The wind blowing through her hair, making her glisten in the sunlight, as if shes always there.

The scent of her perfume hanging in the air, filling the room, by her just being there.

The sound of her voice, flowing like silver droplets dancing on the breeze, always soft and totally at ease.

Her aura enveloping everything that surrounds her, as if in a spell, that moves and unbinds her.

Dont try to capture her, or try to cage her, as she blows like the wind, North, South, East and West, always following the route thats best.

She appears like magic, in spirit and soul, then disappears like she was never there at all.

She swims through torrents, gliding amongst turbulent forces, laughing at the crashing waves, dancing on the perilous vortexes.

Flying high amonmgst the clouds, like an angel in heaven, soaring along the heights of life, gliding enveloping the fluffyness of the white.

Free spirit always rules her, never to be drowned, by the new love that greets her, her endless passion that never faulters, with each new love she encounters.

Love her, envelope her, hold her, but never try to capture her, enjoy her, be extatic with her, but never try to understand her.

For the siren will never surrender, to the love that surrounds her, as she envelops everything around her.

Be warned, those in peril, for she takes no prisoners, just eternal folk, that once knew her.

Never be shy, always be bold, for the siren to take a hold, and as if by magic, she surrounds you,then just as quick she may drown you.

The moment she meets you, she will bewitch you, her mystical powers will enrich you, for eternity, and ever more, never again to be found once more.

so if you meet the mighty siren, be sure to enjoy her company, her radiant smiles, and long flowing locks, not to mention her looks, that will draw you ever closer to those rocks.

As if in a dream, her charm will seduce you, making you another soul, thats drawn in by her splendour, and colourful drawl.

Swim free, Swim wild, you dazzling siren, no one will ever forget, the first time you met, the way that you awesomely drew them, or the way that you fondly greeted them.

Shine on beautiful siren.

Bodyartist Dec 2011

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