tagErotic PoetrySiren's Lure

Siren's Lure


My eyes hide a labyrinth,
passages of risk.
Love me
or suffer pangs of doubt,
what might have been.

My shoulders reveal
the path, a trail
of uncertain passion,
exposed skin.
evokes possibilities.

The nape of my neck beckons,
errant hairs bear a subtle scent,
a wanton prelude,
hushed promises--
pursue them,
and retreat may elude you.

My mouth is a song,
issuing the lyric
which draws you unerringly to me.
Give in
as your last hope of escape
fades away
like misspent youth.

My breasts are carnal fruit,
a pliant feast to sate your hunger
relish in their abundance,
savor your sole recourse.

My arched back intensifies your arousal.
to the swell of your lust
the eager cadence of my breath.
Find joy in satisfaction,
satisfaction in sex.

The separation of my ass cheeks is a crusade.
Tongue the puckered halo,
and glossy folds.
Syrup flows
from the sanctum of my restless sex.
Anoint yourself,
enter the unchaste portal.

My pussy--
hot, flamboyant
saturated and covetous.
Obey me
Take me from behind,
Infuse me with life
Gasp for air--

...at last,

You are


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