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Sir's Reading Time


I sighed contentedly as Sir's calloused fingers lightly pet the lips of my pussy, occasionally pressing down to slide against my clit. He payed no attention to me as he read his book, lounging in the recliner in our den, no matter how much I tried to press against the warmth of his hand or whimper as he drug a nail over my most sensitive spots. It was agonizing the way he nonchalantly pet me, bent over the side table with my legs spread as far apart as I could get them like he told me to do a half hour earlier.

"Sir...?" I whispered, biting my bottom lip in anticipation.

A slap was administered to my pussy so hard I had to fight back a yelp, "I told you to be quiet, Pet... I'm reading. I'll deal with you after I finish.

"Y-yessir," the initial blow subsided a bit and as Sir began to pet my slightly swollen pussy I started to drip on to the carpet. I couldn't help but moan softly, and as soon as it left my throat another slap landed directly atop the last, stinging worse than the first because due to my wetness. I jerked and grabbed at the table legs to steady myself, tears caught in my throat.

"Another sound and I will truly punish you for it, Pet..." Sir promised as he began petting again. The sting of the slaps, and the feeling of Sir's rough fingers on my sensitive skin caused my wetness to run down my thighs. I wanted to badly to press against Sir's fingers as they ran over my clit so that they would slip inside of me even just a little bit, but I knew Sir would likely punish me for not asking, and I couldn't very well do so right then.

Likely feeling how much I wanted it, Sir inserted one of his fingers into my slippery pussy about an inch, and began petting my ass hole with his thumb absently. I shivered and gripped at the table legs harder, the muscles of my pussy contracting and relaxing around the little bit of him that he put inside me.

He continued to caress my ass with his thumb, and gently slid the finger into me up to the knuckle. My body desperately wanted to rock against the digit, and find release at my master's hand, but I fought it, knowing he wouldn't allow it. Sir continued reading, finger still shoved inside of me, not moving at all for quite a while.

Eventually I heard the book close, and Sir sighed, "What a strange ending to a chapter..."

As quick as the words left his mouth, all of Sir's fingers were shoved deep inside of me, and he was on his knees behind me. I squealed at the sudden intrusion and at the force that he used to get them all in. His free hand reached underneath me and pinched my clit hard.

"Be quiet, little slut..." He pulled at the skin and then released it, giving it a little slap, "I'm going to see how much you can take, since you seem to enjoy seeing how much of your disobeying I can take, and if you make as much as one noise more, it will not be easy."

His fingers began to stretch at my pussy, slowly but roughly working their way further inside me. I was dripping like rain on the carpet and my thighs as he forced his hand into me; first the knuckles, then the rest of his hand. I felt so full I wanted to moan, but I bit my lip and squeezed the table legs so hard my knuckles went white as he made a fist and began thrusting into me. The side table rocked with the force of him, and my hips hit the wood of the table so hard that I was sure they would be as bruised as my insides when he was finished due to my wild bucking. Suddenly the sensations reached the point where I could no longer hold them back.

"Sir, I'm g-going to cum..." Sir's hand unclenched from it's fist and slid out of my unbelievable wetness. The sudden emptiness caused me to gasp, and my grip on the legs to loosen.

Suddenly I was pulled from the table and into Sir's lap on the recliner. He lay me on my back on his legs and spread mine apart, examining my pussy, "Hmm... Looks like my little whore can handle quite a bit, huh? Do you want to cum, Pet?"

I nodded and looked down at his hand, blushing, "Yessir... Please, Sir, I want to cum for you..."

Sir turned my chin so that I had to look him straight in his eyes, and kissed my forehead, "I'll let you cum next time. Never interrupt my reading again, Pet."

"Yessir..." I frowned inside as my pussy throbbed with neglect. Next time I wouldn't make so much as a peep.

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