat against her ass.

Jeffrey started to move then and let his body build into a steady rhythm. The Duchess moaned and whimpered at the feeling of him inside her and Jeffrey couldn't resist but grab her lovely ass as he fucked her. She did not seem to mind.

Catherine looked so good that he soon found himself moving with passion. Her entire body shook with the force of their sex and her moans were loud. He could not resist but lean forwards to grab her huge tits and enjoy the feel of them filling his palms as he fucked her from behind.

"You're going to make me come," the blonde whimpered loudly then and he could feel her body tensing.

"Me too," he grunted in return, moving his hands on her shoulders and truly beginning to fuck her hard. Catherine shrieked out in pleasure at the sudden increase in pace and Jeffrey revelled in the sight of her huge tits swinging beneath her at their movements. Moments later her orgasm arrived.

"I'm fucking coming!" she screamed, her blue eyes rolling back. She quivered and shook, her cunt clutching at Jeffrey's invasive cock and that was all the pleasure he needed. With a grunt his jizz exploded into her pussy, mixing with her own juices as they seeped out around his member. Pleasure clouded their minds.

At last they were done and Jeffrey steadied himself by leaning forwards and placing a hand on the bed. The Duchess pulled herself free from his magic cock, still shivering slightly in the aftermath of her massive climax, then kissed him.

"That was wonderful, Jeffrey," she grinned. "Just what I needed."

He chuckled. "Any time, Catherine."

"Any time? Then perhaps I will ask you to spend the night. I might have... need of you again in the morning."

Jeffrey nodded eagerly and no more than a few minutes later both were fast asleep beneath the covers of her luxurious bed.

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